November 19, 2020


On Thursday afternoon, attorney Sidney Powell made good on her promise to “release the Kraken.”

In a remarkable press conference with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, the two of them, along with GOP senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis, gave their “opening statement” outlining their legal challenges to the election and detailing some of the proof they say they can show of shocking and election-turning voter fraud in multiple states.

They made it clear that it was not their intention to display all their proof during that initial press conference, but Giuliani claimed they can already, right now, present enough evidence of fraud to overturn the election. He said they “have a thousand [affidavits] at least, and we’re getting more every day. And there are other aspects of this fraud that, at this point, I really can’t reveal...It’s enough to overturn any election. It’s disgraceful what happened.”

Sidney Powell presented a separate overview of the alleged problems with Dominion Voting Systems and the software used, which we told you about earlier in the week. If this sounds like wild conspiracy theory, imagine how the media will cover it. Wait –- you don’t have to imagine. Here’s a good example; this story about Giuliani’s “bizarre press conference” was on Yahoo News almost immediately afterwards.

They dismiss this as “an outlandish conspiracy theory.” Another outlet used the word “surreal.” They called attention to petty side issues such as the sweat on Giuliani’s face. (It appeared that there was hot light on him.)

Powell has a solid reputation for not saying things she can’t prove, but, of course, we still need to see the goods. If her claims are proven true, they certainly go a long way towards explaining numerous statistical anomalies that have been documented. Still, the same media that pushed the fake “Russia Russia Russia!” conspiracy claims will likely never accept them.

Instead of just snarking and attacking, real JOURNALIST Sharyl Attkisson REPORTED on what was said, outlining the essential claims. She also linked to the actual press conference, in full, so you can watch and decide for yourself if these attorneys are over their target. So here’s the whole thing, a history-making must-see. What do YOU think?

When Powell and Giuliani finally took questions from “reporters,” the knives immediately came out, prompting Giuliani to say this about the media coverage they're receiving: “The censorship that is going on in this country right now, by Big Tech and by Big Media, is almost as dangerous as the election fraud that we’re revealing. Maybe just as dangerous.”

Legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy, speaking afterwards on FOX NEWS, is skeptical because of cases they had brought or were going to bring but have already dropped. (Let me stress, I’m not a lawyer, but it seems that perhaps no one should be second-guessing their legal strategy, as they obviously have decided to focus on certain cases as the issues evolve, even though they claim to have other evidence.)

McCarthy also said the two Republican election officials in Wayne County, Michigan, who now want to rescind their certification (in part because of intimidation they received) cannot legally do it. Again, I am not a lawyer, let alone in Michigan, but we should see about that, as they agreed to certify only on the condition that there would be a full audit, which the Michigan secretary of state later said she was under no obligation to do.

He also cautioned that “this is moving rapidly,” with some states starting next week to certify their results. It does take time to prove a case, as Ellis repeatedly noted in the press conference, and McCarthy said that “time is not a commodity they have right now.”

He said that at this point, “I continue to not see it, and that’s saying that I think that a lot of the things that they’re proffering here ought to be investigated.” He assumed they dropped some cases because “a judge is not going to strike 700,000 votes because you’ve shown some instances of fraud, because that would have the effect of disenfranchising lawful voters, not just Biden voters...lawful Biden and Trump voters. Because EVERYBODY’S vote would not count.” He doesn’t see any judge doing this in “the time frame we’re talking about.” I get the impression that the main reason for his pessimism is this seemingly impossible time frame.

He said it “would be good to see” evidence of the algorithm Powell was talking about with the Dominion system and the spikes in vote tabulation that can’t be explained in terms of actual human behavior. Well, yes.

