December 12, 2018

Today, class, we’re going to “compare and contrast” the expressed views of two 2016 Trump voters who have both been following the special counsel spectacle with extreme frustration.  Both of their letters arrived in response to my commentary, “Impeachment:  Keeping our heads while others are losing theirs.”  (Many thanks to both for writing so thoughtfully; I’ve reprinted pertinent excerpts here with slight editing.)  One reader strongly supports Trump in the face of all the attacks against him; the other has had enough of him and thinks he’s making the situation worse.


First, from Kathleen:


I had to stop listening [to the media], at least daily.  The hate got to me.  The lying got to me. The violence got to me.


This is no longer the America I loved and knew as I grew up. We are truly in danger. Trump was not the one I would have chosen as President when I voted for him; the alternative was simply not even close to what we could stomach, let alone vote into office.  There will be a great civil war coming if equal justice under law is usurped by those pushing for the removal of this President.

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I do not think anyone but this President could stand what has already been thrown at him and still accomplish so much.  He tweets too much, he is "brash" NY, and he simply loves this country.  He is smart and he has thrown the kings and queens on their gilded thrones on their heels and I can forgive him just about anything for that alone.  If he keeps out more illegals and updates our immigration system, in history he will be one of the best Presidents ever elected.


I hope the nation survives the war that continues to accelerate with every lie and every civility that dies. God keep our President –- he could have just let it go and had a much easier life.



Thanks again, Kathleen.  And now, representing a different view is reader Vicki:


...While I voted for President Trump, it was with gritted teeth because of his character and brash behavior.  [Since then], his verbiage has worsened and unless this changes, he will not have my vote in 2020.


I abhor his tweets, his name-calling; just this week, his reference to Rex Tillerson as ‘dumb as a rock’ was totally unacceptable.  I would not allow this behavior from my kindergartener!  In addition, when he does these things, he shows his hand and feeds the very ones who resist him day in and day out, making it worse!  He has no restraint, and the accomplishments are forgotten because his behavior overshadows anything favorable he has done.


I am a very conservative Christian and will never vote for a Democrat.  Their party platform is abhorrent.  There is no inclusion of others with differing beliefs, merely arrogance, and a real movement to stifle believers is becoming clear.  So, I guess, I will not be voting at all in 2020.



Me:  Thank you so much for your response, Vicki; it must have been painful to write.  I hope you see the irony, though, that getting you to not vote at all in 2020 is part of that very plan to stifle believers (and all us who don’t share their leftist views).  I think that as time goes by, a lot of us who were put off by Trump’s personal style are discovering a deeper side to him that dearly loves America, sees what is going on to change the country for the worse, and fights back.  He also is operating with some "big picture" information that (because it's most likely classified) we don't have.  Please keep in mind that a lot can happen between now and November of 2020.  I hope that before then, you will find a compelling reason not to sit the next one out.



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  • Carol Clark

    12/29/2018 03:53 PM

    God can use anyone He likes in any election in any nation. Are we so perfect that we can’t allow for his imperfections.

  • Linda Olds

    12/16/2018 08:13 PM

    It's frustrating that people (including politicians) on the right are scared away from supporting or voting for President Trump because of his tweets and personal life.
    What he does for this country is much more important than his personality.
    In addition, there are many politicians who are just as bad or worse. Like Hillary.

  • Dawn Street

    12/15/2018 09:12 AM

    I waffled about Trump during the campaign, including the sham of debates and on to the end. I went to bed the night of the election convinced that he could not/would not be our President. I liked Trump because he did not pander to the weak minded or to the politically correct. He correctly assessed our nation's problems and seemed to have a plan for improvement and reform which was more than any of the others did. I was also intrigued by his lack of legal expertise, political pandering, and evasiveness. He was a towering figure throughout the election process. He was the one attacked. The other candidates seemed more interested in knocking him out of the running than developing their own plans/programs. None of them measured up to him and their insults and attacks just bounced off his back as if he were wearing armor. Nothing fazed him, at least NOT in public.

