My most recent commentary on COVID-19 drew many reader comments. Here are a few of the more thought-provoking ones...

From Dale:

We need to put the death rate from this virus in perspective with all causes of death. The National Center for Health Statistics (Table B) shows that in 2017 (latest available year) 2,813,503 people died from all causes, the highest being heart disease & cancer, 647,457 & 599,108 respectively.

Suicide was over 47,000! Flu/pneumonia was almost 56,000. So, not to belittle COVID-19, but we are all going to die from something and old folks like me (84), while still enjoying good health, need to be prepared for when the Good Lord calls us home, regardless of the cause of death!

From the Gov:

Thanks for your perspective. You sound a little like that great philosopher Joycelyn Elders, MD, who once said, “We all will probably die of something sooner or later.”

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From Regis:

...My suggestion is this: During this time when most of us can only sit back and observe what is going on, can we show our support of this country and all who are called to duty as first responders, the medical staffs, and also support of the ones affected by layoffs and job loss? We support them all by flying our flag at the front door until this event is over. It's the least we can do. Maybe this is an idea you can promote if you think it's worthy to do so.

From the Gov:

Good idea, Regis. Consider it promoted!

From Linda:

The COVID-19 task force is bragging about the multitude of test kits going out. Why not use these test kits to bring people back to work? Test negative? Back to work you go. Test positive? Stay at home for some more time.

Continue frequent sanitizing of surfaces, door knobs, cabinet handles, light switches...Continue frequent hand washing and refraining from facial touching and hand shaking.

People who deem themselves vulnerable –- the elderly; cancer survivors; those with immunosuppressive diseases, cardiac and respiratory conditions, etc. –- can surely self- quarantine...But for Pete’s sake, get our healthy Americans back to work and save this economy!

It has taken a mere month (or less) to crash the excellent economy that took President Trump three years to build. We’ve made it through other epidemics and pandemics before without shutting down the economy. We can do this too.

From the Gov:

Your last paragraph says it all. In general, what you describe is the way Sweden has responded to the virus. I should mention that their death rate is starting to inch up, but it’s still relatively low. We need the antibody test.

From Judi:

I have thought from the beginning that shutting down a country's economy makes no sense, including not being supported by any scientific data. This is clear infringement of our rights...way over the top in terms of the responsibility of government. I hope President Trump will recognize this since he is a business man and call a halt to this nonsense. Do we need to keep distance, stay home if sick, not gather in groups? Of course. But taking away people's livelihood and forcing them into welfare is just another push for government control of everything.

From the Gov:

You know it!

From Alan (excerpt):

Hi Mike, really love the truth you share –- you are a patriot and our "Paul Revere" to warn us. I was intrigued by your reference to William L. Gensert's article in the AMERICAN THINKER. I believe this COVID pandemic was a dress rehearsal for the invasion & conquering of Taiwan, without a shot being fired by the PRC...Tom Clancy wrote about such a scenario in REDSTORM RISING and in EXECUTIVE ORDERS –- life imitates fiction. Deception, viral pandemic and invasion. I am sure some up-and-coming ChiComm Naval Officer is preparing the plan. Simple, nefarious and swift. (The Wuhan Level 4 Bio Lab will have both the bioweapons prepared and vaccine for their forces available.). Sorry for the length, but i wanted to share this with you, as you have the influence to engage in some discussions with the right people. Thank you and God Bless you and your family.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Alan. We absolutely can’t discount the possibility of such a thing happening. I think most of us take way too much for granted (certainly our freedom) and are naive about how quickly everything can change. But I would imagine that if anyone has already wrapped his head around this kind of scenario, it’s Mike Pompeo. I could send him some Tom Clancy, perhaps, but I’ll bet he’s already read it.

From Janet:

Berenson is right about the possibility that domestic abuse and even suicide may increase if this "lock down" continues too long. There's something else that could happen –- something that I've already had a taste of in my own neighborhood –- and that's people unleashing their frustrations and hostility on vulnerable people in society. After a really bizarre interaction last week, where a couple of neighbors suddenly became quite angry toward me over something they say I did three years ago, it hit me full-force how truly ugly people can get if this goes on too long.

From Lupe:

I've read some Instagram comments on people who stated that back in early January have had a real bad flu and recently got checked and have the coronavirus antibodies. We need to check asap who has the antibodies so we can get back to work. I think it is very political.

From the Gov:

It would be interesting to know where they got the antibody test. We’re reportedly still a week or two away from the one researchers seem to have settled on. Once people can easily get this test, it WILL be a game-changer.