I think this is the kind of thing he means. If you’re into statistical analysis, look at what appear to be Biden “vote dumps,” as detailed by Nick Chase in AMERICAN THINKER. Chase has looked closely at this statistical story and believes Trump really won in both Michigan and Wisconsin.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley also appeared on FOX NEWS, jabbing Rudy for presenting “a global communist conspiracy that even featured the dead Hugo Chavez. “The only thing missing was a sinister figure petting a white cat. I mean it was very heavy stuff.” (I'd love to see Rudy at this point pull out a picture of George Soros petting a white cat! Maybe he's saving it for court. Sorry, we need a little humor right now.)

The good news: “This will HAVE to end up in court,” Turley said, because if they don’t bring it in court, “they’ll have to bring it later in defense of a defamation claim.” He said he was sympathetic to the argument that this takes awhile, but “this is really not the time for opening statements [and heated rhetoric]; this is the time for hard evidence.”

"I am going to make the presumption that these attorneys can support these arguments, because if they cannot, they honestly could be subject to --- and the Trump campaign could be subject to --- legal action by [Dominion],” heh said. But they’ve got to do it FAST. They say they’re ready to roll, “but we’re running out of runway.”

He also said the Biden campaign should've decided to “stand down” and let the evidence be heard right away --- sure, that would happen --- so the process wouldn’t go past the time of certification. If that happens, he observed, we could have “a bloodletting on the floor of Congress, and we don’t need that as a country.”

"It was one of the most amazing press conferences that I have seen,” he said.


This story is a great illustration of humorist James Thurber’s rule that you might as well fall flat on your face as bend over too far backwards.


Least Surprising News of the Day: Joe Biden vowed that as President, he will collaborate with China.


Nancy Pelosi reaffirmed her vow to serve only one more term as House Speaker. That’s a pretty hollow vow, since she must suspect just as I do that after the 2022 election, no Democrat will be House Speaker.

FYI, for those who might think there’s a chance Pelosi won’t be elected Speaker again, things are proceeding in such a predictable way that you could practically set your watch by them. First we had the grumblings of discontent and mutiny from the Democrats. Then on Wednesday morning, they nominated her once again as their leader, and she ran unopposed. And now, we’re hearing the caveats that it’s not final, and she might yet be replaced. There are Democrats who won’t support her, and without them, she doesn’t have enough votes to win.

Let me know when anyone seriously challenges her. Sure, it’s possible she could lose or step down. It’s also possible that it could rain lemonade, and if it did, I’d grab a pitcher and welcome it. But I’m not counting on it.


At Harvard University, where parents pay exorbitant tuition to expose their children to conflicting ideas and teach them how to think, some open-minded students are circulating a petition to ban any Trump Administration alumni from attending, teaching or speaking at Harvard. If any are allowed, they demand that the school create and share with students transparent guidelines on why that person was allowed on campus.

Just off the top of my head, how about this? “The person is allowed to appear on campus because having risen so far in the world that he or she was worthy of playing a role in a United States Presidential Administration, we assume this person might have some knowledge or insights that an arrogant, close-minded, wet-behind-the-ears sophomore might not possess and be in desperate need of hearing.

I do have to thank any students who sign that petition, though, for self-identifying as proponents of blacklists and opponents of freedom of thought and association who themselves should not be allowed on the campus of Harvard or any school that understands what the mission of a college is.


This…Is CNN: The network is so terrified of “offending” anyone that they now call the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree the “Holiday Tree.” I wonder what holiday they think it’s there for? Arbor Day?


Tragic news: TMZ is reporting that singer Bobby Brown’s 28-year-old son Bobby Brown Jr. was found dead Wednesday in his home in L.A. Early reports are that police don’t believe foul play was involved. This family has suffered more than its share of tragedy, following the death of Brown’s wife, superstar Whitney Houston, and their daughter Bobbi Kristina at 22, both from drug overdoses. I hope you’ll all pray for both comfort and healing to the family.


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Comments 1-25 of 73

  • Douglas Noel

    11/21/2020 10:49 AM

    It seems me, at the last election, the Democrats exuberantly elicited the slogan, "Not my president!" and spent four years of impeding anything President Trump attempted. Right? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. They did establish precedent.

