February 1, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Senate investigators debunk Democrat theory -- Spartacus is running for President -- More news you were never supposed to see -- Ainsworth: Thoughts On Abortion --- Ainsworth: A heartfelt response to my commentary on the Roger Stone raid -- Aborting babies -- A stunning lack of concern -- Man speaks out, regrets transitioning  -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


One of the McGuffins that Democrats in the House have been huffing over for two years was the fact that they didn’t have access to two phone numbers that Donald Trump Jr. called shortly before that notorious 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with a Russian woman who claimed to have damaging information on Hillary Clinton (she didn’t, and the meeting broke up after about 15 minutes.)

House Democrats such as Rep. Adam Schiff have been drooling for the chance to retake power so they could launch investigations into whether those phone calls had been to Donald Trump, proving he was a “lying liar” when he denied knowing about the meeting. (“Russia!! Collusion!!”)

Well, sorry to bash their hopes, but the New York Times, citing two people briefed on the issue, reports that Senate investigators obtained Don Jr.’s phone records. They show that he called two longtime family friends and business associates, NASCAR CEO Brian France and investor Howard Lorber – not his father. So unless NASCAR has any Trabants racing, that alleged connection to Russia can now be laid to rest.

Mike Huckabee

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Spartacus is running for President

By Mike Huckabee

Is there any far-left Democrat in or out of office anywhere, from the South Bend mayor’s office on up, who doesn’t think he or she or xe should be President?  As of this morning, add Sen. Cory “Spartacus” Booker to the overflowing pool of 2020 candidates. 

In announcing his entry into the race, Booker released a video promoting his candidacy in which he declares, “I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind; where parents can put food on the table; where there are good-paying jobs with good benefits in every neighborhood.” 

We’re already doing that now; why would we trade it for the Obama-style policies that kept job creation stagnant for eight years?

Booker also vacuously declared, “Together, we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose. Together, America, we will rise.” 

Three comments:  (1.) America is already rising.  It started happening right after the Democrats left power.  (2.)  If you’re in pain, you should see a doctor.  Good luck doing that after we get government-run health care.  (3.) If he thinks America is in “pain” now, but it will “rise” once he’s elected, isn’t that the same as saying, “Vote for me and I’ll make America great again”?  I thought that was horrible, racist and xenophobic. 

I can’t wait for the debates when the confused moderator peers at the army of candidates, trying to pick Booker out of the crowd, and asks, “Which of you is Spartacus?”  And one after another come the replies: “I am Spartacus!”… “No, I am Spartacus!”… “No, I am Spartacus!...”


More news you were never supposed to see

By Mike Huckabee 

President Trump recently held a roundtable discussion with Hispanic pastors from all over the US.  One of them, Pastor Ramiro Peña, presented Trump with a letter of support from 150 Hispanic Evangelical leaders and said this:

“One thing you have not done, Mr. President, is manufacture a humanitarian crisis. It's real and although many people began to declare repeatedly that this is a 'manufactured' crisis, being a pastor from Texas, I can tell you the human suffering that's been going on for many decades has hit a fever pitch, and I'm grateful that you have shown leadership to recognize it, to call it out and to actually do something about it.”

Miami Pastor Guillermo Maldonado said, “We’re here to support you, Mr. President. You know, there’s misconception in the public, thinking that our community is for illegal immigration. There’s a misconception also that we want open borders. And dealing with people every single day, I see that our community supports what you’re doing…That misconception that Spanish people want open borders, they want no laws, that’s not true. We’re here to support you, and what you’re doing is great. The lowest unemployment for Spanish people — 4 percent — that’s incredible. We pray for you.”

The Media Research Center notes that the Washington Times was one of the few media outlets that covered this event.  Not a single national Spanish-language newscast covered it. Gee, I wonder why?

It appears that the Democrats still refuse to learn the lesson of Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016: Just because your friends in the media refuse to cover your problems (Trump’s popularity, Hillary’s unlikability, her weakness in the Rust Belt, her ethical and security violations with her email server, etc.), that doesn’t mean they disappear.  In fact, liberal media bias actually does a disservice to Democrats by leaving them misinformed, unprepared, overconfident and shocked when their chickens come home to roost.


