February 21, 2017

If you listen to the news media, you’d think President Trump has a massively beefed-up Immigration Gestapo randomly rounding up illegal immigrants by the thousands. In fact, the 683 arrested in raids in early February (an operation planned when Obama was still President) were just the tip of the iceberg. The current acting ICE director told the Senate last May (you know, when Obama was still President) that between a short-staffed ICE and “sanctuary cities” refusing to cooperate, the agency had a huge backlog of nearly a million criminal illegal aliens with “final orders of removal” for deportation by courts, still walking the streets, threatening Americans.

But Trump critics say the recent raids are different, because the ICE is randomly sweeping streets and pulling people from their homes, cruelly separately families by deporting their relatives just because they’re under active deportation orders. ICE says that isn’t even true. In a series of tweets you can read at the link, ICE claims this month’s operation is similar to “Operation Cross Check” that netted over 3100 criminal illegals under deportation orders. But again, that happened when Obama was President, so for some reason, the media deemed it barely worthy of reporting, much less evidence that the President was a fascist. ICE calls the claims that they’re conducting random sweeps or public checkpoints false, dangerous and irresponsible, and says the media are needlessly spreading panic in immigrant communities and making officers’ jobs more dangerous.

Sure does make Trump look bad, though. And isn’t that the media’s real job?

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  • David Gerred

    02/23/2017 03:24 AM

    Mike, I heard you mention today on Fox that you were sympathetic to the idea of DACA. I've heard many people talk about having compassion for the "dreamers". I understand that the sins of the fathers should not fall upon the sons but it's a little more complicated than that. People seem to ignore that for every "dreamer" that gets a college acceptance letter some otherwise deserving American child got a rejection letter. What about compassion for them. They did everything right too. Why should they lose their opportunity to someone who is here illegally. Here's an example of my thought process. If I stole your daughters bicycle because I couldn't buy one for my daughter and was later caught, should my daughter get to keep your daughter's bike? After all my daughter did nothing wrong. Her teacher would tell you what a good student she is, how she has such great potential and how kind she is to her classmates. Unfortunately all this is irrelevant, the only thing that is relevant is that I broke the law and your daughter deserves to get her bike back. I made willfully and informed decision to put my child in a compromised position and set her up for disappointment. It's not on you or your daughter for wanting your bike back, It's all on me. We hit the Lotto the day we were born in America. Every Resident Alien and naturalized citizen also hit the Lotto. We did nothing to deserve it, we just hit the Lotto. It's not right for anyone to illegally enter our country and take part of our good fortune anymore that it would be right for us to take part of tonight's Power Ball winner's good fortune. Americans are among the most generous people on earth. We could do a lot of good all over the world with the billions of dollars Illegal Aliens are draining from our coffers.

  • Susan M. Griffin

    02/22/2017 12:26 PM

    Thank You Mr. Huckabee for your honest news!! And views on what is going on in our country!! I do not trust any news media except fox. I am a President Trump supporter and thankful he is in office. We are Americans! Our boarders need to be protected, and illegal aliens need to be deported. We pay taxes, support our nation, follow our laws. Do illegal aliens? If you want to live in our Nation, become a citizen!!!

  • Jennifer Archer

    02/21/2017 08:19 PM

    For Trump supporters, like me, the media can't make our president look bad. President Trump is the only one that can let us down, by not fulfilling his campaign promises. I, for one, am in favor of sweeping through the country and sending all illegals, and their families, back where they came from.

  • shawn eileen harhouf

    02/21/2017 07:32 PM

    our laws have stated that being here illegally is in fact against the law here in the U.S so i do not know why some people are having a problem with ICE arresting them. Thats their job.

  • Sally Murphy

    02/21/2017 06:58 PM

    Miss seeing you.,.,.. you were my pick for president..... but I support the nominee... I hope he can do all he says..its time America was. Thanks for all you did to help him...

  • sandra jennings

    02/21/2017 06:25 PM

    so tired of the media. President Trump is trying to help us , and it's like we bite the hand that hands us

  • ann harder

    02/21/2017 06:07 PM

    said it so well..........I wish everyone would read it.........or we could shout it from the housetops.........

  • Wayne and Claudia pagnozzi

    02/21/2017 06:02 PM

    Not fazed by it all God is still boss

  • Susan Dyar

    02/21/2017 05:51 PM

    Thanks for your research. Media asked the most asinine questions regarding immigration at Spicer's conference today. They wonder why we don't trust them.

  • Shirley Koockogey

    02/21/2017 05:14 PM

    I really believe this President is the last chance that America has to get back to basics,decency and following our Constitution! I pray that our Father God will quiet the evil ones and let our President get on with his work! Prayer is a mighty thing which elected President Trump!