December 17, 2018

Update:  The original 302 in the Flynn case –- the one that was not delivered to Judge Emmet Sullivan by his Friday 3 p.m. deadline –- reportedly emerged on Monday.  So it does exist!

CBS News published a story saying that Judge Sullivan has demanded that the 302 of Flynn’s FBI  interview (with redactions) be made public.  It’s not clear from their story whether he was referring to these original notes or the 302 dated almost seven months later.

But FOX News reported that the original 302 was handed over to Judge Sullivan on Monday, after a discussion with the judge about whether or not the redactions it contained were appropriate.  Sullivan agreed that they were.  Maybe we’ll get to see it.

This contemporaneous version reportedly says that when the FBI officials asked him if he if he had told the Russian ambassador not to escalate the diplomatic conflict over sanctions with the U.S., he answered, “Not really.”  According to the notes, Flynn added, “I don’t remember.”

Flynn has been dragged through the judicial mud over THAT?

More analysis coming.  In the meantime, there’s an excellent summary at the link:


At this writing, the James Comey hearing has just wrapped up, and, of course, Comey followed it with his own little news conference with reporters out in the hall. 

According to FOX News’ Catherine Herridge, in Monday’s hearing he accused Republicans of being focused on two things that were “old news.”

“So, another day of Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Steele dossier,” he said with a fleeting smile.  “This while the President of the United States is lying about the FBI, attacking the FBI, and attacking the rule of law in this country.  How does that make any sense at all?  Republicans used to understand that the actions of a President matter, the words of a President matter, the rule of law matters, and the truth matters.”

Herridge asked Comey if he personally was in any way responsible for the hit the reputation of the FBI has taken over the past year.  To that he (unsurprisingly) said, “No.  The FBI’s reputation has taken a big hit because the President of the United States, with his acolytes, has lied about it constantly, and in the face of those lies, a whole lot of good people who watch your network believe that nonsense.  That’s a tragedy; that will be undone eventually.  But that damage has nothing to do with me.”

 Really?  This from the guy who lied big-time, violated DOJ/FBI protocol repeatedly and leaked confidential notes to someone he knew would get it to the New York Times, with the goal of having a special counsel appointed to investigate the President.  (And, by the way, casually saying one “hopes” they can go easy on Gen. Flynn because he’s a “good guy” is NOT obstruction of justice, as Comey seems to have convinced himself.)  Comey seems to think he’s the most Ethical Being in existence and will never allow himself to see, let alone acknowledge, where he has fallen short.

He also reportedly maintained in the hearing that his handling of Flynn’s interrogation was perfectly in keeping with the guidelines as laid out in the FBI manual.  Just a week ago, he said that his way of setting it up did not follow protocol and that in another administration, he wouldn’t have gotten away with it.  So which is it?

As I have said before, if anyone is guilty of spewing “nonsense,” it is Comey.  And with every one of his attacks on those of us trying to determine what in blazes has been going on at the Bureau, while the Justice Department stonewalls at every turn, he HIMSELF hurts the reputation of the FBI.  He hurt it again today with the latest of his smug little lectures.  Don’t expect him to ever get that, though.

I’ve tried to bring you the facts as we learn them, along with analysis that made sense rather than making my head explode with misinformation, logical fallacies and the obvious confirmation bias that shapes most mainstream news stories.  If the President really worked with Russians to win the 2016 election, we need to know that.  If Gen. Flynn knowingly lied to investigators, we need to know that, too, though we also need to know what on earth the investigators were doing there in the first place.  There are a whole lot of things we need to know, and Comey is just about the last person (Loretta Lynch, also scheduled to testify this week, is probably THE last person) we are going to learn them from.  Most of the lying and covering up I’ve seen in the past couple of years has been coming from Comey’s side of this mess.

A transcript of Comey’s hearing should be available sometime in the next 24 hours.

While Comey is saying the handling of Gen. Flynn was by-the-book, his attorneys are now focusing on their client’s claim that the FBI tricked or coerced him into pleading guilty, according to former federal prosecutor Jon Sale.  He said on FOX News Monday afternoon that Flynn could have walked away on Tuesday with no jail time if he’d just gone along with the special counsel, but something seems to have clicked and he’s taking the opportunity to address what was done to him.

