November 28, 2017

The Girl Guides, the UK equivalent of the Girl Scouts, have decided that transgender female guides (that means males who “identify” as female, even if they are still fully male anatomically) will be allowed to share showers, toilets and changing rooms with young girls on camping trips and other events. Furthermore, it’s not required or even “best practice” to inform the girls’ parents that their daughters might be showering in the woods next to a boy or middle-aged man who claims to be a woman. Granted, the “best practice” would be not doing something this idiotic in the first place, but informing parents of what you’re planning to subject their daughters to would at least come in a close second.

Surprisingly, this wonderful advance for transgender rights is raising objections across the political spectrum. Feminists are upset because they’ve been telling us that we live in a rape culture where all men are potential sexual predators, and now young girls are having their privacy taken away and being forced to share their most intimate activities with biological males. Conservatives are upset because they aren’t insane. This is what happens when you achieve power by dividing people up into identity groups, then pit them against one another for bureaucratic largess. Someone always ends up on the short end of the stick. With the gay/transgender demo currently the #1 fashionable victim group, women have been moved to the rear of the PC bus.


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  • Clara Herrin

    01/16/2018 03:35 AM

    I grieve for the whole of Great Britain. First they allow muslim immigrants to take over their country and dictate public and private behavior, and now they are willing to subject their most vulnerable citizens to the idiocies of political correctness. Someone recently commented that as a country Great Britain is dead. I also watched a TV program about the Queen's coronation (of way back when), and she came across as a woman who really doesn't know what's going on in her kingdom. And to think that country has been around since 1066 and has contributed so very much to civilization as a whole. the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end." RIP

  • Michael Egbert

    11/30/2017 10:08 AM

    This is getting insane...a horrific act of stupidity

  • James T Bryson

    11/30/2017 08:28 AM

    Having fearlessly untethered from biblical truth, we no longer differentiate between good and evil. In the sovereign nation-culture that birthed scouting, evil deviancy shouts from the rooftops. However,...justice is coming

  • Jillian Fraioli

    11/29/2017 07:59 PM

    As a former girl guide leader in the U.K. And from a family who served many years taking youngsters to camp, I am sure they would be appalled at this decision. Lord Baden Powell the founder of the organization, along with his wife Lady Baden-Powell most likely will be turning over in their graves

  • Martha House

    11/29/2017 06:11 PM

    How very odd this is, while at the same time all the allegations of sexual misconduct among the elected, media personnel and entertainment industry. One the one hand, opening Pandoras Box, then slapping the hand who touches the contents....

  • Chaplain Tim

    11/29/2017 05:27 AM

    I agree with these posts that God has created each person male of female and He doesn't make mistakes. As a chaplain that has worked in a mental health hospital I have been trained sort of speaking on protocols to be polite with gender confused people with wounded souls. But Jesus told me not to enter into the world of perversion calling something holy as perverse or something profane as holy. While it is true that Jesus has intense love for people his love for them is not based upon their deep hurts and askew ideals about who they think they are. He is moved by compassion at their ignorance of buying into the lies of the prince of the air which uses mass media to reinforce his message. How many of his precious sons and daughters were molested at a young age and defensively began to adopt the personality of their perpetrator not knowing a spirit is behind the soulish feelings and protective behaviors. His love is based upon that He knows them each by name, that each person belongs to Him their creator who has redeemed each one. He has gone at a great length to removed all the judgments against them in life and openly called them to Himself unashamedly willing to call them brethren and that includes both male and female alike.That means He considers them family included in the covenantal promises and can through repentance and faith access all the blessing of faith just like Abraham did. So Jesus taught me do not refer to homosexuals as gay for that is a slang term and so is lesbian which is a subcategory of many subcategories of fetishes which all are forms of lust. According to God they are really not gay, not happy in the slightest, so like comedians who make others laugh and then in the quietness of the night, they fight spirits of suicide as they live a double standard life. What they really want and need is true love. They are alone and in need of intimacy but cannot find it with their wrong picture of their God. Sex does not fill the void but makes it greater leaving a part of their soul with another empty soul. Saying the term gay is not true and reinforces perversion slang, for He knows the agony that they live in their souls trying to justify their lusts and make it pleasant to masquerade the pain and make their lifestyle choice acceptable to their on minds and papulbol to societies'. I have great success bringing happiness and the love of Christ teaching folks that God does not compromise his positions of holiness to make someone feel accepted, but His love is based upon that He chooses to love someone to Him and give them grace to work though their sex confusion. He know their past and is merciful to the maximum just waiting for them to stop playing games and get real. He does want Christians to stop reinforcing the stereotypes that the gay movement chooses to reinforce that their choices are healthy, wholesome, and happy; they are not, but He love them anyways. ??

  • Gini Gail Thompson

    11/28/2017 09:23 PM

    This is an absolute outrage! If my daughter were still alive, she'd never ever be subjected to this perverted decision. Ever. Parents need to sue and this has already infiltrated into the US by excepting transgenders in bathrooms, olympics, military and on it goes.
    These decisions are implemented by distorted minds disconnected from God.
    Nothing but sickness and perversion.

  • sherry haddox

    11/28/2017 08:16 PM


  • Shauna Dickerson

    11/28/2017 05:54 PM

    Amazingly, in the US, The girl scout organization was spouting that children should not be allowed to physically touch relatives during the recent holiday, A little show of affection for a relative might force a child into a situation where he/she is a victim of unwanted touch, But at the same time, lets allow boys who want to be girls come on camping trips and shower with our girls. Is someone's head spinning right now?