    I have been asked how I can claim to be a born again, Bible believing Christian and support him. It is simple. With the Bible as my guide, I can read about Cyrus, a reprobate pagan with a penchant for conquering others. When I think of him, I see our President. There are other Bible characters, and they were characters, with the same weaknesses as Donald Trump and I can see how God molded them into men who listened to Him and were guided by Him. Looking at Donald Trump, the candidate and now our President, I can see God's hand on him. He is our last great hope as a nation. He is God's Chosen One, His Anointed One. Yes, he is brash. Yes, he has sinned. What Congressman or Senator has not sinned and many in the same way as Donald Trump has. They did pay out $17 million to shush up their doxies, after all. I often think of Samson as the Philistines attacked him. He was not gentle and he fought back, tooth and nail!! A lesser man would have been crushed by all of the hatred, all the anger, all the rumors, all the ridicule that he has endured. God is truly with Donald Trump. And I believe Donald Trump is a born again Christian. He's still a bit rough around the edges but God is using that facet.

    Seems I remember a flare up of temper in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, when he came upon the money changers and the livestock salesmen in the temple. The noise of transactions, the arguing over the price of the animals, the frightened bleats of the intended sacrifices, the stench of men and animals must have been overpowering and so inappropriate. So our Lord lost his temper, made a whip of cords and He beat those guys into submission and chased them out!! Imagine that!! A precedent!

    I pray for Donald Trump daily (and for his staff ) that God will protect them all from murder, assassination, harm and He will allow him and them to fulfill the mission God has set out for them to fulfill. I pray for God to keep His Hand on his shoulder and guide him in the way He wants him to go. I pray for God to control Donald Trump in his tweetings and in his speech and behaviors. I feel confident that things are going according to God's plan.

    I have my days when I feel despair, I will not deny it, and I pray for reaffirmation that God is still in control and has not left us on our own. That blessed assurance is given ten times over and I rejoice because God is on the throne and He is in control. All He needs from me at this point is prayer for our nation to be strong and turn back to Him and maintain my faith by seeking His face. I pray for discernment on a daily basis.

    Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for your testimony, your witness, and for giving us the delightful Sarah Sanders who also instills hope within most of us (those who walk by faith).

  • Theodora Beatty

    12/14/2018 04:20 AM

    I feel their pain and frustration. I despair sometimes but continue to pray for our President

  • Ann Woleslagle

    12/13/2018 09:59 PM

    Donald Trump had nothing personal to gain and everything to lose by running for President. Is there any way some of his good deeds can receive publicity? I do not watch CNN but I see excerpts from there and from the View and other left-wing shows that are telling outright lies about the President. Is there no way to corral their comments? Mike Huckabee, I have a request: I want to know the names of the congressmen who used taxpayer money to pay off the women who accused them of sexual misconduct. I want them to repay the taxpayer money out of their personal money. I want that repaid money to start a fund for building a wall on our southern border. How can I as a citizen help make that happen?? Congress is so corrupt with all of their perks, special retirement system, special prices for haircuts and other beauty treatments. special prices for meals, and on an on. If some of their perks were cut it would be easy to come up with money for a border wall. They treat taxpayer money as their won private slush fund. They are so intent on protecting themselves they have forgotten the people who elected them.

  • Denise A Wright

    12/13/2018 06:09 PM

    I sure loved reading all of the many letters in response to Mike Huckabee's great, as always, commentary, "A Tale of Two Trump Voters." I was elated that almost 100% of the people who responded were in favor in their own way of our duly elected President.
    Yes, I think we all wish he wouldn't be so brash at times, but it hasn't bothered me one bit. It's refreshing, and he shoots from the hip! Like many people said, he has turned the world on it's ear by being who is...a true Patriot who loves America first with a great passion, and a savvy business man who is like a breeze of fresh air compared to what stench we've had to run our public offices, the Politicians!
    In regards to those who pick him apart for his "non-Christian" behavior, I wonder if these people throwing their 2 cents in are they the model perfect Christian? Most likely not.
    I sure am not but I love God and His son Jesus Christ with all that is in me. And in my opinion which many share, God CHOSE Donald Trump to lead our country.
    President Trump is doing a great job and just in such a short period of time things are 'a changin' for the better! If the extreme Leftists, Clinton-Obama lovers would stop attacking relentlessly each and every thing he and his family does...we'd be a lot farther along with President Trump's promise...Making America Great Again.
    God bless all who responded in such a favorable and supportive way. Keep it up. We need it to get through the strength, wisdom and love of our Lord God.

  • Vernon Kauffman

    12/13/2018 04:34 PM

    I support the president. I see him as Gods man raised up to expose the darkness of Washington.
    The temptation to drop out is real but as Jesus said, render to Cesar what is Cesar’s. That is our vote and responsibility to remain engaged.
    Dropping out empowers the opposition. Good people need to become engaged at a local leve, state level and Federal. School boards is where progressives began after WWII.
    Thank you for being involved. My prayers for you and your daughter.
    Hope to one day join you on a trip to Israel.