Perhaps it was what Mueller said in defense of the special counsel, remarking that an experienced official like Flynn “should have known” not to “lie.”   Perhaps it was the revelation that the original 302 from Flynn’s interview seems to have mysteriously disappeared (see link below).  Or it was the realization that Judge Emmet Sullivan, after presiding in the Sen. Ted Stevens case with its serious prosecutorial misconduct, will be open to this argument.

Whatever it was, changing tactics a day before sentencing puts him at risk, because, as Sale explains it, under the sentencing guidelines (which would bring him 0-6 months in prison), he’s supposed to comply with “acceptance of responsibility.”  If he backs away from that, it changes everything.



Here’s some food for thought for Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the second coming of her Speakership looms closer and she falls under heavy pressure from her far-left colleagues to impeach President Trump for any charge they can find, make up or exaggerate: even CNN has been forced to admit that most Americans don’t want President Trump impeached, and the number who do is falling, not rising.

In the latest CNN poll (and the fact that they even continue taking this poll suggests that they desperately want to keep this idea alive), only 43% of Americans still want Trump impeached, down from 47% in September.  Granted, that’s still a ridiculously high number, but then, a ridiculous number of people have been screaming ridiculously for impeachment since the minute Trump was declared the winner.  Many of them seem to think it would amount to a reversal of Hillary’s loss instead of what it would really result in: President Mike Pence.

Of course, the CNN poll results are driven by a deep, seemingly permanent split on Trump between Republicans and Democrats.  But another interesting aspect lies in where the drop has come in support for impeachment that's causing the poll numbers to move.  We’re told that Independents, young Americans and racial minorities are all adamantly anti-Trump.  Yet since September, the percentage of Independents backing impeachment has dropped from 48 to 36%, among young voters it’s down from 53 to 45%, and among minorities, it’s down from 66 to 50%. 

Having lived through the Clinton impeachment, Rep. Pelosi surely knows that the best way to drive Trump’s numbers up and her own party’s down would be a futile, distracting, blatantly partisan impeachment vote.  But would knowing it would be counter-productive, harmful to America and doomed to fail be enough to persuade Congressional Democrats to stop acting like children demanding candy before they stop having a tantrum?  Ironically, Nancy Pelosi might find herself having to take on the role not only of Speaker but also of “Only Adult in the Room.”  I have a feeling that’s one reason why so many of her younger, “progressive” colleagues don’t want to vote for her: they have never had proper adult supervision and, having gotten their first taste of government power, they sure don’t want to start now.

Latest tally of what the Muller investigation has cost taxpayers.  I wonder if it will keep going on until it reaches $5 billion? I think I’d rather have a border wall.  If this were based on which group of federal authorities had caught more actual criminals, Mueller’s team or ICE, it would be no contest.




Unsurprising News the Media Would Love To Bury: Highly-touted “first transgender Miss Universe Pageant contestant” fails to win Miss Universe crown.  Not even close.


According to a new report by FIRE (the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), 90% of public and private higher education institutions in the U.S. restrict the free speech rights of their faculty and students.  The study examined 362 four-year public institutions and 104 prestigious private institutions, and found that nine out of ten schools that should be encouraging open debate of ideas instead impose a variety of limits, including restrictions and punishments on speech, freedom of association, due process, legal equality, religious liberty and sanctity of conscience.  The report also ranks the schools by levels of onerousness.

Click the link to read more and, most importantly if you have teenagers, to read the full report and find out which universities are in that rare 10% that still remember what a university is supposed to be.


Here’s something you don’t often see: a conservative news site salutes Sam Harris, a very liberal atheist, for bravely taking a stand for free speech for everyone and demonstrating the vast and ever-growing gap between traditional liberals and today’s totalitarian leftists.




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  • ed Jones

    12/20/2018 08:21 PM

    I read them.

  • Linda Radosevich

    12/19/2018 06:16 PM

    Always happy to have you give us the condensed versions of the news, Guv, so OUR heads don't explode! Kudos to you and your amazing daughter!

  • Michael Galloway

    12/18/2018 08:07 PM

    Comey makes me sick, but right along with Obama, the Clintons, Roseistein, Brennan and the list goes on and on. The sickening hypocrisy, lies and arrogance. The swamp is so deep and so disgusting.

