March 28, 2019

Whenever campaign season comes around --- and, sadly, we’re already well into it --- the left starts talking about “fighting for” the middle class. They love to say that the right cares only about the wealthy, and that it’s up to THEM, the big heroes on the left, to protect the middle class, even to SAVE the middle class. This time around, the blather will be worse than ever, because now that Robert Mueller’s team has failed to link President Trump with “collusion” (conspiracy) with Russia, the left is having to suddenly pivot to health care and other “middle class” issues.

They’re used to turning on a dime, but this time they’re swiveling so fast, they’ll need chiropractors on their campaign staffs.

It’s not just the candidates doing this; the “journalists” have a huge reason to do it, too. For example, Rachel Maddow had no choice but to drop her nonstop ravings about catching Trump on “collusion,” as the news of that fiasco was so unwelcome to her viewers, her ratings dropped by half in one day. Time to change the subject!

Don’t believe this leftist tactic for a minute. They have to get off the special counsel report and so are moving to the usual drivel they always use to try to dupe the middle class. But every time the left actually tries to do something that supposedly benefits the middle class, the middle class gets poorer.

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Take Obamacare. (Please.) It was named the Affordable Care Act so we’d assume we could afford it. As it turned out, the wealthy could afford it, as they can afford whatever they need to afford. The poor could afford it, because they got a subsidy. It was the people in the middle --- too poor to afford skyrocketing premiums, too “rich” to qualify for subsidies --- who couldn’t afford it. (Many of them couldn’t find full-time employment, either, because of the employer mandate.) The middle class does best with the free market and plenty of choice, two ideas the left doesn’t like.

Look at the cities run by the left. They’re the ones with the most income disparity in America and the worst conditions for the middle class, as they can’t even afford to reside there. (To their credit, many of them still hold to the old-fashioned idea that they don’t want handouts.)

I recently ran a commentary about a one-hour news report produced by KOMO-TV on the city of Seattle. Seattle is full of staggeringly wealthy residents. It’s Tech World, with property values way out of reach for what we’d call the middle class. Seattle is also run by leftists. FAR leftists, who care about such things as diversity, social justice and intersectionality. Gosh, you’d think that since the left also professes to care deeply about the middle class, Seattle would have a thriving one. But what they have instead are very wealthy residents, along with middle class non-residents who typically commute long distances to work there and a vast number of homeless drug addicts and mentally ill people who trash the city at will.

Silicon Valley is becoming so famous for its wealth that reporters come from around the world to see what it’s like. The Guardian ran a story on Wednesday about the real estate market in such areas as Menlo Park, Atherton and Palo Alto. To set the scene, writer Carol Pogash describes an open house in Menlo Park that featured a flamenco dancer with guitarist, handmade pesto pizza, a barista making lattes, a face-painter for the young ones, and videos of the house. To publicize the event, the listing agents had mailed brochures to 5,000 homes. To appeal to the potential Chinese buyers there in Tech Land, there was even a brochure produced entirely in Mandarin.

The house sold for $6.82 million, which was $332,000 over asking price. Needless to say, the flamenco dancer, the guitarist, the barista and the face-painter did not live anywhere near that neighborhood.

I don’t begrudge wealth. But the point is, these people are all far-left techies living in their California political bubble, the ones trying to censor conservative speech, the ones for whom the term “limousine liberals” is no exaggeration, the ones who claim to care about the middle class when the communities they run belie that.

And It’s getting worse. Tech companies such as Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Pinterest are soon to go public, meaning there will soon be thousands of instant “IPO millionaires” flooding the market in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. In Atherton, one home on the market for $26.5 million (down a bit from its initial asking price of 32 million) features an elevator, home theater, massage room, pool, six bedrooms and eleven baths.

Cary McClelland, author of the new book “SILICON CITY: San Francisco and the Long Shadow of the Valley,” compares today’s Zuckerbergs and Musks to the Carnegies and Rockefellers of old. With half the world’s tech millionaires living in Silicon Valley, he says, the culture they’ve created has “distortions that are very analogous to the Industrial Revolution.” The low-wage drivers for Lyft and Uber are the factory workers “who work unprotected from dawn to dusk.”

