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January 24, 2020 |

Today's Edition


Thousands have written me saying they’re not watching the impeachment trial or are seeing it as little as possible to avoid getting physically ill.

Copy that! Many have also said they’re avoiding most media and are trusting my commentary to fill them in. We’re doing our best to live up to that expectation. If you didn’t see much of Thursday’s proceedings, a lot of time was devoted to trashing the idea that the Biden/Ukraine corruption was real. They used the same words over and over: “debunked,” “discredited,” “baseless.”

The same tactic was used earlier in Schiff’s House impeachment report. As Eric Felton says in RealClear Investigations, “The Democratic case against Trump detailed in the much more extensive House impeachment report shows how language can be used to compensate for shortcomings in the evidence.”

He goes on: “A careful reading of the report shows that its authors --- not unlike those who wrote the Mueller report to suggest guilt they couldn’t prove --- are convinced that thin allegations can be bulked up if repeated often enough.”

And that’s just what happened on the Senate floor on Thursday. Remember when John Kerry was running for President, and his fellow Vietnam swift boaters had some seriously unflattering things to say? News stories kept referring to them as “the discredited swift boaters.” We never saw the words “swift boaters” without the word “discredited” in front of them. Nobody explained how the swift boaters had BEEN discredited. And they hadn’t been.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee


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Marching for Life

By Mike Huckabee

Today is the 47th annual March For Life. The big gathering is in DC, but there are hundreds of local events, and at this writing, it’s not too late to join in. You can find info on events closest to you at

This year’s March will also be historic because President Trump plans to become the first sitting President ever to address the crowd in person. I’ll share a link to that video once it’s available. With nearly 62 million babies being killed since Roe v. Wade, let’s hope this marks a turning point. The media are so pro-abortion that they routinely give little or no coverage to the massive annual pro-life march. Trump’s appearance will force them to cover it, which is one of many reasons why it’s so appreciated by the pro-life movement.

It’s shocking that well into the 21st century, there are still people defending the cruel abomination of abortion, despite seeing their longtime arguments destroyed by advances in science. And with pro-life pregnancy centers that help arrange adoptions outnumbering abortion clinics 5-to-1, the abortion industry’s only hope of survival is to keep people in the dark about what abortion really is and what their options are. By showing up in person, President Trump is forcing the liberal media outlets that keep him under a glaring spotlight 24/7 to drag that spotlight to where it will do some good.



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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Five days past the entirely peaceful, violence-free, racially diverse pro-Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, liberal “journalists” are still trying to convince us that it really was a white supremacist bloodbath waiting to happen. What else could possibly occur with all those law-abiding citizens carrying guns, right? (You might ask the people at the church in White Settlement, Texas, where law-abiding gun owners showing cool-headed restraint ended a potential mass shooting with one well-placed shot.)

At the link, Matt Vespa of illustrates the media’s continuing efforts to rewrite the inconvenient facts of the rally to fit their hysterical anti-gun narrative, and does an interesting background check on one in particular. This provides a good reminder that a loose cannon with a media platform can be far more dangerous to society than a responsible gun owner.


I’m not going to bore you by recapping the yawn-filled Day Three of the Impeachment Trial, where House Democrats continued to repeat themselves endlessly and at great length. If you’d like to know what happened in quick, relatively painless and even occasionally entertaining fashion, scroll through’s live blog of the proceedings:

I’ll just point out that from the way the House Democrats assert with absolute certainty that they know what Trump was thinking and what his motivations were without any solid evidence, they would be much better employed doing a mind reading act in Vegas than squandering the taxpayers’ time and money in Congress.

Also, there were these tidbits:

Dumb Adam Schiff Comment of the Day (Wednesday): Schiff claimed that Trump is “dangerous” because he trusts his personal attorney over the intelligence community. Would that be the same intelligence community that constantly leaked to the media to undermine his Administration, falsified documents to obtain fraudulent FISA warrants, set perjury traps and tried to frame his staffers and campaign aides, all while tweeting about their “insurance policy” to prevent him from becoming President? Right, Trump is the “dangerous” one in Washington for not trusting them!

Dumb Internet Kerfuffle of the Day: Media liberals attacked Sen. Marsha Blackburn for looking at a book during the riveting testimony of the umpteenth repetition of the Democrats’ allegations against Trump. Blackburn responded that many Senators were holding notepads and other materials to help them follow the proceedings, and she was just consulting the chapter on obstruction in Kimberley Strassel’s new book, “Resistance.” Personally, I’d understand if any Senator were reading Harry Potter or playing "Candy Crush" or doing anything else that might keep them from slipping into a coma. But Sen. Blackburn’s book was perfectly appropriate.

Speaking of that, Kimberley Strassel will be my guest on this weekend’s episode of “Huckabee” on TBN to talk about her book. The full name of it is “Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters are Breaking America.” When you know that, you realize how incredibly appropriate it is to the impeachment proceedings.

Sen. Blackburn was also involved in another over-hyped “controversy” that I suspect was ginned up to give the DC media something marginally more exciting to squawk about.

The only thing I found at all interesting about the third day was how the House Democrats are able to present – with straight faces and somber miens – claims that anybody who’s been paying even the slightest attention to this story knows are bigger whoppers than anything at Burger King.

