September 28, 2019

The “Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Impeachment” story is collapsing so fast that trying to keep up with all the developments is like trying to provide real-time play-by-play of an empty building being imploded with TNT.  I’ll try to roll the footage back, look at it in slo-mo, and fill you in a few things that have happened since…well, yesterday. 

Let’s start with a must-see video.  If the Democrats think Trump is going to let them use him as a punching bag, they must’ve been in a coma for the past three years (FYI, I could probably be convinced of that.) His campaign has already released a hard-hitting ad slamming Biden, the House Democrats and the media and claiming they’re trying to impeach him for wanting to investigate their corruption.  It’s a hard point to refute, but Biden claims the ad shows Trump is “terrified.”  Funny, he doesn’t sound terrified, especially not at the end, when he says, “I’m Donald Trump and I approved this message.”  Something about the way he says makes you believe he really, really approves of it.

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Kurt Volker, the US envoy to Ukraine, resigned after he was mentioned in the “whistleblower” complaint (I use the quotation marks because this is looking less like a real whistleblower and more like a mole working specifically to undermine the Administration, perhaps in an orchestrated plan with other partisans.  We shall see.)  The complaint got it wrong, claiming that Volker was concerned about Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani inserting himself into talks with Ukraine to investigate Biden and that he tried to “contain the damage.”  But Giuliani released documents showing that he had been asked to work with Ukraine on that.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing more on this story soon.

In a remarkable coincidence, just before the complaint came to light, the intelligence community quietly changed the rules for making whistleblower complaints so that filers no longer had to have direct knowledge of suspected wrongdoing, they only had to claim to have heard about it. So hearsay just recently became admissible evidence. Wow, there’s a coin-kee-dink for you!

Adam Mill at the Federalist floats the theory that the legally questionable “impeachment inquiry” Nancy Pelosi talked about isn’t really about a vote on impeachment, and the weak sauce Ukraine phone call excuse isn’t really grounds for impeachment.  Instead, the whole inquiry is a McGuffin designed to give Jerry Nadler’s committee a pretext to argue in court that it has a right to demand a lot of White House documents they’d otherwise be barred from getting, so that they can hunt through them, looking for some real reason to impeach Trump. Guess Trump keeps a security camera pointed at his garbage cans.

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I already told you that ABC’s story that an alleged adviser to Ukraine’s President Zelensky said Zelensky was aware of the “quid pro quo” (US aid in exchange for investigating Joe Biden’s son) at the time of his phone call with Trump was denied by the alleged source, who was not an adviser to Zelensky then or now. He says the only thing he knew about a “quid pro quo” was what he’d read in the media (this could be a first: fake news based on fake news!)

The new development in this story is that ABC actually retracted their fake news instead of doubling down on it, which puts them a rung above many other media outlets on the journalistic integrity ladder

In what could be a major development, John Solomon at The Hill uncovered hundreds of previously unreleased memos and documents that undermine the Bidens’ and the media’s claims that Biden was just pressing Ukraine to fire a corrupt and inept prosecutor and that the investigation of the natural gas company Burisma, whose board included his son Hunter, was already ended with no wrongdoing found.  The papers show instead that Burisma’s attorneys apologized to Ukraine for disseminating false information about the prosecutor and that, while one investigation of Burisma had passed its legal deadline, two others were still open. 

Again, I’ll point out that if it’s an impeachable offense for a top US official to threaten to withhold aid to force a foreign nation to change its policies, then no matter what the motive or whether or not Biden believed disinformation about the prosecutor, he is on video bragging about blackmailing Ukraine into firing its prosecutor with a threat to withhold US aid. But this does rip away even the tissue paper-thin excuse that the media were using to cover it up and ignore it.

President…oops, sorry…Representative Eric Swalwell claimed that Trump showed a “consciousness of guilt” and attempted a cover-up by putting the transcript of his call with Ukraine’s President on a server for top secret communications that’s usually not used for such communications.  Some might say that he showed a consciousness that he’s surrounded by snakes who’ll leak anything they can get their hands on to the media, regardless of how much it harms America, as long as it makes Trump look bad, but where would he have gotten that crazy idea?  As for me, I’ll just note how nice it is to have a President who actually knows what a secure server that protects classified information is.

Sean Davis at The Federalist notes that far from being the detailed work of an obvious expert on Ukraine, as many media outlets claimed, that “whistleblower” complaint is filled with incorrect statements, gossip and innuendo from anonymous third-hand sources and unconfirmed media reports, which makes it eerily reminiscent of the “Trump Russian Dossier” that Hillary’s campaign paid for.

Here’s a tough one: if I don’t include this, I’ll be accused of covering up for a fellow Republican; and if I do include it, I’ll be accused of smearing an anti-Trump Republican. Maybe this story just means that Burisma was paying a lot of well-connected people on both sides to cover its bases.  I’ll just go with passing on the story and letting you decide for yourself what to think about it.