    And even though I am a strong Republican conservative, I have lost respect for the majority in the Republican party. They have the spines of eel's and have totally let down the American majority that voted for them. They stand there and say nothing, leaving their Republican President to go it alone. They stand there and cower under to the agenda of the evil Democrats and their left-wing, anti-America agenda and say nothing. When good men (if there are any left in the Republican party) say nothing, evil prospers and that is actually what we have seen since 2016 and it continues. In addition to all the voter fraud and corruption of the Democrats, the other big reason the House flipped to Democrat control is that the do-nothing Republican party allowed it to do so. Haven't they ever heard of the saying " there's no such thing as a fair fight!" You can't fight fair against the Democrats, so for God's sake at least start fighting instead of standing there and getting ran over while your hands in your pockets your mouth remains shut.

    But, none of this surprises me, just very disheartening that our country has gone down the road it is on and it started going full steam ahead under Obama and still continues !!!

    I believe that General Flynn is an honorable person and he was railroaded and entrapped. According to the news, the judge is this case severely reprimanded Trump for "lying" and it is very serious. Well, what about the lying Clintons, Comey, Holder, Lynch, Roseinstein and the lengthy list of all those liars.

    Starting to think that there may be no justice as we know it, but there will be when Jesus returns to take his believers out of here, while the world will totally crumble and complete lawlessness abounds, along with all else that is prophesied.

  • rodney burke

    12/18/2018 01:14 PM

    Yeah, which is it? Comey HAS no creds left. He is a white version of barry, not man enough to take responsibility for his failures and criminal acts which are legion. What someone needs to do is go back to his OTHER failures and sleazy law attempts and prosecute him for those. I'll bet his track record as a "prosecutor" is a sea of screw ups. As others have said he continues to embarrass himself and the FBI which is sad. Best to remove the top three echelons of both the FBI and DOJ and jail them for crimes against the American people. I see little hints of tribunals from time to time. That is sounding better all the time.

  • Lee Mar Zarr

    12/18/2018 10:24 AM

    Over 3/4 (75%+), reasons "We the People" are in the "mess" we are in now, and will be in even more of a mess in 2019 is because 3/4 of the Republicans did not do the job that we voted to put them into office to do! The "Relaxed Neutered Complacency" (RNC), party allowed the Dehumanizing Nasty Complainers (DNC), to "intimidate" over 3/4 of our government into the party of no action, and then try to make up for its complacent inabilities to act except somewhat half-heartily within the last two weeks in office is "DEPLORABLE!"

  • T. Kraft

    12/18/2018 09:42 AM

    God bless you and you family. Thank you for your service etc. Continue the good performance please. From T.

  • Margaret Hamm

    12/18/2018 07:38 AM

    Have you heard the latest from the loonies, that boys can have periods, and they are demanding machines with tampons be installed in the boys bathrooms also? God help us all.

  • Amelia Little

    12/18/2018 01:53 AM

    Comey is delusional as they come. So, he's making light of "old news" (better than fake news, by the way) and claims President Trump is lying about the FBI? When, by all that I see and read--comey is the liar. Meanwhile, comey's good friend he hand picked for special counsel is going through--not old news, but NO news--for 2 years now. comey is a disgrace to the FBI, and frankly, to America. Will be interesting to hear what others who also attended that meeting say about the meeting. I spit out my coffee when I read that comey said "and the truth matters.” It seems he and truth are absolute strangers these days--and, who know, may always have been. He's getting as good as ol' hilary at blaming President Trump for something that is his (comey's) own fault. As I said--delusional.

    I suppose now we will have to listen to crying and whining that the transgender person didn't win the crown. Why, anyone can see it's transgenderism that kept him from winning. He should have won soley because of the gender issue, kind of like hilary thought she should win because she is a woman. smh

  • Remedios Cruz

    12/18/2018 12:38 AM

    Thanks so much Governor for the informations and updates of the important news we’re getting from you. We either listen to FNC and your website!

