July 17, 2020


July 17, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


A few days ago, I told you about the new book FALLOUT from investigative reporters John Solomon and Seamus Bruner, and late yesterday, John Solomon had an update about the John Durham probe.

He said that Durham has been conducting “a lot” of interviews and going through a lot of documents; apparently, his investigation has been fairly unhampered by the virus. He said there have been discussions about plea bargains and cooperation from certain individuals, though, of course, he couldn’t name names.

He reported on Thursday’s HANNITY TV show that “multiple sources” with direct knowledge of the U.S. attorney’s investigation had informed him that Durham is looking specifically at the Defense Department’s Office Of Net Assessments, which had kept “confidential human source” Stefan Halper under contract to “write reports.” Durham wants to know if the Defense Department was actually funding Halper’s undercover (SPYING) activities “prior to the FBI having a predicate to do so.” (Never mind that the so-called “predicate” used later by the FBI was phony.)

Recall that the Office Of Net Assessments, like all offices at the Defense Department and within the intel community, would have been subject to audits and likely sweeping budget cuts if former national security adviser Michael Flynn had kept his job. That one fact probably explains a lot about what happened to him. Perhaps justice will be done.

"Listen, all signs are pointing to the building of a criminal indictment,” Solomon said. “Maybe it’ll come up around, just before or after Labor Day.”

But, incredibly, former special counsel Robert Mueller is still defending the “Trump/Russia” investigation, even though doing so involves contradicting his own report. Right after President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s prison sentence last week, Mueller wrote an op-ed for the WASHINGTON POST that, as reported by RealClear Investigations, didn’t just attack Stone but also disputed “broad claims that our investigation was illegitimate and our motives improper.”

And why would critics (like me) be making such claims? Well, maybe it’s because after years of examining their bogus “investigation” and finally obtaining documents and testimony that had been withheld even from defense attorneys, we could see that their investigation was illegitimate and their motives were improper.

Mueller’s op-ed contradicts the official findings concerning George Papadopoulos, whose barroom conversation with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer was NOT evidence that “the Russians had signaled” anything to him and also was NOT even mentioned by Papadopoulos to anyone in Trump’s campaign. The record, in the form of a recently-declassified electronic communication (EC) that officially opened “Crossfire Hurricane,” shows it was nothing but hearsay, with no evidence it had come from the Russian government or even from a Russian national.

It seems Downer didn’t know at the time he passed along this hearsay to the FBI that it had come to Papadopoulos by way of Josef Mifsud, a mysterious Maltese academic. Although former FBI Director James Comey has claimed without evidence in a WASHINGTON POST op-ed of his own that Mifsud was a Russian agent, the U.S. government has never tied him in that way to Russia, and the Mueller report takes care not to label him as such. Likewise, when Andrew McCabe was interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee in 2017 –- this testimony has only recently been declassified –- he said the tip given to Papadopoulos by Mifsud about Hillary’s emails was not considered evidence of a Russia connection.

But Mueller is still pushing this debunked narrative. “By late 2016,” he writes in WAPO, “the FBI had evidence that the Russians had signaled a Trump campaign adviser that they could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to the Democratic candidate.” No, Mr. Mueller, they did not.

At his unimpressive congressional hearing a year ago, Mueller declined to comment on Mifsud’s identity or explain why the FBI hadn’t arrested him after his interview and charged him with perjury. After all, the Mueller report claims that he made false statements. Why didn’t they treat him the same shameful way they did Roger Stone?

Speaking of Roger Stone, Mueller goes on to vilify him in ways that don’t match the conclusions of his investigation. In the op-ed, Mueller writes that he “lied about the identity of his intermediary to WikiLeaks” and also about “the existence of written communications with his intermediary.”

But as RealClear Investigations reports, “that claim from Mueller is at odds with his investigation’s failure to establish that Stone HAD [emphasis mine] an intermediary to WikiLeaks.” Stone had claimed this, but it turned out that the two individuals ever singled out by name, Randy Credico and Jerome Corsi, didn’t actually make contact with WikiLeaks. (Credico did interview Julian Assange on his radio show in August of 2016, but this had nothing to do with being a go-between with Stone.)

There's only one known contact between WikiLeaks and Stone from before the 2016 election, and it was WikiLeaks tweeting to Stone to stop making “false claims of association.”

Stone claimed to have advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ release of email material, but Mueller has never asserted that he actually did. According to RealClear Investigations, Stone did have “minimal and inconsequential” contact with Guccifer 2.0, but it was actually exculpatory for Stone, as none of the three short Twitter messages even mentioned the stolen DNC emails.

