September 21, 2018

It’s impossible for me to adequately express my thanks for the enthusiastic and supportive response to my commentary (with byline), “One Woman’s Take On the Shameful Kavanaugh Confirmation Process.”  Imagine my surprise at receiving the verbal equivalent of three standing O’s!  When I say that your reaction to my viewpoint has made this one of my most gratifying days EVER, I am not exaggerating.


This makes me optimistic for our country as well.  Turns out I was correct in thinking there existed an untold number of like-minded women out there –- and men, too.  Thank you, men!  If you’ve been thinking that women have gone crazy, please realize that millions of women have NOT.  We are absolutely fed up and embarrassed by this hysterical nonsense.  But we need to be finding our voices and speaking out against it, because colleges and universities are working overtime to indoctrinate young women in it.


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Until writing this, I have been “in the closet,” so to speak, as someone who has a rational mind, is not ravaged by caustic hate, and just can’t lean sufficiently leftward to please many in my sphere.  (I don’t blindly follow anyone, mind you, on either side of the aisle.)  I was struck by how many comments referred to my “bravery” and thought, “What kind of world are we living in when it takes BRAVERY to voice the common-sense opinion that I did?


But I have to say, it did take some bravery, because in addition to my work in topical writing (almost always without byline), I am in the entertainment business, and you know how that is.  I’m certainly not a household name –- far from it –- because I’m in the tiny “niche” of vintage jazz recording, but still.  It’s ridiculously easy to be blackballed, and I’ve probably said more than enough with my piece on the Kavanaugh confirmation to start that ball rolling!  But, as I said, it’s time to speak out.  I would feel guilty –- and, yes, cowardly –- if I didn’t.


Some of you who wrote were wondering who Laura Ainsworth is.  Well, come visit me...


By the way, if you go to my website, it refers to an appearance on “The Mike Huckabee Show” on TBN.  My appearance has been taped but hasn’t yet aired because of a delay in obtaining licensing for the song I sing.  So be watching his show --- it’s great! --- and be looking for me.


I want to thank the Gov. for allowing me this forum for my commentary.  We go back a long time; he had seen The Comedy Wire, a daily radio service my talented husband Pat Reeder and I wrote, and became a fan, so he hired us to help with his syndicated three-times-daily radio broadcast, “The Huckabee Report.”  That work continued and expanded when he went to his full three-hour radio show.  I used to write and sing humorous song parodies on that show.  Though the Gov. interrupted his broadcasting career to run for President in 2016, we are happily back as his writing staff.  I should mention that the Gov. is a talented writer himself –- much of what we do is editing and research.  And let me tell you:  he is the best boss anyone could possibly have, absolutely, bar none, whether or not he gives me a raise when he sees this.


Your reader comments were so eloquent that I suspect some of you are writers, too, or could be.  Of course, the very, very best one, speaking totally objectively, is this from Mary Beth Pidgeon:  “This was the most common sense, feet on the ground, logical, clear-eyed piece on politics hat I have read in weeks, months or even years!  Thank you!!”


That might be overstating it just a little, but I’ll take it.  Thank YOU.


Love the comment from Cynthia Howe that in order to distance herself from the #MeToo movement and the women in “those” hats, she has changed her favorite color from pink to teal.  If teal weren’t already my favorite color, I’d do the same.


To answer a question from Linda Radosevich:  Yes, in this context, “Friend of Bill” (FOB) does refer to Bill Clinton.  He, not some other Bill, is responsible for bringing sex with underlings into the White House, breaking their naive little hearts, publicly lying about them (along with Hillary) and discarding them like a used piece of chewing gum.


To Alan Malamy:  Thanks for the correction; yes, I know Cher’s movie was MOONSTRUCK.  I just mis-typed and it’s been changed.  As I’m sure you know, MOONLIGHTING starred Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis, and, if memory serves, likely had some face-slapping in it, too.


Finally, to Gloria Juliani-Duncan, who said, “You should go on FOX News, seriously.”  Gloria, I agree, seriously.  FOX News, call me!


Thanks again to all.


Laura Ainsworth

(my real name)


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  • James Evart

    09/25/2018 10:21 AM

    What I don't understand is that ANYONE who disrupted the Kavanaugh hearings was not summarily thrown out of those hearings immediately, including those of the Democratic left who were panel members abusing their positions of trust and authority who were also being disruptive. But then, I also believe that the shameful witch (I may have one of the letters wrong in this word) who brought forth this last minute disruptive accusation, you know, the pit-bull sitting on the panel heading these attacks under her handler Schumer, should also be forced to explain her actions and be required to pay for her unethical and disruptive behavior along with the rest of her lackeys. I cannot put into words the frustration, anger and disappointment I have for this roaming pack of dogs, especially the female dogs, and the lack accountability under which they are licensed to attack and defame others .... with IMPUNITY! Wouldn't it be great if they practiced and lived Christian values, like doing unto others as you would have them do unto you?
    I pray for this good man and his family as well as our great President for strength, wisdom, courage and protection from this evil coalition which makes me see even more clearly their divine appointment for this suffering. I see the actions of the left in so many cases lately as nothing short of treason.