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From Jeffrey (an MD):

It is pretty obvious, from a large amount of empirical evidence and some controlled trials, that HCQ and azithromycin is effective if given early enough. Therefore, if we have enough supply, we should all wear masks, go on about our daily lives, and anybody that is exhibiting symptoms should be treated immediately, which means outpatient treatment. I am sure this pandemic will diminish quickly if we do so. President Trump needs to stick his neck out and call for this now before our economy is needlessly harmed further.

From the Gov:

Thank you, doctor, for a voice of reason.

From Joseph:

I was a missionary linguist working with South American Indian people in the tropics. We used chloroquine, (predecessor to hydroxychloroquine), sometimes donated by the state secretary of health, for malaria and for amoebic abscess (liver) successfully. It saved lives! Bureaucracy is killing people!

From Roberta:

Early treatment would be ideal. But where I live, you can have many symptoms that could be COVID-19, but if cough and shortness of breath are absent, they screen you negative and send you home to fend for yourself. This was the case with me, a 67-year-old retired RN...Thankfully, I am still above ground! My point is, how can you be treated early if they won't test until the symptoms are fully in gear? Thanks for letting me vent! Thank you, Governor Huckabee, for being a beacon of common sense in an insane world!!!

From the Gov:

Excellent question. That will have to change, with automatic testing (as symptoms vary so much) and treatment BEFORE respiratory symptoms get severe. Thanks for writing; so glad you’re “still above ground” after that experience.

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  • Gail Hudler

    04/23/2020 06:22 PM

    We were advised yesterday (here in Oklahoma City) that the DLO (laboratory) is running the antibody test if our doctor orders the test. My husband was starting to get sick a couple of days before Christmas. He later developed a horrible cough and went to the doctor. He was given the usual medicines for bronchitis (which he has once or twice a year) but he didn't get any better. The doctor phone in another antibiotic and cough medicine but he still didn't get any better. He went back to the doctor who ordered a chest X-ray. He had pneumonia. He ordered another antibiotic and put him on 3 breathing treatments per day. With all of this it did not run its course until mid-late February. We think there is a good possibility that he had the COVID-19 so we are going to discuss with the doctor about being tested. Thank you so much for your truthful and researched information which you provide. I read all of your newsletters faithfully. I also appreciate your scriptures every day!

  • Darlene Weigum

    04/08/2020 03:45 PM

    My husband and I both had the symptoms last month.He has a pacemaker, diabetic and asthma. Our Doctor simply said stay home. We are in our 60 s and fine. We live in Ohio. We have a relative in his 60 s in West Virginia he had all the symptoms and underlying health problems, was told to stay home. When the Drs will not even see you ,they have no clue how many of us have recovered at home with no medical help. Also Dr Jenson in Minnesota received a seven page instruction sheets from the Health Dept. They said put corona on all death certificates even if they had no symptoms and no tests done. So the numbers the Americans are being fed are jacked up. Also another Dr in NY said they now have o causes of death listed as heart disease, stroke ,pneumonia or flu. They are all being labeled corona virus deaths.

  • Linda Olds

    04/06/2020 02:33 AM

    I doubt that the death rate from covid19 is even accurate. I heard that about 25% of people who have the virus have no symptoms. There are many others, I'm not sure how many, who have mild symptoms and think it's just a cold or allergies. These people are not tested; if they were counted, the death rate would be much lower.
    I agree with those who say that people need to start getting back to normal at the end of this month.
    People who are older or have decreased ability to fight infections need to continue to be protected. Others need to get back to normal lives.
    If the stay at home order is continued again, people will lose hope that things will ever be normal. We have treatments that can reduce morbidity and mortality, so fewer will be critically ill and die. Staying at home at that point is worse than the disease.

  • Jim MacPherson

    04/05/2020 10:25 PM

    I don't understand the mortality rate numbers being bandied about. 2-3% doesn't make sense to me. The only numbers that can reliably be used are the number recovered and the number of dead, as they are the only people that have been through the disease. Using those values, the mortality rate is more like 37%. The total cases identified is not a relevant number because no one can say with any certainty that they will live or die. Can you or someone you know please tell me why I am wrong and the smaller number is right. Please!

  • Lynn Hoyt

    04/05/2020 05:53 PM

    At least now I feel like I am not the only one aware of all the options and having the opinion that this is in huge part, political.

  • Cindy Wallace

    04/05/2020 05:19 PM

    We need to think outside the Anthony Fouci box and get folks back to work. We are dangerously close to not being able to put Humpty Dumpty (US) back together again!!

  • Diana Sneddon

    04/05/2020 04:40 PM

    After reading the enlightened comments, I really hope that everyone will immediately send their comments to the President at: I believe that he gets informed about incoming comments and it can help to make a big difference.

