November 13, 2020


The so-called “Trump Accountability Project” that was going to keep a naughty list to try to shame and blacklist people who worked for or supported President Trump announced that it has disbanded. A spokesman claimed they abandoned the slimy, reprehensible and un-American project (my description, not his) in the spirit of Joe Biden’s call for national unity.

Prominent attorney Leslie McAdoo Gordon summed it up more bluntly but likely more accurately by tweeting, "Translation: We got our a**es handed to us so we are limping off the field w/our tail between our legs; but we are still unwilling to admit what we were doing is morally indefensible because that is how totalitarians roll."

Well, I hope they’re seriously abandoning this idea and not just going underground with it, although I’ll believe the blacklists don’t exist when everyone in America can feel free to speak their minds without fear of doxing, assaults or losing their jobs. Or when I see even one conservative-oriented late night comedy show, other than Greg Gutfeld’s on Fox.


COVID-19 is apparently the official virus of the Democratic Party. Otherwise, why would it not spread at massive Biden celebrations, yet you have to cancel your family’s traditional Thanksgiving over it?

And even more of a red flag that the virus is a Democrat: it wants us to close all the churches but keep the strip clubs open. Because strip clubs have, like, First Amendment rights…


So much attention is being devoted to the ongoing counting/investigating of last week’s vote that not many people are paying attention to what Joe Biden is saying he will do the minute he becomes President (if he does.) That’s too bad. It’s exactly what I’ve been telling you he would do for months, and if enough people had listened, I like to think he wouldn’t have come anywhere close to winning.

For instance, he’s said that on day one, he would start reversing Trump’s policies and executive orders that have given us cheap gas, energy independence and peace in the Middle East. He will “reengage” with Iran, even though Trump’s sanctions on Iran made it impossible for them to fund terrorism and threaten their neighbors, so that other Arab nations finally felt safe to make peace deals with Israel. Biden will return to the failed policy of appeasing and empowering Iran, reversing Trump’s historic accomplishments at bringing peace to the region. It’s not coincidental that under Obama/Biden, Iran was threatening its neighbors with nukes and ISIS built a caliphate the size of (ironically) Pennsylvania.

Biden plans to reverse Trump’s protections of religious freedom, meaning the Little Sisters of the Poor could end up back in federal court, being persecuted for not paying for contraceptives and abortifacient drugs for employees. He also plans to reverse Trump’s guidelines on college campuses, returning us to the Obama era on everything from letting males who “identify” as female trample the rights of girls to letting leftist colleges act like star chambers and find students guilty of sexual crimes without due process rights, evidence or the right to face their accusers. More irony, considering Biden himself was credibly accused of sexual assault by a former staffer, yet another story that the media stenuousy ignored.

And on immigration, he plans to do away with all of Trump’s efforts at border security and immigration restrictions, and end his agreements with Central American nations to keep waves of migrants and refugees from coming here. He'll also reverse Trump's ban on travel from nations that are hotbeds of anti-American terrorism.

Steven Green at PJ Media points out that for the first time in over 20 years, wages were growing for low skilled and middle class workers under Trump. It wasn’t because of GDP growth, it was because Trump cut off the supply of exploitable migrants and legal illegal immigrant workers that undercut the pay of American workers. Green scoffs, "’Party of the working man,’ the Democrats said. ‘Middle-class Joe’ will protect you, they promised.” Any of those workers who voted for Biden actually voted to reduce their own pay and possibly ax their own jobs.

These are just a few of the things we stand to lose should Biden (Heaven forbid) become President and once again start showing why he has a reputation for being on the wrong side of every important issue of the last half century. I hope his supporters are starting to realize what a mistake it was to vote to trade border security, rising wages, record low unemployment, respect for Constitutional rights, protection of life in the womb, and peace in the Middle East for no more “mean tweets.”