Ainsworth: Thoughts On Abortion

By Laura Ainsworth, Staffwriter

The most startling part of the far-left’s fixation on late-term abortion is the coldness with which they discuss it.

Because of the newly-passed New York legislation, the conversation right now seems to be focused on how far into a pregnancy an abortion should be allowed to take place –- measuring the time in weeks –- though when you think about it, the outcome for the baby is exactly the same no matter when in the gestation period it occurs, which is to say “gone, baby, gone.” The procedure for an early abortion might be relatively less gruesome, and it might not involve pain for the doomed baby, but either way, in the end, this human being is deprived of life. It is snuffed out.

Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, as I have never given birth or even been pregnant, but I’m a pretty empathetic person and am going to speculate here. In the very beginning of a pregnancy, especially for someone very young, nine months might seem like an eternity, a real life-disrupter, and someone who has reduced the baby in her mind to nothing more than a small, undifferentiated tissue mass, like a lima bean, might just want it gone, excised as one would remove a benign tumor. In such a case, for her to undergo a change of heart would require a new and profound awareness that this is a UNIQUE LIFE, with its own DNA. She --- and those around her --- might be too skilled in the art of self-delusion to allow even the contemplation of that truth, let alone the acknowledgement.



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Ainsworth: A heartfelt response to my commentary on the Roger Stone raid

By Laura Ainsworth, Staffwriter

My commentary on the FBI’s shocking raid on Roger Stone’s house (“Is This Really America?”) prompted quite a few responses, and one in particular is a must-read –- at least this part of it, which especially touched and saddened me..

From Jean R.:

My mother and father were in concentration camps in Germany, having been yanked from their homes in Poland. After the war, my dad wanted to go home, but it was a disaster, and the British and U.S. encouraged him to come to America since he had relatives here. He also had two children –- my brother and me (I was born after the war) –- and he wanted a better life for us. So he embarked on the legal journey with nothing much but papers and the promise of a new life...It took over four years to get everything in order.



Aborting babies

By Mike Huckabee

It’s absolutely astounding to me to see the people who are voting for the current rash of “aborting babies up to the moment of birth” laws cheering, celebrating and congratulating themselves on their great “progressive” victory.  I don’t want to believe that these people, who seem to think they’re doing a compassionate service for women, are just cold-blooded, stone-hearted monsters. Why are they unable to grasp the repulsiveness of what they’re doing? 

I know this is an outgrowth of a lifetime of brainwashing themselves into believing that a baby in the womb isn’t really a human being, and that a woman’s decision to abort is something that’s solely about HER body and only affects HER, when it’s really the killing of a separate and distinct human life.  But how can they continue to cling to that slender reed of rationalization even as they promote the right to withhold medical care from a baby that was already born during an abortion and is now living and breathing completely separate from its mother’s body?  How clear does murder have to be before they recognize it for what it is? 

At this link is a story about a doctor who performed 22 abortions until something happened during the 23rd that changed his mind and heart, and he just couldn’t do it anymore.  I warn you, this story is graphic and disturbing, but maybe some people have to see the ugly unvarnished truth to shock them out of their cozy cocoon of denial.

This story is also in line with something very interesting that was told to me by pro-life activist Shawn Carney during an interview for my TBN show (see it at the link.)  He said when it comes to abortion, conversion is a one-way street.  In all his years of dealing with this issue, he’s met countless people who've had abortions or worked in abortion clinics or fought for abortion rights who all became pro-life.  But he said he’s never seen a single person who was once pro-life but became convinced that view was wrong and turned pro-abortion. 

I think it's because once you see the light, it's very hard to go back to living in darkness.


A stunning lack of concern

By Mike Huckabee

Much of the news this week has been dominated by stories about newly-empowered Democratic politicians ripping the mask off of their embrace of the culture of death by proposing (and in New York, actually passing and celebrating) laws that allow babies to be aborted up to the moment of birth, and even babies that have already been born during abortion procedures to struggle for their lives while the parents and doctors debate whether to give them medical attention (note: the argument that this scenario would involve multiple doctors is hardly convincing, since the New York law also allows non-doctors to perform abortions.  Where would these multiple doctors come from on a moment’s notice?) 