Former senior attorney for the special counsel Andrew Weissmann went even further in his own op-ed, this one in THE NEW YORK TIMES three days later. Weissmann, now a legal analyst for MSNBC (of course), wants to continue the investigation and see Roger Stone go before a grand jury. He still suspects that Stone hid incriminating evidence to try to help Trump, and by gum, he’s going to get to the bottom of this and find out what it is!

I think that even now, many people are unclear about just what Roger Stone was convicted of lying about. Did you know he wasn’t even accused of lying about any actual coordination regarding those emails? That’s because there WAS no coordination. Stone was accused and convicted of making false statements about his FAILED efforts to obtain information about WikiLeaks during the campaign. That’s all. He never was able to actually do it. And by the time they charged him with lying, he had already corrected the record, just not under oath. (They didn’t swear him in and give him the chance to do that, because then they wouldn’t have been able to indict him for lying. That alone is enough reason for Trump to commute his prison sentence.) Even the NYT itself reported that Stone “had no real ties to WikiLeaks.”

The contrast between Weissmann’s op-ed and the known facts of the Stone case, as laid out by RealClear Investigations, makes for some entertaining, if perplexing, reading. Weissmann’s inability to stop chasing windmills when it comes to Trump reminds me a lot of someone else who has been in the news lately. Emmet Sullivan.


I told you yesterday about the Smithsonian’s poster on race that apparently was intended to slam “white culture” but actually insulted blacks even more by implication, since it declared that such positive things as the nuclear family, the scientific method, rational thought, hard work and showing up on time were traits of “whiteness." It sparked so much outrage across the political and racial spectrum that the museum hastily removed it.

You’d also think it represented the absolute nadir of racial politics that the supposedly brainy officials at a museum could come up with. But then, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art said, “Hold muh Shiraz!” They’re firing longtime curator Gary Garrels under pressure from their own internal cancel culture mob, who accused him of holding “toxic white supremacist beliefs” and using “white supremacist and racist language such as ‘reverse discrimination.'”

And what is the evidence for his alleged toxic white supremacist beliefs? He said that while the museum is actively seeking to obtain and display art from artists of all races, genders and background, he would still include the work of white men because refusing to do so would be “reverse discrimination.”

Well, now it makes sense. How can you possibly fight racism and promote inclusivity if you don’t exclude white people because of their race?

If the museum and its staffers are really that offended at being accused of practicing “reverse discrimination” then I suggest a simpler and more accurate word for what they are: a bunch of racists.


The GOP Convention, originally set for Charlotte, is now set to begin August 24th in Jacksonville, Florida. But because of the rise in coronavirus cases in Florida, some special rules and precautions will be in place. Here’s more information for those planning to attend, or just to explain what you might see on TV.


Somebody must smell a shift in the political winds. Last night, a DNC spokesman appeared on Fox News to insist that Joe Biden “does not support defunding the police.” This came after an interview in which Biden said that some funds should “absolutely be redirected” away from police budgets. Well, how could we possibly think that means defunding the police, just because he wants to redirect their funds elsewhere?

For what it’s worth, here’s what I assume is the real reason for a DNC rep making an emergency damage control appearance on Fox News.


We seem to be suffering an epidemic of miseducation young people to embrace socialism and Marxism while not having the slightest clue about what those things actually are and the misery that inevitably results. So for any young people in your family who have yet to go off to school and be indoctrinated – or for any adults who just want some facts in their pocket the next time a radicalized offspring comes home from college, spouting Marxist boilerplate across the dinner table – here’s a handy “five-minute primer on Marxism” that you might want to read, share and bookmark.


I’m not exactly sure why this is being treated as some sort of major news story instead of an inside baseball item of interest only to political junkies. Maybe because anything that advances the “Trump’s struggling reelection campaign” narrative gives the media hot flashes.


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was briefly hospitalized for what is believed to have been an infection. But she’s back home already and is reportedly resting and doing well. Our prayers and best wishes to her to return to health.


Please join me in sending prayers for a full recovery to one of our youngest-ever Huck’s Heroes: six-year-old Bridger Walker of Cheyenne, Wyoming. He’s recovering from receiving about 90 stitches after he saved his baby sister from an attack by a vicious dog.

If you’d like to read the full story and find out how you can reach Bridger and send something to show your admiration (all he wants is rocks, believe it or not), just click this link.