Former forensic accountant-turned-novelist Larry Correia wrote a couple of blog posts about all the red flags pointing in one direction that made him suspect skullduggery was afoot in last week’s election (I cleaned up his term for it.) After getting a lot of (as he put it) strangers screaming at him and regurgitating “fact-checks” from the media, he decided to throw the issue open to other experts.

He asked readers with a background in auditing/stats/fraud/investigations/or other data analysis type fields one simple question: “In your entire career, have you ever seen a case that threw up this many flags that DID NOT turn out to be fraud?” He heard back from people with some very impressive resumes, including decades of experience in auditing systems and ferreting out fraud for international banks, insurance agencies, casinos, government, the military and other major entities.

I think you’ll find their responses eye-opening. It will give you a quick education in how fraud cases are spotted, investigated and prosecuted that might come in handy in coming days. As for the consensus, some are more cautious about drawing a conclusion than others, and one notes that fraud cases are hard to prove. But in general, they believe this election is throwing off more smoke than a tire yard fire. Some say the "glitches" could be due to ignorance or incompetence, but random errors don't all fall in the same direction (pro-Biden.) A few sample quotes:

"This is a flashing sign that can be seen from space."

"I was a CPA for 45 years and never saw anything as suspicious as this election."

"We busted an entire drug smuggling operation – multiple players, multimillion$/year…on maybe 2% of the evidence in this case."

"No. In fact I would say that in about 34 years of this work, it is my professional opinion that at this level it is mathematically more likely that our sun blinks out of existence as a result of every particle in it spontaneously 'blinking' into another state than it is that fraud did not take place on the order of millions of votes."


As we wait for the election drama --- that word seems so inadequate –- to play out in courtrooms, it might be good to reflect on what makes the stakes so high this time, why we need President Trump in office for another term. This must-read article by Ben Weingarten in AMERICAN MIND lays out just what President Trump has done for our country.

In “Trump’s Greatest Achievement,” he praises the President most of all for exposing “the ruling class: the bipartisan political establishment and its adjuncts in Big Tech, the corporate media, Big Business and Woke Capital, the academy, and across the commanding heights of American society.”

There can be no doubt that Trump has done this, and that's is why they're all working on the same team to remove him from his seat of power and, indeed, to utterly destroy him. In that, they have shown themselves to be, Weingarten says, “lawless and tyrannical.”

We have learned that they will do ANYTHING to take down an enemy. In the case of Trump, they delegitimized his election in the eyes of millions; slandered him as a bigot, a monster, a Nazi and even a Russian spy and traitor to his country; used the media to twist his words and smear him with lies; waged “legal and political jihads,” as Weingarten puts it; weaponized the intelligence community, national security and law enforcement against him; drummed up an impeachment (ironically, based on his effort to root out corruption); mused about wearing a wire to trap him and using the 25th Amendment to depose him; used legal traps to keep him from exercising his rightful authority as President; leaked sensitive and even classified information to undermine him; withheld evidence that would have helped Trump and revealed their own biases and corruption; censored his social media; and engaged in outright insubordination, with military leaders working against him and even publicly “entertaining scenarios of forcibly removing him from office.”

This is what we KNOW about. And it doesn’t even count what they’ve been doing to turn his run for re-election into total chaos.

As Weingarten says, this effort to destroy the President is also meant to destroy the people who support him. Before Biden has even been certified as the winner, Democrats are talking about how they want to hurt everyone associated with Trump. “The ruling class’s hatred of the President, and its efforts to destroy him,” he says, “were of course a proxy for its desire to destroy what he represents...not just the policies it despises, but the people it despises. This includes the 71 million commonsense, patriotic, traditional Americans who voted for him.” If there’s one thing they despise most of all, it’s traditional Americans.