  • David F

    04/05/2020 04:26 PM

    I see more calls for letting those who test positive for antibodies to be allowed to go back to wrk etc? But what if you test negative? Does that mean you will have to remain locked up at home fot a year until a vaccine is available?

  • John Plummer

    04/05/2020 03:20 PM

    COVID-19 is a relatively new strain of coronavirus. It's origin is not yet confirmed nor has patient zero been identified. Because there are so many unknowns associated with this virus, it is prudent that we all take reasonable precautions.

    The full effect will not be felt for several months and in the meantime we must learn to help and support each other. I have always believed that the only way Americans would unite and ignore political affinity would be to face a common enemy.

    The USA is a free and open society where people are not subjected to complete government control. Whereas China executes complete control of its society including media and industry. Total and absolute quarantines without fear of civil unrest are easy for such a strictly controlled society. However, declaration of a full nation wide quarantine upon a free and open culture with an unbridled and politically biased media would be viewed as draconian in nature and could easily result in total chaos. Therefore, a more measured response is necessary in order to control and ultimately defeat this viral outbreak.

    Once we get a handle on the comparative rate of infection just as with more common contagions, and our leaders can confirm the static mortality rate, they must execute reasonably phased plans to reopen the US economy.

  • Warren Shelmidine

    04/05/2020 02:35 PM

    I can only imagine if there was social media in the 50's with the polio outbreak. I was just a little duff but what percentage of people were afflicted by that? I remember concern and photos of large hospital wards with those iron lung machines but i don't recall the mass hysteria I see now. Seems most everyone that passes now is listed as a corona statistic. I have no idea who to believe or what to believe anymore.

  • Gayle Bradford

    04/05/2020 02:33 PM

    Hi Governor, thanks very much for the high dose of common sense that you pour into what is left of our civilization. Like so many, I am nearing retirement and watching my hard earned savings melt into oblivion with the stock market downturn due to this pestilence. I had planned to retire soon. That is apparently a pipe dream thanks to the CCP Virus, and the questionable motivations of those advising our great President Trump. I am very worried that the reaction to the virus was more political than medical, planned to destroy the best economy in the history of the planet - all so that [Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, Soros, and other] Globalists can re-take power. Our freedoms and achievements will soon be a distant memory.
    Additionally, with all the obvious successes in using the Hydroxychoroquine and ZPack, WHY is this barely or not discussed on the President’s briefings? WHY is this not being made available nationwide to all who exhibit any symptoms? What other answer could apply besides a deliberate strategy to manipulate Americans into despair and desperation? Fauci has other motivations, backtracks and changes his guidance regularly, and we should not allow him to be the single man who crushes the dreams and aspirations of citizens of the United States of America!! Fauci is enabling Hillary Clinton to appear suddenly and shove demented Joe Biden to the curb at the Democratic National Convention. When Joe gets off the campaign trail, he will be checking directly into a nursing home for Alzheimer’s patients, and everybody knows it! I cannot be the only one to see this outcome a mile away.
    I understand if you decide that this is too incendiary to publish on your website, Governor, but as I appreciate your steady voice through the chaos of this time, I leave it to your judgement. If you were able to respond with your thoughts via my email address, I would be extremely grateful.

  • Richard Jones

    04/05/2020 01:52 PM

    We have not seen anything like this in several generations & it is trying in several different ways for everybody. With this 'downtime' it's an ideal time to get into His word & closer to the Lord. Thank you. Governor Huckabee

  • Beth Garrison

    04/05/2020 01:30 PM

    I too was horribly ill with ALL of the symptoms for 5 weeks in Jan early Feb & I would love to be tested for the antibodies. My husband has said repeatedly that it’s obvious I had Covid 19. If my plasma could help someone else I would certainly give it

  • Debra Magnuson

    04/05/2020 09:57 AM

    Thank you! I read these every day!

  • Mona Kramer

    04/05/2020 08:23 AM

    Give us a chance to be tested, if no virus, let us go back to work. This is madness and way too much control by the doctors advising the President. Praying he pushes back immediately.

  • Patti Hummel

    04/04/2020 08:04 PM

    i read somewhere that testing before symptoms are evident is a waste of a test kit because it will only produce a false negative. so it seems the test kits can only tell you what is wrong when you are finally showing symptoms. has anyone heard otherwise? cannot remember when or where i heard this, but i stay away from 'mainstream' media. i am 70 and my husband is 72, we have a mom and pop grocery store & take every precaution for our customers and our great team of loyal employees who want to serve others in this time of great need as we can with our 'essential' business (i think all are essential, but maybe some more so than others in the short term).

  • Ron Besse

    04/04/2020 08:02 PM

    With the comment from Lupe and testing that indicated He/She had the Coronavirus anti-bodies I was wondering if people that received the Flu shot are less likely to get the virus? Probably just apples and oranges.

