September 12, 2018

UPDATE to commentary on Strzok-Page texts about "media leak strategy"

Also included in the statement about “conspiracy theories” from Peter Strzok’s attorney, Aitan Goelman, is this:  “The term ‘media leak strategy’ in Mr. Strzok’s text refers to a Department-wide initiative to detect and stop leaks to the media.”

We learn from this remark –- if we didn’t already know –- that attorneys defending their clients do not have to make any sense whatsoever, because this absolutely does not, given the context.  If these two were working to detect and stop leaks, then why was Strzok congratulating Lisa Page (“Well done, Page!”) after seeing a very ridiculous leaked story about Carter Page in the Washington Post and, soon afterwards, another leaked story.  Shouldn’t Strzok have been dismayed by these developments, encouraging Lisa Page to find the source of the leaks and stop them?  No, it was just the opposite --- he was PLEASED about the leaks.

Certainly then-FBI Director James Comey shared their notion of what a “media leak strategy” is.  In his case, it was to strategically leak his notes to the New York Times to get a special counsel appointed.  I think I’m safe in assuming that Strzok and Page would have said, “Well done!”

I am far from alone in my rejection of Goelman’s statement.  Mark Meadows called it “fiction.”  Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said it “doesn’t pass the giggle test.”  (I like that one.)  Gregg Jarrett rolled out a slew of appropriate adjectives:  “ludicrous,” “laughable,” “shameful,” “dishonest.”  The term “media leak strategy,” in some other context, might conceivably mean exactly what Goelman said it means.  But not here, not with his client Peter Strzok.  Here, Strzok and Lisa Page are obviously talking about a strategy for leaking to the media, and in April of 2017, it was moving full-steam ahead.

In fact, more Page-Strzok texts are just coming to light, showing that both of them even played a role in writing op-eds.  Busy, busy, busy!  They also characterize a Washington Post story about Russian election interference as, in terms of sources, “100% authorized.”  (Wonder who authorized them.)  More about these developments soon, but in the meantime, here’s the updated story from Sara A. Carter.

Newly obtained Strzok-Page texts reveal "media leak strategy with DOJ"

It’s the afternoon of 9/11 as I write this, and it’s been a day of tolling bells and remembrance.  But as we remember all the sacrifice and bravery and the threat posed to our nation from the outside, we also see more indications of the threat posed from within, and it would be unfortunate to let those pass today without remark.

In just one example (the anonymous New York Times op-ed is another one; more on that soon), the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has obtained more text messages exchanged by former FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok and "office girlfriend" Lisa Page, who at that time was legal assistant to deputy FBI Director Andrew “Andy’s office” McCabe (whom the DOJ announced last week is currently under grand jury investigation for lying to investigators and leaking to the media).  As revealing as the earlier texts were, these add even more to the narrative and help firm up the timeline regarding government leaks of unverified information involving made-up Trump/Russia connections, specifically the warrants to spy on Carter Page, who served briefly on the campaign as a foreign policy adviser.  These texts show that Page was involved in surreptitiously getting word out to the media, with Strzok patting her on the back and saying, in effect, “You go, girl!”

These new texts, according to FOX News reporter Catherine Herridge, were sent during the time Inspector General Michael Horowitz has termed the “gap period,” from December, 2016, to May of 2017.  Recall that Horowitz was the one who turned up the earlier Strzok-Page texts, without which we’d still be in the dark about the “insurance policy.”  Recall also that it was during this “gap period,” especially the first few months of Trump’s administration, that a ridiculous amount of leaking was going on.  These two were so addicted to texting each other that there must be a vast number of texts from this critical period.  At least the gap is finally starting to fill in.

But not anywhere near fast enough.  In a letter to deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who will probably ignore it, South Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said that “a review of the new documents raises grave concerns regarding an apparent systemic culture of media leaking by high-ranking officials at the FBI and DOJ related to ongoing investigations.”  Here are a couple of examples he included:

--- April 10, 2017:  Peter Strzok contacts Lisa Page to discuss a “media strategy.”  Specifically, the text says, “I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go.”