  • Harry Eich

    12/13/2018 09:39 AM

    I read the two letters about Trump and I agree with you. There are far too many Christians that don't see the big picture. Not to be unkind, but they allow their piety under the guise of Christian values to determine whether they vote or not. They think they are being Christian by refusing to vote for either candidate because neither live up to their personal values, but in reality they are playing right into Satan's hand and helping elect people who are bad for them as well as the country.

  • Cheryl Spurlin

    12/13/2018 03:46 AM

    When I watched Donald Trump stand up against all of those politicians who were trying to win the Republican Party nomination for President, I knew he used the right tactics to draw attention to himself and sound more like the everyday person than a politician who was looking to represent them and their needs. He continued on the same way when he ran for President, which is exactly why I voted for him. Also, I realized he had more to lose financially and personally than any other candidate running for President, yet he was willing to risk it all for us, the American citizens of the United States. That was like looking a gift horse in the mouth and I thought only a fool would turn it down. From that day on I started speaking his name and upholding his actions. I knew he would have never won if he sounded Presidential at that moment. I lost friends over my political views that year in 2016 and I also turned away from the Democratic Party 100% and will never regret after watching them for the past two years. I feel I made the right decision then and will make the same decision come 2020. Now all I have to do is carry on my thoughts and support for my President as well as hope and pray he will do the same. If he decides not to run again, I will pray for him and his family; because they have given so much to us already to where many have opened their eyes to the corruption and hate throughout this government and this country. I don't know if any other President will ever have the guts and stamina President Trump has shown us, so I will hold onto this moment and relish it as long as I can. I will always be proud to know I voted for him.

  • David Shisler

    12/13/2018 03:45 AM

    I think Trump uses tweets to clear his mind, Rex Tillerson said some hurtful things about him, Trump seems to always hit back at those that attack him, saying Rex is dumb as a rock, to me was a little jab in the gut. I think it's therapeutic way to put it behind him so he can go forward with what's really important to him.

  • Ingrid Forsberg

    12/13/2018 03:03 AM

    NEVER could/would I vote for H.C. or any Dem for that matter. I will vote in 2020 because if I do not I will be allowing those who call me deplorable choose who will make the laws I must live by. Do nothing & for sure you will lose.

  • Scott Thompson

    12/12/2018 09:02 PM

    I hate the tweets of our President as well. He could definitely act more"Presidental". Having said that the man is a true Patriot, loves America, is truly tough enough to endure the garbage thrown his way by the liberal media. I am very greatful for everything he has done, his work so far has been spot on. Had he stayed off social media he would not have given the liberals and their media so much ammunition to use against him. He will be known as one of the greatest Presidents of all time. God Bless President Trump. Daniel 2:21

  • Lauri Norris

    12/12/2018 08:49 PM

    Thank you Mike. It is so nice to hear from someone with some sense and reasoning! It is refreshing and so helpful in trying to sort this all out and keep our heads above water! Your response to Vicky was great. We have to remember there IS a bigger picture, and an even bigger picture than what the “powers that be” know. God is the bigger picture, and although it’s tough to see Him in all this madness, He knows what is going on and He knows what He’s doing! God bless you.

  • Madeline Nichols

    12/12/2018 08:31 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    You are exactly right!
    Democrats intend to make the political airwaves so polluted that people will either not vote, or vote for Democrat just to get relief! President Trump is far from perfect, no one said he was, but when compared to the Clintons, or pretty much any other liberal politician, he has had the unflinching character to honor God, keep his promises, love our country, respect workers in the middle class and show compassion to those in need. He acts with courage and intelligence in foreign affairs, calling out unfair trade practices and demanding change! He has been a friend to Israel. He has defunded abortion where possible. He and the present administration are on my prayer list, because I don’t know what will happen next.

  • Frank Chavez

    12/12/2018 07:58 PM

    I have a question, since the appointment of Mueller is suspect, not according to protocol, has anyone looked at the funding of Mueller and his team??

  • Patrick Michaels

    12/12/2018 07:41 PM

    Mike, I do not Donald Trump. I do not like asparagus either. However, both are good for us.

  • barbara miller

    12/12/2018 07:35 PM

    i love your column and insight but could you answer me on the national debt question i asked a month ago? keep up the good work we need to hear the truth.

