January 28, 2019

Must-See Video: This is someone that has suddenly starting circling on the Internet.  Prepare to be astounded:

That’s “Saturday Night Live” cast member Cecily Strong in 2012, doing a then-popular but little-remembered character called “The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party."  No, it was not “Democratic” Socialist media darling, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, although if your glasses are a little dirty, that would be an easy mistake to make.  Just part her hair in the middle, add redder lipstick and more nonsensical blather about economics and you’ve got the sharpest political impersonation “SNL” has offered in years.  Strong could become a superstar off of this, the way Tina Fey did with her skewering of Sarah Palin.

However, I seriously doubt that will ever happen, because “SNL” would never go after a liberal politician the way they do Republicans such as Palin or Trump, no matter how worthy of satire the liberal might be.  Also, I doubt Ms. Strong would agree to do it.  She would likely fear that while viciously satirizing Republicans boosted the careers of Fey and Alec Baldwin, daring to mock the foibles of AOC would likely make her the object of widespread hate and threats from Twitter mobs and get her blacklisted in liberal Hollywood. 

She is still in the cast, so if “SNL” doesn’t immediately start doing sketches featuring her as AOC leading her followers on searches for Mitch McConnell in the wrong building or spouting civics malapropisms while making Ramen noodles on Facebook, then we’ll know that either Ms Strong refused to commit career suicide or “SNL” is now just another one-sided propaganda tool of the left, like CNN. 

Although if it will encourage them to be funny and even-handed again, then they should know that it might not just be Republicans who would laugh at sketches like that:


Here’s a reality check for those who say President Trump has “accomplished nothing,” and who base that on the laughable claim that he inherited the booming Obama economy.

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Longtime NBC anchor Tom Brokaw backtracked and apologized after he faced one of those daily Twitter outrage storms, this time over some comments he made about immigration on “Meet The Press.”  In one, he said he’d spoken to people who are unsure of whether they want “brown grand-babies.”  He also said, “I also happen to believe that the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation.”

You can imagine the howls of “Racism!” and “Xenophobia!” that elicited on anti-social media!  I can see how someone could be offended by his artless phraseology in saying “brown grand-babies,” but it was something he claimed others had told him (I’d personally question that), and he was using it as an example of racism.  His critics also failed to quote his full remarks to put his “assimilation” comment in context:

“That’s one of the things that I’ve been saying for a long time, that they ought not to be codified in their communities but make sure that all of their kids are learning to speak English and they feel comfortable in the communities. And that’s going to take outreach on both sides, frankly.”

For years, it was taken for granted that when immigrants came to America, they would try to learn English and assimilate to American culture, just as an American who moved to Italy would try to learn Italian. It was especially important to American immigrants that their children learn to speak English because they saw it as opening the door to greater options in life and a better shot at the American dream.  I still hear that sentiment from many immigrant parents when I travel around the country.  It’s about the least controversial idea I can imagine (in a predominantly English-speaking country, it would be an advantage to know English). It’s just common sense that used to be taken for granted by everyone, especially immigrants.

Unfortunately for Tom Brokaw, these days, common sense is becoming a language that nobody knows how to speak anymore.



The “chief diversity officer” at a university in St. Louis, Missouri, is planning a workshop on racism that only white people will be allowed to attend. Sounds as if the “diversity officer” needs a seminar on what the word "racism" means.

This is yet another example of one of life’s undeniable truths: Sooner or later, fanatics become the thing they claim to hate.



The billionaire CEO of Starbucks (who hasn’t been doing a bang-up job lately even of running a coffeehouse chain) is mulling an independent “progressive” run for President, which is giving Democrats the jitters because they figure it would pull votes away from whatever over-caffeinated leftist fanatic they nominate. 

As if the man who launched the “Tenta,” a 31-ounce cup of coffee, cares that he’s giving anyone the jitters!



Best Tweet of the Week:  Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s response to Stephanie Kelton’s insane claim that no one “makes” a billion dollars, they just “take” it from their workers or “strip it” by using patents and other protections of properties they own or created.

After you stop laughing at Tabeb’s takedown of that ridiculous economic illiteracy, look at Kelton’s bio and your laughter will turn to shudders:  “Prof. of Economics & Public Policy at Stony Brook University” and former “Chief Economist for the Dems on U.S. Senate Budget Committee.” 


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It’s Better To Be “Morally Right” Than Factually Accurate: The popular narrative is that the “Return Marches” that have been going in Gaza are grassroots uprisings for Palestinian rights, and Israeli troops are brutally slaughtering innocent protesters. 

Well, the Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center just completed an exhaustive study into the backgrounds of all 187 Palestinians killed between the beginning of the riots last March and January 16.  Turns out 150 of the fatalities (about 80%) were determined to be affiliated with terrorist organizations, including 96 belonging to or affiliated with Hamas.  Forty-five (about a quarter of all the fatalities) were operatives of Hamas’ military wing.  

