February 28, 2019

Amid all the other news (or “news”) that was getting so much attention, the shocking Senate vote by Democrats to block the “Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act of 2019” did not get the attention it deserved.  It deserves to be shouted in outrage from every rooftop. 

In an act that would have been unthinkable just ten years ago, prominent Democrats, many of them with presidential ambitions, lined up to block a bill that would have required doctors to perform the most basic act of their profession: providing medical care to a baby born alive during an abortion.  President Trump quite rightly tore into them for this unconscionable defense of infanticide, which he described as “executing babies after birth.”

But I have to hand it to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who actually managed to top the imbecility of agreeing to a DNA test to prove her "Native American heritage" with this stunning tweet defending her pro-infanticide vote with a totally inappropriate pro-abortion cliché: 

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“Republican politicians just tried (and failed) again to score political points at the expense of women. Enough. Women and their doctors should decide what’s best for their health – not the @SenateGOP.”

I suppose that using “women’s health” as a euphemism for killing children in the womb has become such a habit by now that Sen. Warren didn’t even stop to think before using it to describe allowing the death of a child that is now completely outside the mother's body – one that has already been born – i.e., that is, say, 15 or 20 feet away from the mother's body – one who no longer has any effect whatsoever on the health of the mother, but is now a separate, autonomous human being in need of medical care that doctors have taken a sacred oath to provide.

I’m sorry if I sound as if I’m over-explaining the patently obvious, but it seems that with some people and some subjects, it’s impossible to over-explain the obvious.


Breaking news at our press time: President Trump has ended his talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un over Kim’s unwillingness to commit to full denuclearization until all sanctions are lifted.  In a page right out of “Art of the Deal,” Trump said, “Sometimes you have to walk.”  He stressed that this is not the end of negotiations, and he looks forward to talking to Kim again in the future, but "I'd much rather do it right than do it fast."

To Trump’s critics who will no doubt paint this as a failure of his negotiating style, I would remind them that under their brilliant, respected, time-proven diplomacy, North Korea expanded its nuclear program for 20 years until it was firing missiles over Japan.




The latest expose from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is important and shocking, but it won’t come as a surprise to most conservatives who post anything on social media sites.

This is a long and detailed article that demands careful reading, but it’s worthwhile to do so.  A former Facebook employee and whistleblower explains how leftist moderators inside Facebook have the power to create false accusations against users they disagree with, and they can and do take down their pages without even notifying the users that it's been done.  One of their actual excuses for doing this is a violation defined as showing nonpartisan people blunt truths to convert them to their viewpoint.  Convincing people to agree with you by telling them the truth?  We can’t have that on the Internet!

This suppressing of conservative voices on giant social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) that should be open, nonpartisan public forums is a growing problem that must be remedied now.  As Tucker Carlson noted, what we’ve been seeing with the recent silencing of various well-known and highly-followed conservatives is a test-run for the 2020 election.  In 2016, Donald Trump used social media to go around a mainstream media corrupted by partisanship and reach the people directly.  Many Silicon Valley social justice warriors seem determined not to let that happen again.  In close elections, all it might take to swing some races would be a last minute censoring of 10 to 20% of online conservative get-out-the-vote messages. 

The limousine liberal billionaires behind these social media companies need to learn in no uncertain terms that if they don’t start behaving like responsible, nonpartisan public utilities, they might face the very real prospect of their money-printing sites actually becoming public utilities.




The latest dust-up between a Trump and the media’s favorite inexhaustible fountain of nonsense, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, involves not the President but his daughter Ivanka and the American work ethic.

In responding to AOC’s “Green New Deal,” with its “what does this have to do with the environment?” provisions for guaranteed government jobs and a free minimum income to those who can’t or aren’t willing to work, Ivanka Trump replied:

“I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around this country over the last four years. People want to work for what they get. So, I think that this idea of a guaranteed minimum is not something most people want.  They want the ability to be able to secure a job. They want the ability to live in a country where’s there’s the potential for upward mobility.” 

As a major force behind the Administration’s policies to grow the economy and create jobs, she added, “I’ve spent much of the last two years focused on inclusive economic growth via workforce development and skills training as well as pro-working family policies.”