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  • Paul Kern

    07/17/2020 07:40 PM

    A couple of things. A quote by Karl Marx "religion is the opiate of the masses" no one else I have read from reliable sources has pointed one thing that to me is us obvious. We are in an undeclared civil war. I note that many cities and some states have become Marxist colonies. Even the extended lockdowns appear to be a part of their plans. Now.hundreds, if not thousands of medical specialists with no ties to WHO or the CCP are stating publicly and sent a signed letter to the President that the time has come to end the lockdowns. Also canceling church services and worship is a classical Marxist approach to stifle the only effective antidote to Marxism. Marxism us a religion with the State as God. A very Satanic approach to have man become "like God" as the serpent enticed adam and Eve's rebellion in the Garde of Eden.

  • Paul Kern

    07/17/2020 07:39 PM

    A couple of things. A quote by Karl Marx "religion is the opiate of the masses" no one else I have read from reliable sources has pointed one thing that to me is us obvious. We are in an undeclared civil war. I note that many cities and some states have become Marxist colonies. Even the extended lockdowns appear to be a part of their plans. Now.hundreds, if not thousands of medical specialists with no ties to WHO or the CCP are stating publicly and sent a signed letter to the President that the time has come to end the lockdowns. Also canceling church services and worship is a classical Marxist approach to stifle the only effective antidote to Marxism. Marxism us a religion with the State as God. A very Satanic approach to have man become "like God" as the serpent enticed adam and Eve's rebellion in the Garde of Eden.

  • Doug Morgan

    07/17/2020 06:28 PM

    Yes, Durham investigates and investigates and investigates and investigates but no substance! The report will come out of the swamp after November. What a crock! Meanwhile, the democrats have 600 lawyers ready to pounce on the election results and try to force the election to go their way. And Durham investigates! Democrats are working hard and fast to bring charges against Trump, even in NY. Durham investigates! Democrats use the Wuhan to shut down major cities while supporting BLM and Antifa in the destruction of the country. They keep tyranny and chaos in the forefront with the Wuhan and violence. Durham investigates! There will be absolutely nothing of substance come to the light of day from the Durham "investigation" until its too late to bring justice. After the election, if their strategy works, a radical far-left regime will be in place and no one will be brought to justice. (Except Trump and anyone who is accused of helping him will be prosecuted!)

  • Douglas Swafford

    07/17/2020 06:14 PM


    Nasty rumor going around that Durham is going to sit on his report until after November 4 to keep from affecting the election. This has to mean there is information in the report that is damaging to someone. He needs to release it because if he doesn’t release it until after the election it will indeed influence it. Say this isn’t so. Thanks

  • Stephen Russell

    07/17/2020 04:17 PM

    SF Museum curator firing: Good news , love it when leftists eat own, Bravo

  • Linda S. Elliott

    07/17/2020 03:34 PM

    Thanks Gov. - I read both morning and evening commentaries and I always get a little more educated. Whether I retain any of this information is still being determined.
    Your friend and mine, Larry Duke, who now lives in San Antonio (Larry and I went to high school together in Lubbock TX.) We e-mail each other almost everyday. Larry and Beth Duke are really great folks. Larry at one time was a big game hunter and his place in San Antonio has lots of his trophies on display. He does not do big game hunting anymore but you two Arkansas guys need to get together and play golf.
    Best wishes and have a great week end.

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/17/2020 03:01 PM

    Boy it’s sure getting exciting.

  • Dave Newbry

    07/17/2020 02:51 PM

    The idiots who "developed" that chart need serious downtime. Their tiny minds have been drastically overextended.

  • Norman Harrison

    07/17/2020 02:50 PM

    We keep hearing about Durham's investigation and before that the I.G. report, but NOTHING ever happens as a result. All the "guilty" parties are untouched . It seems this is all just noise.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    07/17/2020 02:19 PM

    Thank you. Great news and praying evil is brought forth and punished.we know it is there. Praying.

  • Albert Perrotta

    07/17/2020 02:13 PM

    So Durham is investigating if $$ was spent on Halper to go spy and set up the Trump campaign before there was a predicate to investigate? Hasn't Barr already said there was no legitimate predicate?

    If there was no legal predicate than bringing in Halper should, by definition, be criminal. (Of course, we also know he had been paid to set up Flynn accusing him of funny business with Slovenka. And we know that Halper when he did that has said in a deposition he was, in effect, acting on behalf of US government.
    Guess the game is who is going to plea and finger the higher ups?

  • Jerry Korba

    07/17/2020 01:53 PM

    White Supremacists and white blue collar workers we never thought we were supreme we were people that showed up worked the jobs went home dirty and tired and did the same thing for most people if given the option, for 30 years or more how in the Hell does that make us a Supremacists? People who talk like that have had their head up their ass and have been eating shitff till they all have become Adam Shitffiff, White Supremacists? Not! people that talk like that don't know shitff but they know what it tastes like. Kiss my ass lunatic. Yea use guessed it I have had enough BS.