Castro brothers update

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August 14, 2019

If Rep. Joaquin Castro thought that his doxing of Trump donors in his district would “shame” them into not supporting Trump, then he really doesn’t understand Texans.  Trump should send him a thank-you note for boosting his fundraising in the Lone Star State.


I’ll bet they’ll also be giving the maximum to whoever runs against Castro in 2020.


Oh, and guess who is doubling down on defending Castro’s reprehensible exposure of private citizens to threats and harassment just for exercising their constitutional right to support a candidate?  That’s right.  It’s like they’re practically twins or something.


Here’s an example of the kind of harassment that Castro has unleashed on his own constituents that his brother, who thinks he has the judgment to be President, is so “proud” of:


Fortunately, not everyone is taking this so lightly.


Let’s hope the House Ethics Committee takes swift action so that any punishment can be imposed before that district gets a new Representative in 2020. 


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  • Fred Ritz

    08/22/2019 04:04 PM

    Who in their right mind in the United States of America would vote for someone named "Castro" for President? Name association can be a dangerous thing, but anyone who knows anything about history would avoid voting for such a person, much as we would avoid voting for anyone named "Hitler" or "Stalin".

  • Jane Mitchell

    08/14/2019 11:48 AM

    I am sick and tired of the liberal media lies, and how they attack our President no matter what he does. There should be some legal way to make them stop. They are the ones dividing our country, not "we the people."