At least the Virginia bill seems to have been sidelined after it sparked a nationwide wave of condemnation.  Even one of its Democratic supporters apologized, claiming she failed to do “due diligence” and didn’t read it carefully enough.  I guess the passage of Obamacare should have told us that some politicians can’t be bothered to read what’s in bills, even when they carry life-and-death consequences.

How can anyone support a bill to remove virtually all restrictions on abortions without even reading it carefully and thinking about it first?  I guess you’d have to have a stunning lack of concern for the sanctity of human life, at least life in the womb.  That certainly seems to apply to the bill’s sponsor, who introduced her bill to kill babies right up to the moment of birth on the same day she introduced a bill to protect the fall cankerworm (caterpillar) because that bug’s life is important.


Man speaks out, regrets transitioning

By Mike Huckabee

But lest we forgot, pre-born and post-born infants aren’t the only children that leftists are willing to sacrifice in the name of “compassion.”  For the past few years, there has been a major push, under the banner of “transgender rights,” to allow young children who “identify” as the opposite sex to be pumped full of chemicals and hormones to block them from entering puberty.  These are chemicals for which we don’t even know all the potential longterm side-effects (although infertility is certainly one).  And we’re talking about messing around with the bodies of children who might just be going through a phase they would grow out of, reacting to peer pressure or the current pop culture promotion of “gender fluidity,” experiencing psychological issues that counseling could cure, or even being pushed in that direction by misguided parents. 

Yet anyone who dares to question the wisdom of exposing young children to dangerous chemicals and life-altering surgery is so vilified as “transphobic” that many people have been cowed into silence.  That includes doctors who are alarmed by this trend but who fear it would spell professional suicide to speak up because so many medical associations and journals have also been bullied into putting political correctness over medical science. 

But at least one person is speaking out, and it will be hard for anyone to claim he’s “transphobic” or doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  That’s because he’s been there and done that. 

As a child, he was dressed as a girl by his grandmother, so he associated cross-dressing with pleasing her and getting attention.  It led to gender dysphoria, hormone therapy, sex reassignment surgery and living eight years as a woman.  But it didn’t solve his problems, and he even became suicidal.  He now lives as a man again and has become a staunch opponent of the spread of giving gender-confused children drugs, hormones and surgery.  He says all his suffering might have been avoided if someone had just given him psychological help when he was a kid – but if you suggest that for kids now, you get attacked as a bigot and a “hater.”

You can read his story and see a video interview at this link.

Note that his comments were sparked by a case in which it sounds as if a divorced mother is imposing her own psychological issues on her son.  She claims he so desperately wants to be a girl that she wants to pump him full of chemicals.  His father says when he has custody, the boy shows no signs at all of gender dysphoria, so he’s trying to block the treatment.

If you wonder how we could have arrived at a point where the parent who wants to pump a child full of seemingly unnecessary and dangerous chemicals is hailed as the “good” and caring parent, it’s the same way we got to the point of letting doctors kill babies after they’ve already been born and calling that “compassion.”  By moving away from God and morality and common sense just a little bit at a time. 


Evening Edition - January 31

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"But they that wait upon the Lord 
shall renew their strength; 
they shall mount up with wings as eagles; 
they shall run, and not be weary; 
and they shall walk, and not faint."

– Isaiah 40:31

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  • Thomas Wenndt

    02/01/2019 02:31 PM

    Mike - I just hate it when I have to disagree with something in one of your columns. But when you quoted Shawn Carney from one of your TBN interviews saying, "He’s never seen a single person who was once pro-life but became convinced that view was wrong and turned pro-abortion," I had to chime in.

    Because I have - time and time again. ALL of them were worthless politicians who were doing nothing more than trying to read the tea-leaves that would allow them to continue to attend after-session socials with their fellow House or Senate members, as well as try to see which position might get them re-elected. Now if we are talking about people using GENUINE principle (few politicians need apply, by the way), I would agree. But in terms of changing positions for the sake of their own expediency and self-preservation (so they think) I have seen it literally ad nausea (pun intended).

  • Stephen Russell

    02/01/2019 02:28 PM

    NY VA NM abortion pro laws: God will Judge?? How, God will Judge.
    Polar Vortez hits SW & into No Mexico & curb illegal immigration??
    Blantant overture to Genocide esp black genocide since they do most abortions?