This is why they can alter ballots, vote for dead people, interfere with (and abuse) Republican poll watchers and possibly much more to steal the election with complete impunity, no guilt at all. I wrote a few days ago about the condition of “narcissistic moral supremacy” –- these people have it in spades. They believe they are "woke" and virtuous while we are deplorable, irredeemable, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, you name it. We are so evil, they believe, that anything, ANYTHING they do to keep us from power and preferably destroy us is justified and even morally right. They’ll feel good about themselves for shunning us, trashing our reputations, ending our careers, even putting us in jail.

And Big Tech will feel good about themselves for censoring us, in the name of maintaining the sanctioned narrative. They’ll muzzle and neuter us like the dogs they think we are.

They’re even congratulating themselves for using a virus to create chaos around the voting process. (“Never let a crisis go to waste.”) They messed up the vote count so badly that we might never be able to trust the results of an election again. That trust has been shattered, right according to plan.

I hear some people say that this experience should drill home to us the importance of “every last vote.” Sadly, I can see it being interpreted in the opposite way: telling us that “my vote” doesn’t matter, that it will just be canceled by some dead person’s vote or otherwise rendered powerless. That's exactly what they want.

As if this weren’t enough, before we could resolve the massive irregularities and determine who really got more votes (as opposed to ballots), the media immediately coronated Biden as the next leader of the Free World and foreign leaders even started congratulating him. He’s pretending to be the President now. And the steps he's already taken show us how determined his side is to undo all the good that Trump has accomplished. As we’ve reported, his “transition” team is full of that same ruling class: DC lobbyists, Soros-connected staffers and representatives of Big Tech –- those best positioned to keep the riff-raff down.

Weingarten has it exactly right when he predicts what will happen if anything changes the vote in favor of Trump: It will be “dismissed as an attempt to ‘undermine our democracy’ [never a republic], ‘suppress the vote’ [by tossing illegal ones], and ‘steal the election’ [obtain a legal, certifiable, official final tally].” We’ve seen that anyone who even suggests they count the legal votes and discount the illegitimate ones is already being savaged on social media. Even singer Katy Perry was viciously attacked online simply for making a post-election conciliatory gesture to family and friends who might have voted Republican.

Weingarten agrees with what we’ve said about Biden’s call for “healing” being disingenuous and hypocritical. As he puts it, Biden “compared the President for whom 71 million people voted to Goebbels, called the only reporters who scrutinized him Russian traitors, and routinely badmouthed the country as a systematically racist bastion of evil.” And now he wants to bring us all together? Good grief.

As I wrote to Biden last week in an open letter and reiterated on HANNITY Thursday night, if he really wanted to bring unity and not have a dark cloud over him if he wins, HE should call for a fully transparent investigation, and we should all accept the result either way.

Who else but Trump could have stood up to all this? We join Weingarten and the relatively few others who feel compelled to write the real story, for the ages –- though we don’t yet how it ends or even whether or not our accounts will survive undistorted. We write it, as he says, “for our posterity, and for our fellow countrymen, in the here and now, more motivated than ever before to reclaim the land we love.”


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  • Tamara Kastanas

    11/15/2020 09:23 AM

    Love your newsletter, I look forward to reading it every day! However I am not receiving daily newsletter everyday. This happens from time to time, I don't know if it is a simple error or Big Tech blocking it.
    God Bless you and your Family and thank you for what you do!
    Tamara Kastanas

  • Patrick J Brewer

    11/15/2020 01:34 AM

    Love hearing you talk Gov Mike Huckabee. Your articles are great but how do I subscribe to your Parler show/news?

  • Carl Junker

    11/14/2020 02:31 PM

    Love the truth you bring out. Thank you God bless you.

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/14/2020 12:39 PM

    Thank you. Well the “ruling class” has cheated their way to winning a major battle. let’s hope not the war. In the meantime we’ll have incompetent Joe who’s to dumb to realize that he’s a criminal.

  • Dan Klaffke

    11/14/2020 12:32 PM

    Is the following really true? I just want to know!!!

    Earlier this week, Pfizer announced it had developed a COVID-19 vaccine that the drugmaker says prevents 90 percent of infections — not bad at all, really.