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That’s the type of statement (Americans don’t want a handout, they want opportunities to work hard and succeed) that used to be taken for granted as true.  But whether because of the growing radicalism of the left or the undisguised hatred of the Trump family, that statement brought a wave of ridicule and attacks on Ivanka, ranging from AOC to “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, who mocked Ivanka as someone who was handed a job by her daddy (some might call that incredibly sexist and misogynist, while others might suggest that Noah actually inherited a pretty cushy job from Jon Stewart that he hadn’t exactly earned at that point, either.)

Personally, I admire Ivanka a great deal.  She could easily have lived the easy life of a pampered princess, but instead, she works very hard, she’s both a terrific mom and a very successful business woman, and is now doing far more to affect real, positive change for women and working Americans than any of the jealous mean girls yapping at her.  I don’t hold it against her that she was born into wealth any more than I would use the fact that my family was dirt poor as an excuse to demand a handout. I was the first in my family to graduate high school, let alone college.  But growing up poor made me hungry, and drove me to want to work hard and get ahead. I didn’t want a “guaranteed minimum income,” I wanted to find what I was best at and use to earn the maximum that I could make, just like most Americans do. 

Ivanka didn’t have to work so hard, but she chose to, not just for herself but for others, and she deserves credit for that. Despite the phony class envy fables told by the left, America doesn’t have a rigid class structure.  We have a remarkably dynamic economy, with people moving in and out of various income levels all the time. 

Studies have shown that wealth tends to last three generations: the first earns it; the second remembers the hard times and is trained to maintain and expand the family fortune, and the third is brought up rich and spoiled, doesn’t appreciate it and blows it.  Ivanka is an admirable exception to that rule.  She deserves better than the scorn of envious critics when she speaks up for the dignity of work and the value of the free market, capitalist system, which in recent years has done an amazing job of lifting people out of poverty all around the world – except, of course, in places where people fell for the phony promises of socialists.   



Just when I thought the Michael Cohen hearing couldn’t get any more repulsive, toward the end, Michigan freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib appeared to call North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows a racist who was using a black woman as a “prop.”  The understandably furious Meadows replied that the woman, Lynne Patton, was a Trump aide and official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development who requested to be there to refute Cohen’s scurrilous accusations of Trump being a racist.

Kudos to Chairman Elijah Cummings for his diplomacy in getting Tlaib to back down on her incendiary language and for his welcome comments about how Meadows is one of his best friends, despite their political differences.  We could use a lot more of that bipartisan decency in this Congress, and a lot less name-calling and show hearings.




I just returned from Israel, where I have visited many times over the years.  Each time I return, I marvel at the miracle that’s been created there: the prosperous, safe, technologically-advanced democracy that’s like a garden blooming in the middle of a desert.  Much of the success of Israel can be credited to its tremendous leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  But with elections only about six weeks away, the Attorney General is expected to announce today whether he will charge Netanyahu with bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges.  These charges are being selectively pursued and promoted by Netanyahu’s leftist opponents and are based on some of the most laughably thin evidence of vague wrongdoing I’ve ever seen.  Anyone who knows the man knows it’s impossible to imagine that he would ever let any amount of money affect his decisions about the governance of Israel, let alone some cigars and champagne.  

If these ludicrous charges are filed, Netanyahu can challenge them, and it will take a year just to sort that out.  But the very process could create a constitutional crisis or undermine his support in an election that’s neck and neck in the polls.  The closest analogy I can think of for the level of suicidal foolishness exhibited here would be if Britain had removed Churchill from office at the height of World War II over a parking ticket.


I’ve written before that I appreciate how Bill Maher has welcomed me onto his shows despite the vast differences in our opinions.  I’ve tried to defend him at times when other conservatives didn’t because, while I might strongly disagree with him, I appreciate that unlike most Hollywood celebrities, he has the guts to say what he really thinks even if it’s not PC.

That’s why I was saddened to see him go on a stunningly ignorant rant about the vast stretch of America between the deep-blue, far-left coastal states.  Unless that was a badly-conceived bit of satirical performance art, he actually seems to believe that people in red states vote Republican because we’re angry and frustrated that we can’t be like our elite blue state superiors whom we envy. You see, in New York and L.A., they have theater and red carpets, legal weed and Chinese restaurants and Wolfgang Puck, while all we poor, benighted Jethros and Elly Maes just have Budweiser and “Chef Boy-ar-dee.”  I’ll let you read more of this hooey at the link, but I warn you, it will probably make you genuinely angry, and I’ll bet you weren’t angry at all before you read this – unless you were angry about all the blue state residents moving to your red state and voting for the same idiotic policies that ruined the last place they lived.

