March 1, 2019

As I’ve noted before, I’ve got some smart readers out there. A number of your most recent comments relate to the possible damage done to Trump’s negotiations with Kim Jong-Un by Wednesday’s Cohen hearings, timed as they were to coincide with the North Korea summit that same day in Vietnam. My dismay was shared by many of you. Here’s an example, followed by my reply:

From Kate:

With the Michael Cohen testimony on the same day as the North Korea meeting, another thought may affect Kim Jong-Un.

The untimely Cohen hearing would surely confirm through the media how desperately intent the Dems are on impeaching the President and doing everything to make him fail. Kim has total awareness of the deadly dynamics of politics against Trump. I think he genuinely likes and trusts the President. Yet I would not blame him for being somewhat reluctant to make a long-term deal with Trump, when it is obvious the Dems are highly intent on taking him down.

If Trump were impeached or not re-elected, I would suspect Kim would be rightfully suspect about anyone that might replace an impeached Trump. Do you think anyone has been thinking of this possible reasoning like I do?


From the Gov:

Of course, by now you know that President Trump decided to leave the negotiations (without even staying for lunch) because Kim Jong-Un would agree to nothing but a “bad deal” for America: not anything close to total denuclearization on his part, but the total removal of sanctions on our part, which would leave us nothing to negotiate with in further talks. Kate is certainly not the only one to wonder how the political circus back home might have factored into Kim’s willingness to negotiate.

I think the dynamic must have been very much as Stephen Green posted on Instapundit Thursday afternoon: “My quick take is that Kim sensed Trump had political weakness at home due to the Cohen hearing, and bet that Trump couldn’t walk away from a bad deal. He chose...poorly.”

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Kate, I doubt that Kim “genuinely likes and trusts” the President --- or anyone else; remember, this is a man who's had even members of his own family killed and fits the profile of a sociopath. The only people he “likes” are those he can use. And, with his personal food tasters and crazy forms of security (he has his own toilet brought everywhere he goes so no one can get his stool sample and test it), it’s obvious he trusts no one.

But certainly he had decided it was in his best interest to meet and negotiate with Trump, or he wouldn’t have done it. And if he had gotten the impression that Trump was politically vulnerable at home, he might have thought he could get away with more and ask for too much. This appears to be exactly what he has done. In doing so, he misjudged Trump, who (being Trump) was not about to be pushed into a bad deal. Mike Pompeo isn’t the type to go for that, either.

Here’s an excellent interview by FOX News’ Ed Henry with Harry Kazianis, director of Korea studies for the Center For National Interest, that mentions this scenario. Kazianis joins other analysts (even, surprisingly, Susan Rice) in saying that Trump did the right thing in walking away from this deal. He thinks there will be a third summit. But of Kim, he notes, “He was being completely unrealistic. And, who knows, maybe he was overplaying his hand a little bit, [thinking] because of what happened today [Thursday] with Michael Cohen, maybe he could extract a [few] more concessions from the President. If that’s the case, he made a big mistake.”

The whole interview is quite informative.

Here’s a slightly different take on “the Cohen effect,” from reader Keith W:

Mike - The timing that the Democratic Party selected for the Cohen testimony was not chosen simply in order to divert attention from the Trump/Kim summit. Instead, it was intended to subvert that meeting. They wanted to send a signal to Kim that he did not need to agree to anything that Trump was asking for. (The last thing that the Democratic Party wanted to see was Donald Trump establishing peace that 70 years of previous administrations had been unwilling to touch.)

Maybe Trump would have been unsuccessful anyway, but the Democratic Party felt that they needed an "insurance policy". The timing of the Cohen hearings was their insurance policy.


From the Gov:

Yes, I’m sure there are Democrats who are so deranged over Trump being President that they would sacrifice our national security if it meant hurting HIM. We see that, as a party, they were at the very least willing to risk it.

Heads up, Democrats: if you’re afraid climate change will destroy the Earth in 12 years, your fear is horribly misplaced. That’s because if anything is going to wreak havoc on the Earth in such a short time, it’s nukes in the hands of lunatic despots like Kim Jong-Un. What do you think THEY’RE going to do to the climate? You deranged leftists trying to take Trump down had better realize that at this time in history, LIKE IT OR NOT, he’s our best hope for mitigating the threat. Please, please get over it and let him do his job.

