January 14, 2020

Do you have scandal fatigue? I was thinking of setting “Spygate” aside for a while to focus on the next stage in the impeachment farce that’s almost upon us, but then Dan Bongino changed my mind. On Monday he made the point, as I have myself from time to time, that all the scandals --- including impeachment --- involve the same cast of characters. They are all part of the same big hoax, like one of those giant spreading underground fungi –- just different, interconnected ways of taking Trump down. So it’s impossible to look at impeachment without following those who tried to spy on his associates and hurt him during his campaign and transition period. They’re the same people.

I was going to concentrate on an article in POLITICO called “Meet the Legal Minds Behind Trump’s Impeachment,” which really shows how hard Trump’s enemies are trying to get rid of him. This is serious business, and that’s what I had wanted to focus on. But Bongino has pointed out something else from that article:  that a particular member of this impeachment team happens to have been involved in the ‘deep state’ shenanigans as well. I guess the term is “overlap.”  There's a LOT of overlap.

The person is Mary McCord. A paragraph in the POLITICO story reads: “‘I think people do see that this is a critical time in our history,’ said Mary McCord, a former DOJ official who helped oversee the FBI’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and is now listed as a top outside counsel for the House in key legal fights tied to impeachment. ‘We see the breakdown of the whole rule of law. We see the breakdown in adherence to the Constitution and also constitutional values...That’s why you’re seeing lawyers come out and being very willing to put in extraordinary amounts of time and effort to litigate these cases,’ she said.”

Indeed. Of course, my understanding is that they’re being handsomely paid, if not by taxpayers then by somebody with deeeeep pockets who wants Trump out every bit as much as they do. So we see that the same former DOJ official who was working with the FBI, apparently on “Crossfire Hurricane,” has been working with Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee on the impeachment “inquiry.”

Yesterday I pointed out the problems with Intel Committee Inspector General (ICIG) Michael Atkinson, the official who changed the rules about second-hand information and then accepted the hearsay (and, as it turns out, fictional) “whistleblower” complaint form submitted by the semi-anonymous Eric Ciaramella and passed it along as legitimate instead of dispensing with it. Today, I find that Mary McCord worked with Atkinson in the National Security Division of the DOJ. Atkinson was the lawyer for the head of the National Security Division, John Carlin, who just happens to be Robert Mueller’s former chief of staff AND the official who supposedly reviewed the Woods procedures signifying that the FISA warrant application to spy on Carter Page contained verified information. We all know now that this was a joke, that the application was based entirely on an unverified work of fiction called the Steele “dossier.”

Of course, these connections aren’t touted specifically in the POLITICO story. “Journalists” don’t seem interested in connecting the dots when they reveal what’s going on behind the scenes to hurt President Trump.

Another intriguing person in our cast of characters is Joe Pientka, who, along with Peter Strzok, interviewed Michael Flynn after being told to go to the White House by Andrew McCabe, who was following instructions given by then-FBI Director James Comey. Recall that McCabe also advised Flynn that the interview was just a casual thing, no need for a lawyer. Pientka also was responsible for making sure the Woods file (verification) on Carter Page was complete and accurate; he signed off on it before it went to Carlin for review.

So, where is Joe Pientka these days? Out on a book tour or giving interviews, as James Comey and John Brennan like to do? Well, no; he’s out of sight. In 2018, the DOJ refused to give Sen. Chuck Grassley access to him for questioning. He also got transferred all the way out to San Francisco. A few days after his name was discovered on an online staff roster for the San Francisco office, his name disappeared from it. Bongino speculates that he is now investigating credit card fraud on the planet Neptune.

If Pientka could be found, he obviously could answer some key questions. In fact, if he is indeed “SS1,” or “Senior Special Agent 1” in the Horowitz report –- and it seems he must be –- then he’s one of two people who were informed by Kathleen Kavalec at the State Department that the Steele “dossier” contained glaring inaccuracies, such as the reference to a non-existent Russian consulate in Miami. He’s also one of the officials who left out something very important in their report on Page: that he had denied meeting two particular Russians, Sechin and Divyekin, whom the Steele “dossier” said he had met with.