When I wrote my book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” I meant it as a well-intentioned warning to the elites of politics, Hollywood and the media that they were vastly out of touch with the majority of Americans in what they dismissively dubbed “Flyover Country.”  I had hoped they’d take my advice to get out of their bubbles and echo chambers and talk to people who had different lifestyles and viewpoints. That might have improved both media coverage and our government.  Instead, the election of Trump prompted them to retreat even deeper into bubbles so thick and impenetrable, I bet Trump wishes we could build a border wall out of them. 

The results of this blinkered, leftist hive-mind are all around us, from the tonedeaf attempt to slime the President at the very moment he was abroad, trying to convince North Korea to give up its nuclear program; to the open embrace of socialism and other radical ideas by Democratic Presidential hopefuls; and now to Bill Maher, who is suddenly talking as if he hasn’t been to the Midwest or South since the Dust Bowl era.   

I think all us Bible-clinging knuckle-draggers out here in Dogpatch, USA, need to say a prayer for poor Bill, because he’s gettin' ready go out on safari…uh, sorry, on a “comedy tour”…of such woebegone backwaters as Albuquerque, El Paso  and Milwaukee. I sure hope he can survive the hardships.  For instance, on March 16th, he’ll be casting his pearls of wit before the uncivilized swine at the Toyota Music Factory in suburban Dallas.  Here’s a description of that venue from their website.  It actually sounds pretty nice, and I’ll bet that unlike the elite neighborhoods of California, it’s not filled with homeless people, feces, drug needles and typhus:

“Toyota Music Factory, developed by ARK Group, is a $200 million, 500,000+ square foot mixed-use entertainment and lifestyle center located in the Las Colinas Urban Center in Irving, Texas. It is the newest all-in-one entertainment and dining destination for DFW residents and visitors alike.” 

Here’s a list of some of the restaurants in that complex, including an Italian cocina, upscale Japanese, a Brazilian steakhouse, Salvadoran cuisine and many more:

It’s too bad Bill’s not playing at the Verizon Theater a few miles away in Grand Prairie.  Their concessions are catered by Wolfgang Puck.

By the way, when he comes to Dallas (photo of that ramshackle Podunk village here: ) and all the other cities on his tour of No Man’s Land, I hope that when he goes to any of the many five-star restaurants across this great land, the only thing they will serve him is a plate of Spaghetti-O’s.  When he gets tired of that, he can drop by my house, and I’ll fry him up some squirrel. 


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Yesterday’s House sleazefest featuring Michael Cohen was trumpeted far and wide across the media for all the “revelations” about Trump that Cohen allegedly made.  But were they really “revelations”?  Doesn’t that imply that we learned something both new and verifiably true?  Actually, all we heard were the same anti-Trump attacks that have been retailed on leftwing media outlets and websites for over two years, only this time, spewed into the Congressional Record by a convicted liar.  Is this really what the media accept as “evidence” these days? 

I have a couple of writers who have worked with me for years, first on my radio show and then my TBN show, and they also contribute to and do background research work for my newsletter.  I first came to know Pat Reeder and Laura Ainsworth from their daily syndicated radio service, the Comedy Wire, which impressed me not only with the wit of the one-liners but also their depth of understanding of the news and their research and fact-checking, which was often better than serious news prep services.  They seemed to have a sixth sense for spotting “fake news.”  So I asked Pat how they would apply their methods of vetting stories to the Cohen hearing.  While I’m glad they work for me, I think you’ll agree that CNN and many other news outlets could use their services, too.  Here’s Pat’s response:

In writing a subscription radio prep service, we knew that every day, if we sent out a story that was false or even had an incorrect fact, our radio host clients who repeated it could get into big trouble, cancel their subscriptions and we’d be out of business overnight.  So we learned to be scrupulous about using reliable sources (preferably more than one), reading takes on the same story from different viewpoints and getting quotes 100% accurate from original sources.  We also developed a nose for fake news that’s gotten quite a workout recently, and we compiled our own list of red flags that a story might not be kosher.  Our warnings to clients about some "hot" but fake stories saved them from defamation lawsuits that less cautious outlets faced.