Rep. Adam Schiff, whose head apparently is shaped like a bubble for a reason, accused President Trump of violating his oath of office by delaying military aid to Ukraine. He failed to mention, or didn’t remember, that Obama banned military aid to Ukraine entirely in 2014, even though they desperately needed it to defend themselves from Russia. You might also consider this a new development since some people will learn that Trump is far from a puppet of Putin.  That was the lie Schiff had been promoting for the previous two years.  At least he finally has a new one now.

Narrative Buster: Bryan Dean Wright, a Democrat and former CIA officer, blasted the House Democrats’ impeachment mania as a “horrific precedent” and an attempt to “kneecap” the President, “irrespective of facts.” He explains why here:

Finally, to finish on a lighter note with a little laughable hypocrisy, the leftist group, which was founded to pressure Congress to “move on” from the Clinton scandals and not impeach Bill Clinton, is now sending out propaganda to get its followers to pressure Congress to impeach President Trump.  I guess they moved on so much, they circled the Earth and tripped over the principles they left behind in 1998.

Why do I get the feeling that by the time this whole "quid pro quo" fiasco plays out, the only good to come out of it will be that Americans will learn three words of Latin?


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  • Paul Wade

    10/01/2019 01:07 PM

    I first think they are angry he won the election. Then I am sure they are afraid he will win again. Then I think they are afraid he will find out their sins of the past. One, maybe two, things, they want us to do as they say and not as they do !! And, they use NO respect for truth or fairness or even doing things correctly. NOTHING is off the table, right or wrong, to get their way !! I am hoping their will be enough righteous people to see through it all and that it will backfire on them, and they will be VOTED OUT !!!!!!

  • William D. Jakovac

    10/01/2019 05:11 AM

    Everyone should have the right to meet their accuser. Hearsay seems the norm now a days. Detective Joe Friday always wanted just the facts. That’s what I was taught. Whatever I said something, I better be prepared to back it up with the facts.

  • Malcolm Moody

    09/30/2019 01:33 PM

    Would you please give your estimate as to when some of the crooks are going to be indicted and put in prison. I read your columns and I see the evidence but nothing seems to happen to the ones blowing all the excrement in the air. Is our Justice Department so bad that they can not do anything but chase PRESIDENT TRUMP?

  • denise mayer

    09/30/2019 09:09 AM

    Brilliant as always. Great commentary jammed with factual insights & your good humor. You always get a LOL from me even as I sit with my 97 yr old mom in the hospital waiting for her procedure to be done. Pray for her please. We had such a great time on the Balkan experience!!

  • Linda Olds

    09/30/2019 08:44 AM

    By this time, we all expect this craziness from the Dems.
    It wouldn't work, though, if not for the mainstream media pushing the worst possible interpretation of the "whistleblower" report against President Trump, and ignoring the obvious immoral (if not illegal) actions of the Bidens.
    Even on Fox News, they interview various Republicans, Giuliani, etc, and with knit brows, ask "but isn't what Trump said illegal? immoral? indiscreet? just plain wrong?"
    They shouldn't cover it up if Trump did anything wrong, but they should try to get the facts: that again, there's no 'there' there; that the Dems are again (or still) spying on the president, and that there was questionable actions by the Bidens.
    AND, when are the Republicans in the Senate going to start issuing subpoenas to the Dems who are lying to Congress and to everyone? When are they going to stand up for their president, who is doing so much for America?

  • Kathy J Cook

    09/29/2019 09:34 PM

    TRUMP 2020 all the way we pray for Trump to continue to clean up the mess all the other corrupt Presidents and Democrats mess as well! God picked President Trump to Uncover all the Corruption and they can't stand it!

  • Liz Partridge

    09/29/2019 09:32 PM

    I totally agree with everything Huckabee says. The evil, despicable, filthy, nasty, lying, cheating, baby-murdering demoCRAPS are the scum of the earth TRASH. Hope they all get everything they so richly deserve.

  • Galen Stockton-Moore

    09/29/2019 07:17 PM

    Dear Mike – I’m just wondering, now that the Justice Department has surreptitiously removed the requirement for a whistleblower to have firsthand knowledge, and apparently you can become a whistleblower for any reason without impunity, why can’t I become a whistleblower? Why, just the other day, I was standing on my local street corner and overheard a conversation between two gentlemen, seemingly very much in the know, discuss what they had read in the local and national papers. Of course, they hadn’t actually witnessed anything either, but the things they heard! You cannot believe the things that came out of their mouths about Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Swalwell, etal. AND, they peppered their comments with their own interpretation of such goings on and were ‘very concerned’ and now having heard this, I, too, am ‘very concerned.’