Speaking of letting him do his job, Reuters reports that House Democrats are now going to investigate all aspects of Trump’s finances and are planning to depose his long-time tax attorney Sheri Dillon, along with Stephan Passantino, former deputy White House counsel in charge of compliance and ethics. On Wednesday, they both received letters from House Oversight Committee chairman Elijah Cummings (who was the one to bring Michael Cohen in for his public hearing that same day) saying they want to ask about Trump’s legally mandated financial ethics disclosures.

Of course, Dillon would have a deep knowledge of the President’s tax returns. Her letter didn’t say if they would be questioning her about those. But it didn’t say they wouldn’t be. Trump’s tax returns are their Holy Grail, especially now that it appears Mueller has nothing on Russian “collusion.”

They also want information relating to the payments made by Cohen in 2016 –- meaning while Trump was running for President –- to buy the silence of women who claimed they’d had sex with him.

It just goes on and on. This President’s political enemies will just keep digging and digging until they subvert an election they still can’t accept that they lost. They’ll tie him up legally any way they can to keep him from doing his job. And if it adversely affects his ability to negotiate with nuclear-armed despots, that’s the price we may all have to pay.  This is why we have to do everything we can to defeat them at the ballot box and keep them out of power.

I’ll let smart reader David wrap up this discussion:

I believe Kim's North Korean negotiators kept their finger on the pulse of the Cohen sideshow, and dutifully reported to him that Trump was damaged –- and thus weakened –- as a result, and that Chairman Kim could take advantage and "ask for more," from Trump....thus, the "temporarily failed" talks.

Yes, Trump was undercut by those scurrilous Dems; but Trump showed his strength of character –- and sound judgement –- and refused to accept a weak deal!

It's not over yet; but Dems.....this one's on you!!



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  • John W. Roberts

    03/04/2019 01:36 PM

    Guv Huckabee, as a conservative Texan and Trump Supporter, I am very concerned that we are reaching a flash point to where armed rebellion...or revolution, could take place all over this country in order to prevent a Leftist Liberal Democrat take down of President Trump and his administration! Conservatives are sick and tired of the constant unjust badgering of President Trump and members of his administration. We don't want armed rebellion to happen of course, but the consequence of NOT "defending against the enemy; foreign and domestic" (domestic in this case), may be far worse than capitulating to their self serving, traitorous demands! If this were to occur, I believe our military establishment would remain loyal to President Trump. We all should remain fully aware, especially the Democrat Leftists, that a nation divided in extreme turmoil makes us ALL very vulnerable to foreign enemy hostile acts including their going so far as to consider an invasion using weapons of mass destruction. It appears to me that the Democrat losers of the 2016 election somehow can't get it into their heads that they lost the election and must now gracefully go forward with thoughts of doing what is best for this country instead of doing their best to tear it down. They must remember that any winning actions by President Trump are for the good of all of us, the entire nation; not for his personal gain. President Trump was doing well; living peacefully before taking on the awesome job of becoming POTS and therefore he's not in it for personal gain! I truly believe the "silent majority" will once again step forward in 2020 to make sure President Trump is reelected so he can continue with his campaign promises...and, continue "cleaning out the swamp". Bottom feeders are hard to purge! We must persist to "Make America Great Again"!
    We all need pray for God's guidance and protection for our president as we continue through the political turmoil of trying to do what's best for the USA!


    03/03/2019 08:56 PM

    Psalm 34:15-16 ......The EYES of the LORD are on the righteous, and HIS EARS are attentive to their cry; but the FACE OF THE LORD is Against those who do evil, to blot out their name from the earth.