Here are some red flags that were waving frantically at the Cohen hearings:

1.  Extraordinary claims from an unreliable source (speaks for itself.)

2.  Does anyone involved have an ulterior motive?  Well, the Democrats who called the hearing have been searching for anything to impeach Trump over since the minute he was elected.  Cohen is obviously looking for some way to please Trump’s critics and shorten his sentence.  And since he lost his law license and refused to go on record that he won’t sign a book or movie deal or become a “correspondent” for some liberal TV network, this is a no-brainer.

3.  Is the story “too good to be true”?  Specifically, does it fit someone’s agenda so perfectly that it sounds like a script written by the target’s harshest critics (the way that opening statement reeked of being written by Lanny Davis, although after listening to Cohen talk, I wouldn’t rule out Damon Runyon.)  Like the Jussie Smollett claim that he wasn’t merely attacked by men shouting “This is MAGA country” in a liberal neighborhood of Chicago, but they also just happened to be carrying a noose at 2 a.m. in -20 degree weather.

In this case, what names have Trump’s most partisan critics been calling him for two years?  He’s a “racist!” A “con man!” A “gangster!”  And what did Cohen call him?  A “racist!” A “con man!” A “gangster!”  Trump had been accused of calling some nations “bleep-holes.”  Why, Cohen just happened to hear Trump use that exact same term, only in the context of an even more stereotypically racist rant that only Cohen witnessed. That’s as unbelievably convenient as finding a clean public bathroom in a 7-11.   

4.  Evidence that isn’t really evidence.  Cohen promised shocking new evidence, but he couldn’t really show any new evidence because there are ongoing investigations and the prosecutors wouldn’t let him.  So he showed us canceled checks signed by Trump and his son! A-ha, proof of hush money payments to a blackmailing porn star!  But wait – the Trumps claim those were just standard retainer payments to Cohen as their personal attorney at the time.  And I didn’t see “Bimbo hush money” written on the memo line.  But we know that’s what it was because we have the word of…convicted liar Michael Cohen!

Trump must’ve known about the meeting with the Russian who claimed to have dirt on Hillary because Don Jr. allegedly told his dad that an unspecified meeting was on, so what else could that possibly have referred to other than a Russian conspiracy, according to the only alleged witness to this vague exchange…Michael Cohen. 

Likewise, we learned that Trump was told in advance by Roger Stone about that Russia/Wikileaks/email dump.  He offered no actual evidence, and Stone quickly refuted his claim, but we have the “suspicions” of…Michael Cohen.

And as noted, we know Trump said horrible racist things in private because we have the word of...Michael Cohen (you’d think he of all people would have secretly taped some of this stuff.)

Every alleged “revelation” was backed by nothing more than Michael Cohen’s “word.”  That and five bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. 

5.  Has the source not only lied in the past, but can’t even stop lying when he’s testifying about how he’s no longer lying?  Granted, this one is likely unique to Cohen.

In summation, none of this proves that President Trump is not a selfish, racist, unpatriotic, bimbo-paying-off, Russia colluder.  But it also didn’t prove that he is one, any more than it proved he’s a space alien from a planet of creatures with gravity-defying hair.  The Democrats set this up to throw mudballs at Trump, but as often happens, ended up covered with mud themselves for hosting this embarrassment to the US House. 

As I watched this depressing flea circus drag on, I kept thinking of the scene in the Rat Pack movie, “Robin and the 7 Hoods,” where Sinatra's character has been framed for killing the Chicago sheriff.  After hearing all the shady testimony fingering him by crooked city officials and colorful mobsters, the jury returns and the foreman says this:

“According to the witnesses, the defendant not only killed the sheriff, but he sunk the Lusitania, started the Chicago Fire and polished off Cock Robin.  Now, I have been a house detective for 34 years, your honor, and I have seen some pretty good ringers in my time. But I think the prosecution should be congratulated on bringing together under one roof the greatest collection of shifty-eyed, double-crossing, two-faced liars…This jury has no alternative except to declare the defendant innocent.”  

