Socialism primers

February 16, 2020

With the first two Democratic primaries and polls in the upcoming ones showing a disturbing level of support for Bernie Sanders and his failed socialist nostrums (well, not failed for him: like many socialist politicians, he someone became a millionaire by pushing socialism), it seems that Americans who’ve been miseducated by the education system urgently need a primer on what socialism is.

John C. Goodman at gives us the scholarly version…

While Iain Murray at Instapundit puts it into a couple of simpler and more entertaining bullet-point formulas.

And since the same young people who think socialism is so great are also the type who tend to back PETA and animal rights, kudos to Murray for including this quote from Toby Young:

“Socialism always begins with talk of the international brotherhood of man and ends with having to eat your own pets.”

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  • Robert Berger

    02/20/2020 06:49 PM

    You are a typical American conservative, Mr. Huckabee, which means you don't even know what socialism is . And you also equate it with communism, which is a mistake .
    Fact: Bernie Sanders is neither a socialist . nor a communist . He is no more a communist than Pope Francis is a Buddhist . Sanders advocates social democracy , which is actually a capitalist system . Social democracy is capitalism with a strong government safety net . This is exactly what you find in Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries .
    Social democracy has enabled them to become the freest, most prosperous and advanced countries in the world . Social democracy works . But in America , we have a woefully inadequate safety net and disastrous supply side, "trickle down economics . Together, they have caused wages to stagnate for decades while allowing the cost of living to rise steadily .
    The result ? A tiny handful of superrich people and tycoons , ever increasing rates of poverty, unemployment and helplessness , more poor than ever before in America and the near disappearance of the middle class .
    The cost of living ; food, housing, health care , college etc - too expensive for most Americans .
    All Bernie Sanders wants to do is to fix this , make the cost of living affordable and enable more Americans to live secure lives . This isn't socialism - it's good government !