Teachers, firefighters, medical technicians and construction workers often drive two hours every morning to get to work. Sometimes to avoid the worst traffic, they get up even earlier, make the trip, and then get another hour of sleep in their cars. People on the next economic rung down –- gardeners, cleaning people, babysitters, and dog walkers, all there to serve the Silicon Valley ultra-rich –- cram into tiny two-bedroom apartments, sometimes 12 workers at one place. (The article doesn’t address the issue of illegal immigration, or the emissions from all those cars.)

In East Palo Alto, where the median price of a home is $953,000, the school district has reported that over half of their students are homeless.

Though some of the pricey neighborhoods look pretty normal –- with homes that a typical income used to buy –- we learn from this report that Mark Zuckerberg’s house is surrounded and obscured by a tall hedge. In fact, Zuckerberg even bought up the residences around his home for a privacy buffer. Black security vans are ubiquitous in the area, as are cameras perched like birds’ nests in the magnolia trees. And, yes, there are walls in neighborhoods like these.

The billionaires are described as playing “real-life Monopoly, buying up houses on their blocks and down the street for family, staff, art collections, or to hold POLITICAL [emphasis mine] and philanthropic events.” Any guesses as to what these political events are like?

Urban planner Peter Calthorpe, who grew up in Palo Alto, says that “single-family homes have become untouchable.”

The people who locate there are almost unimaginably rich, young and (of course) extremely far-left. These are the people who claim to care about the middle class but who have priced them out. They elect far-left city councils who vote for policies that encourage heartbreaking drug abuse, homelessness, crime and filth. Largely, they retreat behind high-tech security, plus walls and tall hedges. And the middle class people who service them have to drive an hour or two every evening to get home to their families.

Remember this when leftists on the campaign trail try to tell you (and they will) how they’re going to help the middle class. They have no idea how to help the middle class. Ronald Reagan must have had the middle class in mind when he said that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.” Actually, that’s ten words, but you get the point.


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  • Ann Bruce de Pineda

    03/31/2019 08:10 PM

    Brother Mike, I think Kamala Harris, seen in a photo with in-Jussie-tice Smollet, is also responsible for the eavesdropping law in California. I think a young man, whose first name is Daniel, was detained and the video he had of employees of Planned Parenthood negotiating prices of baby parts over a bloody table was confiscated, a gag order was applied and the videos are sealed. They can't even be used in Daniel's defense. I think it was a former PP employee who made the videos and gave them to Daniel. Can you imagine the implications for law enforcement to only be able to use video or audio if all parties present agree? Google "eavesdropping law".

  • Wayne McKinney

    03/31/2019 10:30 AM

    Well said. Governor.
    We aren't far from creating a society that may well resemble the Romakof's, Medici's, Stuart's or Windsor's.
    They will promise anythibgvto get their vote each election but then leave the "gheto" to return to their walled residences.

  • Gary Stilwell

    03/29/2019 09:17 PM

    On the Cortez debacle: The capitalistic stuff is causing global warming and the failure of the US to curb this problem.

    Oops! she seems to have no problem accepting the "capitalistic" checks she gets for her salary.
    This person may wish to actually look at the most recent data for WHO is contributing to the global greenhouse gas emissions--The US is in DECLINE--we went over the hump almost a year ago. The largest contributor is China--maybe she should move over there and see how effective she can be. We don't need this cow manure(sic) here.

  • Rick Augustine

    03/29/2019 04:29 PM

    Mike here is an idea. This column and last week’ Huckabee show you talked about the left. The Left needs real exposure worldwide! On your show team up with your friend Jim Garlow and do a weekly segment called “Left”.

  • Catherine Fortin

    03/29/2019 10:41 AM

    Enjoyed reading your article about life on the West Coast. We used to live in Santa Monica in the 60's and though we
    knew it was temporary because of my husband's job, it was very pleasant living and affordable. Our oldest son and
    his wife moved to Seattle from Boston some years ago, and just recently had to move to Cincinnati closer to her
    family because they could not afford Seattle any longer. Our youngest son lives in San Diego in a small apt. and travels through the freeway traffic to his job, sometimes getting up at 4:30. Well, that's my story and my political leanings would not allow me to live in that state again. Thank you for your letters. I read every one of them.