--- April 12, 2017:  Strzok congratulates Page on a job well done while referring to two derogatory articles about Carter Page.  In the text, Strzok warns Page two articles are coming out, one of which is worse than the other about Page’s “namesake.”  Strzok adds, “Well done, Page.”

I don’t have to tell you the one phrase that really jumps out.  Say it with me:  “MEDIA LEAK STRATEGY WITH DOJ.”

Meadows’ letter points out that it was on April 11 that the Washington Post broke a story about the Carter Page FISA application, “setting off a flurry of articles suggesting connections between President Trump and Russia.”  To me, this sounds like an element of the “insurance policy,” a coordinated effort to be waged against Trump if he happened to beat the odds and win the election.

The letter goes on to request more text messages, emails and documents from certain FBI and DOJ officials –- Stu Evans, Mike Kortan and Joe Pientka –- in light of this new information.  “To be clear, we are not suggesting wrongdoing on the part of Evans, Kortan and Pientka,” it says, “and, in fact, previously reviewed documents suggest that some of these individuals may share the committees’ same concerns.”  (I would hope so.)  But these communications, especially the ones with others whose names are more familiar to us by now, “would provide critical insight into the backdrop of the Russia investigation.”    

At least Congress is doing its oversight job, trying to chase down the REAL “Russia” story while the special counsel chases phantoms.  But Strzok’s attorney has released a statement calling the response to these texts a “conspiracy theory.” Actually, I’d say the word “conspiracy” is quite appropriate here because it really, really looks like one.  And the word “theory” is appropriate, too, if by “theory” one means something that we know by now actually exists, like gravity.  After all, we know Lisa Page told congressional committees that the texts between her and Strzok mean just what a reasonable person would think they mean.  “Insurance policy,” “stop it,” etc. --- these words haven’t been wildly misinterpreted by conspiracy nuts.  All we did was look at them rationally, within context; their meaning is crystal clear.

Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch pointed out to Harris Faulkner on FOX News’ “Overtime” that the kind of above-the-law behavior we’re seeing from the Justice Department, as blatant as it is these days, is nothing new.  “We’ve been litigating against...the FBI for, you know, 20-plus years at Judicial Watch, and one thing that’s always been consistent is arrogance, illegal secrecy and contempt for the rule of law,” Fitton said.  “They think they’re not accountable, and, at the leadership level especially, they just have complete contempt for anyone outside the agency, or within the agency that attempts to tell them to maybe follow the rules and do what’s right.”

What we have here, he said, is leadership at the FBI “that thought it could get away with illegally targeting a candidate for the President of the United States.”  After numerous firings, it’s time to move forward and make the special counsel accountable for what has been done.  Those people who are now discredited and removed from their positions are the ones responsible for making Mueller’s so-called case.  Fitton made the point that without them, there would be no Mueller investigation.

“And so any other prosecution marred by this misconduct by the investigators would be shut down.  And I don’t understand why Congress doesn’t take more of a leadership role here.  Certainly the President is highlighting Mueller’s corruption, the corruption of the special counsel investigation.  Someone’s got to call what’s going on here for what’s actually’ve got this corrupted Mueller investigation as a result of this misconduct during the Obama administration into the Trump administration.”

Fitton is right –- he’s talking about “the fruit of the poisonous tree” that normally would taint an investigation so much that it would be impossible to take it seriously, let alone bring charges.  And there’s much more poison hidden inside; the FBI is telling Judicial Watch that the rest of the Strzok-Page texts won’t be released until at least 2020 (my guess is after the November elections).  The texts we’ve seen are so bad, it’s hard to imagine what the FBI is still holding back.  Fitton has also been told they have to wait another six months to get another 1600 pages of Bruce Ohr-related documents.  And, of course, the FISA warrants that targeted Carter Page to initiate the spying on Trump’s campaign are still classified.