Congratulations to the Democrats for managing to find a witness who combined that entire rogue’s gallery of shifty-eyed, double-crossing, two-faced liars into one sad excuse for a human being.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a shower and wash that hearing off of me.






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  • Amelia Little

    03/15/2019 03:52 PM

    There have been advertisements that cnn is going to have a documentary on eliz warren. They show a spot with her blabbering about "enough is enough" but not what that is about. And, "we are not going away" which is too bad. But, alas, I guess I won't know what she is going on about, because I won't be watching--I'm sure it airs at a time when Homicide Hunter or Columbo or The Huckabee show or Levin are on--and I'm not giving up those shows for her!!! ;)

  • BethDean

    03/01/2019 06:28 PM

    Well Mitch and other butt head republicans,for the on going murder of the unborn American. You should have defunded planned parenthood when ya’ll controlled the congress and house. God Hates hand that’s sheds innocent blood. Shame on you and sexual freedom or Booty call selfish out of control women and men.

    Next why do you and Fox News give that idiot Alexzandis ocasio Cortez any press ? Every time you use her name you advance Evil. I guess you think it help the President??
    If he had any surport from his party he wouldn’t Need covering a nut to make him look good.
    Love you Mike but drop the aoc coverage it’s like hearing what’s happening in hell.

  • rodney burke

    03/01/2019 06:22 PM

    One of the crosses we have to bear is the mental illness of the left. It has caused logical thinking to go out the window. A woman's health is NOT affected by her baby that is born and not inside her. Patently obvious? A mother can choose to terminate her baby post partum? Really what kind of insanity is that? The worst part is most lib women don't seem to grasp what Women's health is, and most have HAD kids!

    And Bill Maher and AOC further demonstrate TDS by rambling on abuot America when they have zero clue of what American wants, and what individual Americans value and do NOT value. As I said earlier, AOC is the furthest she's ever been from home in her life. BilL Hasn't been to Iowa, OK, NE SD or MT, He doens't have a clue what people living in those states value or think. LIkely he has not been to PA OH or VA Both need to take some time and visit the REST of the country and see what it is all about. and Yes AR would be a good idea for both. If they spent more time watching Green Acres and Hee Haw and not Game of thrones and all that crap on HBO and Netflix they might learn something. Likely asking too much.

  • carolyn Graham

    03/01/2019 12:11 PM

    Refreshing to read your reports on the dysfunctional boorish libs....each day they seem to come up with more ridiculous or unscrupulous whacko ideas .. haven't they ever heard that as great as socialism looks on paper, it has and will ruin many a once prosperous nation ??? Thanks also for sharing your wonderful, very smart daughter with us and your daily Bible the parent of two extremely successful adopted daughters, I daily praise their birth Mom's giving them the chance of a loving home, and us a chance to become parents.....3 of the 4 birth parents are our dearest friends..altho two Mother's of the bride brought many of guard....and many a chuckle...we all feel incredibly Blessed....

  • Marietta Fahl

    03/01/2019 11:24 AM

    Thank God you are out there delivering truth where idiocy reigns in the media! My husband and I are sickened by the violent anti-human senators and congressmen who violate even the most basic standards of decency and acquiesce to calls for babies to be murdered outside the womb. Regular abortion is bad enough but this is barbaric! Please don't give up the fight and continue your tilting at windmills. (I apologize for the reference but some days that's what it seems like. I thank God that He alone is sovereign! Marietta Fahl

  • Robert Mako

    03/01/2019 10:32 AM

    Just wanted to thank you for your ministry. I appreciate the insights and perspective a great deal.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/01/2019 10:03 AM

    During the days being a member of the working class I have worked with people that have parents that are very wealthy these people were a hard working bunch and had wonderful personalities the guys around them knew they came from big money they worked the same jobs as their workmates. People where ever they come from work to elevate the standard of living they desire. Some work the 40 hour week some work overtime workers know what they want and it takes money to get it. I look at the Left ideas and guess what if a guy wants a boat does he ask AOC for a boat and will she be able to give one ask K. Harris I would like to put an addition on my house will you give it to me get; the point, lets look at the lefts view of things want to own your home forget it live in a building with 300 other families after 5 years that building will become almost unlivable no one cares to keep up with the maintenance no one cares if the plumbing leaks or the AC or furnace quits the Federal government will get you in one of these places. Here comes the beauty of this plan with no one working no money they can tax you 70% of nothing leaves you nothing no one can care for you. Welcome Cuba welcome Central America This is what the Left offers. Hey Educated White Suburban Women If you haven't aborted your children is this how you elevate your next generation? Sound a little rough Socialism gets worse. Think hard now and in the voting booth people check your options Socialism is real it is a low life contract one without an escape clause!!!