  • Nadine Mortensen

    03/28/2019 11:49 PM eye-opener, Governor! Always enjoy your information, insight, and humor....admire you very much and your cool daughter too! She's amazing! Cool head but thinks on her feet way faster than the shots who are terrible to her! Tell her to not let them curl her hair though...she's much prettier with it combed straight....just a 68 yr.old former beautician who is always analyzing hair and makeup! ?? Rooting for you both! I am constantly working on Facebook to try to convince people of what is happening in our nation. We must stand up for babies, liberty and God!! Thank you for all you've done and continue to do!! God bless you and Sarah and all your loved ones!???

  • Ruby Howell

    03/28/2019 11:28 PM

    If all of these privileged people who live with all this wealth was force to live a week in a homeless camp theirtune might change. If you have never had to struggle, you will never understand the struggle. If all of these were for open borders should break down all the walls& shrubs so the illegals can come on into their nice homes & make themselves at home.
    Thank you Mr. Huckabee for letting us know how it really is.

  • Teddy Woodward

    03/28/2019 10:55 PM

    How can WE AMERICAN CHRISTIANS sit by and watch all of this happen? Is THIS what we want to bring to Venezuela? Capitalism at it's WORST is the WORST FORM of government POSSIBLE, yet we talk about how AWFUL socialism is. The wealth gap in today's America is the WORST in HISTORY. And let's be HONEST. MOST of the wealthy are a bunch of GREEDY, DISHONEST ASSHOLES. They STOLE most of their wealth in one form or another. Look at what Facebook has done. That little CRETIN belongs in JAIL, but here in the good 'ol USofA, the rules DON'T APPLY if you have enough money. Ask Jussie Smollett. If I DID THAT, LYING through my teeth and saying a couple of blacks attacked me, and wasting the VALUABLE TIME of the police, I'd be UNDER THE JAIL. Rachel Maddow would MAKE SURE OF THAT. Am I the ONLY ONE that really doesn't need to be told by a woman who wants to be a MAN how to THINK? Being a woman is such a BEAUTIFUL GIFT. To be able to REPRODUCE a HUMAN BEING is SO SUPERNATURAL. To SHUN THAT GIFT, as far as I am concerned, COMPLETELY DELEGITIMIZES THEM, and yet THESE are the kind of people that get SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS EVERYDAY in America. We live in an OCEAN OF LIES here in America, and NO POLITICIAN TELLS THE WHOLE TRUTH. If they DO, they are FINISHED, and the REAL TRUTH is UNSPEAKABLE. We're talking about INVADING Venezuela. What, so we can bring the MAGIC of Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, AD INFINITUM to THEIR cities? Why do we Americans LOVE WAR? I grew up in the Viet Nam era. I was going to turn 18 in 1971. My father was a lead pilot in the 8th Air Force, and flew 30 missions over Germany. I was brought up to be a patriot, but wasn't sure how I really felt about going to Viet Nam if I got drafted. An older friend went in 1969, and was lucky enough to make it home in 1970. I was at his house one day and he brought out a box of Polaroid pictures from the war. They were the MOST HORRIFYING pictures I had EVER SEEN. Picture after picture of people shot up and chopped up in PIECES, skulls mounted on the front of tanks, young American boys with necklaces made out of ears and male genitalia. I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES. I thought, "do the people who send these ONCE HONORABLE MEN know about THIS? OF COURSE THEY DO. I remember like it was YESTERDAY thinking, I'M NOT GOING THERE! I'll go to Canada, or JAIL, or ANYWHERE BUT THERE. I became ANTIWAR THAT DAY, and have been EVER SINCE. And I remember his pictures of his friends from there, and him saying, "he got greased", slang for killed, for 8 out of 10 of them. It doesn't take a GENIUS to figure out what JESUS would think about THAT! We are so HOPELESSLY LIED TO and BRAINWASHED in this country, I FEAR for OUR FUTURE. Our "justice" organizations have shown themselves to be INCAPABLE OF HONESTY. WHY would ANYONE take THEIR WORD about Venezuela, Russia, China, or ANYTHING. George W Bush couldn't say it right, but I CAN. FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU. FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME. If the people of Venezuela are REALLY HUNGRY, why don't we send them some FOOD. If we can AFFORD a marine corps, air corps, etc, WHY can't we AFFORD a FARM corps, and a MEDICAL corps. We don't want to HELP ANYBODY.We want to STEAL THEIR OIL. John Bolton came right out and said it. You first, Daddio. HOW LONG are we REAL CHRISTIANS going to let SATAN'S LITTLE HELPERS ride herd over us. THINK of HOW WE LOOK to the REST OF THE WORLD, with our homosexual NEWS people, LYING, LYING, LYING. What people do in the PRIVACY of their homes is THEIR BUSINESS, but what they TRY TO MAKE US BELIEVE is OUR BUSINESS. To a GREAT DEGREE, we have become a DISGRACEFUL, MURDEROUS bunch of people, and GOD and JESUS COULDN'T be HAPPY, PROUD, or SUPPORTIVE of US. HOW COULD THEY? May GOD have MERCY on those of us who have TOLD THE TRUTH DESPITE THE CONSEQUENCES. Do we REALLY WANT a CIVIL WAR, because that's where we're heading if we don't STAND UP for what we KNOW IS RIGHT and GOOD. And without saying TOO MUCH, the FBI is getting SUED for something A HELL OF A LOT WORSE than Russian collusion. HANG ON, America. It's about to get a LOT WORSE. Be REAL CHRISTIANS. Tell the WHOLE TRUTH. The future of HUMANITY is hanging in the balance. It DIDN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS. This is what ALWAYS HAPPENS when MONEY IS GOD, and GOD is treated like a PARIAH. TW