  • Rick Gooden

    11/21/2020 02:49 AM

    This is definitely headed back to where it all started,the Supreme Court,"thanks again John Roberts" for your left-winged,Trump hating,dumba__ decisions.When this case does come before your court,you better get it right this time or the American public of which I am proud to be a part under President Trump's leadership,will never let you forget it....You have been notified !!!

    TRUMP 2020

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    11/21/2020 12:29 AM

    I hope people will give Sidney Powell and Lin Wood a chance to present the evidence they have found and plan to take to the SCOTUS. We need to be patient as she mentioned 2 weeks. We are all tired and worn from all the accusations, and our POTUS has had a long fight and recently lost his brother, a close real estate friend and a pastor who died recently of a heart attack. He has fought long and hard for us. It sounds like this evidence will reveal some terrible flaws in our election process, that need to be corrected. We also are tired of the many RINOS that don't support our president. I believe God wanted Trump to be president in 2016, and wants him to win the election in 2020. I don't think I am the only one. I am tired of the voices in the House that constantly issue threats and swear at the president. Now we have Democrats urging people to move to Georgia to vote for their candidate, even though that is against the law. I remember Maxine Waters urging violence on Trump supporters years ago. Joe Collins is asking for a recount, and I don't blame him. I suspect "irregularities" in the election in my own state. We need to let this play out, for every citizen (man, woman and child) in the U.S.. I pray God will continue to bless the USA.

  • William Rohman

    11/20/2020 04:45 PM

    One simple fact, Many States are counting more votes than they have registered voters. Without verifying each individual ballot, recounts are meaningless. People have been coming forward who have witnessed stacks of fake ballots showing up and being counted. All mail in ballots needed to be checked against the voter registration rolls and the roll must be annotated to prevent multiple votes with that name,

  • James Evart

    11/20/2020 04:07 PM

    Our President's lawyers should either present their case or STAND DOWN! Time is very short and we do not have the luxury of wasting it.

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/20/2020 03:28 PM

    Thank you

  • Priscilla Khweis

    11/20/2020 02:13 PM

    After watching Fox for years,I'm sad to say there have been changes I have noted in the last several months--C Wallace & his RUDENESS during a interview w/a woman (don't remember the name but 4 Trump)when he wouldnot let her finish 1 sentence-cutting her off!And then Cavetta-! So it looks as tho' besides the ones like Williams there were also what I call "closet swamp rats" here ! Also that person ( Fisher)that gave that statement yesterday should be FIRED! Really FOX news,Is that the BEST you can do??Other than Hannity & 2 others in the same time frame I will look to newsmax & christian media for my news-Sorry but I am so disappointed in Fox as it has always been my "go to place"for news !

  • Debbie Graham

    11/20/2020 01:39 PM

    I would go crazy if I was involved in politics...what a freaking mess....So many lies from the media, so much vitriol towards Trump who has done nothing but MAGA..... SHAMEFUL....SHAME ON US!!

  • Gail Denham

    11/20/2020 01:18 PM

    We like Tucker a lot - but Powell and Guliani cannot give all their evidence and arguments in front of a hostile news media group. That would be really dumb. They must keep their case quiet and close to the vest until it's time to be heard. Tucker, you are out of line I believe to throw knives at Powell.

  • Kathy Wingate

    11/20/2020 12:40 PM

    Gov., Does anyone think it's too late to mention that Joe Biden has USED HIS SON, HUNTER, to play the role of his money launderer, so that he can say, "I've never accepted money from a foreign country"?? I think it is SHAMEFUL that he has put his son in a position of being liable for unlawful participation in a money laundering scheme, in order to protect himself. So the Ukraine money, and the money from China, when he sold them access to US Military software, goes to Hunter, who then transfers it to his father, enriching them both for illegal behaviors. Of course, the brainwashed folks who only listen to mainstream news media, will never hear it, that being the reason people even voted for Biden, one of the most corrupt humans involved in our government, besides the FBI, CIA, and nearly entire Justice Dept.
    I will advise that everyone check out the NY Post article revealing the level of corruption of the Bidens:
    Also, the NY Post article confirming that Hunter's laptop has evidence of their dealings abroad, and money taken by all his family members due to his "influence peddling".

