July 26, 2020


July 26, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


I’m afraid you’d riot…sorry: “peacefully protest”…if there weren’t a new “Huckabee” on TBN this weekend. But never fear, we’ve got another great show all lined up! We’ll cover the biggest issues in the news right now with DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, and Dr. David Samadi on what you’re not being told about COVID-19. You’ll meet a Huck’s Hero who’s helping the people who help others. Sen. Marsha Blackburn will tell us about her great new book that teaches kids about an important chapter in American history. We’ll also have music from the ground-breaking bluegrass band Appalachian Roadshow, as well as a very special visit with one of its members that will inspire you and touch your heart.

It all kicks off tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, only on TBN. To find where you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on the “WATCH” menu at the top. You can also stream previous episodes, highlights and Internet-only “Digital Exclusives,” like extended interviews and extra performances by our musical and comedy guests. It’s all at


CNN Democratic spokesmen Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon attempted to mock President Trump for taking a mental acuity test that he said he aced, claiming it looked like something for middle school students. Then they made the mistake of trying to take it themselves. Both proved incapable of identifying a drawing of the shape of a rhinoceros. Cuomo thought it was a hippo, and Lemon called it an elephant. Lemon’s excuse was that he was looking at it backwards, because a rhino backwards looks just like an elephant. Well, maybe if you're a middle schooler.


In the wake of George Floyd’s death, there were a number of irrational, kneejerk, anti-police actions by the media, including the cancellations of long-running police reality TV shows such as “COPS” and “Live PD.” Well, the ratings are now in, and we can see how viewers passed judgement on those decisions. In a word: “Busted!”

The cancellation of “Live PD” may go down as one of the dumbest, most self-destructive decisions in TV history. To appease cop-hating radicals who likely never watched anyway, A&E cancelled its most popular show. Results: prime time ratings for the entire network have plummeted by 498,000 viewers, a 49% drop from one year ago. In the coveted demographics of adults aged 18-49 and 25-54, they’re down by 55% and 53%. This is where we got the phrase, “Get Woke, Go Broke.” Anyone want to bet that the NBA, MLB and NFL won’t be looking at similar futures?

This article also makes the interesting point that Hollywood isn’t entirely willing to commit suicide to appease the leftist mob. Knowing how popular cop shows are with audiences, they made sure not a single fictional cop show was canceled. Maybe that’s because they can always insert liberal messages into fictional shows and depict “bad cops.” But when they air shows that follow actual cops on the job and show what they really have to deal with, that seriously undercuts the left’s narrative about how we don’t need cops because they just go around harassing innocent people.

I’m reminded of a comment by the late, great comic Richard Pryor. He once said that he used to ask why we need so many prisons. Then he shot a movie inside a prison and talked to the actual inmates about why they were there. His attitude changed to “THANK GOD we have prisons!!”


A big standing O for the editors of the Wall Street Journal for refusing to knuckle under to the “cancel culture” crown. Several hundred of the paper’s staffers attempted to bully their bosses with a letter demanding that editorial page ban writers who spread “misinformation” (modern definition: facts that support conservative arguments.) They claim it makes their jobs harder when they try to gather information about racism if the sources they want to talk to don’t trust the WSJ because editorial writers have expressed opinions they oppose, or quoted business leaders and government officials whose views contradict theirs.

They also claim that staffers of color expressed in diversity initiative meetings how these opposing opinions caused them “pain.” I’m old enough to remember when sticks and stones could break your bones but words could never harm you. Now, leftists claim words cause them so much pain, they have to hit you with sticks and throw stones at you. But then, you deserve it if you don’t try to show “diversity” by only presenting one viewpoint: theirs.

To their everlasting credit, the WSJ’s editors basically told these brats to go pound sand. They wrote, “Their anxieties aren’t our responsibility” and “we are not the New York Times.” They made the point that the news and editorial departments are separate, and as long as they are able, they will continue to provide a variety of legitimate viewpoints on issues, not the “uniform progressive views that dominate nearly all of today’s media.” They said free people and free markets are “more important than ever in what is a culture of growing progressive conformity and intolerance."

Big applause to the WSJ editors for refusing to allow their own staff to dictate policy and kill free speech. Let’s all hope and pray that they set an example for other organizations, both in media and all other industries, that they don’t have to fold like a garage sale card table at the first squeak from a self-righteous social justice warrior. (Like Trader Joe’s supermarket,which just announced that it will change a number of allegedly racist food packages. This turned out to be prompted by an online petition created by a 17-year-old girl in San Francisco that even after a week of national publicity still has fewer than 5,000 signatures.)

I can’t wait to find out the answers to two questions:

1. How many of those staffers who are suffering so much pain from the paper printing opinions they disagree with will actually quit their jobs in this buyer's market for journalism majors?

2. How many applications will they get for each position that opens up?

My prediction is that we’ll never know the answer to #2 because the answer to #1 will be “zero.” Let’s hope this story puts some starch in some spines, so that bosses start telling their young snowflake staffers who threaten them to get back to work before they find someone else to do the jobs they find too painful to endure.


Sobering Think Piece from Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media: While leftists keep absurdly accusing Trump of being a wannabe Hitler (FYI, that tactic loses power when you compare every one of your political opponents to Hitler), there actually is a world leader who is analogous to Hitler and already could be leading us toward another devastating world war. But they not only ignore all the disturbing warning signs of internal genocide and oppression and military aggressiveness. They even attack or silence anyone who criticizes his nation and are even now blasting Trump for standing up to it.

