August 22, 2018

Many conservatives have questioned why I ever agreed to be a guest on Bill Maher’s show, considering his views on most issues are diametrically opposed to mine.  The reason is because he asked.  Unlike most liberals in Hollywood, Maher is actually willing to have a conversation with someone who holds conservative and Christian views.  He might disagree, argue, mock, etc., but at least he doesn’t simply banish everyone with a different viewpoint from his airwaves. 

And here’s a good example of how, once again, Maher is proving to be practically the only voice in Hollywood brave enough to stand up for free speech by denouncing the silencing of Alex Jones on social media.  While his fellow celebrities were celebrating that great “victory,” they never stopped to think twice (or even once) about what it means when you approve of granting media outlets the power to censor people you don’t like: you’re implicitly granting them the power to censor you, too. 

Maher is a classic liberal in the way that the ACLU used to be but forgot, arguing that free speech means that even people who offer what you consider to be “bad speech” have a right to speak.  On this one point, at least, he and I are in complete agreement.  Just for the rare moments when he shocks Hollywood by saying something genuinely “politically incorrect,” I hope the PC speech police never succeed in silencing him.


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