  • Merlene Elrod

    03/03/2019 06:01 PM

    Do you ever verify how well the sponsors of your e-mail have the same conservative philosophy you do. I am specifically speaking of the Health Sciences Institute article by Dr. Allan Spreen. That is an amazing article and would like to get the books HSI is offering and would even like to join the Institute but don't know how legitimate they are. Also, another question about Mr. Riley from the historic "Riley's Farm" in California, did you read the e-mails or text about which the schools were concerned. They were read to the people in our home after listening to your interview with Mr. Riley. If they were exactly what he said, i wouldn't want my child to go there either. I will try to get what is was that upset me so. I am sorry i do not have it. Sincerely, Merlene Elrod. Everyone in our house enjoys your show and tell your wife "thank you for being such a great helpmate to make you the man you are today."

  • Dawn Street

    03/02/2019 03:29 PM

    Isn't coercion (compulsion, constraint, duress, oppression, enforcement, harassment, intimidation, threats, insistence, demand, arm-twisting, pressure, pressurization, influence), the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats, illegal? So if there is evidence that coercion was used by Mueller to coerce General Flynn to plead guilty by threatening his son, what value is his investigation? Isn't it tainted? Now there is evidence that he threatened to send Cohen's wife to prison for "30 years as co-guarantor of a $20M personal loan that Mueller discovered Michael secured back in 2015 by falsely inflating the value of his taxi medallions—effectively making her part & parcel to the federal charge of ‘Making False Statements to a Financial Institution,’ to which Cohen ultimately plead guilty.” Michael is only sentenced to prison for 3 years as the principal? I do not understand this at all. His investigation is based on coerced testimony? How can there be any credibility to it?

  • Sherry Nowak

    03/02/2019 03:36 AM

    I do believe the democrats staged this circus! So tired of the crap going on. President Trump is good for our country and people are so brain washed they can’t see it. Our country is in big trouble. We need to investigate the other side and we need term limits on Congress members. They have too much power and don’t give a damn about Americans!!????????????

  • Marie Hembree

    03/02/2019 03:25 AM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for your hard work, your patriotism and your leadership. I am Strategic Communications copywriter, editor and a candidate for a doctorate program in Communications. I see comments again and again by well meaning people who have not the foggiest notion of Asian business culture, Asian decision-making behavior, relationship/trust patterns or even fundamental communication management. Unless you have studied the dynamics and learned from experts, you cannot make an educated analysis.

    Americans have very different thought patterns than the Asian culture, than the Saudi culture, than Italian, Russian, Scandinavian, etc. yet the average person can have opinions and think that they know what a "dictator" is thinking about the Cohen meeting" ....which is interesting and we have freedom of opinion. :)

    I have been privileged to discuss such intercultural, complex political situations, e.g. the Khashoggi murder, with professors of Global communication studies and since I have written training white papers on Saudi Arabian business relationships (how to do business in Saudi) I was relieved to hear from Dr, Fede Fornaciari that my assessment of that particular circumstance was 'spot on.' She said it was obvious to us (and not those that were 'outraged' by the President's lack of retaliation or some such thing) because we have studied the intercultural mores, behavior, the rituals, unspoken rules, the known faux pas, etc.

    I am wondering if you have read "The Culture Map" by Erin Meyer, (2014). She developed seven scales of comparing one culture to another by how they react in seven basic business situations -- including time management. In certain cultures, France for example, you would think nothing of being 15-20 minutes late for a business appointment and of course we are a bit more stressed than that here in the states. In Italy, or in the middle east, it is normal to have a heated "passionate" discussion while debating business points. If we didn't know the culture, we (Americans) would think something was 'wrong' if during our business meeting the participants got into a shouting match about difference of opinion. But--then after the meeting, they have a drink and are best friends again. That's "normal' to them. What people think about Americans being polite or apologetic -- is that there is a disconnect with communication or just we are different.

    Some cultures are more like others but the U.S. is a task-based (tasks first or accomplishment builds a relationship) but that is too fast for some cultures to trust enough to enter into an important commitment. The Asians are all about building the relationship FIRST, The Latino/Mexican people are the same way - trust is based on fostering (and nurturing a (genuine) relationship. It is a courtship. When I was working in the deep south, the people reminded me of this -- we had to build a sincere relationship - have some ice tea, spend some time on a porch talking before discussing business (in my case it was bringing Cable TV to regions in the south where it was not there yet).