Finally, for those who think the Hitler comparison is overstating it...


Yet another sign that Americans are getting sick of the leftist tail wagging the dog: a new Politico survey found that only 29% of Americans have any level of support for “cancel culture.” Forty-six percent think it’s gone too far, while 25% have “no opinion” on it. I imagine they will develop an opinion quickly after some leftist tries to get them fired from their jobs and threatens their families for not voicing strong support for canceling people.



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  • Renea Hamilton

    07/29/2020 01:42 PM

    Responding to the story of WSJ’s editors:
    The staffers "claim it makes their jobs harder when they try to gather information about racism if the sources they want to talk to don’t trust the WSJ because editorial writers have expressed opinions they oppose, or quoted business leaders and government officials whose views contradict theirs."

    That concept is comical. Their sources would never be able to read the WSJ.
    Therefore the staffers' point is irrelevant.

  • Patrick Wentworth

    07/26/2020 08:57 PM

    Please have Mike get Dr. Richard Bartlett on to talk about how he cures COVID-19. See his YouTube interview (America Can We Talk). He cures COVID quickly and cheaply as an ER doctor in Midland Texas.

  • Jerry Korba

    07/26/2020 02:56 PM

    People that say Donald Trump is rough with his commentary I say some of his listeners are candy ass, snowflaked, chicken Shitff cowards, little puss fill people. Well at least those comments are not Racist however that is the type of leader the CCP Putin Iran North Korea Germany Pakistan Syria and all the Shitff hole countries around the world would love to see and have. A guy like Biden and most of all the VP pick a Black Woman if he keeps his word. The above countries mentioned above are really strong Women rights activists. Especially the Islamic Nations they believe in women's rights so much they don't let them vote drive or make any decisions that are meaningful. Just like Biden and Obama they will bow dow down just like people do when they kneel for our flag. BYE BYE America welcome Chaos if Trump acts like Biden. That step to Bidens level would be fatal he is Obama's white shadow only dimmer.

  • Sam Sayger

    07/26/2020 02:03 PM

    Probably the most dangerous thing to come from the present "cancel" thingy today is that Americans no longer listen to one another. We are so deeply divided that those on the right and on the left so thoroughly believe their respective viewpoints they have absolutely no dialogue with one another. Being on the "right" myself, I well understand the tendency! As a Christian, I simply cannot believe most of the ideas promulgated by the "Left" and I know my views are torally rejected by them.
    While I respect the wisdom that all Americans can take whatever viewpoint they wish, I know that America grew to her present stature thru the wisdom which comes thru the Scriptures - and the love which it inspires in men and women. When I see the hatred and resentment which this idea inspires in some, I cannot but wonder how it will be possible to change anything BACK to where it once was.
    The answer has to be that the only way is for Christians (et al) to begin to LOVE (really love!) those on the right, it will not.
    From now on, when I pray for the America that I love, my prayer will be that "They will know us by our love" - and in no other way.
    God help us to do so.
    Sam Sayger

  • Jay H Mohler

    07/26/2020 01:36 PM

    Hopefully the cancel culture will run out of steam as well as the riots

  • Donna Cornell

    07/26/2020 01:35 PM

    Well, well, IS the 'REAL AMERICAN folk' who have 'awoken' (let's use correct grammar, please!) about time!
    Yep...these numnuts will LOSE HUGE ratings, it is NOT these 'minority' radicals who are of a large number and it is about time they see that!
    You have made my day, thank you Gov. Mike!

  • Pat J Green

    07/26/2020 01:22 PM

    The fact that the two so called news people miss I'd the animals and one clamed because he was looking at it backwards reminds me of the Andy Griffith shoe of were Andy confused Barney with a penny

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/26/2020 12:19 PM

    Thank you

  • Laurie Keiski

    07/26/2020 12:15 PM

    I see this AM that AOC is trying to defund Trumps empowerment zones. Bet this goes over with her constituents like getting Walmart kicked out. That said, she will be re-elected despite how her real constituents vote. You can bet the fix is in.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    07/26/2020 12:05 PM

    Please go to Abbott ID Now for texting your saliva at home for $1. FDA wanted higher percentage, but percentage is higher than face masks. I went on line and they are manufacturing. Thank you

  • Jerry Korba

    07/26/2020 12:00 PM

    Maybe the country is starting to get a feel for what the Left's idea of America future is going to look like. So hard to figure, such an expensive lesson on what a society is with Socialism as it's Constitution. The educational system should be proud of not be able to teach math or reading skills to students but how to teach our youth to hate America, each other, and Capitalism. So to the Educational system you are capable of teaching lets change the students to love America as our current Constitution demands and just for kicks teach them how to read and write throw in some Math and Science and some civics get back in the classroom and do teach the Constitution Bit of Rights and this may sound really shocking maybe a couple times a month the Pledge of Allegiances to OUR flag that's the American flag just to make sure we are on the RIGHT page.

  • Lloyd Richardson

    07/26/2020 11:54 AM

    Two great books for your readers' pleasure and to refocus the narrative: Land of Hope, W. McClay; and Coddling of the American Mind, Lukianoff and Haidt.