September 29, 2021

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Romans 5:8
  • How voter fraud impacts down-ballot races
  • Entertainment note
  • Democrats, Biden try to keep false allegation alive
  • Segregated dorm rooms
  • Survey: Many Americans remain clueless about important aspects of the pandemic
  • From the EE: More backwards planning from Biden
  • RIP Commander Cody by Pat Reeder


Mike Huckabee


8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

How voter fraud impacts down-ballot races

By Mike Huckabee

Thanks very much to reader Shelley H. of Arizona for pointing out another major reason for keeping fraud out of elections: namely, the potential for changing outcomes in down-ballot races.

We'd like to point out, however, that we HAVE paid quite a bit of attention to this issue, stressing that leftist organizations such as Justice Democrats, funded in large part by George Soros, focus like a laser beam on under-the-radar, down-ballot local races, particularly for local law enforcement, such as sheriff; city council; and the judicial bench. Failure to address this in your city is how you end up waking up one morning to a defunded police department and greatly curtailed law enforcement, homeless encampments on your front sidewalk, "sanctuaries" for thousands of illegal immigrants, or schools indoctrinating your kids on critical race theory, anti-capitalism and gender transition.

That said, here’s her excellent letter, which explains how voter fraud impacts those very important elections that hit you where you live...

Dear Gov. Huckabee:

You are ALL leaving out one really important aspect of this –- down balloting! Everyone is focused on the presidential election only, but this affects all federal, state and local elections.

Maricopa County has the largest population, as it is the Phoenix metro area. So if a voter moved out of Maricopa County and into a rural area, that area is more likely to be heavily Republican-leaning. If 2/3 of these problem votes were Democrats, did Democrats vote in Maricopa County in order to influence other elections? Did House members get "elected" by illegal votes? What about state senators and house reps? How about the Maricopa Country Recorder, Sheriff and other county positions? What about the school boards? What about the ballot initiatives?

Many of those are county or city specific. Think about the impact these irregular ballots had on all of those elections. It's far worse than people are looking at, especially those not in the state. But [state GOP chairwoman] Kelli Ward is aware of these issues and [that] is why she continues to push for voter integrity in the state.

There is so much that could be asked about what the county claims to have done with these ballots, but I have many more questions about how they handled them. It doesn't make sense with what I know, and as a poll worker in the past, this brings up even more questions. I am an Arizona voter!

From the Gov:

Thanks so much for writing, Shelley. It’s critical to be aware of the down-ballot races and how they can be affected by fraud in the ways you mentioned.

Speaking of Kelli Ward, there’s some unfortunate news today concerning her chairmanship of the Arizona GOP. Since the audit she had pushed so hard for did determine that Biden won the recount (even with a few more votes), some are calling on her to step down. Of course, we’re looking from the outside in, but this seems to us to make no sense at all. The audit has been extremely valuable to those not just looking for a political narrative, having turned up huge anomalies, some of which we have discussed here in the past couple of days. As you say, there are many questions that still need answers. And mail-in balloting has been shown to be far too unreliable and downright inaccurate for elections as nail-bitingly close as the one we had in Arizona in 2020.

The recount doesn’t really mean much, as it was just a matter of counting the same at-issue ballots over again. (It’s like what they say about computers or the House Budget Office: “garbage in, garbage out.”) The mainstream media, however, used Biden’s “win” as the big take-away, ignoring the serious questions and problems brought to light by the audit. It’s a sorry shame if Arizona Republicans choose, weirdly, to dance to CNN’s tune and blame Ward for an outcome they see as lacking. So very disappointing. We wish her luck with the powers that be in Arizona.

Former President Trump understands the significance of this audit. As reported in the WASHINGTON TIMES, “Mr. Trump, who has touted Mrs. Ward as a fighter for months, billed the audit results as a victory for himself, despite the report confirming his loss. ‘The audit has uncovered significant and undeniable evidence of fraud. I have heard it is far different from that being reported by the fake news media,’ he said.” He’s right (as usual); it certainly is.

Of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Ward tweeted, “These men will go down in history as the fools who certified an uncertifiable election in Maricopa County, Arizona. The historic, first ever #FullForensicAudit proved unequivocally that we have no idea who got the most legal votes in 2020. #Decertify.”

