December 11, 2019

Ambien sales plummeted this week as Americans realized that instead of taking a pill to help them sleep, they could just watch Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee pretend they were on track to impeach President Trump--out of their civic duty of course.  Even Nadler himself dozed off during the hearings!  Yes, it was THAT bad. 

But it wasn’t boring because 3 out of 4 law professors hauled in to be experts droned on and on about how smart they were and how bad President Trump is and how stupid his supporters are.  It was boring because it was nothing but balloon juice from highly partisan Democrats who to this day have continued to shed tears and scream because they didn’t win the 2016 Presidential election.  It was amazing that with a straight face, many of the Democrats on the committee said out loud they were unsure about impeachment, even though 17 of the 24 members of the committee had already voted to impeach the President in the months before.  Please think on that.  Before having heard a shred of evidence, they had already decided what the charges and punishment should be.  Imagine if you were charged with a crime and the jury pool deciding your fate came to the trial having already publicly declaring that before the 1st witness or fact was presented, they already knew they were ready to convict you.  Think anyone would think that’s a fair trial?

If you don’t like or cannot vote for Donald Trump or the Republicans next year, fine.  But you might want to either not vote, write in someone, or vote for an independent rather than trust people like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, and the folks with them to have even a piece of your government.  Voters gave them the House in 2018, and instead of passing the incredibly important USMCA trade bill, border security, protection of Social Security, or innovations to hold down the costs of your health care, the Democrats have focused on one and only one thing—impeaching a President that was elected but that the Democrats and the DC swamp rats just can’t stand.  The solution to having a President you don’t like is electing a different one in the next election, not to undo the previous election.  Their verdict of impeachment hasn’t changed since before Trump took office, but the reason has changed more than a baby’s diaper and for exactly the same reason.  The one law professor who made sense was Jonathan Turley of George Washington University School of Law.  He said there was an abuse of power, but not by the President, but by the House Democrats.  Keep in mind he explicitly stated he was not a Trump supporter and didn’t vote for Trump.  He was a Clinton and Obama supporter, but his very clear reason for warning against impeachment was that there were no Constitutional grounds for impeachment and to proceed would constitute an abuse of power—the very thing the Democrats accused the President of. 

One thing is clear:  If the Dems proceed with this sham, the equivalence of political pornography, President Trump will win by a landslide a year from now.  Because Americans might like a good fight and want their side to win, but most Americans want the fight to be fair and they are smart enough to know these Trumped Up charges are not about YOU, the CONSTITUTION, or our CHILDREN’S future.  It’s about petulant, petty, and politically bitter people trying to rig an election.  And even Democrats—at least the fair ones—know that’s not how we elect or get rid of a President.

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  • anthony "curt" Zeek

    12/12/2019 10:34 PM

    I love your show and your comments Governor, thanks for being on our side, we love and support you.