  • Nell Lyles

    03/28/2019 07:59 PM

    excellent article concerning the leftist and the middle class

  • Harold Levi

    03/28/2019 07:06 PM

    The only fighting I have seen or heard about is the killing of Country Music people in Los Vegas and the Republican Senators in the National Swamp. The Democrats = Nazis = Fascist = Communists = Socialists = Progressives do not care about the middle-class, they only want us to do as they say and live our life as they say. I am now at the point where I doubt an Article V Convention of States can solve the problem. WAR is the ONLY Answer!!!

  • Gil

    03/28/2019 05:15 PM

    Half of Americans cannot even compute gas mileage. Please explain what a Trillion Dollars is when you use the word Trillion. It is 1,000 Billion and there is 1,000 million in a Billion. Follow it up with how much money one Trillion is to every American family or every American. Sadly, with a Government run education system, some people assume 1 Trillion is a lot less than say 999 Billion.

    Also, beat the President to it: It is Rachel Madcow instead of Maddow.

  • Roger Coveleskie

    03/28/2019 05:12 PM


  • rodney burke

    03/28/2019 04:02 PM

    dems have been lying for so long they are hard to believe anymore. What comes out of their moth and their actions are in opposition to each other. All we have to do is look at dem bastions like you point out and the facts speak for themselves, loud and clear. I have a feeling millions are going to, if not already do a Brexit. The Chinese are facing blatant discrimination in university admissions. Blacks finally realize what Charles Barkley has been saying for ten years "you are poor and you vote democratic and you are STILL poor" Phil Graham said it best a long time ago. "I am leaving the democratic party because they no longer represent my values." If I remember right, he wasn't the only Texan who left at that time. We have only one party that I see that represents the middle class. and that is the GOP. Or maybe we should say the Trump party. Establishments like Ryan don't for sure. John Boehner and a few others. I have to wonder about the GOP. Two speakers have been forced out because they were corrupt and inept. H-m-m

  • Bill Dilworth

    03/28/2019 02:37 PM

    Since it's a criminal offense to lie to the FBI why don't we the American people push for the same penalties for politicians or people running for office lying to us ? Your thoughts ! Thanks Bill !