One additional thing about Pientka that Bongino didn’t mention: he’s also the agent who was sent along on the August briefing of then-candidate Trump as part of “Crossfire Hurricane” because the FBI knew Michael Flynn would be there. Pientka was actually there to spy on Flynn –- I mean, to “assess” Flynn’s behavior. So, where is Pientka? I hope Barr and Durham have caught up with him; surely they have.

Bongino also discussed the story we had yesterday about David Kris being the official appointed to oversee “reform” of FISA procedures. Kris is one of the best examples anywhere of “the fox guarding the hen house.” This guy defended the surveillance of Carter Page and said that Republicans (notably Devin Nunes) had “falsely accused” the FBI of misleading the FISA court in its wiretap applications. He also took the FBI at their word when they said there was probable cause to believe Page was a Russian agent. I am not kidding. This is the guy they pick to “reform” FISA. Talk about the ‘deep state’ protecting its own.

In an important update, there has been an uproar over this. And there had better be, because we’re learning even more and Kris’s background is even worse than we thought.

Nunes has protested Kris’s appointment, saying that if he remains in this position, Republicans in Congress should consider getting rid of the FISA court entirely.

If you’d like to hear the Dan Bongino podcast from Monday, it’s great. He makes it clear that cleaning up the ‘deep state’ is going to take time and enormous dedication and also that it’s absolutely dependent on Trump winning re-election.

Ep. 1157 The Deep State Strikes Again! – Dan Bongino

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  • Pat Bruce

    01/15/2020 02:06 PM

    Abolish the FISA Court. It, too, is comprised of swamp people and liars. Deep State Institution.

  • David Stafford

    01/15/2020 01:57 AM

    Start revoking security clearances of these people who are known risks and involved in deep state activities.

  • Gary Digby

    01/14/2020 10:42 PM

    Amazing! When any of these bureaucrats are held accountable though, I will faint!

  • Carl "T" Smith

    01/14/2020 10:11 PM

    I must go back to my original question? How is it that an elected politician can enter the D.C. Swamp with nothing more that " Political Backers" and exit a multi- Millionaire on a 170 K annual salary? Notice how many are 'Retiring' BEFORE the Swamp empties? Then when you LOOK at the cast of Characters working to Impeach what they cannot win at the ballot box and you see how deep the Septic Tank really is.

  • Cherie Athanasoulias

    01/14/2020 08:06 PM

    Do you think the Senate is up to the task of standing up to these nasty Democrats? Personally, I think they are in for a rude awakening. I think the Senate need to dismiss. This is a coup attempt and unconstitutional. Dismiss and investigate the Democrats! What do you think?
    Love your article by the way.

  • rodney burke

    01/14/2020 07:27 PM

    this entire spy gate is getting more and more suspicious every day. And yes all the same names keep showing g up. and I do hope Barr And Durham are connecting the dots.. Kris, needs to jail. He will engage in 1005 cover up, that is so obvious it isn't funny as Dan points out. Yep I encourage EVERYONE to listen to Dan's Podcast, he is VERY informative

  • Ellen J Benischek

    01/14/2020 07:16 PM

    Hi Mr. Huckabee, you sent me a 6 page letter the other day. I don't remember responding if I didn't I'll give you my credit card number. You will not believe the number of letters I get every
    day. More mail than when I worked. I have piles of mail all over the house (or bedrooms) that I'm trying to get rid of. I can't possibley give to all of them. It's just driving me crazy. My credit cards are getting scammed. I made a payment last night for $1000 on one I the guy in the hacking department said they never got it. I looked up my account before I talked to him it was there & so were 3 others. He kept me on the phone for at least an hour & never found it. . couldn't speak English. I'm just ready t blow my brains out when you call who can't add of subtract!!!! Sorry I'm blowing my stack. Can you talk to Mr. Trump when you want. I sent him an e-mail but he probably won't get it. If you would call him & tell him I need to talk to him about a letter I got yesterday from someone I don't know, & tell him what he wanted. I sent the letter back to the man.

