September 25, 2021

President Biden doesn’t want to get tough on illegal immigrants – in fact, the Administration has ordered an end to horseback Border Patrols, further reducing our already crippled ability to deal with the surge he’s caused, because of a fake story that they were whipping Haitian migrants (it was their leather reins flying.) I’m tempted to start a rumor that he signs his executive orders with a pen attached to a whip, so he’ll give up signing any more of those.

Biden also doesn’t want to get tough with our enemies, as he’s proven by rolling over for China and letting the Taliban take over Afghanistan (and here’s how trusting them to be a new, more “moderate” Taliban is working out.)

But you have to give it to Biden and his people in one regard: they’re certainly tough on our own military members. After first accusing them of being white supremacists, they now want to impose court martials and dishonorable discharges that would revoke all military pensions and other benefits for troops who refuse to take the COVID vaccine. This is the kind of punishment usually reserved for deserters, spies and murderers.

They also want to remove a bipartisan amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that allows only honorable discharges for refusing the vaccines (apparently, being discharged isn’t enough; they also must be PUNISHED!!!) They even want to eliminate a provision allowing those who’ve already had COVID and have natural immunity to refuse the vaccine.

If this Administration could bring even a fraction of the aggressiveness to dealing with the Taliban, China or the Mexican cartels that it levels against our own troops, maybe it wouldn’t be the historically weak failure that it’s shaping up to be.

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  • karen stockwell

    09/25/2021 03:41 PM

    This person was so quick to indite the Border Patrol officers for their alledged actions. When is he going to be held for his actual actions? This is just outrageous...