    In the Asian culture, communication is more implicit, that is, people talk in parables or sometimes it is more "what is not said" that speaks the loudest. The Chinese have a famous saying roughly translated, "you must read the air" in a business meeting. It is said that they do not respect people that cannot do this or who are too explicit and domineering. That is one reason that the Chinese leaders loathed Hillary Clinton. In one instance she chastised President Xi Jinping (in public) for his treatment of women and this was a serious academic error in judgment for effective culture communication management.

    Chinese/Asians in general are all about "saving face" at all costs. Hillary's criticism was such a serious mistake--it was small wonder that her server got hacked by the Chinese--they needed to save face and this what they do to get the message across. I suspect that was a minimized reason that she had to destroy her emails--CIA operatives were killed in China and their information was unfortunately found on Clinton's server. It is shameful that politicians like her do not bother to study Global Culture Communication Management 101.

    Hillary, Trudeau and their clique would not wear a burque 'to show solidarity' if they knew how embarrassing (bafoonish) it really is to the indigenous people (and to people like you and me that "weren't born in a barn").

    I apologize that I digressed, Governor. This is my specialty (cultural communications) and I have a passion for it, so I am sorry if I got carried away when I saw that you read the comments!

    Regarding the Cohen situation, timing. etc. Per my research and experience, President Trump's communication think-tank and advisors -- whoever they are -- have been spot on. The American people (Democrats and/or uncertain masses) forget also that Donald J. Trump HAS been a politician for most of his life. He is an internationally-savvy businessman.

    President Trump has done business negotiations from the unions/mob in New York to South America, to Russia to Saudi, Indonesia, etc. The President knows what he is doing. He must build trust with Kim Jong Un. I see President Trump building Kim up (saving his face at all costs) but by the same token, Trump takes the lead and moves first at times.....because he is the elder and has Kim's respect. President Trump is going to compliment Kim in public -- it builds relationship, saves face and is positive re-enforcement (basic psychology). You heard President Trump say over and over again, 'we will make a deal, it might not be today, it might be today, or it might be in the future, we will see.' This takes all the pressure off. It's fine. President Trump has done more international deals with the most top-shelf connivers in the world - he knows the fine print -- and yes - he "can read the air." Whatever he decides, I trust is fine.

    Back to the Cohen timing. "Meh". If we get in Kim Jong Un's shoes - he doesn't have a country of 100% fans either. He is going to take his cue from the President. International leaders are so used to the peanut gallery and media and *scandals* I don't believe it phased him in the least. Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu is always in the liberal mainstream for one suspicion or another. In fact, I used an article in the New York time and published it as containing five examples of false propaganda in one article -- all very CNN'ish language about Prime Mininster Netanyahu. Outrageous and totally unsubstantiated. Kim Jong Un is focused on the world stage - on his side of the planet we have the migrant situation in Europe - the fight for Globalism, Italy doing its own thing, Hungary doing its own thing - Poland and Austria standing strong against migration...then we have Russia. China. Middle-east and Israel. Syria.

    So, he is sitting down with the Leader of the Free World, the U.S. President who is well respected (and liked) so much so, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe likely nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Then the denuclearization deal and his own country of 25M people/the Republic of Korea 51M to think about - and meanwhile during the visit the US made multibillion deals with Vietnam!
    In all this, the likes of a Mike Cohen, Nancy Pelosi hobbling over at a picnic to exchange little flags with the president of Mexico, the Congress women cackling -- all must seem very insignificant in comparison 20 hours away in a foreign land. What is important is that we have a phenomenal President who is very transparent and will communicate to us what the next steps are. I wake up every day and thank God that I am alive to see our President and events that will be in photos in history books when I am no longer. And here I am writing to the great Governor in Arkansas! I am so happy to feel this moment--thank you!

