Evening Edition - May 16

May 16, 2020 |


Why do so many people believe the official death toll from the coronavirus is unreliable? Maybe because it probably is unreliable


Wait, so you mean that if you require everyone to wear a mask in public, some armed robbers will take advantage of that to rob stores? Please, nobody tell New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio about this. It might shatter his faith in the trustworthy nature of criminals.


One of America’s most popular and influential podcasters, Joe Rogan, is no conservative (he endorsed Bernie Sanders for President), but even he has had enough of the never-ending shutdowns in California (Los Angeles County officials now say they will almost certainly extend the stay-at-home order for another three months, by which time there might not be a business left in the entire county.) Inspired by an interview with fed-up Tesla founder Elon Musk, Rogan said he’s considering moving to Texas.

If he needs a little more incentive, how about the threat by L.A. officials to cut off water and power to any businesses they've decreed to be “non-essential” that refuse to close?

I’ll also add that the person making these dictatorial decrees, Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer, pulls down over $553,000 a year (and hasn’t missed a penny during this shutdown.) But she’s worth that salary because, as RedState.com notes, she has a “Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, a Master of Arts in Public Health from Boston University, a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.”

Notice anything missing? Like a medical degree?

It’s great to hear that more influential Californians are waking up and rebelling against their out-of-control leftist nanny state and longing for places like Texas that still respect freedom and individual rights and responsibilities. I’m also sure Rogan would get a warm welcome in Texas. But on behalf of the Lone Star State, I urge him to remember that if you vote for the same policies you’re fleeing, you’ll just ruin the place that took you in. Thinking that Bernie Sanders should be President is how you get disasters like Gov. Gavin Newsom and the people who don’t want L.A. to reopen until Labor Day, if then. Why not save the cost of a U-Haul by just voting to replace these people with the kind of leaders they have in Texas?


Great Moments in “Gotcha” Journalism: The Washington Post nailed President Trump for not being aware that his paternal grandfather died of the Spanish flu -- 28 years before Trump was born. I’m not sure offhand what my relatives died of over a century ago, but I do know what’s killing journalism right now.


Worth a Read: Peggy Noonan on the “class struggle over lockdown,” between the protected class lecturing us to stay in place indefinitely to be “safe,” and the working class who know there’s no such thing as “safe” and whose lives are a series of tough choices that the protected class has never had to deal with.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made a similar argument to the very-much-protected hosts of “The View,” who can’t seem to grasp why those selfish people out there want to risk getting a virus by going to work to feed their families and save their businesses.


Excellent commentary by sci-fi/tech writer David L. Burkhead about the “false dilemma of Die or Die.” That is, that we have only two choices: go out and die of the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus or stay home and die of poverty. He also addresses why sending people government money to stay home does not address the underlying problem, which is that people have to go out and work to create the goods and services that we spend the money on so that we do not die.



Laughing Until It Hurts: A round-up of headlines from the Christian satire site The Babylon Bee, mocking the endless coronavirus lockdowns and the leftist politicians exploiting them. Each one links to the full story behind it.


Weekend “Just For Fun” Story: A Maryland dad who was depressed at being stuck in the house seemingly forever found a way to cheer up himself and his neighborhood by posting his “dad” jokes on his lawn, one groaner per day. FYI: a “dad joke” is a joke so corny, it’s somehow hilarious, and there are some good examples in this story. For the record: I’m a granddad, so my jokes are twice as corny, and therefore, twice as hilarious.


Friday, President Trump announced the creation of a new public-private partnership, designed to develop and make available to everyone a vaccine for the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus by the end of the year or even sooner.

Appropriately named “Operation Warp Speed,” the goal is to develop a vaccine faster than any vaccine has ever been created, tested, cleared, and distributed before. The partnership involves the federal government, medical professionals, pharmaceutical giants, and the US military. Trump called it “a massive scientific, industrial and logistical endeavor, unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project,” which developed the atomic bomb during World War II. It sounds like another reason why we're lucky we elected a business manager in 2016 instead of another machine politician.

There are more details at the link. I urge members of the media to read the details closely because I don’t want to see any fake news stories claiming that Trump said he wants to drop the atomic bomb on the virus.


