July 23, 2018

In tonight’s show, I visit with Vice President Mike Pence, but the interview was taped before the President’s trip to Europe, where it ended with the widely panned press conference with Russian President Putin, so we obviously don’t cover those events.  But I will.

Though condemned for his tough talk to NATO, President Trump has actually gotten results by openly and publicly criticizing European nations who gained the most by NATO protecting them while basically being deadbeats and free-loaders who didn’t pay even what they promised and instead let the US pick up the tab.  Until President Trump, the US might as well have stood for “Us Suckers.”  Was he gentle and oh, so diplomatic in his shaming our allies to stop their free feeding at the trough?  Not even a little bit.  But the results are encouraging, with most of the slacker nations now agreeing to put their money where they mealy, miserly mouths have been. 


In the UK, the President was as straightforward in public as in private with Prime Minister Teresa May, who has the responsibility to get the UK out of the European Union due to the Brits having voted in the Brexit election, but who seems about as happy to do it as Hillary was to sit on the stage watching Donald Trump sworn in as President in January of 2017.  But the net result was that the US and UK continue as strong allies and the groundwork laid for strong trade agreements to flourish.  And while at Windsor Castle, the President didn’t spill his tea on the rug while chatting with Queen Elizabeth, which his critics felt he was sure to do.  The one big question we didn’t have answered was why the Queen has always carried that large purse on her arm.  What’s in that thing?  It’s not like she has to carry a driver’s license, credit cards, or coins for parking.  She’s surrounded by people who will fetch any and everything she needs.  I’m convinced that bag is full of Snickers bars and every time she has to sit through some boring event or give that “queenly wave” of hers, before she turns grumpy, she digs out a Snickers and puts on her happy queen face.

When the President went to Helsinki for the meeting with Russian President Putin, we weren’t privy to their extended private meeting, but we were witnesses to a less than stellar press conference which was charitably not the President’s best public performance.  A couple of observations:  We don’t know what was said behind closed doors, but let’s be clear—Putin is a thug, the Russians did try to meddle in our elections, they murdered people on the streets of London, and they shouldn’t be trusted for directions to a Walmart.  But there is no evidence that they changed the outcome of the election, there’s no evidence that candidate Trump colluded with the Russians, and so far, President Trump has been far tougher on the Russians than any American President since President Reagan.  He expelled their diplomats, he has busted their energy exports which is the biggest blow to their economy possible, he carried out a promise to punish Syria for gassing their own people and in so doing, killed 200 Russian military personnel, and has condemned them for their incursions into neighboring countries.  No silly reset buttons like Hillary did, no nutty talk of having “more flexibility once the election is over” like Obama said, and not cute nicknames like “Pooty Poot” like President George W. Bush gave him when he said he looked into his eyes and saw his soul.  If my choice is a President who is stung by his intelligence agencies for having cooked up phony dossiers that empowered other federal agencies to investigate him, which lied to Congress about it, and then scrambled to allow evidence to be destroyed that might have implicated his opponent or the previous President—the President who knew there was Russian meddling and did nothing to stop it nor even warn the nation it was happening and whose intel agencies were actively involved in covering up for the meddling, I’ll take the President we have. 



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  • Christa Ohlich

    08/21/2018 07:33 PM

    Right on, I read your comments, love it.
    Would like to know how I can observe daughter when she reports; more, on which channel or otherwise?


    08/21/2018 02:08 PM



    THAT'S HOW I SEE THE PEOPLE @ THE BORDER. THAT WALL MUST GO UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Edward Finley

    08/02/2018 06:01 PM

    By AMI Newswire Reports

    Russian trolls did not throw the 2016 election to President Donald J. Trump, according to a new study by Stanford and Brown University researchers. President Donald Trump’s election was likely not due to the impact of the Internet according to a new study. That study, its authors admit, includes three major assumptions.

    The economists behind the study used “three measures of internet use” and three assumptions about that use to conclude that their “findings imply” that “if anything, Trump outperformed relative to trend among those groups that are least active online.” The study comes after nearly two years of accusations by Trump critics – such as general election opponent Hillary Clinton – that Russian infiltrators used the Internet to sway voters to vote for Trump.

    The study published in PLOS One, a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal used “data from the American National Election Studies (ANES) from 1996 to 2016 to study the role of the internet in the 2016 election outcome.” The authors “compare[d] trends in the Republican share of the vote between likely and unlikely internet users, and between actual internet users and non-users.”

