November 8, 2017


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Today's Commentary: Evaluating Election Day -- Gun violence in Chicago -- Actual change -- A lack of understanding about prayer and religious faith -- Huck's Heroes -- Trump chooses Taco Tuesday -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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This week brought some major political anniversaries. Monday was the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution that brought down Russia’s Tsar and ushered in nearly 75 years of communism – and (coincidentally, according to today’s college students) starvation, poverty, mass death, oppression, aggression, tyranny and…oh yes, “droughts.” Tuesday was also the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s unexpected defeat of Hillary Clinton (well, I predicted it, but nobody listened), which ushered in 12 months of liberals across America and all over the media throwing a 24/7 tantrum and screaming about “Resistance” like a Bolshevik revolutionary who was told to take a bath.

Yesterday will also go down as a political date of its own importance, but with echoes of both previous events. Tuesday’s elections are being depicted (let’s be honest: “celebrated”) in the media as a November Revolution, a Republican Armageddon, a Democratic tsunami proving that, to quote George Costanza, “We’re back, baby!” As usual, most commentators are letting their personal biases color their interpretations.



Mike Huckabee


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Gun violence in Chicago

By Mike Huckabee

There’s so much gun violence in Chicago, the crooks are now shooting themselves. A Huck’s Criminal Mastermind robbed a hot dog stand at gunpoint. But the victims dropped the cash, and he shoved his pistol into his pants to bend over and pick it up. That’s when he accidentally shot himself in the groin. He went hopping and limping away in pain, but police followed the blood trail, took him to a hospital, then arrested him. Ironically, it wasn’t just his stupidity that did him in, but his saggy pants. His underwear matched the footage from the surveillance camera, which got a good shot of his shorts when he bent over and his pants drooped.

I imagine his underwear also helped identify him because they were the only shorts for miles around with a bullet hole in them.


Actual change

By Mike Huckabee

Some actual “change” in Washington: the USDA issued new guidelines on religious expression. Unlike during the Obama years, USDA inspectors will no longer be allowed to threaten to shut down agricultural producers’ businesses if they find literature on site that promotes religious values, such as traditional marriage. Your food just has to be USDA-approved, not ACLU-approved.


A lack of understanding about prayer and religious faith

By Mike Huckabee

This week I already wrote about the hostility to religion evidenced by some gun control advocates who scoffed at those who offer prayers for the victims of the Texas church shooting or even at the efficacy of prayer, since the victims were killed while praying. Such crude comments betray a lack of understanding of what prayer and religious faith mean, which is understandable since for many of those critics, people whose lives are centered around their faith must seem as far removed from them as penguins at the South Pole.


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Huck's Heroes

By Mike Huckabee

How about a Huck’s Hero salute for Brennan Jones of Philadelphia, who started a charity called “Haircuts For Homeless”? He goes around the streets, giving free haircuts and shaves, as well as food, clothing and toiletries, to homeless people. And how about another Huck’s Hero salute for Sean Johnson, owner of Taper’s Barbershop. He didn’t know Jones, but he heard of his mission and how he’d given over 1,000 haircuts to the homeless. He also knew what it was like to start with nothing and build a business. And he knew winter was coming, and he owned a spare building. So he sought out Jones and handed him a gift: the keys to his own barber shop.


Trump chooses Taco Tuesday

President Trump had the option of eating lunch with US troops on “Taco Tuesday” or having a fancy lunch with the President of South Korea. Can’t wait to hear the media explain why his choice of tacos with the troops shows that he hates Latinos. Or is it that his rejection of the fancy lunch means he hates Asians? That’s what I love about the political press: they’re so unpredictable.


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