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  • Robin Rebhan

    05/16/2020 11:22 PM

    " Why do so many people believe the official death toll from the Corona Virus is unreliable? "
    One of the reasons for the epidemic here in upstate New York is our Governor ordered seniors with the disease to be placed in Nursing Homes. Nursing Homes that are in no way equipped or capable of containing a contagious disease much less the highly transmissible Corona Virus COVID-19.
    And then our Governor blames the Nursing Homes for the outbreak in Nursing Homes! The statistics went up here in the Capital region due to this. The Nursing Homes here were taking incredible measures to keep the virus out and then have to Governor order them to take in patients knowing that they were infected into a building with the most vulnerable population our Senior Citizens.
    Normally seniors in Nursing Homes would be sent to advanced medical care at a hospital for treatment.
    Due to these numbers in Nursing Homes the Capital Region in New York State has not been able to reach Phase one of reopening business.

  • Terry Mominee

    05/16/2020 10:46 PM

    Trusting the military to secure and deliver medical supplies is one thing. Using them to forcibly vaccinate a nation's entire population against their will is a completely unacceptable use. This virus is reportedly not an ordinary virus and probably cannot be dealt with using traditional protocols. All current vaccines have serious side effects and can be declined by individuals. To forcibly inject someone against their wishes is criminal physical assault, and in the case of someone with a bad reaction, it becomes murder. This is America. No emergency is so great that our own government may take away our inalienable right to protect our person.

  • john hashagen

    05/16/2020 10:35 PM

    This whole exercise is becoming a nightmare for all.

  • Elaine Swank

    05/16/2020 10:32 PM

    I would like to know how many days the House has been working in DC for 2020. I do not think the number will be very high. Thank you for all you do to help Christians in America!

  • Joan Chambers

    05/16/2020 10:06 PM

    The doctors were told to say reason for death was coronavirus regardless of what it really was - sad - when they don't have enough statistics to support their cause. Open America.
    America will overcome.
    God Bless America

  • Brent Griffin

    05/16/2020 09:51 PM

    This is good stuff... keep it up!

  • Francesca Coppola

    05/16/2020 09:33 PM

    Regarding Vaccine: White House Petition Demanding Investigation Into Bill & Melinda Gates Surpasses Half a Million Signatures

  • Kathy Ferguson

    05/16/2020 09:26 PM

    Something besides a medical degree missing from Dr. Ferrer’s qualifications is a Science degree of any description... all Arts no Science... ???????

  • William Jakovac

    05/16/2020 09:24 PM

    Dr. Ferrer in California has the book smarts but not the street smarts. She should have studied at the School of Hard Knocks or go to the local high school and learned common sense.

  • Lois Zack

    05/16/2020 09:19 PM

    I love reading your reports!! I'm sure you are thinking the same thing I'm thinking!! How did all this get so out of hand and when will people wake up!

  • DeEtte Moon

    05/16/2020 09:06 PM

    I'm not using ANY vaccine. PERIOD. I do not and will not trust ANY big pharmacy money-making idea.

  • Kay DeWitt

    05/16/2020 09:05 PM

    I didn't think it was possible that I would feel like laughing...let alone laughing hysterically....after reading this newsletter...but I guess that was because I wasn't counting on your wonderful sense of humor gift to do the impossible!!!!...AND I SAY THAT BECAUSE...

    Your last paragraph HAD me laughing hysterically! In fact, heading to bed now, AFTER laughing so hard, feels sooo good that I have reread that last paragraph a few times now!!!!.. IN FACT...I AM GOING TO READ IT ONE LAST TIME BECAUSE IT STRIKES ME SOOO FUNNY!!!

  • Leonard DeWitt

    05/16/2020 08:49 PM

    Governor, you are so refreshing. I love the way you report facts so that people can understand them and you even inject your contagious sense of humor.
    When the pandemic is over I would love to have you come and speak in our Church. Just understand that if people don't go back to work we wouldn't be able to give you an honorarium.
    Leonard W. DeWitt (Beginning my 60th year of pastoral ministry.)

  • Terrie O'Neal

    05/16/2020 08:45 PM

    Mike, I am concerned that our President, who I voted for and will do so again, does not understand the danger of this vaccine- as it will be like all the other flu-related vaccines - full of formaldehyde,aborted fetal tissue, aluminum and other terrible things. Plus how does he propose to keep Bill Gates- tracking devices and tatoo out of it. I am concerned that Faucci and Birk have fooled him. OR possibly he feels keeping the enemy in his camp, he knows what they are up too?
    What do you think Mike? Thanks,Terrie O'Neal

  • Ken Truell

    05/16/2020 08:44 PM


    My wife and I are currently watching your show as we do every week and love it so much. We have talked about trekking to Tennessee to watch your show in person. We will get there soon, I promise.