  • Edna Parker

    03/01/2019 09:22 AM

    I am an 81 yr old woman and cannot understand why "women's health" involves an abortion. Would it not be "healthier" to take precautions, i.e. birth control, or abstain from having sex than being cut open or however they do this? Just blows my mind. Thanks for giving the only trustworthy news for me and thank you for your news letter. Edna

  • Linda Mahan

    03/01/2019 09:21 AM

    I never would have believed America could bend so low as to allow abortions (murders) be done up to and after the moment of birth. Who could just sit and watch a struggling new baby fight for life and do nothing to help? There is nothing sweeter than a baby. Yet people have now gone so warped as to feel more compassion for abused animals. They are trying to make that a felony yet downplayed infanticide to not be murder. It is perhaps the most sickening degradation to ever be allowed in our country. God help America.

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    03/01/2019 08:46 AM

    All good commentaries Govenor.
    But the Cohen side show that the house held, it wasn't even worth popping corn for. The one thing out of all this is the FACT that the MSM will spin everything he said as true. The democratic base zealots will treat this as proof that our DULELY ELECTED PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP should drug from the white house and hanged on the first tree they can find. There is no answer or solution for the rabid left. There tactics of suppression, shouting down or threatening conservatives, or the open hostility they show toward our PRESIDENT, even in the halls of our legislative branch's is purely disgusting. The only recourse to this vial open hatred is voting them out, but even that won't silence these DENIZENS of the swamp. What a society we devolved into

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    03/01/2019 08:46 AM

    All good commentaries Govenor.
    But the Cohen side show that the house held, it wasn't even worth popping corn for. The one thing out of all this is the FACT that the MSM will spin everything he said as true. The democratic base zealots will treat this as proof that our DULELY ELECTED PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP should drug from the white house and hanged on the first tree they can find. There is no answer or solution for the rabid left. There tactics of suppression, shouting down or threatening conservatives, or the open hostility they show toward our PRESIDENT, even in the halls of our legislative branch's is purely disgusting. The only recourse to this vial open hatred is voting them out, but even that won't silence these DENIZENS of the swamp. What a society we devolved into

  • barbara stewart

    03/01/2019 01:49 AM

    I do not believe Cramer, Murkowski, and Scott should use flight delays as an excuse to vote in what is required as a Senator. Well, two of them did, no excuse was given for the other. Why is this called Born-Alive Abortion instead of MURDER which it is? Can I be a Born-Alive Abortion at the age of 80 if "they" decide to call it that? AND seems there is no one to stop it.

  • John White Duty

    03/01/2019 12:37 AM

    I am a retired Air Force Officer, now 81 years old, and I am heartbroken over the path our country is following. Heaven help us because we can’t seem to learn from history. God help the USA. AND GO HOGS.

  • Kim Bean

    03/01/2019 12:35 AM

    Hi Gov, I look forward to reading your Evening Edition every day.

    Always surprised me that most liberals seem to be anti-death penalty for convicted killers but are pro-abortion for innocent babies.

    This pro-infanticide currently being pushed by these liberal loons is so gross and disgusting. I would love to ask them a question, if a death-row prisoner survives a botched execution (there have been many) should that prisoner be given lifesaving medical care? Guessing their answer would be "of course we should provide medical care to save the life of a mass murderer". Yet they say "No" to providing medical care to an innocent human child who has survived the doctor/mother's attempt to execute it. Convicted criminals who have survived a botched execution have received mega bucks from the government or even their freedom, what do innocent babies who survive an attempted execution get, they get murdered! Disgusting and Shameful.