    It should go without saying, that Biden's claims are so FALSE, when he states he never discussed business with his son, even while they are on a flight to CHINA?? Anyone who believes that lie, has their head in the sand. This needs to be exposed, though, after hearing MSM describe Mr. Guiliani's press conference yesterday as wildly "dangerous false claims" and "Racist rhetoric".
    "Undermining the integrity of the election, deeply disturbing, dehumanizing people, undermining judges." How can conservatives be heard???

  • Kay DeWitt

    11/20/2020 12:32 PM

    Mike, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the link IN this newsletter that enabled me to HEAR...and SEE...this press conference with Rudy Guiliani because it was the first time I felt like I was introduced TO Rudy Guiliani, personally....
    because, unlike what was NOT true of the media's ability to influence me when it came to Trump, they HAVE influenced me when it came TO Guiliani BECAUSE...

    Prior TO watching THIS video of Rudy Giuliani I never bothered to try and see if I could FIND a video where I COULD listen to Rudy MYSELF rather THAN listening to what the MEDIA said ABOUT him. This was NOT true of me WHEN it came to TRUMP because I NEVER accepted anything the media said about Trump UNLESS I saw, and heard, ON a video (or READ what Trump tweeted), for MYSELF what the media was accusing him OF saying, or doing!

    Listening to Rudy Giuliani...along with the other two women who spoke...has served to enable me to SEE the possibility that there WAS enough "fraud" in this election to keep Trump in the White House for another two years, however, the only way I could SEE that happening is because...

    I I have often stated now....figured the GOD factor INTO my thinking, which made me open TO the possibility THAT, at the Nth hour, God would make it known that it WAS fraud that won the election DESPITE my "soulish" thinking that leaned toward thinking that there was NOT a conspiracy that authored widespread fraud simply because I knew....ahead of time....that this is something Trump WOULD say If he lost because, in his mind, he can never BE a "loser" ! And the other thing that helped make it credible to me that Biden HAD won was not only because of the hatred I have heard expressed toward Trump, ON the videos I have watched, but also the hatred of him that people have expressed to me personally!

    Your article was also wonderful because you included a media response TO Rudy Giuliani's press conference that bears witness TO the shallowness of heart that pens what they write BECAUSE they see things FROM a shallowness of heart that is devoid of His love....and, therefore, His righteous values that are an end-product OF His Love!

  • Terri Klose

    11/20/2020 12:15 PM

    The leftists are so fragile and insecure, that they cannot bear to hear a view that conflicts with their own. I see this play out with my daughter's (they are generation Z) "friend's" posts on social medial. They respond back with insults. I guess anyone who thinks there are more than 2 genders would be confused and unstable.

  • Hugh Spalding

    11/20/2020 11:06 AM

    The allegations of fraud are startling. Concrete credible evidence of this fraud will need to be forthcoming very very soon. A vast number of Americans believe there was something very wrong with the way this election was conducted. Clarity will need to be provided otherwise many Americans will lose faith in the process and American democracy could be permanently damaged.

  • Ava HIntz

    11/20/2020 11:01 AM

    I keep getting e-mails from 'members of the President's family". Asking for donations. I don't know if they are real or scammers. Does President Trump need money? If so where is a secure place to donate?

  • Jerrie Z

    11/20/2020 10:52 AM

    Explain to us how Biden can take over like he is doing and he is not President until January 20, 2021? Also, is God holding the evil back, and if Biden wins with all of his cronies, we will all be raputured up and the anti Christ will take over and he will release the evil on the world? Just wondering.