Ward is correct in saying that there really is no way to verify the outcome in Arizona, given the razor-thin margin and the number of questionable ballots found by the audit. (Incidentally, we’re still wondering who edited the words to that effect out of the draft of the audit report, the version that Patrick Byrne posted on his website. I assume the decision to leave that part out was made by the same Board of Supervisors.) Sadly, it seems there are some Republicans in positions of leadership in Arizona who, for some reason, don’t want to tackle the problems that led to an unverifiable election in 2020.

As our reader so astutely pointed out, those same problems will likely affect not only future presidential elections but also down-ballot contests for everything from the U.S. House to police chief to...well, the very officials who oversee elections county-by-county.

Entertainment note

By Mike Huckabee

If you’re looking for some great music to lift your spirits, then you have to see the segment we did over the weekend with rock legend Meat Loaf and his band joining Tre Corley and the Music City Connection on “Huckabee” on TBN. This was one of those magic nights. Huge applause to Tre and the whole “Huckabee” team for making this happen. Meat Loaf was returning to the stage after six years away and serious health problems, and he proved he’s back with a vengeance.

Since it aired, we’ve been hearing from countless people, including major music stars, that it was one of the best musical segments they’ve ever seen on television, from the performances to the audio to the camera work, and I have to agree. If you missed it, you must see it (and put it on a big screen and turn it up loud!)

Here’s the start, with the epic “Out of the Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)”:

Then he did “Los Angeloser”:

And don’t miss his digital only performance of “Mercury Blues”:

Finally, here’s the extended interview, including great stories we didn’t have time for on air:

Democrats, Biden try to keep false allegation alive

By Mike Huckabee

Even the New York Times is now trying to tiptoe away from the accusation that Border Patrol agents on horseback whipped Haitian migrants, as President Biden and other Democrats are trying to keep the obviously false allegation alive.

In the “Two Pictures Are Worth 10,000 Words” Dept, this link features the now infamous photo that liberal leapt on to accuse the agents of whipping black people like slave masters, and another shot taken from a different angle at the exact same moment which proves that it was an optical illusion. The agent was reaching for the man’s shirt, and the reins were nowhere near him.

Meanwhile, Jim Treacher notes that with the “whipping” tale busted, liberals grasping for a new false accusation to make against the Border Patrol are trying out a claim that they “charged” at the migrants. Yeah, that’s the ticket!...

That leads to our Quote Of The Day, from Treacher:

"If you tell the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop, you get banned by Silicon Valley. If you lie about the Border Patrol, you get quoted by the president.

If politicians and ‘journalists’ will lie about what you’ve seen with your own eyes, what else will they lie about? An entire generation has been taught there’s no such thing as objective reality, and this is what happens when they enter the workforce.”

Segregated dorm rooms

By Mike Huckabee

There’s an old rule that fanatics always become the thing they claim to hate. Maybe that would explain why so many “progressive” college administrators want to bring back racially-segregated campuses. But you’ve got to hand it to Western Washington University, Cornell, Stanford and the other schools listed in this article, where leftist “anti-racists” have actually managed to push their alleged hatred of racism far enough to use it as an excuse to bring back segregated dorms.

Of course, they have a fancy new name for them, and a mouthful of vacuous buzzwords to obscure their real intent. As Western Washington University’s website puts it, "Black Affinity Housing residents, representing all diverse identities, pride themselves on fostering a sense of belonging for all residents by creating a safe environment for open, honest, and sometimes challenging dialogue."

It should be noted that when they refer to all residents of diverse identities, they mean the residents of the blacks-only dorm. Just like back in the 1940s, before a Republican President forced them to stop that racist segregation garbage.

Survey: Many Americans remain clueless about important aspects of the pandemic

By Mike Huckabee

With so much panic building over COVID-19, variants and vaccines, it’s amazing to me how many people think they’re well-informed because they listen to the most hysterical and biased sources in the media and how they assume that anyone who isn’t panicking must be a “right-wing science denier.” But who’s really refusing to look at the actual science?

Rasmussen Reports recently did a survey that found that for all the incessant media coverage of COVID, many Americans are clueless about some of the most important aspects of the pandemic, and the most clueless of all are those who get their news from liberal media outlets.

