January 22, 2018

Saturday marked the second annual Women’s March, complete with profanity-laced, anti-Trump posters and anatomically-correct headgear and costumes, but aside from hating on Trump and expressing rage that Hillary lost, it’s still not exactly clear what is being protested.

In the wake of Trump’s election, there were all sorts of dire predictions about how he was going to be a Hitler-like dictator who would open internment camps and roll back women’s rights (hence all the Hollywood awards for that “Handmaid’s Tale” series). That seemed irrational then, but it looks downright delusional now. Women have lost no legal rights since Trump’s Inauguration. His agenda centers on decreasing government power, and he’s pursued it via completely Constitutional means, such as lobbying Congress and writing executive orders. When courts have blocked those orders, he’s appealed the rulings, not jailed the judges.

As for women specifically, unless you define women’s rights purely in terms of encouraging as many abortions as possible, it’s obvious women have done better in many ways under Trump than they would have under Hillary. Even some female pundits have noted that the whole “Me Too” movement would likely never have been promoted by the media if they hadn’t thought it would help paint Trump as a sexist, and that it would have been aborted if Bill Clinton had been back in a White House role with the help of longtime major Clinton pal and fundraiser, Harvey Weinstein. That movement is finally helping expose some of the rampant sexual abuse of women in liberal industries (entertainment, tech, fashion) that condescendingly preach to the rest of us about their moral superiority. It’s been little-noted by the media, but Trump has also appointed more women to top staff and Cabinet positions than any President in history.

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Meanwhile, as the linked article shows, women are doing much better financially under Trump than they would have under the job-choking Obama policies that Hillary would have continued. Unemployment is at all-time lows, the Dow at record highs, and the tax cut is putting more money into paychecks both for women workers and the husbands of stay-at-home moms.

All this is even starting to cause some one-time NeverTrump female writers to start asking aloud, “What exactly are these women protesting?” Maybe, like many of his critics, they just really hate his tweets. Considering what he tweeted about the Women’s March, that’s understandable. As one writer described this one, “Troll level: Yoda.”


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  • Josephine Harkay

    01/25/2018 06:30 PM

    I was surprised to see so many young men at the Women's March. Some signs were constructive, e.g.
    "Hate does not make America great." – Re Chelsea Manning, I would not be surprised if she would get elected,
    the American people love novelty. One question: how did transgender people "transition" 75 years ago? All
    they could do was to wear the opposite gender's clothes and shave or change a hairdo/haircut.