    I look forward to your column daily and am curious what you would say to my feedback. I must thank you so much for what you did for the great people in Arkansas. You were heaven sent as I was there in the Clinton-era. What a shameful place that was at the time. To borrow your quote though, I think there are four sacred heroes in your hometown of Hope: Elvis, Jesus, FDR and Mike Huckabee -- but not necessarily in that order! Thank you so very much for letting me spend a little time commenting about something you asked about. God's special blessings, Marie Hembree, in Walnut Creek, CA. | [email protected] | www.linkedin/in/mariehembree

  • Tommy J. Burks

    03/02/2019 01:34 AM

    Governor, I, just couldn't pass up giving my thoughts and feelings on this. I, just want to state that as long as I'm breathing, I'll never vote for a Democrat for anything. There is nothing low enough that would make me vote for one of them. I, was brought up in the State of Mississippi and we, had no Republicans, that I was aware of. After John Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas, I, thought we had, the worse President ever, with Lyndon B. Johnson, and his, "War on Poverty", but I was wrong. Along came Jimmy Carter and he was as bad as they come. I've been around a long time and was12 days old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Had lots of relatives who fought in WW-2 and some didn't come back, un-scared physically and mentally.
    Don't know if you remember, but My Late Wife, a friend, and me got to sit with you at a fund raiser for, Ms. Governor Phil Bryant in Horn Lake, Ms. when he ran for Ms. Governor. We both served in the US Army During the Cuban Missile Crises. We were stationed in Pottier and Chinon, France. The Soviets had over 200,000 tanks on the West German Border and we thought and were told that, War was immanent. Gladys my wife was a Registered Nurse, stationed in Chinon, France, at the US Army Hospital There and I, was a Personnel Specialist, stationed in Pottier, France. We were 56 Miles apart.
    At the time, of your visit, I, was a Patrol Captain, with the DeSoto County, Ms. Sheriff Department and Gladys was a Registered Nurse with the Methodist Hospital, in Memphis, Tn. By the time that night was over, Gladys and Me, considered you a member of our Family and what ever you said we always tried to follow suit.
    I, think that what Nancy Pelosie, Chuck Shummer, and the rest of the Democrats did while President Trump and The Secretary of State, among others were in Hanoi, Vietnam meeting with North Korean Chairman Kim Jung Un, was about as low and shows that they don't care about our Country or it's people. I'll keep on praying for our Country, the President and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Thank You For Your Service Governor......

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    03/01/2019 07:56 PM

    My admiration continues to grow for our President. I admire his strength and his determination to do what's best for our country. America, wake up and start praying harder than ever for this man, his family , and his administration.

  • Kim. E. Althar

    03/01/2019 06:56 PM

    From what I remember of government, the Justice Department is responsible for criminal investigation, not the Legislative branch. Congress is supposed to investigate the feasibility, effectiveness, and impact of proposed legislation upon the constituents subject to the legislation's impact. The actions of the socialists in not to resist, but to obstruct. In so doing, they are violating my Rights to a functioning government. Ever try to use a dull blade? You have to push too hard and if you slip, you can get hurt or worse. But if you drag that dull blade against a sharpening stone, the stone wears the edge of the blade and sharpens the tool. Then the sharp blade requires less effort, makes a cleaner cut, and is safer to use. Resistence is used to make the blade sharper and safer. The resistence makes the tool better, that's what resistence is for.
    Congress is not supposed to be a bunch of Detective Columbos. But until someone stands up and tells Congress to get back to work and stop using the elected office they we're entrusted with for personal vendetta's, they will continue to violate our constitutional rights to representative, functioning governmental process. At the least, this action is malfeasence and misuse of public funds and resources.
    If we stand up to them and remind them of the separation of powers, they have to back off.