  • Dollene

    12/12/2018 07:26 PM

    I personally love that President Trump is so politically incorrect! However, like many others, I consider many of his tweets unnecessary, and damaging to himself. I do give him immeasurable credit for his bravery, and long suffering. I have never known anyone in my lifetime, of 65 years, who could remotely come close to withstanding the barrage of daily attacks which POTUS has endured. Can you imagine waking up each morning knowing you are a literal walking target? He knows there has been a plethora of assassination attempts against him. So, I have absolutely nothing but enormous gratitude for Donald J. Trump. So what if he's got rough edges. I don't care that he's NOT another polished politician who speaks out of both sides of their mouth. He has more weight on his shoulders than any of us could begin to phathom, and I'm very thankful that God Almighty appointed him to stand strong for this, our beloved America, and Israel. I will vote for him proudly in 2020 even though he's not a perfect human being!!

  • Danna Shirley

    12/12/2018 06:56 PM

    I read the viewpoints of Kathleen and Vicki. I also have a friend who said she will not vote for Trump again b/c of the same issues stated. I, however, realize he is not a politician but a businessman and, as such, has dealt successfully in the business needed. He may be in a new pool (or cesspool) than he's used to, but his accomplishments far outweigh his tweets. I, too, dislike the name-calling but I think he's biting his tongue most of the time rather than tell-it-like-it-is. It is refreshing to finally have a Republican who stands up to the Dems and I see he's leading the charge and bringing more Republicans with him who have been wishy-washy in the past. I'm behind his agenda but I do wish someone who has his ear would tell him to act more adult rather than sound like the playground bully. Can you do that, Mike? There are a lot of us out here who wish someone could tell him to put a guard over his mouth!

  • Barbara Lee

    12/12/2018 05:06 PM

    I love this country and despise the hate speech coming out of Washington elites and the media/co-conspirators to bring down our president. You can expect this from democrates but shame on republicans that share in the bashing and hating. God help this country. I feel like God is the One that can save this country. My heart aches for the President and what they are doing to him.

  • Carmelita Sudio

    12/12/2018 04:42 PM

    I'm tired and disgusted what MSM and even Fox are doing for our country. They're no longer objective but very bias against our President. I'm no longer watching them but I'm praying that God who is in control will not allow us to lose hope. I will definitely support and vote Trump 2020.

  • Donna Churchill

    12/12/2018 04:33 PM

    I have to say I can agree with some things from both of these writers. I'm not crazy about Trump's tweets either, but sometimes I wonder if they are just another part of his strategy. I personally think he's a lot smarter than most give him credit for. I myself am a born-again Christian and will definitely vote for him again for just these two reasons (I have more, but these two are enough), moving the embassy to Jerusalem and the Supreme Court judges he's put on the bench. If nothing else, his presidency has stalled the liberal agenda toward socialism and globalism.

  • Carla Isselmann

    12/12/2018 04:18 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, it would be so much better if President Trump had the right help close to him.
    I keep asking him to hire Larry Klayman,Newt Gingrich and send Mueller cum suis home.
    It should have been done a log time ago.
    And ,indeed, the fighting by Twitter must be limited. It never helps to publicly call an old help dumb-as-a-rock, even if it is true.
    Many times, I have sent president Trump Christmas-letters and congratulatory letters: have not received any reply.
    Where are those letters hidden..? Did he ever see them?

    Have a Merry Christmas, dear Mr.Huckabee, from Carla

  • Evelyn Dodd

    12/12/2018 03:54 PM

    I am retired but still feel very strong'y about the way things are going in D.C. I abhor the brash style of our President, but I am very much in favor of his policies. I do not believe that it would do any good to face him and tell him how we feel about his unrelenting tweets and his unrefined style. I am sure that Kelly Ann and others have probably tried. I can only say that in time the CONS may surpass the PROS, and that is NOT GOOD. I am sure that VP Pence was squirming in his chair yesterday as the President carried on and interrupted Nancy Pelosi.
    Healing and uniting can only be accomplished with honey, not vinegar. Both sides must work at it....both is true in any relationship.

  • Alex Hagemann

    12/12/2018 03:33 PM

    Although President Trump is rather "Brash" in his way, he speaks the Truth. I am a "Born in the Womb" Republican and I am glad I voted for Trump. I will do so in 2020 without hesitation. He has turned this Country around where alot of the Far Left and the screaming me me's don't see and don't like because it wasn't to their "Agenda". Sometimes it takes a brash talking New Yawker to get the job done and turn this great Country back around to how it use to be. Hail to the Chief!
    Alex H.