  • William Hunter

    11/20/2020 10:20 AM

    How do we make tax deductible donations to Mike Huckabee organizations that support the constitutional rights under attack? Speech,gun ownership,religious worship etc.

  • Jane F. Mitchell

    11/20/2020 09:11 AM

    Praise God that the truth is coming out!

  • Nelda Rose White

    11/20/2020 08:55 AM

    I know that Pres Trump won fairly and was cheated out of it. But I think while counting votes that it would show that the house and senate were also won, except for the cheating.

  • Cheryl Bueker

    11/20/2020 08:46 AM

    Trump is the greatest President for the people!!

  • Cecilia Sotomayor

    11/20/2020 08:26 AM

    Time is limited, but gathering witness testimony also takes time. No responsible attorney would go to court without it, i believe the Giuliani team snd their witnessed are heroes.

  • Rachel Schindler

    11/20/2020 07:50 AM

    If this voter fraud isn't cleared up and the truth brought to light, I will never vote again. For four years, they have berated the president and the American people, and now this. You will never convince me that Biden received more votes then BO. I am curious as to what you think about Powell not going on Tucker's show. It seems as if the whole world is against Trump and his voters and I am so disgusted that the republicans in congress, have no courage, to fight for Trump. They have been and are, the problem. I once thought that our Republic is hanging on by a thread and put a lot of faith in good people to save it, now I know it has come apart by our do nothing republicans, who only look after the people who pad their pockets. It truly is a sad day in history and I am weeping for what could have been.

  • Laurence Feldman

    11/20/2020 07:25 AM

    Tucker Carlson on his wednesday evening show said that he invited S.Powell but she ignored him. Why?

  • James Shaun Jermyn

    11/20/2020 06:32 AM

    Biden needs to concede

  • Michele Miller

    11/20/2020 06:19 AM

    Governor Huckabee,

    As always, thank you for keeping us up-to-date with honest and thorough newsletters. I always appreciate the excellent links.

    Special thanks for the daily Bible verses as well. Food for the soul.

    Have you seen

    The link is for the OAN audio of the retired Air Force General speaking about two programs developed for use within the CIA for anti-terrorism purposes, as well as to create desired election outcomes in foreign countries. The General is coming forward as a whistleblower. He describes how Obama took the programs from where they originally resided, and repositioned them for use. Also, that it appears to the General that both have now been used in America. He believes that the manner in which vast numbers of votes were added overnight is evidence of the use of one of the programs.

    It would be appreciated if you would give the link a listen and comment. I imagine that this has not escaped the Trump team's radar, and that this is something that they are working on. Hopefully they are also making certain it is taken to task by appropriate channels.

    Also concerning the election, I worked for a state county clerk's office myself this past election. My primary duties were to review the signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes and compare them against signatures on file. I then validated the signature, and if the signature did not appear to match the signature on file a letter with a signature card was sent to the registered voter advising them of the receipt of their absentee ballot and that the signature on the ballot was significantly different from the signature on file, and asking them to complete and return the enclosed card.

    Because of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), some of the people that were registered to vote did so on-line or by mail, and so when they voted in-person their identification would need to be checked in order to not only identify them, but also to determine that they were eligible (U.S. citizens, 18 or older, and residents of the county they were voting in). Yet, because of COVID-19, this year anyone that registered to vote could request and cast an absentee ballot. Thusly, registered voters that had never authenticated their eligibility to vote were permitted to cast regular and not provisional ballots. Further, in the cases where there was not even a signature on file, we were instructed that as that was an "error on our part" that we were to accept the signature on the absentee ballot.

    Prior to election day we also worked on identifying and trying to eliminate voter registrations that were duplicate (or triplicate or more). In some cases, registered voters requested absentee ballots under each of the voter registration numbers. Some people were registered to vote multiple times by using variations of their name (for example: Mike on one registration, and Michael on another), and/or by including their social security number on one, and not the other, or their driver's license number on one and not the other, or by providing neither number.