The study’s conclusion is that the violence against Israeli troops at the border is not a “popular” uprising but is orchestrated by Hamas and other terrorist groups and overwhelmingly involves their operatives.  Also, it shows that the Israeli Defense Forces do not indiscriminately fire into crowds of innocent demonstrators but target terrorists who deliberately come to the front lines and attack them.

I don’t know why that should come as news to anyone, but apparently, for some it is, so I’m glad to be able to share it.



Excellent point from Mollie Hemingway about the free pass the media give to those on the left, who can spit out vicious lies and slanders against Catholic schoolboys one day, then announce their presidential runs based on equality and tolerance for all the next.



Roger Kimball on how the outrageous treatment of the Covington Catholic School students might mark a turning point at which public revulsion over the arrogant, hypocritical political correctness of the elites (including even some conservatives who rushed to virtue-signal by condemning the boys before they knew the full story) reaches critical mass and forces a reconsideration of our tolerance for the poison of political correctness and identity politics.

Let’s all hope and pray that is true.  But either way, I’d like it on the record that I was expressing revulsion over the poisonous, hypocritical PC self-righteousness of arrogant elites when it wasn’t cool.



Just in case you’re tired of feeling shocked by the news, here is the least-surprising story of the day:



When you hear that the partial government shutdown cost more than the $5.7 billion Trump wanted for a border wall, someone will now likely counter that according to a new Congressional Budget Office report, the shutdown “only” cost $3 billion.  You can tell them that the CBO doesn’t factor in all the indirect costs, and that even they admit the economy produced $11 billion less than it would have, but they assume $8 billion of that was just “deferred” and will be made up for by future growth.

Of course, you could also argue that if we factor in all the costs of continuing to have a porous border -- enforcement, deportation, drug intervention, services to illegal immigrants, etc. -- the cost might be far higher.

Or even if we grant the CBO its lowball cost figure, Trump probably would have been willing to take $3 billion for the wall and end the shutdown, but Nancy Pelosi would have said no to that, too.



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  • George Morlan

    02/02/2019 05:47 PM

    I hope you will think about the following as you get ready to comment on the VA governor show. I am in no way a fan of the governor.

    First, we have lost a lot when we pay a lot of attention to something that occurred 35 years ago. What is the man’s actual record?

    Second, his atrocious statements on abortion come close to disqualifying him from the human race, not just public office. One has to wonder whether the events of the last 24 hours are a ruse to get him off the stage without facing up to the position of most of the Democratic leadership.

    Third, what would an ordinary person’s reaction be to seeing a 35-year old yearbook page? I suspect that the first one would be to assume it’s valid, even if you can’t remember it. Then everyone in the world seems to be demanding that you say something, so you do. It is totally believable to me that it took him some time to think that the picture on the yearbook page is not of him, check with contacts who might fill in some blanks, etc.

  • Dan Kraft

    01/29/2019 02:51 PM

    Mike, a fellow suggested a point to me the other day....we know the Roman Empire failed. one reason might be that their reach was overextended, but why did Rome ultimately fall? He suggested because they couldn't secure their northern Border with the Germanics. they were eventually overrun!

  • Robert Perry

    01/29/2019 02:41 PM

    Why is the Huckabee show discriminated against? It is the only show on TBN that I cannot record serially.. Instead I have to remember to set the record button every week. As a result I sometimes miss the show.

  • Nancy Klus

    01/29/2019 10:28 AM

    I just can't believe the HATE of Nancy Pelosi that she will not even accept ANY offer that includes a wall. Unbelievable. She hates the president more than she loves our country! Again Unbelievable. What a shame to have so much hate for one person that it clouds your judgment and your common sense. I don't think I could ever have that much hate for one person. How very sad.

  • Patricia Varhol

    01/29/2019 09:54 AM

    Is there some way pay could be withheld from members of Congress during a shutdown instead of hardworking Americans? Maybe that would get their attention!

  • Dale Letcher

    01/29/2019 09:31 AM

    Question: what action needs to be taken to make ALL votes from a sanctuary city and or state uncountable in a federal election?
    Would love to hear your commentary on this issue!

  • Sandra Trank

    01/29/2019 08:01 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, I am writing you because I just don't know who else could help. We know the politics is bad in DC and the Deep State is the worst we can even think but I saw a very short informational video about What is Happening to Our President and we the people must do something but what?? I am too old to fight physically but I pray. The video is
    Please take a minute and watch. I think you may know some of this but I can't believe all of it without shouting from the rooftops. Please help President Trump! Politics is one thing, drugging to keep him silent is another! God Bless! Thank you!