  • Patrick Green

    01/14/2020 07:08 PM

    I see know different between fisa court, red flag laws and no fly list they are all done with out due process and needs to be done away with.

  • Dawn Street

    01/14/2020 06:42 PM

    What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. This would be a very difficult "genogram" to draw. They are all interconnected. I don't think any of us knew how deep and dangerous the Deep State Swamp was or how far-reaching. It goes beyond our borders and touches and destroys all it touches - the Vatican, the Royal Family in England, Canada, Venezuela, Iraq and Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, China and every other government on the face of the earth with a common crimson thread running through it all, child pornography and sexual abuse and human bondage/sex slavery.

    And it has been around for so long. I think it even touched me deep in the heart of Texas when I was a social worker in the 1980s. Hindsight is 20/20.

  • Ed Thompson

    01/14/2020 06:35 PM

    Ya know, “tired of” is exactly what “they” are hoping for from everyone on the side of civility, common sense , logic! Ya can just hear it when one of “them” speak again about everything that they have been pushing as “truthful” rhetoric. Same sad old song from the same sad faces, saying the same lies that have been shown to be just that— lies and falsehoods and fabricated fantasies that have exposed them for everything that they are, liars, and cheaters and in many ways,thieves!! Yet the real problem is that there are still plenty of people who are under some sort of spell that prevents them from understanding common sense and for some reason totally accept the lies as being the gospel truth! That’s the truly scary problem for me and everyone else who have a life to try to make among these people!!! That’s what makes me tired, listening to those people who are unhinged— have to be— to keep repeating everything that everyone by now knows or should know, is nothing more than a very bad losers story to get sympathy and try to get back into the game. But I ain’t “tired” enough to stop telling everyone that our President is quite possibly the best thing to happen to America and everyone who is a citizen of America in a very long time. No, I am not tired of winning!!! Ha! And yes 2020 we will win again. God Bless America.

  • Christopher P Kelley

    01/14/2020 05:54 PM

    This afternoon, I think I heard Jeff Poor on his talkshow (AL) saying that the Unnamable Weasleblower had approached the Schiff office with his "complaint", and that it was Mary Herself who changed the form to allow 2nd-hand info to be submitted. Is that so? Thickens the Plot somewhat!

    This all makes me wonder if the Obama team who went to Israel to try to sabotage Netanyahu's efforts in an earlier Knesset vote didn't spend some of their massive loot to plant the "evidence" on which Netanyahu is now being persecuted? The abilities of those "Deep State" sorts could well have achieved such nefarious ends. As I say, this is only a suspicion. Is it well grounded?

  • Bruce Nason

    01/14/2020 05:11 PM

    Interesting article Mike, I'll be sure to share it. Mike maybe you can do a write-up on Houston Astros? Slap of the wrist with a matchstick for outright CHEATING! And then there's Pete Rose. Never cheated. Biggest crime is he bet his team to win. And banned for 30 years?

  • Lois Yeager

    01/14/2020 03:42 PM

    Believe Trump knew he would be up to his hip pockets in alligators when he pulled the plug on that Swamp. So fortunate he had the courage to do it and see it through.

  • Dennis Ragain

    01/14/2020 03:29 PM

    Governor, the thing that is so frustrating and perplexing to those of us in the public who have to live by the rules is that there is no accountability for such egregious behavior in the government. Government employees who supposedly work for the American people can destroy peoples lives carry out illegal surveillance; lie to our faces, and, if caught, they just get moved elsewhere in the government with salaries and benefits intact. I could go down the list of all the immoral and illegal activities of various employees and politicians in the AG, FBI, IRS, CIA, VA, State Department and on and on. I am afraid the "Deep State" is most of Washington D.C. I pray that people like you, Dan Bongino and, of course, our President Donald Trump have the time and strength necessary to eliminate those "public servants" that only serve themselves.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/14/2020 03:13 PM