  • Steven W McDonnough

    03/01/2019 12:18 AM

    Next up for liberals on their quest for killing babies: killing babies up to one year old.
    Their reason: crying and constant feeding impairs the mental health of the mothers.
    Liberals definitely have a mental health problem, but not caused by babies.

  • Keith D Bragg

    03/01/2019 12:04 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, I have sent an mp3 of two songs I recorded, one of which is a powerful pro life song entitled "Innocent Blood" to TBN. I requested the honor of singing it on your show. Please listen to it and consider letting me do this. I feel a strong spiritual desire to help the unborn, and now, the newly born. I know you read these comments and I can find no other way to reach you with this request. Thank you for all you do for America and for our Lord. Keith Bragg

  • Don Crumbley

    02/28/2019 11:18 PM


  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    02/28/2019 11:06 PM

    Yo, Jethro - I loved the " fry him up some squirrel " line - maybe throw in some possum ?

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    02/28/2019 11:00 PM

    I only hope that the American people will open their eyes and see that the swamp rats are not only wasting our time and our tax dollars but are also showing the world what a pack of morons they are. It embarrasses me that these people have lasted so long and gotten so rich by taking advantage of the working class, but it embarrasses me even more that so many have bought into the lies and destructive behavior.
    Wake up people! These politicians are making you look bad.

  • Gladys Hizer

    02/28/2019 10:52 PM

    Thank you for the piece on Ivanka. She deserves every word and I agree. Her father and mother have every right to be proud of her and the rest of the family. Nothing is more important than family and they have done an outstanding job despite all the negativity and down right hatred. I felt blessed seeing your daughter in Vietnam looking lovely and gracious and like she truly belonged.

  • Mary Berry

    02/28/2019 10:41 PM

    Two questions regarding the Medicare for all:
    1- Are the members of Congress etc exempt from this “wonderful “ program (as with Obamacare) because they have their own special coverage?
    2- K. Harris referred to the hassles of waiting for insurance approvals,etc. Seriously? Can we say “Veteran healthcare”? Does ANYONE belief we will have LESS paperwork, red tape, delays, etc WITH government coverage? ??

  • gail e jurgens

    02/28/2019 10:32 PM

    rush Limbaugh is reporting that this hearing was orchestrated by Lanny Davis. Mueller threatened to put Cohens wife in jail for 30 years. This whole thing is like a page out of Sidney's Powell's book. "Licensed to lie"

  • Robert Horn

    02/28/2019 10:17 PM

    President Trump is so dedicated to this great nation that he walked away from the table rather than triumphantly signing some phony deal giving N Korea some great benefit in return for almost nothing. This is quite unlike the last few presidents we have suffered through.


    02/28/2019 10:01 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, thanks so much for your excellent reporting and comments of current issues. You had my vote for President and I am still a huge fan of yours. I remember with fond memories my visit with you in a warehouse in Muscatine, Iowa when you were campaigning and I came home that afternoon and told my wife I would have liked nothing more than to have had you come home with me for supper.

    I appreciate all the hard work you are doing for our Country and wish you the best,



  • Amy Hunt

    02/28/2019 09:54 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I’m from Michigan and I was so upset at the vote on the born alive bill that I wrote my senators for the first time ever. Here is what I wrote to each of them:

    RE: S.311

    RE S.311

    Regardless of your abortion stance, there is nobody who can say that a baby, whose umbilical cord is cut, is now any part of a woman. It no longer has anything to do with reproductive rights, or the health of the woman. That baby is now a human being born in the United States with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. At that point the woman can "abort" her motherhood, but there is no longer a pregnancy to abort. How cowardly to vote against cloture on this issue. Are you saying you care so little about an infant that you don't even want to bother voting on the actual issue? Or are you saying that the infant is not actually a human yet? Or are you actually saying that a woman should be allowed to let that baby die? This is a slippery slope and you have already slid to the bottom. Is it then ok for a woman to take a newborn home and then find that night feedings and crying are detrimental to her health so she just stops feeding it and let it die? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. It sickens me that you represented me as a Michigander in this vote.

    If there is any benefit to this vote it is that it mobilized people like me to speak out. I’m just a regular person, who had to look up the meaning of cloture before I wrote them. As more people educate themselves, the better it will be for our country. My hope is that the Democrats continue to overplay their hand before November 2020.