    Can you tell me where I can, doing my direct and patriotic duty, send my affidavit of unsubstantiated, yet titillating and thrilling, second-third hand statements, so that I, too, can become an official whistleblower? Of course, I expect all my fees and expenses to be covered while I garner all the publicity due me and bask in the glory of the stupid.


    Galen Stockton-Moore
    Political Activist and Patriot

  • Sharon Lane

    09/29/2019 06:23 PM

    I absolutely adore you, Mike. Almost as much as Sarah. LOL Thank you for the chuckles today. I needed them. We ALL feel we are being put through the wringer. I cannot image how President Trump feels.


    09/29/2019 02:02 PM

    I love your humorous way of explaining this fast moving, nearly confusing, situation with the Dems who, while trying to permanently hurt and remove our President by proving a fanciful bit of 'fake News' and tall tales, end up chasing their own tails and catching nothing while their favorite people are exposed as liars and fakes and begin dropping like acorns from the oak trees. Still, with no proof (or shame) yet oozing with guile, they press on....
    On the other side of the coin, to give heart to President Trump and those of us who appreciate him, The apostle Paul said.... Philippians 3: 13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, 14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Never forget, God is still on His throne!!

  • Floyd Henderson

    09/29/2019 10:22 AM

    Democrats have come up with a slick way to change illegal leaking into legal whistleblowing. Fits in well with their lawless mentality. Might as well do away with the leaking laws. Hope the enjoy this as much when it is turned against them.

  • Floyd Henderson

    09/29/2019 10:14 AM

    So the Democrats are upset that Trump put the Ukraine telephone memorandum into a more secure server where it could not be leaked as easily. Sounds like he spoiled someone's plans.

  • Jim Carnine

    09/29/2019 09:32 AM

    The closest analogy I can come up with is when my kids were young and didn't get their way they would cry and whine and carry on.

  • James F Matthews

    09/29/2019 08:54 AM

    We hope someone runs against every one in congress in 2020 so we can finally CLEAN THE SWAMP.

  • Sarah Faith Snyder Buntin

    09/29/2019 02:51 AM


  • Bill Codner

    09/29/2019 12:29 AM

    If DemocRats continue on this road of self and shared destruction (RINOS), not only will they insure The Donald's re-election but also strengthen the Libertarian Party as the second choice of a two party system. There will no longer be a DemocRat Party of sinister and evil liberals totally exposed as those people who would gladly destroy a great nation.

  • Patricia A Kline

    09/28/2019 10:19 PM

    Good commentary Governor. I'm looking for people to lose their jobs and to go to jail. Not sure it will happen, But I'm paying attention.

  • Stephen Osterday

    09/28/2019 09:56 PM

    Learning the words of Latin will probably be the only positive outcome. The criminal left never gets punished for their crimes and I don't see that changing. It's too large and been going on for so long. Sad state of affairs.

  • Dot Whitley

    09/28/2019 08:52 PM

    You do a good job of keeping us informed, and it's not an easy job to do.
    Dot whitley

  • Susan K

    09/28/2019 07:36 PM

    These democrats are flat out insane. It’s not even up for debate any longer. I can only hope that the negative actions they are throwing out there, come back 100 fold to haunt them. I’m praying Trump wins in 2020, “100,000,000 to 0”!!!

  • Bill

    09/28/2019 06:22 PM

    Entertaining as always. Well done! We all need to draw more attention to the work done by Soloman. The media is ignoring it completely.

  • Mary DeBoe

    09/28/2019 06:18 PM

    Mike you crack me up! I love your emails. They truly help me understand things sometimes and I’d like to thank you for that. I have many liberal relatives and “friends” that love to argue their point so there are many time I just keep my mouth shut. Silence is golden but I do feel the urge to bite my tongue off at times. Your explanations help me state my case.
    Thank you
    Mary DeBoe

  • Robert McFate

    09/28/2019 06:15 PM

    The rope that Trump was feeding them was tie off and they decided to kick the chair from under their feet!

  • Titus Huxford

    09/28/2019 06:13 PM

    Excellent analysis as usual. I couldn’t say so on FB because they banned me for 30 days for telling Adam Schiff he was a pathetic liar. Fakebook and google fully intend to use their leftist platforms to do everything possible to slander President Trump and influence the 2016 election.

  • Nancy Garrett-Scheier

    09/28/2019 06:09 PM

    I think I can see why the Obamas wouldn't endorse Biden - they don't want to be implicated in his "apparent, alleged" abuse of office. They had to know that he knew what Hunter was up to because he had to have helped Hunter get what he got in China and Ukraine. I'll bet they didn't want him to run for office at the risk of being exposed at his dirty work - and MAYBE they helped him do it. Hmm, I think I see clearly now...