    Life as a socialist Democrat must be a curse put on them by something that is pretty evil. 18 hours a day a sad look on their face they may find a moment from sadness if they complete a destructive act. Up here in the North we can go a week without the sun shining and not get above freezing for a month at time. Yea it can get a little gloomy we know the sun will shine on us sooner than later but the Democrat doesn't have that gift it is gloomy for them most of the time. Once they think they are getting a political win only a few weeks later the rug is pulled out from under themselves and it is on to another destructive behavior. My point just pray you don't become a Socialist Democrat it's life is filled with misery. Impeachment to them is their holy grail Impeachment to me it is like bread and water day in and day out Life should be a different buffet every day the crats are in a rut they cannot escape Conservatives enjoy time off, being with friends and family. like sunny days rain clouds we are diverse we respect the gifts from our Creator He has blessed us He did not put a curse on us He gave us Democrats to let us know how good we have it.

  • Myra Richardson

    01/14/2020 02:49 PM

    Thank you for keeping up with all the players and overlap. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Kathleen MacDonald

    01/14/2020 02:43 PM

    So how much more needs to be uncovered to finally and officially call this what it is. This is a coup for certain.

  • Gloria Prosper

    01/14/2020 02:03 PM

    "So, where is Pientka? I hope Barr and Durham have caught up with him; surely they have." Does he know the Clintons? Perhaps he has "committed suicide".

  • Kurt S Haselman

    01/14/2020 02:01 PM

    Thank you Governor for your amazing reports. I read them everyday to stay not just informed but educated. Your amazing Daughter is such a powerhouse and look forward to watch her career grow!!

    Respectfully yours,
    Kurt Haselman, DDS

  • Jack Foos

    01/14/2020 01:48 PM

    There is a long article entitled "Pelosi Plots to Make Bloomberg POTUS" that does a deep dive into Nancy Pelosi's family's Baltimore background. If it's true, you'll understand where Nancy learned her tactics, get a fresh perspective on her never-satisfied greed for power, and begin to see a truly diabolical method to her long-game political vision. If she's successful at this, the United States of America could very well completely collapse soon after the 2020 election. You can read the article here:

    God help us all!

  • Ruth Ferraro

    01/14/2020 01:19 PM

    Thank you for keeping us so up to date. This whole impeachment case is laughable! They should all be sued for slander.

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/14/2020 12:54 PM

    My spontaneous response to the question you pose at the beginning of this newsletter, "Do you have scandal fatigue!" was "No! I have scandal rage!" ...While that rage is authored by my grief...that is inflicted on me BY these scandals that DO have a wearisome effect on me.... I cannot allow that to make me feel tired of fighting the evil behind these scandals....instead I choose to let it make me fight even harder!

    IN ANSWER TO MARY McCORD'S STATEMENT: "I think people do see that this is a critical time in our history" ----I SAY: You bet people see that this is a critical time in our history....and, while the majority of Americans do not have a clue as to the demonic forces of evil that has MADE it "a critical time in our history", they ARE aware that never in our history have parents had to worry that their kid might be shot in school!

    IN ANSWER TO HER STATEMENTS:"We see the breakdown of the whole rule of law. We see the breakdown in adherence to the Constitution and also constitutional values" ....I SAY: You bet "we see the breakdown of the whole RULE OF LAW", but the "whole rule of law" that is being broken down has nothing to do with "adherence to the Constitution and a!so constitutional values" but, rather, has everything to do with adherence to the Bible...GOD'S laws...and also BIBLICAL values!!! Obviously, we would not be FACING this critical time in history
    ....that is so permeated with hatred...if Americans were adhering to GOD'S law that we love our enemies rather than hate them!!!...

  • Tim Zahn

    01/14/2020 12:41 PM

    This whole thing is starting to look like the monthly cartoon in Mad magazine called "Spy vs. Spy". Great magazine, too bad it's gone.

  • Gene Blazer

    01/14/2020 12:32 PM

    Thank you Governor! Loved your show Saturday night. Kennedy is the real deal. Bongino seems to have a real handle on all this BS as you and Hannity! God Bless!

  • Fred biersack

    01/14/2020 12:29 PM

    With Kris appt does it imply fisa judge part of cabal?????