    The announcement just happened to come 48 hours after the media inappropriately declared Joe Biden “president-elect,” despite the fact that Trump is challenging several results based on allegations of voter fraud and electronic ballot theft.

    The company was supposed to announce its success in October, originally, but for some reason decided to prolong clinical trials beyond what the FDA and Health and Human Services department had originally agreed upon. And recall, President Trump has been saying for weeks now that he expected to have a vaccine before the election.

    Well — he should have. And wouldn’t that have been a nice pre-election day announcement for the president responsible for the rapid development of the vaccine to have been able to make?

    Not only did Pfizer wait until Biden was declared president-elect by the media, but the company alerted him and his campaign first — without even telling the Trump administration (which has already paid Pfizer $1.25 billion for the first 100 million doses of the vaccine).
    Friday, November 13, 2020 by: JD Heyes
    Address: http//

  • Rachel Laster

    11/14/2020 11:55 AM

    Any state that used the computer system that switches ballots from red to blue should have a total recount either by hand or using a different computer system. I was glad to see Georgia counting by hand but I am afraid it is too late if ballots were admitted that were illegial and the envelope it came in has been discarded. I am really worried about our country.

  • Martina cadsap

    11/14/2020 11:49 AM

    Thank you for this article and the Word of God you shared reminding us who we are in His eyes

  • Michele Donovan

    11/14/2020 11:36 AM

    We thank God for your professional voice speaking for us, Mike Huckabee, as we feel quite helpless, especially as upstate New Yorkers!

  • Rallen Fontenot

    11/14/2020 11:16 AM

    Thank you Governor for keeping up the good fight!

  • Ashley Holtam

    11/14/2020 10:34 AM

    Have you seen Richard A. Viguerie's (founder & Chairman of email dated 14 Nov 2020, asking all to send letters to the President asking him to investigate the abnormalities associated with this election?

  • Susan Kesterson

    11/14/2020 10:27 AM

    I believe the issues we are dealing with today are largely due to the fact that there are no consequences for ANY of the evil deeds the leftists are doing. All the lying, bullying, and violence continues because they know they’ll never pay any price. Until there is, at the very least, an indictment of just one of these nefarious characters we continue to be suppressed.

  • Jessie Teddlie

    11/14/2020 09:46 AM

    Thank you for being a patriot and honestly putting out real news! We must keep emptying the swamp of corruption!

  • Jean Robertson

    11/14/2020 09:40 AM

    Trump 2020. I not listening to Biden. He is a crook. God help him to repent. Love my President and family. Prayers daily.

  • Ronald Boyle

    11/14/2020 09:31 AM

    let's hope the election commission head recalls the revote to the American people. This poor election process needs to be revamped so a fair election can always be relied on.
    Thank you for your reports, stay well, and keep us advised.

  • Jerry

    11/14/2020 09:15 AM

    As Al Sharpton has become less of an factor in the media it seems Obama is taking the baton to voice hate and a continuous effort to divide the races in this country. Obama did a lot of damage to this country during his 8 year reign and it is about to continue with Harris at the desk in the Oval office. Many adversaries of this country are sharpening their knives looking forward to Jan. 20 with the new Ambassador to China Joe Biden prepares to serve the Assets of the USA to the CCP. As long as Biden receives his 30% Biden will stay around. The other countries Iran Russia Ukraine are getting the finances ready to to receive American taxpayers assets at a discount with the Big Guy taking the first share of the corrupt money.