For instance, my jaw dropped when they carefully cherry-picked some words from law professor Jonathan Turley as supporting their case. It hasn’t been that long ago since we all saw Turley’s testimony. He told them that if they voted to impeach a President on charges so vague and partisan and evidence so flimsy, they would be the ones committing an abuse of power. He was so devastating to their case, leftists were sending him and his family threats. Now, they claim his testimony supported their case, and liberal reporters hail them for their brilliant legal minds. It was like the previous day, when Ambassador Sondland's claims were cited as evidence for their case, and nobody seemed to remember that his boasts disintegrated under cross examination.

Meanwhile, Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono was so impressed, she said she hopes her Republican colleagues are wrestling with their consciences over not voting to impeach. Again, I clearly recall Sen. Hirono during the Kavanaugh hearings taking a lot of heat for torching due process rights and suggesting that any man accused by a woman should just “shut up” and not defend himself, even if he thinks he’s innocent. Yet, here she is once again, publicly declaring the accused guilty before the defense has even had a chance to speak.

In trying to explain the current polarized political climate, some people have said the right and left are “watching different movies” or living in different realities. I don’t buy that. Reality isn’t a movie; and there’s only one reality, which is not changed by your perceptions (ask anyone who ever drove into a tree if their failure to see the tree made it disappear before their car hit it.)

Personally, from the evidence I’ve seen over the past few days – House Democrats repeating the same false, twisted or unsupported claims over and over, citing witnesses who actually undermined them, even forgetting there is such a thing as due process – I suspect the difference between conservatives and liberals is that liberals have lousy memories. It would explain why they keep bringing back things that have failed over and over again (like socialism) and wanting to try them again.

I think the difference between Republicans (whose party symbol is the elephant, which “never forgets”) and the Democrats who can’t seem to remember what their own witnesses said a month ago, is damage to the memory centers of the brain. So my working theory on why the parties see things so differently comes down to the spread of legalized marijuana in blue states.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly."

- Proverbs 14:29

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  • Paul Kern

    01/25/2020 12:08 PM

    I like your newsletter but I have two gripes.1) your morning newsletter doesn't appear till about noon here on the west coast where I live and the evening edition often never comes and 2) some of your lives show up blank. Nothing. At this point I am thinking of finding other more reliable sources of in formation. I have seen you never post anything I have written and I am a conservative Christian. Never accusing or blaming on your site.

  • Amelia Little

    01/25/2020 02:12 AM

    The left has some people who must spend MONTHS upon MONTHS looking for some obscure statement/essay from a Republican from when they were maybe 10 years old to "prove" how horrible the person is 30 some years later. Perhaps their researchers aren't any more techno-savvy than me--because they don't mention to their leftist bosses about archives of news reports, press conferences, etc of even recent events. Like what Sondland actually said in his testimony when questioned by Republicans. Or what Prof Turley REALLY said during his testimony. It's absolutely ludicrous for them to LIE ABOUT WHAT IS MEMORIALIZED ON TAPE!!! Do they think no one is going to go back and CHECK to see?

    It's also mind boggling when someone speaks the truth--like Senator Blackburn. Why, it's just UNACCEPTABLE to speak "ill" of someone on their side. Maybe they don't carry on about when it is said on say, Hannity or Tucker or Laura's shows--probably because they don't watch them, so don't know, but have a cow (surely not the farting kind! lol) if it is said to reporters. Or, it's all fine and dandy that the left can say whatever they want about the President, call him any number of names, but NO ONE, not even, or maybe especially, the President can return the favor!!!

  • GK Epperson

    01/25/2020 12:10 AM

    I was so happy with what President Trump said in regards to the March for Life! I do hope to God some day soon that the killing of our unborn babies will stop.

    As usual you nailed it about the the last 3 days of impeachment nonsense. I haven't watched it but only saw bits of it on the news website. It's hard to believe we have lawmakers like the ones who presented impeachment arguments for the democrats.
    I pray that God will help us vote in a lot more good lawmakers...and vote out the ones who care more about party than they do our country.

  • Nancy Klus

    01/24/2020 05:04 PM

    Gov, I know you probably read that Finland's government just collapsed. But
    I thought I would tell you anyway. This is the Democratic Socialist country that
    "our" Socialists look to as Socialism "working"...well it didn't and it doesn't. HA!

  • Mike Smith

    01/24/2020 04:54 PM

    Hi Governor,
    All of this going on makes me wonder if the Russian interference went much deeper than just Twitter and Facebook. It certainly seems possible that someone slipped some mind-altering chemicals in the drinks at the party Nancy, Adam and Jerry were throwing. They're not just hallucinating, they're downright psychotic.

  • Anne Amato

    01/24/2020 01:27 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Thank you VERY much AGAIN for undergoing the pain of watching the hearings for us...."so we don't have to". I know you do this all the time, but you watching these hearings is actually "above and beyond the call of duty." So...thank you!

    But...I really, really hope that Republicans who will be speaking, read your newsletter and actually MAKE the points you have when THEY speak!!!!! Some of the Democrats themselves obviously have NOT even read the documents that form the basis for this whole mess!

    Thank you again....and....looking forward to the President speaking at the Right to Life Rally.

    But...when this is done...and we can perhaps go back and watch the Republicans and those in defense of the President, hope you get some much deserved rest!