  • Kate Stone

    03/01/2019 06:02 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,
    I am honored that you chose to select my comments and questions as an example of "smart" thinking from one of your readers. Your response and the comments from other readers were all extremely insightful and added to the overall dynamic of genuine concern and suspicion. It seems likely the covert intentions involved in scheduling the Cohen hearings were designed to dilute any success the President might achieve in the meetings in Vietnam. There is no doubt that failure in signing any agreement with North Korea would benefit those who would like to take down or diminish the global success of President Trump. That would not only include the DEM's, who are out to impeach the president. It would also be of benefit to China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, and others if the president would be perceived as failing in his NOKO efforts. Imagine the sense of loss in global U.S. power that an impeachment campaign will likely provide, as Congressional time and energy is diverted from any progress in the President's tenatious efforts, as he pushes ahead with his patriotic agenda. Any countries in competition with the U.S. will relish the prospect of America's increased level of division from within. One of the most influencial books I have ever read was "The Clash of Civilization and the Remaking of World Order," published in 1997 by the brilliant scholar Samuel P. Huntington. Huntington was twenty years ahead of his time, yet his predictions of the decline of the West and resurgence of Non-Western cultures have been emerging before our eyes, with China and Russia in leading positions of global competition. The divisiveness of the DEM's in attempts to destroy the President and retake the White House in 2020 must be somewhat entertaining for our nation's enemies. They must shake their heads in dismay as they watch the U.S. Government imploding from within under a cloud of Socialist altruism demanding non-sustaining costs for clean green, amid exposure of ethical subterfuge that is metasticizing as a residual toxic cancer from the 2016 election. Patriotic citizens like myself feel like helpless children forced to sit back and watch the destruction of their American democratic heritage, as political parties attempt to destroy faith in our government through ugly divorce proceedings that will leave our union in shambles.

  • Lance E Brown

    03/01/2019 05:33 PM

    Sad but it did impact the negotiations. To the negative. After the media blasted that "Trump needs a victory" Lil Kim had to of been embolden. He very likely thought that he had leverage over Trump. But Trump is not the average president. Trump walking away was not just the right thing to do it was the right statement to make. Seems that the smoke and dust had not settled when Lil Kim went public with a version of the story that made him appear to be "more flexible". We all knew that this was one possibility. Lil Kim has been difficult at best to work with. I am glade that Trump attempted it however. In the end, if nothing else, it will make it easier for the next guy in the oval office. And we can say one thing for certain, what the U.S. has been doing has not been working. he has the NUC's. Time to try something else. This might be a nut that Donald can't crack. But at least talks are happening.

  • Charles Kirkland

    03/01/2019 05:23 PM

    The desperate Dems are willing to make the country defenseless, in any way, as long as it hurts Trump in such a way, that he can be impeached, and possibly thrown out of office. He was right to walk away from what was a bad deal, by Mr. Kim.
    The Art of the Deal is working. I need to buy that book.

  • Alex Wang

    03/01/2019 05:05 PM

    Mr Huckabee:

    Definitely without a doubt the Dems hurt the recent summit. Cause if I was Kim Jon Ung; I would not negotiate in good faith with a Leader that I felt would not be around in 2 years. Or one that might be dragged into impeachment. The Dems have damaged our Country as they pursue their own selfish interests to destroy our President; because they don’t like the MAN HIMSELF; not so much the actual policy. Yes ELECTIONS have great consequences; now we all must do our job to reverse this madness in 2020. If we lose in 2020 the damage will be so great; USA may never be the same again.

  • Richard Palmquist

    03/01/2019 05:01 PM

    Mike you are a champ and have best intent. But Cohen has take Trump to the MAT. Only if Trump resigns, leaving the fate of his policies to Pense, will the move toward governmental sanity continue.

  • Richard Palmquist

    03/01/2019 04:58 PM

    Mike you are a champ and have best intent. But Cohen has take Trump to the MAT. Only if Trump resigns, leaving the fate of his policies to Pense, will the move toward governmental sanity continue.

