April 9, 2018


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Today's Commentary: "Fake news" is getting even faker -- One man speaks out for the majority on the Second Amendment -- President Trump ditches boring script  -- Huck's Hero salute -- Syria heats up -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Imagine a world in which digital technology was so sophisticated that you couldn’t ever be sure if anything you saw or heard was real. There are already plenty of fakes online, but I’m not just talking about digitally altered photographs or the “creative editing” done to audio and video recordings used in news reports and documentaries to remove context or change the intended meaning of what was said. This is full-on fakery: a complete video of someone that’s been entirely created, in which you can watch that person give a speech he never actually made, IN HIS OWN VOICE, with gestures he never used. And it would be virtually undetectable, meaning that without intensive forensic examination –- and maybe even with it –- we would be unable to tell what was real and what wasn’t.

We’re almost there.

On NPR this weekend, the show “Radiolab” looked at the current state of technology that allows such sophisticated fakery, and we appear to be only a few steps away from “reality” becoming almost a meaningless concept when it comes to information. Of course, being a radio show, it could illustrate only the audio manipulation, but it gave a link to some stunning video.


Mike Huckabee

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One man speaks out for the majority on the Second Amendment

By Mike Huckabee

At a time when gun control activists take to the streets to demand “common-sense” gun laws or even the repeal of the Second Amendment --- their ultimate goal, whether stated or not --- one man in Greensboro, North Carolina, has let fly a blast of ACTUAL common sense that has caught fire on the internet.

Last week, the city of Greensboro held a public debate on whether to cancel the Greensboro Gun & Knife Show. People on both sides of the gun debate showed up, to argue for and against a point that was probably moot, as the city attorney had said they were legally obligated to hold the show. But one man who believes in the principle of the Second Amendment but reportedly doesn’t even own a gun decided he’d had enough of the minority getting to speak for the majority of law-abiding people who have the right to defend themselves, and he decided to go to the meeting. Once there, he heard some of the comments (you can just guess) coming from the floor –- one helpful person suggested turning the gun & knife show into a jobs fair –- and decided to speak from the podium himself.

What happened was electric.



President Trump ditches boring script

By Mike Huckabee

It’s undeniable that President Trump likes to go off-script (last week, he literally tossed away a script before he started ad-libbing), and that sometimes results in him saying things that are exaggerated for comic or rhetorical effect (but always taken literally by the media) or that could have used one more pass by the fact-checkers.

One example: this week, in talking about the migrant caravan moving through Mexico, Trump said that about 80% of the women traveling that dangerous route from Central America to the US were raped.

Naturally, that was the cue for the media and the liberal Twitterverse’s collective heads to explode. He was accused of fear-mongering, falsifying, and “disgustingly” throwing around an exaggerated rape statistic without the facts to back it up. (Gee, imagine someone doing that!)



Huck's Hero salute

By Mike Huckabee

A Huck’s Hero salute to Pastor Stephen Hayes and the members of Covenant Church in Dallas, for giving the world a great illustration of how a gift of charity returns a hundred fold. The church raised $100,000, then gave it all to RIP Medical Debt, a debt forgiveness charity that’s able to forgive $100 of debt for every dollar donated. That means the church’s gift paid off over $10 million worth of medical debts for over 4200 struggling military veterans and families, not only lifting their financial burdens but wiping the black marks off their credit ratings. Pastor Hayes called it “the easiest decision we’ve ever made.”


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Syria heats up

By Mike Huckabee

Saturday, there was a reported horrific chemical weapons attack on the Syrian village of Douma, with an estimated 42 people killed, including children. Syria’s government denies being behind it, but it may not be a coincidence that this is right around the one-year anniversary of the chemical attack for which President Trump retaliated with a missile strike. Some speculate that with Trump distracted by other issues and talking about pulling out of Syria, Bashar al-Assad may be testing his resolve. But Trump tweeted Sunday that Syria’s leaders would have “a big price to pay,” and homeland security adviser Tom Bossert said, “I wouldn’t take anything off the table.” At this point, all I can say about this story, aside from asking prayers for the victims, is, “It’s far from over. Stay tuned.”


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  • michael Gene Langley, MD

    04/11/2018 12:09 PM

    I worry that this attack was orchestrated by others that would benefit from a war. Why would Russia allow the attack? Why would Assad allow the attack, knowing he would be blamed? The attack that occurred a year ago, in April, was not proven to be due to the Syrian government. With the thing that is referred to as "the deep state", I worry that it is not "the enemy" who we should be afraid of! May God temper the response and reveal to us, all, who is responsible for this horrific atrocity. Pray for our country, people!