September 17, 2020

According to an article in Politico...

...Joe Biden seems obsessed with not getting the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus (too bad he’s never told his family members to put more distance between themselves and China.) It’s why his speeches are held in the middle of bug-infested fields with carefully-disinfected microphones and the press held back at least 20 feet from him and confined inside hula-hoops on the ground.

So, if the coronavirus is so terrifying to him - and the way his campaign constantly slams Trump supporters for gathering in large crowds that aren’t BML riots, so the virus might spread there (”Science!”) – why was Joe perfectly able to vote safely in person in the Delaware Primary?

Doesn’t this disprove the entire Democrat argument that we must have national mail-in voting because it would be deadly for people to vote in person? Biden is 77, which puts him squarely among the most likely group to die of COVID-19 (he’s so old, he literally couldn’t remember where he was going to be the next day), and we know he’s incredibly paranoid about catching it, yet he voted in person with no problems. President Trump immediately jumped on the news, tweeting that if Biden, “as weak, tired and sleepy as he is,” can vote safely in person, “any American can do it!”

It’s hard to argue with that logic, but I’m sure the mainstream media will.

On a side note, there’s the question of why Politico would run such an article that makes Biden sound weak and paranoid. A glance at Politico’s home page will show that they currently exist for the express purpose of attacking everything Trump does (including creating peace in the Middle East) and trying to elect the Harris-Biden ticket. Rush Limbaugh has a reasonable theory: that the point of the story was to lay the groundwork for giving Biden an excuse not to debate. Why, he’s just being “responsible” by not showing up to risk spreading the virus.

But if that is the plan, I can’t imagine voters thinking that he could possibly stand up to the rigors of the toughest job in the world if he can’t even stand up at a podium for 90 minutes.

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  • Walt Miller

    09/19/2020 10:29 AM

    The Democrats will say and do anything to win the election. What really surprises me is that if the Democrats do succeed in winning the election we will be living under socialism. Do the American people really want this? How do we the true American people get this through the stubborn people?