  • Teresa Carstensen

    01/29/2019 12:58 AM

    If SNL does begin to use Cecily Strong as AOC you can bet that it won't be to expose her ignorance; they will use it to create the narrative that she is a brilliant rising star sparring against Trump. Don't waste your time watching SNL hoping for humor any time soon.

  • Ellie Lane

    01/29/2019 12:00 AM

    Love the SNL video! It's so AOC! I feel sorry for Hillary. She hasn't gotten it that many people find her "unlikable." She's a glutton for punishment.

    Where is our country going from here? Will the President regain his control over policy or will Ms. Pelosi et. al. continue to exert their control over him? With all of the anti-Christian legislation happening such as in Texas, I believe it's time for Christians to "...come out from among them and be separate."

  • Marguerite Birzer

    01/28/2019 11:35 PM

    To AOC: “There is none so ignorant, as one who does not know how ignorant one is.”

  • Thomas Wenndt

    01/28/2019 11:04 PM

    Regarding the comment by Mr. Stilwell - I too miss the man who, despite his health and bodily realities, graced the airwaves of Fox News for so many years. And I prayed for Charles Krauthammer often, especially in his final month both at Fox News, and then in his life, as his health was clearly going south. But as for a media pundit, by the time he left Fox News, I'd had enough of him as well. He was just yet another Washingtonian that bought the Clinton campaign kool-aid and was willing to tell the nation, as late as 8 PM on election night, 2016, that by the end of that night, we could expect Hillary Clinton as our new president. That told me he had become as uninformed and uninterested in getting to the real truth as just about every other journalist that utterly failed to do their job in that election. He had the opportunity that night to separate himself from the crowd and show that he had done his homework and that something amazing was afoot. But he didn't.
    At one time, his type were valuable to the journalistic world, regardless of where your politics lied. But I never forgot that was essentially his career postscript. And I admit, beyond Mike Huckabee and a (VERY) few chosen others, I'm still looking for the next generation that can be investigative, filled with integrity, and being able to get respect for how he does his work but at some point not become either liberal or what is almost as bad - Washingtonian. On that point, even Krauthammer eventually failed.

  • Rosemary Kirk

    01/28/2019 08:55 PM

    The Mueller actions with 29 FBI agents at Stone's house is similar to what Putin does in Russia so maybe Mueller is the Russian agent! This is so un- American, there must be laws against this and I think the very least, Trump should send Mueller a reprimand to remind him that we live in America. When will Barr be his boss and get him under control? Mueller seems to be more powerful than our constitution, he can act with impunity in any way he chooses, mainly to intimidate anyone who will not give him whatever lie he wants to promote. This really cannot be legal in our country. I believe that the US Government should be responsible to give Stone money for his defense, Mueller is simply going after whoever he wants to ruin.

  • gary Stilwell

    01/28/2019 07:48 PM

    yeah, maybe you read-em, but no results---
    My comments reflect one(well actually two) positions---mine, and Mr. Charles Krauthammer(whom I consider to be the quintessential voice-of- reason in these(or past 30 years)times).
    I would be amazed if I found out you did not consult this man's logic(it does seem, however, you don't, as I see no reference, or similarity to the insights he has offered through the years. There seems to be no hint of his influence in most of your blogs---you miss the irrefutable logic and facts that he offers)
    Maybe you reject the man's writings---that would be sad--if you do not, then I would expect there to be more of his influence in your communications--the stuff is too powerful to keep hidden--

  • Renata E. Melone

    01/28/2019 07:00 PM

    I am so sick of hearing Pelosi think she is 'running things' I realize she is Speaker of the House and follows the VP should something happen to the Pres; however, she is thinking she is already there! Don't give in to this she-helluva woman (very loosely said). She makes me violently ill. Has the most evil eyes I've ever seen! The left has gone too, too far. Can't even imagine what the older Democratic Americans are thinking about their Party about now. And not to slight the Republicans in Congress - get with it people and fight to save America! English is the major language spoken here, I just don't understand why people from other countries come here and expect US to change to their language! Anyone moving to another country other than here would have to learn to speak their language. Tired of us have to give them everything they ask for for nothing - medical, telephones, free everything!
    God help us because it looks like we don't know how to take care of ourselves!

  • Stephen Russell

    01/28/2019 06:40 PM

    Starbucks CEO run:
    oDivide the Dems
    o Disunity in party
    o Take away some RINOs from GOP.
    o Dems lose.
    I do like his 1 salient point he made:Our Debt
    & Both parties have done Nothing to fix Debt
    On that point I agree, all else. NO.
    Sauders never addressed this for his race then.
    Time to address on your show.

    Propose Debt clocks here:
    Business districts.
    Wall St.
    Medical Centers.
    NY Subway system
    Wash DC: Treasury.
    Commerce Dept.
    Smithsonian Ins.
    To remind public of our Debt issue