Even just with what we know so far, this tree is so poisonous that its fruit should not be swallowed by anyone.  It’s time to swing the axe and bring it crashing down.  We’re wise to the FBI and their shield of “classification,” which in this case hasn’t been put on documents to safeguard national security but simply to protect their own.  President Trump would, of course, face screaming outrage and blind fury if he moved in the name of transparency to just declassify everything, but that’s what needs to happen.  He faces screaming outrage and blind fury over everything he says and does, anyway, so I say, “Go for it.”


For those inclined to buy former President Obama’s applesauce about how he’s to credit for the current booming economy and job creation, this link has comments from the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Kevin Hassett, pointing out the body of evidence that proves current conditions are not simply a continuation of recent trends under Obama.

Or you could click the same link and see a new video Trump just released, comparing Obama’s scoffing at the very idea of creating such an economic turnaround with the results of Trump’s policies, all set to music.  Both tell you basically the same thing, but the video is more fun.


 Dishonest attack

One of Sen. Kamala Harris’ attacks on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was so plainly dishonest that even the Washington Post fact-checker called foul and awarded her “Four Pinocchio's,” their highest liar level.  Harris tweeted video footage of Kavanaugh answering a question about the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a charitable order of nuns sued in federal court by the Obama Administration to force them to violate their sacred beliefs by providing employees with insurance that covered birth control.  Harris’ clip edited Kavanaugh’s comment to make it appear that he was stating his own opinion when he was merely quoting the argument that the nuns made.  That was blatant enough to set off alarms even at WaPo. 

Click the link for the details and to hear Harris’ hilarious attempt at deflecting responsibility for trying to deceive her followers by declaring, “There’s no question that (Kavanaugh) uncritically used the term ‘abortion-inducing drugs,’ which is a dog whistle term used by extreme anti-choice groups to describe birth control.”  It’s also an accurate term used for abortifacient drugs, or drugs used to induce abortion.  In this case, the nuns argued that some of the contraceptives they were ordered to cover did exactly that. If Sen. Harris keeps up this level of Pinocchioism, she’s going to need a nose job.

I keep asking this, but I never get an answer: how come the only people who ever hear the alleged “dog whistles” that the left claims the right uses are the people on the left who point them out?


Dispatches From Bizzarro World

CNN contributor Simone Sanders claimed that during day one of the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings last week, Democrats were “extremely respectful” and on their best behavior (sadly, that might be true – talk about damning with feint praise!)  She also claimed that Kavanaugh’s young daughters weren’t hustled out to protect them from the crazed spectators and seeing their father slandered but that they simply had somewhere else to go.  I’d say that if they had anywhere else to go, it would be better than staying there.

The story at the link has more jaw-dropping hooey, countered with some entertainingly phrased truth bombs by Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, who said that Senate hearing was too lowbrow to compare to a circus.  It was more like “a mud-wrestling contest attended by banshees howling at the referee,” and “all that was missing was the canned laughter.”


 Fake WAPO!

And today's well-respected source of Fake News is...the Washington Post!


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Can you imagine having a President who makes slanderous accusations against people without even bothering to check the facts first?  Thank goodness she didn't get elected!

Terrific article

 This is a terrific article by David Marcus at The Federalist, on how he, as a New Yorker, taught his young son what 9/11 was about and what it was like to live through it.


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  • Alice Landolt

    09/13/2018 03:56 PM

    I believe Kavanaugh was referencing the 2014 Priest for Life case, although Sisters of the Poor were also targeted by Obama's DOJ.