  • Michael Kamrath

    03/28/2019 01:59 PM

    "I'm from the government, and I’m here to help." Ronald Reagan
    Nine words, right there. Yer welcum.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/28/2019 01:51 PM

    Zuckerburg Is the template the big money use to drive middle class people from their good locations homes and neighborhoods they raise the property tax cost of living to the point they cannot afford to live in the area big money will come in either demolish the homes and build bigger homes buy up the property and turn the area into gated community. During this time they invite drugs homeless people to live on the side walks under the bridges invite them to use the curb for the restrooms throw the garbage next to where they sleep and the beat goes on. People side step the filth the rats flies maggots that liter the landscape. Time marches on soon no one will occupy the area big money cleans it up and starts the gated community this takes time But it will happen police will clear out the squatters garbage trucks will collect the garbage it will take about a month. Demolition of property that needs upgrades will begin and in the year 2021 new gated communities. Keep voting blue people however your balance sheet better have over 7 digits on it!!!!!!!

  • Dawn Street

    03/28/2019 01:34 PM

    Does anyone REALLY believe anything the Leftists say? I guess they still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as well? These folks are globalists and they DO want to destroy the USA, not strengthen us. They hate what our nation stands for. They hate our history and that is why they are working so hard to rewrite or erase it all. Why do people think they want all our statues and monuments to come down?

    To embrace globalism means borders must be opened and floods of noncitizens (illegal aliens) who know nothing of a nation's history must be allowed in so that everything can change. Look at pictures of towns in Minnesota, Dearborn, Michigan. Totally unrecognizable and nobody is assimilating. Sharia law patrols are evident and "infidels" are being arrested. And there is no freedom of speech or of religion in those areas.

    The United States has been the last bastion of freedom since her birth in the 1700s. Freedom from England, from the world... and brave men fought and died for those freedoms and established our great nation. Now the leftists/globalists/DemonRats want to throw all that history in the garbage to embrace the globalists agenda. There would be no private ownership of homes and land except by the rulers, the elite. Look at what it has cost England, France, Germany, Italy and other countries in the EU.

    By our location, surrounded by oceans, and far from Europe and the Eastern countries, we have been the prized fruit that all wanted to pluck and feast on. And now through the Globalist Agenda through the UN, they see the opportunity to do just that. They want to conquer, rape and plunder and leave our whole country bleeding and beaten up, a new third world country.

    I know our history and I am unwilling to see it mutilated, erased, changed...

  • jack macdonald

    03/28/2019 01:20 PM

    I was viewing TV this am and the discussion was about polls showing that the rich don't pay their share of taxes and in general taxes are too high for everyone. That must be true when you see how the govt. spends the taxpayer's money. They spend on totally useless studies which have absolutely no benefit to the taxpayer or society. This doesn't stop because we elect irresponsible congress people who don't know what fiduciary responsibility means. They promise to spend the money they get to bring it back to their districts so they can be reelected. Low info people believe these empty promises and reelect these hucksters over and over again and the results remain the same. If we were to allow them less money to waste and we were allowed to keep the money we earn to spend in the economy and promote growth as capitalism is intended to work. If cutting taxes a little increases GDP and puts people to work doesn't it stand to reason that even bigger tax cuts that keeps the money with the person that earned it rather than give it to a wasteful govt minion would create even more growth?

  • Michael Kamrath

    03/28/2019 01:06 PM

    "I'm from the government, and I’m here to help." Ronald Reagan
    Nine words, right there. Yer welcum.

  • Sheryl Kiskadden

    03/28/2019 12:16 PM

    How can Chistians just sit back and do nothing?
    And I will bless them that bless there, and curse them that curseth thee: and in there shall all families of the earth be blessed. Genesis 12:3. (Israel)
    But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 10:33
    Silence is acceptance. Acceptance is denial. 2 Corinthians 5:20: Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us. If you are a Christian, you Are an ambassador. An ambassador represents God.You don't just sit in an office, silently! Putting people in public office who curse and hate Israel is wrong. Public officials represent OUR country. Who do you represent?

  • Stephen Russell

    03/28/2019 11:17 AM

    Leftists for middle class, some joke, see the Inner cities since 1965 riots, & KKK actions since 1866.
    Only for themselves for power, via Illegal alien votes.
    I dont buy for the middle class game from the Leftists.
    & Dems dont care about Native American rights either,.

  • Barbara Thorson

    03/28/2019 11:03 AM

    I absolutely think the Democrats are trying to destroy America. I find it difficult to understand. I know socialism will destroy our free enterprise. The situation placed before us is easy to understand if/when one reads history. Please continue to stand against these ridiculous