  • Frank Gilchriest

    03/01/2019 04:47 PM

    The Cohen circus had nothing to do with the outcome of the Korean summit. For starters, Kim is a dictator and use to getting his own way or else. Because of that and our government's woeful past performances with his family, it's no surprise that he expected a lopsided deal to go in his favor. Secondly, Kim is completely dependent on the Chinese government for his survival. At the moment, we are locked in an unprecedented trade dispute with that totalitarian regime worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, I'm sure the Chinese government played a major role in shaping Kim's demands. It's in their interest to keep the status quo. They don't want to compete with us fairly or, with a new and vibrant economic powerhouse in North Korea. Trump's words about a free and prosperous North Korea were actually a threat to China. Given the backdrop of these massive geopolitical struggles, it's hard to imagine that Machiavellian weasal Adam Schiff or, his new pet rat, Michael Cohen, having anything to do with the summit. Outside of their slime ball, DC corrupt bubble, no one cars about their sanctimonious and hypocritical pity parties or, their Stalin-like witch hunts. Third, Trump was a bit overconfident and Kim has a legitimate point. If North Korea had 30,000 troops stationed on our border and had previously invaded us before, we'd be skeptical of them asking us to dismantle hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons we've amassed to protect ourselves. It was premature of Trump to think that given our histories and after only two summits, Kim would destroy all his nukes and roll over like a dog especially, when China has his back. Trump's head and heart were in the right place but, I can understand Kim's position. They'll figure it out. In the meantime, Cohen, Schiff, Mueller, Cummings, Lanny Davis, Rosenstein, and the rest of these corrupt traitors are mere flies on Trump's back. They can investigate until the cows come home and in the end, Trump will crush them in 2020 and win in a landslide. These unethical, immoral, opportunistic and despicable traitors will go down infamy when all this history is written.

  • rodney Burke

    03/01/2019 04:18 PM

    well. if people are paying ATTENTION they know exactly why the dems had cohen when they did. It's called sabotage. I think its time for the massive arrests. We've played this stupid game for over two years. It's time to treat the saboteurs, traitors, liars and seditionists for what they are. Contemptible people. DT walked away from what was a bad deal which the dems helped to create by their childishness. Bout time for judgment for this inexcusable behavior.

  • Charles Alan Strauss

    03/01/2019 03:45 PM

    Kim could have speculated that Trump was desperate for some good press, with what was going on in the House hearings. He would naturally be more confident with that knowledge, thinking Trump would eagerly agree to just about anything to score a win. The Left leaning congress hijacked yesterday's news stories with the Cohen hearings, this compromised our President's perceived position of strength with Kim.

  • Gloria E Natiello

    03/01/2019 03:14 PM

    I fully agree with you Mr Huckabee.
    The Democrats in their hate for Trump have become vicious and anti-American. Next time if there is a third meeting, which I think it will, Pres. Trump should outsmart them and give them the date as a week later. Trump did what leaders do. Walk instead of signing a bad deal!

  • Mike Grayson

    03/01/2019 02:58 PM

    I’ve read all of Trump’s books and before he goes into a deal the first thing he does is research the financial status of his opponent. He sees everything from an economic perspective. His pitch to Kim is certainly regarding the benefits of lifting the sanctions. I doubt if the Cohen hearing had much impact on that strategy.

  • Barbara Moreland

    03/01/2019 02:45 PM

    Can Nancy & Chuck be impeached for failure to secure our southern border? They are not full filling their oath to protect our country. Also, I saw on fox news where she told democrats not to vote with republicans. Is it legal for her to tell them not to vote with the republicans?

    Can we legally remove the fence on the CA border and place it elsewhere? Most of the people representing CA in Congress do not want to protect our southern border and they are a sanctuary state with sanctuary cities. They also have state laws that protect the unlawful.

  • Carl Smith

    03/01/2019 02:41 PM

    Are the Media really so ignorant to believe that by undermining the POTUS and by fiat the Booming Economy, will turn out in anything but their losing even MORE credibility than Congress?

  • Thomas J. Hussman

    03/01/2019 02:27 PM

    Please permit me to discuss what President Trump did not do. He did not cozy up to the North Korean fellow and cuddle with him. President Trump did not squeeze the North Korean's leg, or pat his knee, and whisper what may or may not occur in the next election. President Trump did not embarrass himself or the North Korean, which is more than I can say about the behavior of the whining little fool under the tight control of blood game lawyer Lanny.

  • JoAnne

    03/01/2019 02:20 PM

    Right on, Mike.
    I love your commentary...keep up the fight to save our country!!
    There are so many of us out here that fully support President Trump!!
    God bless America and you!

  • Leonard Lugo

    03/01/2019 01:44 PM

    The powers of darkness works through these Wicked people who are trying, any way to take down the President! That's why we must undergird him in prayer! He's in a fierce battle that I dare say,far too many Christians would not,want to be in his position! God put a hedge of protection round about him & VP !