June 25, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Strzok to testify: what if he pulls a "Bill Clinton"? -- Visualize World Peace -- Bulletin- SC Candidate seriously injured -- Comey shames himself again -- Excellent piece -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse

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The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte, is getting ready for a scheduled closed-door deposition on Wednesday with FBI agent Peter “We’ll Stop It” Strzok, who is appearing in response to Goodlatte’s subpoena.  In an interview Sunday with Maria Bartiromo on FOX News, Goodlatte pointed to Strzok as a key figure in both the Hillary and the Russia/Trump investigations, and he made it clear he’s very interested in questioning him about the extremely biased text messages he exchanged with Lisa Page.


As we all know by now, the most eyebrow-raising of his texts was sent to Page just eight days after he was placed in charge of investigating Trump.  It suggests more than bias –- it reeks of the desire to act on that bias, and Strzok certainly was in a position to do so.  And the fact that THIS PARTICULAR TEXT wasn’t included in the texts supplied to the IG by the Justice Department --- the IG had to use a painstaking process to turn it up himself --- gives the impression that the DOJ had drawn a red line on what it would and would not reveal and had decided that this was especially damning.




Mike Huckabee


Visualize World Peace

By Mike Huckabee

For those who sneered that there will be no real change from North Korea after the meeting between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump: aside from the return of three American detainees, and the dismantling of a nuclear test site, and the beginning of the return of the remains of US veterans, it’s been noted that the anti-American propaganda posters that used to be ubiquitous in Pyongyang have disappeared, seemingly overnight. 


And what have all the Trump-haters with “Visualize World Peace” stickers on the bumpers of their Priuses actually done for world peace lately?


Bulletin- SC Candidate seriously injured

By Mike Huckabee

Over the weekend a South Carolina Congressional race took an unexpected twist when Trump-backed Katie Arrington who defeated incumbent Mark Sanford in the GOP Primary has taken a shocking and tragic turn.  Last night, a vehicle going the wrong way struck a car in which Ms Arrington was riding.  She suffered serious injuries, her friend who was driving was also injured, and the other driver was killed.  Ms Arrington will require multiple surgeries and at least two weeks of hospitalization.  More details of her condition are at the link. 


President Trump asked for prayers for all the victims and their families, and I know you’ll join me in sending them.  To his credit, her Democratic opponent, Joe Cunningham, announced that he’s suspending his campaign until further notice.  I know this is an election year in a highly partisan atmosphere, but this is a sobering reminder that some things transcend political differences.



Comey shames himself again

By Mike Huckabee

During a trip to Ireland, former FBI Director James Comey said he’s thinking of declaring himself Canadian because he’s so ashamed of President Trump’s immigration law enforcement. Well, I think we all know how appalled James Comey is at the idea of strict, impartial law enforcement. But I warn our Irish friends, be careful. He might just be calling himself Canadian in hopes you’ll fight his future extradition back to the US.


Excellent piece

By Mike Huckabee

Excellent piece by Roger L. Simon on why the left is having a nervous breakdown in public.  Hint: the fault lies not in Donald Trump, but in themselves.

 Simon’s observation that they are going insane at the realization of their dwindling influence is born out in several recent news stories.  We’ve read of Hispanics and African-Americans who are waking up to the fact that despite the left’s constant howls of “RACIST,” Trump’s tenure has resulted in the lowest unemployment numbers both groups have enjoyed…ever.  



Evening Edition - June 23

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"When thou passest through the waters,

I will be with thee;

and through the rivers,

they shall not overflow thee:

when thou walkest through the fire,

thou shalt not be burned;

neither shall the flame kindle upon thee."

 - Isaiah 43:2

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  • Dale Ferguson

    07/23/2018 11:17 PM

    The biggest anti-American poster in North Korea has been the USS Pueblo. Many of us (especially Navy veterans) have been pressuring our representatives and the WH to ask NK to give it back. Has anyone told Kim?

  • Sharon Ream

    06/25/2018 09:03 PM

    Am I the only one that finds it odd that a major Republican candidate Katie Arrington was hit HEAD ON by a car going the WRONG WAY on a highway? I realize it may have just been an accident, but in these violence touting "Resistance" times, wouldn't it be prudent to investigate the person very thoroughly who hit her to determine there was no foul play? In addition, did you notice that Rand Paul's neighbor only got 1 month for the Federal Crime of violence against a Senator (breaking 6 ribs after a tackle FROM BEHIND) - claiming he was upset with how the Senator took care of his yard -- a week before the major Tax reform vote happened. Odd the timing from a neighbor that Senator Paul said that he had no contact with for years. Also, is it time to start having protection from the cowardly people who are trying to intimidate the women of Trump's cabinet/spokespeople? And where are the women's libbers when women holding high positions are being screamed at, spit upon, and turned out of businesses? And while I'm at it, we have a grandmother who refused to make flower arrangements for a person she had served for 10 YEARS, but would not make for his gay marriage arrangement due to her beliefs. She had the state sue her, require her to go to re-education camp, and damage her business and reputation. What about a restaurant who won't serve an official of the government because of her political "beliefs"? How is that any different?

  • Patricia Young

    06/25/2018 06:38 PM

    I'm grieved at the way your daughter has been treated. I'm praying for her to stand strong in the strength of the Lord. May His comfort be all she seeks and not give up. She is wonderful to me. She is smart, intelligent, lovely, gracious. I thank the Lord for her willingness to be on the front lines. I support her as do many, many others.

  • Viola Wallace

    06/25/2018 02:12 PM

    Immigrants - Heaven, even Jesus does not let all in. Heaven has a wall, a gate and extreme vetting. One has to know the Owners, God's Son personally to get in. Welcome to all that come in legally. Congress should come up with guidelines to U.S. Citizenship, i.e. age, conduct history, skills, etc.

  • Mark Brindle

    06/25/2018 02:08 PM

    When are the Republicans in congress going to get a backbone and start enforcing subpoenas. Why bother issuing them if they won't enforce them? What a mockery of justice!

  • Jon C Potter

    06/25/2018 12:03 PM

    Randy Boyd gave 250K that went indirectly to La Raza. He is no Republican. Lee gave $500 to the liberal mayor of Nashville's campaign. She was relieved for numerous issues. Dianne Black is the only real Republican running for Gov in TN.