  • Marty Jones

    04/04/2020 07:46 PM

    Love reading your brilliant insight into all the topics of the issues. Covid19 has created a mess but I feel most people are overreacting. The government especially. These lockdowns have to end for the good of the people. Some Governors are part of the problem and are basically acting as dictators. Most businesses were taking precautions before the lockdowns and that should have been good enough.

  • Norma Stephan

    04/04/2020 07:01 PM

    The WH reporters are so concerned that President Trump is not going to wear the 'optional' mask. The reporters should be required to wear a mask anytime they are around the President and/or his administration to protect them from getting the virus. In return I think the President should wear a red mask during all press conferences, and better than that it should be a red mask that says "Keep America Great".

  • Dusty

    04/04/2020 05:12 PM

    Super Gov. Giving the death rates and some of why we die. I am a retired RN worked ICU. Bless all these medical now working amazing. I kind of miss not being there . I am now 77. Today my son showed me this Dr on Facebook and You Tube. One of the better back and forth with two Dr. Take the time and see their conversation? Dr. Duc Vuong now in Houston on daily FB. Talked to a Dr. Perry Simpson also a surgeon for years in Az now in Calif. Say one of the better that I have seen so far on what is going on per this virus and what we are to do? One is younger and Dr. Simpson has been around a few years well known. The things we know about this virus so far and unless we get a vaccine we all are going to get this? Dr. Simpson said the best cure for now is stay HOME. Let one of your family whoever be the one to go and get things you may need only. Not all go together. Use a mask may help at least for now do what may work. Yes, use the mix of clorox, alcohol and peroxide. Keep things wiped and said this was a problem per a restaurant who was sitting there before touching the table, the salt and pepper, the ketchup etc. So why not good now to be public places and at the stores use your hand san. the wipes, not touch your face . WASH HANDS at noted. I take off my shoes in my basement now. Use again in a few days . Use the lysol sprays etc. Look up these two Dr super what they discussed? As Dr. Simpson who also was a Virologist also said those who are diabetic or obese are the ones to maybe not survive. I heard another Dr say other day that you had a 20% chance of surviving if put on a vent. Dr. Simpson said today 15%? Yes, use Ibuprophen for fevers if not contraindicated per your Dr? Always ck with a pharmacist they are super. Both these Dr are super cool and one of the best back and forth I have seen since this started. Say almost a couple of hours but well worth it? As a former RN I learned a lot. Thank you, Gov for helping all of us know the latest.

  • Susan Klinefelter

    04/04/2020 04:35 PM

    Mike, I’ve heard comments saying there’s a chance this was developed in a Deep State Laboratory as another way to keep Trump from getting re-elected! One other thing I personally think Trump should take written questions instead of having CNN or any other anti Trump news reporters stressing him out on live TV!! I ask because this bs has already hurt the Trump economy!!! I love Trump and this is way overboard on what he should have to deal with!!

  • Barbara Dyar

    04/04/2020 04:28 PM Look at Johns Hopkins, Princeton's, and Stanford's agenda.

  • Stephen D. Bennett

    04/04/2020 04:21 PM

    China had two problems six months ago: more elderly than the working generation could support (due to its former one-child-policy), and a faltering economy.

    Its initial response to the Wuhan virus (after weeks of denial) was to place everyone in quarantine. The Chinese Communist government soon realized that the economic cost of a shutdown would exceed the human health costs, especially since most deaths would reduce its expensive and non-productive elderly population. So, it reversed course and announced victory over the virus, allowing commerce to resume. It stopped reporting accurate infection statistics and muzzled journalists while also mounting a PR campaign to deflect its responsibility for the global pandemic.

    Now the economies of western rivals suffer from self-imposed handicaps for the sake of their own public health. Meanwhile, China works to assume a dominant global position, turning the catastrophe it inflicted on the world to its own advantage.

  • Arvid Paul Moe

    04/04/2020 04:05 PM

    We are thankful for all that President Trump is doing to lead our nation through this crisis and we are praying for him daily. However, we are beginning to question the wisdom of the medical experts who are being
    relied on as authorities for how to deal with this virus. We pray that Trump will be able to find experts in the medical field that can give some answers
    based on facts and not fear.
    Here is a link to an article written by Dr. John Lee, a retired professor of pathology and former NHS consultant pathologist in the UK. This article was published in The Spectator on March 28, 2020. He gives some
    enlightening information on viruses and sensible counsel based on facts, not conjecture.

  • Paul Roberson

    04/04/2020 03:59 PM

    Dont let Pelosi fill a Corona virus bill with pork!