    I was so taken by the force in your monologue tonight, that I was compelled to write to you and applaud everything you said. What my wife Jan and I are afraid of, is that these people you mentioned by name will not be brought to the justice they deserve. I have sent comment after comment to the White House asking President Trump direct AG Barr to show this country that no one is above the law. The strength of our nation is based on the system of justice that has to be on display in this case. You spoke strongly of injustice and even treasonous behavior tonight. We pray that these criminals are brought in front of a judge and pay for the crimes they committed against the people of the United States. Keep it up Mike. We love you.

    Ken and Jan Truell
    Douglasville, GA

  • Wanda Loyd

    05/16/2020 08:30 PM

    That sounds exactly like what the news media would say!
    I love that Bible verse.

  • Kathryn Richards

    05/16/2020 08:25 PM

    Operation Warp Speed has red flags and bombs going off big time. All those agencies working together sound like the perfect storm before the anti-christ.

  • Carl "T" Smith

    05/16/2020 08:24 PM

    Where to Start? UNMASKING the death toll! Unless my mind has completely left the room I think I recall Dr. Brix stating that UNTIL we hit a plateau or level out or some such excuse ALL deaths would be considered Due to the COVID-19 'pandemic'. Just in the interest of full disclosure the ages of ALL the deaths should also be recorded.( BTW I'm way deep into the MOST Vulnerable @ 82 and 8 Stents and heart disease BUT I REFUSE TO BE SCARED TO DEATH) I have had so many near death episodes that were REAL that all the Govt./Media GENERATED Death episodes are just another day at the on the Links. Then I must condemn Dr. Fauci , and his decades long 'service' to the CDC. If I'm correct the CDC was CREATED in 1948 to eradicate Malaria AND make sure America was prepared for the NEXT Disease, Virus that was sure to occur. Seems in 48 the writers of the bill creating the CDC had more Common Sense than our Computer Driven Generation. GI=GO is still in play and instead of seeing MILLION in America DIE we will be lucky to see 100,000 by the time the REAL FACTS ARE EXPOSED. BTW, I'm still waiting on a Vaccine for the Common Cold, Flue, AIDS , Swine Flue and on and on but what we are witnessing is an ever increasing Budget and Granite Monuments to house all the bureaucrats who might be doing some good work for the almost 7 BILLION the Taxpayers are chipping in to have a bureaucracy Working for WE the People? OR are they? The CCP tentacles are so deep into the WHO that it's just another Propaganda Arm for the Chairman. I mean with a media and the WHO working in concert bringing down the Republic is within sight and if the Media has it's way covering up for the SPYGATE Nancy and her Cabal will continue what your going thru now only on Steroids. Welcome to the Socialist States of America. Now Shut up and don't speak until spoken to you Capitalist Pigs.
    There is more but my BP is telling me to Chill!!

  • Linda Casagrande

    05/16/2020 08:18 PM

    Addressing “leaving California”. I am very worried about all these Uber liberal Californians flocking to Texas. What do they hope to find here? We revere our conservative, church going, gun toting, hard working values. We are light years away from the “California Dreamin Phenomenon”! Mea Culpa!

  • Alice A Hogan

    05/16/2020 08:16 PM

    Super great columns today. So obvious the numbers are rarely that correct. There are too many issues re: covid-19, the hospitals get more help and more assistance financially if most deaths can be attributed to the virus. Too many people with their Own Special Agendas. The fragments of truth are difficult to cipher out from the amount of hooey.

  • wallace fulton

    05/16/2020 08:13 PM

    Mike Huckabee should run for the Presidential election in 2024 when Trump is finished with his second win in 2020. The only question I might have with this is will Mike be a little to old at that time, I hope not, we need more men like Mike to keep America Great for many years to come.

  • Al Balcomb

    05/16/2020 08:03 PM

    Thanks for the info, Mike....Please keep up the great work you do..

  • Barbara Stephens

    05/16/2020 07:53 PM

    Right on again, Governor! I so appreciate your daily input of commentary with wisdom and wit. Makes my day. Thank you for this daily ministry.

  • Manuel Junco

    05/16/2020 07:48 PM

    Dear Gov. Huchabee, As a long term Texas resident, I’m horrified to hear that so many Californians want to move here. My observations on West Voasters that have moved to the Lone Star State is that they vote liberal leftist Democrat and are going to ruin our State (Austin is a good example). my preference would be that they go to Canada or NY...

  • James Drury Jr

    05/16/2020 07:40 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.