  • Vernon R Freeck

    12/18/2018 12:33 AM

    Love all of articles and insight. HAVE A BLESSED CHRISTMAS FOR YOU AND YOUR WIFE

  • Jerry Korba

    12/18/2018 12:31 AM

    Has the time for draining the swamp run out? Are we stuck without Immigration reform, future tax cuts, anything that is good for our country, Why don't we just close down the House the Senate the DOJ,it looks like we are spending a lot of time and money for services not rendered, Set the thermostats to 48 degrees send the vendors home shut down the direct deposits, no special interest on the property and get rid of Mueller he has wasted close to 30 million dollars the people could have used that money for St, Judes Hospital, Disabled Veterans, Wounded Warriors anything but this witch hunt, could some one audit the money paid to these Congress and Senate people to include all benefits, wages, stipends they receive for a year? For all they have done this year they should return most of the money and beg for a minimum wage rate of the year1975 for a day worked. Count the days they are in Washington; You are underachievers and I think underachiever's is putting it with a lot grace. Shut down the Congress the Senate for 2 years you are not going to get anything done take the money and continue our wall.... Let them deal with it when you get reelected. DONALD DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its time to stop fooling around.

  • Gladys Hizer

    12/18/2018 12:25 AM

    When I read my little booklet of daily readings, I thought of your passages from the Bible at the end of your Morning Edition and that you are a man of God. I am a practicing Catholic who believes in saints and today's reading was about Maria Francesca Cabrini who was born in Italy, the youngest of 13. She wanted to be a nun but poor health kept her from that vocation. She worked in an orphanage where her dedication came to the local bishop's attention and she and others founded a community for teaching young girls. In 1889 she was asked to go to New York and work with impoverished Italian immigrants. Within 2 years she had founded an orphanage and opened a hospital before she became a citizen in 1909, She established schools, hospitals, and orphanages across the U.S. Mother Cabrini died December 22, 1917 at the age of 67 and was cannonized in 1946, the first U.S. citizen to be cannonized as the "Patroness of Immigrants." Our modern immigrants should be so dedicated!!

  • Ron Besse

    12/17/2018 11:08 PM

    As much as I would like to see Flynn not receive any jail time and perhaps even recoup some of his loses trying to defend himself it probably won't happen. However, technically speaking I believe it is standard procedure for law enforcement to use deceptive methods when interviewing a suspect of an alleged crime in order to catch him/her lying. The problem is Flynn should have asked for an attorney from the get go as I would have been suspicious about the requested interview out of the blue. Too late now.

  • Linda H. Ignozzitto

    12/17/2018 10:56 PM

    Governor — all this rhetoric concerning the Mueller investigation and the absurdity of the treatment of the President by the liberals is just as scripture tells us it will be in last days....what is right will become wrong and vice versa! Satan is out on the warpath and prayerfully Jesus will get the call by His Father very soon to come and get His people????

  • Barbara Pierson

    12/17/2018 09:51 PM

    I’m very concerned about people like Comey, CNN, Lemon, Cuomo, et al because they outright lie and seemingly get away with it! The best offense is a good defense and apparently Democrats get away with whatever they want to whilst Republicans are snoring on the job! When will the Darkness come to Light? It has to come to an end at some point.
    Please allow me to thank you for you integrity, honor, and equanimity in everything. You are a true role model for everyone but mostly young men. Look at how your Sarah turned out and how she is the Best Press Secretary we have ever experienced. Thank Mrs. Huckabee as well. Merry Christmas and G-D Bless all.

  • Thomas Joseph Hussman

    12/17/2018 09:40 PM

    Mr. Comey suffers from the same affliction so many law enforcement administrators fall to. He has become a legend in his own mind.

  • Emily Yeatts

    12/17/2018 09:21 PM

    So why when a judge ruled Obama care unconstitutional barrack Hussein is up in arms and Schumer wants congress to change the ruling only when it is against trump is it upheld

  • Ray Cowden Witter, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret.)

    12/17/2018 09:08 PM

    First, you compose and write very well.
    Second, you correctly captured the "hate filled" world of the Lefties.
    Third, I occasionally wonder if our Lefties believe that only they are "entitled" to political power over American citizens.
    Fourth, Merry Christmas!

  • Stephen Russell

    12/17/2018 08:47 PM

    The DNC & Soros organz should Repay for Mueller probe since They ordered it to begin with.
    Rushed operation, lots of holes, Prosecute.
    Name names.
    End this
    Pay US Back Mueller.
    Take down