    The study’s three assumptions were that “the internet affects only by changing the partisan vote share among those active on the internet, the effects of the internet on voting behavior are identical across individuals, and no other time-varying factors affected the Republican vote share between internet-active and internet-inactive groups.”

    “I’m not surprised by the research’s findings,” said 2ndVote Executive Director Robert Kuykendall*. “The concept of this monolithic internet being bearing responsibility for Trump’s election is rooted in an adoption of self-blame by leftist pockets found within Silicon Valley. Big Tech’s self-absorption in its own liberal thought bubble has resulted in a ‘bargaining phase’ of grief whereby penance can only be achieved by fixing the ‘monster’ that gave them Trump.”
    Two of the reports three authors are economists at Stanford University while the third is an economist affiliated with Brown University.
    American Principles Project Executive Director Terry Schilling told AMI that while he is “skeptical of the study’s findings,” he also rejects the accusation that Russia’s online presence played a significant role in the election.
    “I’m skeptical of the study’s findings simply because, in our experience at American Principles Project, we have seen the effectiveness of microtargeting through online ads first-hand. The average American spends more than three and a half hours a day online. Targeted online advertising works, and it produces a much higher ROI than traditional, more expensive advertising methods, such as radio, TV, etc.,” said Schilling in an e-mail.

    “But it is absolutely ridiculous to say that the Russians swung the 2016 election with online ads. The most prominent Russian firm in question, the Internet Research Agency, spent just $100,000 on ads, 56 percent of which ran after the election was over. Our group spent more than three times that in a statewide gubernatorial primary earlier this year. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spent tens of millions of dollars on online ads, while outside groups also spent several million influencing the race. The Russian efforts barely registered.”

    Political journalist Ben Johnson told AMI that he “would expect the internet gave Donald Trump a significant advantage in 2016.” According to Johnson, this was “not because of Russian trolls or Macedonian content farms,” but instead “because of elite media bias.”

    “Traditional media coverage of Trump was 91 percent negative during the campaign, according to the Media Research Center,” continued Johnson. “Only talk radio, the internet, and word-of-mouth approached balanced coverage – and yet he won in an Electoral College landslide.”

    “Decentralized, grassroots-driven communication vehicles – and a tireless speaking schedule – powered Donald Trump into the White House,” he said.

  • Marianne Talty

    07/26/2018 08:05 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,
    I truly have been hoping that fox meaning Hannity Tucker Carlson the Laura Ingraham etc would report the fact that in 2007 George W bush invited Vladimir Putin to the bush estate in Kennebunkport Maine in July. I was sitting on the beach when all the helicopters went roaring over my head. If you look on YouTube you will see how friendly it was and nobody is talking about this. Vladimir Putin stayed for 2 days at the bush estate and even went out on George Bush senior's boat and caught a fish. Everybody out there is talking about Putin and that he should not come to the United States when he already has. I want people to know this and to talk about it and I was hoping George Bush would say something about how important it is to get along because he did it himself..
    I have been sending messages 2 Hannity and the others and I just want this to be out there.. I'm glad that you read these and I know that you will say something about it and pointed out when you are being interviewed yourself. Thank you so much for everything you do. God bless you and your daughter Sarah for the wonderful work she is doing and your whole family..
    Marianne Talty

  • Sharon C. Fahey

    07/26/2018 04:42 PM

    We've been saying that and more. Please keep up the good work. The liberal lies seem to have grown feet, we need some way to lay the lies to rest. Too many people not only ignorantly believe the liberal sound bites but play telephone by adding more lies, false narratives and dropping names without fear of being held to task. Keep the fire going!

  • Walter McLauren

    07/24/2018 04:14 PM

    I hope the photo I copied will get pasted properly. It reveals what the Queen actually carries. Ratz. For some reason it won't paste, but here is the link to the photo.

  • matt schalburg

    07/24/2018 12:15 PM

    Thank u for doing this page daily I appreciate it very informative

  • Howard Connet

    07/23/2018 07:24 PM

    Mike I'm sure you are aware that we Americans no longer trust the alphabet agencies. The FBI, DOJ, CIA and the like. They have betrayed our trust.

  • Barbara M Bennett

    07/23/2018 04:04 PM

    I had no problem with what the President said. Our own intelligence community did more to tamper with our election than Russia did. They have done nothing but lie and try to get him impeached. I wouldn’t believe a word they said if I was him.