  • Don

    11/14/2020 09:13 AM

    Opinion of a christian, conservative, Trump supporter... at this time it appears that only the supreme court can bring an accounting for the "theft of this election from Pres Trump".. Christians, Conservatives, Trump and his supporters have been steam rolled and bullied for last 4 years culminating in this theft of the election.... As a christian i believe that the creator God is in control of this universe of which the United States is just a tiny speck...I, for one , will not be bullied by the elites.. I will continue to vote in every election against ALL DEMOCRATS, i will attend church, i will support conservative causes, i will stay off social media, i will focus on things of beauty, truth, and value (which does not include politics and media)

  • Jerry Korba

    11/14/2020 08:55 AM

    When people make statements like elections have consequences people don't believe it. When I see a city take Chicago the people elect a mayor and the mayor puts his or her people in positions that oversee the way a city is going to be run. Chicago has killing shooting fraud corruption for at least 60 years still the citizens vote for that style of living. How long, how many times does it take for people to go to funeral homes to make arrangements for a lost family members before a change in the city's mayors office the states Governors office the states and Federal Senate and Representatives offices these people keep putting their hands on a hot stove and wonder why their hands are blistered get a clue its the Mayor stupid. Look at New York city its the mayor stupid just maybe you will get the picture I have my doubts stop crying change the type of Government officials you elect. Don't feel alone Minneapolis has a corral of stupid officials also fire murder theft corruption unsafe conditions just more stupid people electing stupid people.

  • Lois Louise Robeson

    11/14/2020 08:31 AM

    There is so much good information, too much to print it all out, but I am wondering if you could put out a simple list of all the things President Trump has done for the people of America.

  • Jerry

    11/14/2020 08:29 AM

    Insane facilities will overflow with people by this time next with Harris implementation of a gov. Cuomo style of government. Killing seniors stopping vaccines for New Yorkers killing business on Main Street and throughout the state of New York. Obama Style of illegal immigration will be a major problem again more drugs and distribution will be on the rise how that for a start and don’t be surprised when governors around the country fall in line with this communist approach


    11/14/2020 08:11 AM

    If this election results stands we are dangerously close to communism in America.

  • Kevin krikke

    11/14/2020 07:19 AM

    Keep up the good work . Please tell president trump the same !

  • Charles Horne

    11/14/2020 07:10 AM

    Is the Huckabee Pac going to donate to the two Georgia US Senate races?

  • Douglas Noel

    11/14/2020 06:18 AM

    I'm sorry, but I have lost all faith and trust in the Democratic regime. They may "say" that their reprehensible punitive intentions are being withdrawn but that is just a shroud over reality. These intentions are nothing new. We saw it under the Obama regime with health care and their reprehensible actions of obstructionism over the last four years. I may be deluded, but I don't think it will affect me too much. I retired from federal government service. I retired from public school teaching. I am now just focusing on my writing of books and poetry (which I've now won a 5th award for). I am onboard, however, with the belief that, regardless of how the end tally turns out, all of these irregularities MUST be FULLY investigated and prosecuted. I am in the group of many that believe the election process can no longer be trust and if these irregularities aren't fully investigated, prosecuted, and corrected we've lost the country. God bless.

  • Clara Herrin

    11/14/2020 06:04 AM

    I'm beginning to lose hope that Americans will ever learn how to use their native tongue. It's gotten to the point where no article, news report, or essay printed for public consumption is perfect from beginning to end. Even in the block containing the quote from the Bible there's a mistake. I can hardly read a post that doesn't have come kind of problem with context, spelling, punctuation or overall coherence. I've even stopped reading most comments because I can't abide the lax attitude toward writing in English. So, one more time I'll share my hope that before one presses the Send button, the writer will take time to proofread his/her work. The world will just have to wait those few seconds longer before they are edified with whatever nugget of wisdom the contributor desires to share with it. As for me...I'm out of here.

  • Therese Tuckness

    11/14/2020 04:52 AM

    My husband and I are sick of the outcome of this and a couple elections before, from 2000 where the first problems were the paper ballots as we were dealing with those hanging chads in Florida. Where Jeb Bush, brother to president elect G.W. Bush. was Mayor.
    It's worse now in the process we had back then.

    What is it that The so-called bunch of Seagulls are hiding? And the media is behind them to railroad the country in finding out?