  • Mark DiPasquale

    09/13/2018 01:18 PM

    Mike, has there been a petition that asks Jeff Sessions to act? Based on a potential conflict of interest, he had recused himself, but the person now in charge, as we know, has a bigger conflict of interest. It seems well past time for Mr. Sessions to take back the reigns or appoint someone without a conflict of interest. The problem, he should understand, is that every day that goes by without this being addressed, he is becoming complicit in tearing at the fabric of our justice system. Matters like this need timely resolution or else confidence erodes.
    Thank you,
    Mark DiPasquale

  • rodney Burke

    09/13/2018 12:28 PM

    All these tapes and articles by Kamala should be archived for the 2020 race an brought out and played often to remind voters of how dishonest she is. This broad needs public humiliation on a regular basis. She is the face of the utter immorality of the left. She would work in a place like Venezuela or China very well. smear and destroy. I think it's about time someone came down HARD on Rosenstein and reduced him to ashes, so to speak. It is past time for some integrity in the top levels of the DOJ, I don't see ANY except maybe for Jeff...sometimes.


    09/13/2018 12:18 PM

    Why does all the Strozk-Page fiasco always lead back to Comey? Why is he out and about, professing his book and bad mouthing the President! He should be in jail with all the rest of them. This entire witch hunt needs to stop and go away. I want my money back as we the taxpayers are paying for it and the bill keeps growing.
    Loved your show over the weekend, CeCe was marvelous, what a voice.
    Hey, I am finally leaving Californication Country, headed for a Red state, Nevada! Can't wait to leave, headed out on Sept. 22, Whopppeeee!
    Carmen Price

  • Buffy L Reitz

    09/13/2018 11:01 AM

    That article by David Marcus was excellent! LOVED it! Thank you for sharing it. from Texas

  • sue

    09/13/2018 09:43 AM

    Just wondering if you have had Candice Owens or Burgess Owens on your TV show yet.

  • Deborah Koland

    09/13/2018 03:38 AM

    Hi Gov. Huckabee, I saw Brandon Straka (from the #WalkAway Campaign) on your show a few weeks back. Great interview! I'm wondering if you're aware that Facebook banned his account(s) for 30 days? I think it may have wiped out all the testimonies from everyone that had posted their #WalkAway story on there as well. Maybe you know that he's calling for a WalkAwayMarch in Washington DC in October (26-28). Anyway, rather than my relaying information second-hand, I thought maybe you'd reach out to him and get the whole story as to why, show him you still support the #WalkAway Campaign, and help in some way, if you can. You were very respectful to him, that's what we need these days. I'm a 60+ yr. old Christian conservative woman, and FB banning him seems purely political, he had nearly 180,000 followers with two months to go until the midterm elections. I hope you have time to check into this and help further the crucial "red wave." Thanks for listening. Sincerely,
    Deborah Koland
    (from Oregon)

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    09/13/2018 12:36 AM

    I continue to be dumbfounded by the nonsense that's going on when it comes to attacking the President. I'm hoping he will run again, but I wouldn't blame him a bit if he said " You can take this job and shove it "
    The only problem with that would be if Hillary tried to move in.

  • Ralph Griffith

    09/13/2018 12:13 AM

    Your reports are the only news that is believable Mr. Huckabee!! Keep up the good work, and expand.

  • Ted Russell

    09/12/2018 11:03 PM

    Dear Huck,
    This is in my opinion as big as the Strzok-Page love notes.
    Please let me know how you feel.

    T. Russell

  • Ruth Ferraro

    09/12/2018 10:51 PM

    Always great hearing honest news from an honest person! Thank you! You are terrific.

  • Jo Gonzalez

    09/12/2018 10:28 PM

    This bunch of snakes are being exposed, and it is hard to believe these people are "running????" Branches of our Govt. If it had not been for DJT, we'd have never known. On anther subject, nice to have a President was is intelligent, and proactive as to the dangers of this approaching Hurricane, makes me compare to George W. who didn't have a clue. People died, this time safety is paramount, and hopefully, there are no Mayors like Nagan left. Thinking about people protected, our President is not asking their Party affiliation, he's saving everybody.