April 5, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Wasserman Schultz and Pakistani IT family back in news -- Not that David Hogg -- CNN gulps -- The Amazon story -- California hikes tuition for citizens not illegals -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Why, I was just thinking the other day how long it had been since we’d seen the cheery face of former DNC chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz or heard anything about that nice family of Pakistani “IT professionals” who kept Democrats’ laptops in tip-top shape for over a decade. How wonderful to see that they’re back in the news now.

Imran Awan and his family continued working as server administrators for months after the House Inspector General found that they’d committed serious misconduct. And to this day, no one has been charged with hacking, though Awan and his wife were charged with felonies for allegedly cashing out their congressional retirement account under false pretenses while trying to get the heck out of Dodge (the US). A new article by cybersecurity expert Kevin McDonald appearing in SearchSecurity, a publication for IT professionals, bluntly calls this story an example of “negligence trumping security and, worse yet, common sense.”

McDonald blames Wasserman Schultz in particular for the “alarming” risk-taking; as head of the DNC, she went so far as to keep Awan on the payroll for six months after he was put under criminal investigation and banned by the House from the computer network. Stunningly, he and his family had been working for 44 House Democrats, maintaining access to all the emails and files of 1 in 5 Democratic members of Congress. Incredibly, they could log right in any time they wanted with the personal usernames of those legislators.


Mike Huckabee

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Not that David Hogg

By Mike Huckabee

I recently had a little experience with the tendency of people on social media to attack people unfairly because of mistaken identity. So I offer my sympathies and my efforts at helping to make crystal clear that the David Hogg on Twitter under the name @David_Hogg16 is definitely not THAT David Hogg. This one is a 16-year-old college student, and he wants all the people sending him angry tweets to know he’s also a conservative and pro-Second Amendment.

If you’re going to defend the NRA effectively, then please remember one of the cardinal rules of safe handling of a weapon: make sure you know what you’re aiming at – and that no unintended targets are in the line of fire.



CNN gulps

By Mike Huckabee

It must have just killed CNN to have to write this article (you can tell from how it’s stuffed with caveats in a herculean effort to downplay its own news value – and for the record, his approval rating is 8 points higher in the Rasmussen poll than in CNN’s). But even CNN has to admit that President Trump’s poll numbers are rising, and they identify four demographic groups that are “warming up” to him. Which do you think it was the most painful for them to have to admit: young voters or college graduates? Both put a really nasty dent in the liberal narrative.



The Amazon story

By Mike Huckabee

Amazon’s stock price has taken a beating under President Trump’s criticism of the company. He says the online retailer is taking advantage of a loophole in the law to use the US Postal Service as its “delivery boy” in a deal that costs taxpayers $1.46 for every Amazon package delivered. His critics claim he's just upset that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post and turned it into a 24/7 Trump-bashing outlet and that Amazon is keeping the Post Office alive by giving it so much business.

So which is true: is Amazon throwing so much business to the Post Office that they now have to deliver packages on Sundays, or is Amazon paying so little that the Post Office loses $1.46 on every package?

Would you believe…both?

For the record, the part about the Washington Post is also pretty much true.



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California hikes tuition for citizens not illegals

By Mike Huckabee

Since everyone is discussing “privilege” on college campuses, one of the more galling examples of privilege that isn’t likely to be criticized by the university elite are the privileges enjoyed by illegal immigrants in California.

The University of California board of regents voted last month to raise tuition on out-of-state students by nearly $1000 a year. But illegal immigrants can avoid that by simply declaring themselves to be in-state residents, despite actually being citizens of places way out-of-state – so far out, they’re foreign countries.

A 1982 Supreme Court decision barred public schools for grades K-12 from denying free public education based on immigration status, and colleges don’t ask about it. However, it’s estimated that as many as 3700 illegal immigrants are enrolled in the UC system, which means they will be paying over $3.6 million less in tuition per year than they would if they were American students from any other US state.

A state law mandates that those students may pay in-state tuition if they attend high school in California for at least three years and earn a California high school diploma. A spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform called on state lawmakers to change the law, but he probably realizes there’s fat chance of that. He noted that “California is perpetually broke, and yet they manage to come up with services for illegal aliens.” The latest estimate is that services for illegal residents cost California taxpayers over $25 billion a year.


But California’s emphasis on catering to illegal residents at the expense of taxpaying citizens is no longer going unnoticed by the increasingly disgruntled public. More and more cities are joining the lawsuit to overturn the “sanctuary state” law, and some rogue street artists are now using sarcastic humor to point out the disparity.


The question is whether this rising tide of frustration will ever manifest itself in a movement by voters to “throw the bums out” and send the leftist politicians back to school themselves. Preferably a nice trade school where they can learn how to do something useful for society for a change.


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  • Debra Gill

    04/06/2018 04:36 PM

    “Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of Government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess of the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy..." Professor Alexander Fraser Tyler writing when the states were still colonies of Great Britain, explaining why democracies always fail.