    Each voter registration, if undetected, would permit the voter to request an absentee ballot. Unless the multiple registrations were identified so that only one remained, and the others deleted, the voter would be able to cast multiple absentee ballots and potentially vote in-person in multiple counties and/or in more than one precinct polling place (if they had more than one address and/or the addresses were in more than one county).

    In the state I was in, there are no provisional votes, and so all that are cast are counted.

    We also worked to identify duplicate voter registrations after post-election. Duplicate voter registrations after the election were merged into one file. Interestingly, nearly all of the duplicate voter registrations I identified were for voters registered as Democrats.

    Another huge issue was with the absentee ballots of expats. Apparently between the time the ballots were sent to the expats, and the time the ballots were received, the ballot forms had been revised. So, when the ballots of the expats arrived, the decision was made to have pairs of county workers or volunteers manually transfer the votes on a ballot to the newly formatted paper ballot. One person was to read the vote and the other person was to fill in the new ballot. They were then supposed to switch rolls so that the one that completed the ballot called out each voted item that the expat had voted, and the other person verified that the other worker had voted the new ballot identically. I believe the original ballots were then discarded, although I would hope they were saved and identified as the original ballots.

    The people that were involved in this process were only supervised by a roving observer that monitored the entire warehouse, and primarily completed the task without any direct supervision. The task was completed at tables immediately behind where I was seated and both a co-worker and myself found it odd that all but a handful or fewer of the votes for president were called out for Biden.

    So, even in the conservative state that I reside in, because people can register to vote on line, unless and until the voter registration process requires a signature to be uploaded, both the social security number and state ID number, the name as it appears on the state ID, and in-person voting the first time one votes to verify identification and determine eligibility, voter fraud is easily perpetrated. Voter fraud opportunities are nearly boundless with absentee ballots. The means are established.

    I agree with the journalist that described the press-conference as surreal. God help us and have mercy on us. All of this is so wrong. It seems like a plot taken from an action-movie where the audience is sitting on the edge of their seats just waiting for a heroic intervention and a happy ending.

    First and foremost, we need to pray. Thank God that He is God, and pray.

    Next, thank God for a President such as Donald Trump that came into office as a confident and brilliant business man, a brash New Yorker that is indeed a stalwart fighter, and an outsider committed to serving the American people and "draining the swamp." He came into office during a time where ISIS was becoming more powerful, the Middle East was a huge mess, our economy and the job situation was hideous, when the Western Judeo-Christian worldview was disdained as an archaic racist colonialist relic, Christianity and free speech were unwelcome, work visas still brought in thousands of high end and low end workers, borders were open, and the number of people participating in welfare programs was burgeoning.

    The President turned our sinking ship around. Concerning foreign and domestic affairs and policies, the economy, the pandemic, the courts, border security, free speech, prison reform, the military, and more President Trump has used excellent judgment and worked to make things right. Each of these matters are extremely weighty, and President Trump has managed it all phenomenally well.

    The swamp has proven to be deep and wide and full of greedy, power-hungry, sinister creatures that believe that their desired ends justify the means. Praying that although it is more than any of us wants to reckon with, that the dark deeds and the evil players will continue to be brought to light. That truth and justice will prevail, liberty will be preserved, and our foundations will be reinforced.

  • Elaine Knudsen

    11/20/2020 03:11 AM

    Press conference. Wow, just wow! I am so happy to see all of this come out to the American people & know that the evidence is clearly there to back it up. I am so happy to see courageous Americans coming forward, with affidavits. I believe there are more American patriots than criminal scum, that we can take our country back, that we can abolish censorship, that we can tear apart the biased monopoly of big tech, that we can stop and prevent going forward, outside interference in our elections. I am soooo grateful that our forefathers did have the foresight to anticipate & put safeguards/remedies in place for the level of corruption that we are experiencing today. It is a great question, where are the government bodies during such a breach of national security? Perhaps they do need to be dismantled and new agencies created. May the truth set us all free & may God Bless America.