June 27, 2019
- June 28, 2019

A heartbreaking photo went viral of a father and his daughter from El Salvador who drowned in the Rio Grande trying to cross into the US. A lot of liberal politicians and media outlets are trying to exploit the tragedy by blaming their deaths on Republicans and claiming they were desperate to get around our strict immigration enforcement to escape violence and oppression at home.

The story is indeed a senseless, heartbreaking tragedy, but the rest is not true at all.

As the Daily Wire discovered, the two were not in danger at home, nor were they coldly rejected for asylum.  They wanted to come to the US to make more money than they did in their fast food jobs at home, and they risked the crossing because they got tired of waiting for approval and thought that lax enforcement would make it easier just to come in illegally and game the asylum system to stay.  They might still be alive if they had known that wouldn’t work or if they’d known there was a fortified wall they’d have to cross.

I’m not going to blame their deaths on the people responsible for those situations because they were ultimately the result of their own choices.  But anyone who really claims to care about the hardships faced by people who cross dangerous territory to try to enter America illegally really should take a moment to think about whether their positions and public statements are encouraging that. 

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  • Marie Lundbom

    07/01/2019 07:54 PM

    I fully agree, Mr. Huckaby! It is a tragic and very sad incident! So unnecessary!
    People need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions! Praying, Sir! Thank you for your wisdon in our Lord!

  • Marcia K Mitchell

    06/29/2019 04:44 PM

    Any person who takes the "news" for face value needs to think again. Rarely are things reported as they really happened or on the basis of truth. Get the facts, don't just blindly listen and believe the media and place the blame where it really belongs!

  • Gloria Collier

    06/28/2019 05:45 PM

    You are totally right! They themselves made a bad decision! It wasn’t a needed admission they just didn’t have the patient to enter legally and then everything went south which ended up drowning! Totally there fault for not being patient!!!

  • Elizabeth Bruning

    06/28/2019 12:46 PM

    It is their choise period, to come here. It is not our governments responsibilty to fix everything. People need to take responsibilty for what they choose to do and be accountable.