For instance, the Johns Hopkins website says that the death rate for those diagnosed with COVID in the US is 1.6% (note: since many people get it, are asymptomatic and go undiagnosed, the actual death rate is likely much lower, but that’s the rate for those who are diagnosed.) 40% of Newsmax viewers and 34% of Fox News viewers estimated that correctly, compared to only 22% of CNN viewers and 24% of MSNBC viewers. Also, 38% of those who don’t watch cable news at all got it right.

Among the rest, 20% thought the death rate was 2-5%, 17% thought the death rate was 5-10%, and 19% thought your odds of dying were over 10%. Likewise, 28% of Democrats and only 14% of Republicans erroneously thought the death rate was over 10%.

Overall, 37% of Americans believe public officials are lying about the safety of vaccines, and that’s heavily skewed by conservative media viewers. However, I have a feeling that, pandemic or not, viewers of liberal media would be less likely to believe that the government lies to us. That’s sort of a given in their target demographic.

From the EE: More backwards planning from Biden

By Mike Huckabee

I sense that Democrats know their hopes of using a razor thin majority to impose massive transformational legislation are slipping away. Democrats from moderate districts are starting to rebel, and they’re not worried about Biden criticizing them with his polling under water. You can tell they see the writing on the wall, since Speaker Pelosi finally slapped down her loudmouthed far-left wing and announced that the $1 trillion “bipartisan infrastructure” bill would be voted on before the $3.5 trillion spending orgy bill that they were trying to force through by holding the smaller one hostage.

Incidentally, we had a reader criticize me for not mentioning that the “infrastructure” bill includes money for things like more electric vehicle chargers, which he considers to be “infrastructure.” Okay, but before I started trying to force all Americans to buy electric cars (which they’ve had the opportunity to do for years and declined) and building charging stations everywhere, I might first ensure that we have a power grid and enough energy generation capacity to support them.

The Biden Administration is handling its EV plan the way it did Afghanistan: backwards. Just as you don’t pull out your troops before you evacuate your people and equipment, you don’t force everyone to buy electric cars and build thousands of charging stations after you’ve gone to war on domestic energy producers, begged OPEC (to no avail) to pump more oil, and your green supporters won’t let you build any nuclear power plants, the only reliable non-CO2-generating alternative.

And as long as we’re on the subject of Trojan Horse bills packed full of stuff that their sponsors don’t advertise to the public, here’s an analysis of that $3.5 trillion bill and some of things you might be surprised to know are in it.

My critical reader will be glad to hear it includes $1 billion for an “electric vehicle charging equity program,” nearly $80 billion to expand the IRS for more audits and enforcement, $3 billion for a “tree equity” program, $5 billion for “climate justice bloc grants,” $15 million for national resource centers "focused on providing services for older individuals who are underserved due to their sexual orientation or gender identity," and a whole lot more you can read about the link that doesn’t sound to me like something I’m willing to put my grandchildren $3.5 trillion into debt to fund.

RIP Commander Cody

By By "Huckabee" pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

I’m sad to have to report the death of George Frayne IV, a.k.a. Commander Cody of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, of cancer at 77.

As a born- and lifelong Texan, I’ve always been a big fan. They were one of the seminal groups in the 1970s Texas “outlaw country” movement, a fixture at joints like Austin’s Armadillo World Headquarters. Their name came from the same 1940s Republic sci-fi serial that inspired George Lucas. They were best known for their one hit, a 1971 remake of “Hot Rod Lincoln,” first cut by its writer Charlie Ryan in 1955 and by Johnny Bond in 1960. It’s from “Lost in the Ozone,” one of several of their LPs that made it into Billboard’s top 100. After the original band broke up in 1976, Frayne continued performing for decades under the name Commander Cody.

In his obit, Frayne is quoted as saying they stopped playing country music after being booed off stage at the 1973 CMA convention, and that “The people from Texas found out that I wasn’t from Texas, and they thought that I was stealing their music and they didn’t get it.” I find that odd, since I loved that band and assumed all real Texans did, too. Although I do remember seeing them open once for War in Waco, and while I thought they were fantastic, the crowd just sat on their hands. They only wanted War. (FYI: that's one of only three concerts I’ve ever walked out of. I can’t take 20 minute versions of “Low Rider” or “Slippin’ Into Darkness.” War is hell, at least live.)

They had a uniquely loose yet technically proficient, hippie-meets-cowboy mixture of country, western swing, R&B, rockabilly and early jazz that was irresistibly fun. compares how they helped blow away the overproduced countrypolitan Nashville sound to how British pub rock bands helped force overblown ‘70s rockers back to the basics.

I always thought they were at their best live, which is why their live albums are better than the studio albums. My favorite is one of the great Lone Star classics, “Live from Deep In The Heart of Texas,” cut at Armadillo World Headquarters and with a crowd of cartoon armadillos on the cover. It’s a party in a sleeve, with such jump-up-and-dance tracks as “Good Rockin’ Tonight,” “Git It,” “Little Sally Walker” and “Too Much Fun” (no such thing.)

RIP, Commander! I hope to see you again in the ozone someday!

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  • jeff bell

    09/30/2021 10:30 PM

    If you voted in a state then you should be paying income tax in that state. So this a someplace all of the states can increase their revenue. They can get information on who voted in the 2020 election and send a balance due letter! This will be a shock to the people who voted in two states or counties.

  • Pamela Williams

    09/30/2021 11:03 AM

    After reading most of this I am so glad I am part of the older generation who won't live long enough to see the full-blown destruction of the United States of America into a third world power. God help my children and grandchildren. He is the only one who can! Sure makes me glad my very patriotic, Navy veteran father has already passed on to glory. Seeing the destruction of the country he loved and served so well would break his heart!

  • Charles Sigars

    09/29/2021 10:28 PM


    I was saddened to hear of the passing of George "Commander Cody" Frayne. Thanks for keeping us informed on these events. I will play Hot Rod Lincoln loudly in his honor!

  • j. debra halsmith

    09/29/2021 10:23 PM

    Hey, I've NEVER listened to Meat Loaf ever that performance was a first ever for me!!! I do have to ask the question... so what in the world is ML singing about in that song... “Out of the Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)”? I DO KNOW what that phrase means...first showed up in the 1500s! Can someone please explain it to me? Thanks in advance and much appreciated!
    A faithful and avid Huckabee Show viewer!

  • Carl T Smith

    09/29/2021 08:37 PM

    Off Topic! I just finished watching Tucker give an excellent summation of How can the Un-Vaccinated be a threat to the Vaccinated!
    Next, I want the question answered: What happened to all the OTHER deaths? Heart Attacks, Diabetes, Suicide, Auto deaths, etc. Did people STOP Dying from OTHER Causes?
    After Bidens MANDATE that all unvaccinated people be Fired including the First Responders he so loudly praised just a few months ago?

  • Paul Kern

    09/29/2021 06:15 PM

    I am one of Hilary's overeducated Deplorables not filled with the hatred and vitriol coming from Marxists ruling my state of Washington and the evil Capitol Hill.
    I am one of those who see how our state is now ran by drug dealing cartels from Canada and south. I see both pagans and Christians being used by Marxists to completely divide us.
    Their worker's paradise using a demented man to front for them will self immolate.
    Now either God returns to take his followers or we a massive outpouring of his Spirit?
    Like Gideon there are few of us but that is all God needs.

  • Ronald Smith

    09/29/2021 05:02 PM

    I see now that democrats has seen the voter fraud and they are still trying to steel the next election and so on. Newsome just made into law California that everyone will get a mail in ballot including illegal's . So I am sure the rest of blue states will also fallow. This is the best way to cheat they know it So we catch them nothing happens and they know nothing will.

  • Floyd A Unger

    09/29/2021 03:44 PM

    Thank you

  • Jerry

    09/29/2021 03:40 PM

    Biden missing in the hearing Biden missing on national security Biden missing addressing the nation borders and all the lawlessness that is happening 24/7 Biden has always been missing hiding from all the chaos biden has created this not an American president this is a compromised occupant of the Oval Office compromised by many

  • William Fuhrer

    09/29/2021 02:57 PM

    According to ROGET ............PROGRESSIVE is NOT a synonym for COMMUNIST....SOCIALIST or RADICAL