May 14, 2018

On April 26 of this year, former FBI Director James Comey told FOX News’ Bret Baier that he did not believe and had not said to lawmakers that the two FBI agents who had interviewed former national security advisor Michael Flynn didn’t think he intentionally lied.

But on March 15, 2017, Comey told a Senate Judiciary panel that the FBI agents who had interviewed Michael Flynn didn’t think he intentionally lied. According to Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the committee, Comey also led them to believe that the Justice Department was unlikely to charge Flynn with making false statements during his FBI interview on January 24, 2017.

Also on March 15, 2017, Comey told the House Intelligence Committee that that the two FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not detect physical signs of deception, according to a report released earlier this month. That report also quoted former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe as saying “the two people who interviewed (Flynn) didn’t think he was lying.” McCabe added that this lack of apparent deception “was not (a) great beginning of a false statement case.”

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And yet, on December 1 of this year, Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents.

What in blazes is going on? Was Comey lying to Bret Baier, or to the committees? (It’s no crime to lie in a FOX News interview –- it’s done all the time –- but if he lied to the committees, he should be facing the same charge Flynn pleaded guilty to, shouldn’t he?) You’d think someone who headed America’s domestic intelligence bureau and is now an extremely well-compensated author would at least be able to keep his stories straight. But this one is so inconsistent, Sen. Grassley has sent a letter to current FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, asking them for copies of the notes taken by FBI agents during their interviews of both Flynn and Comey, to help clear up “apparent contradictions.” And I’m sure he wants them NOW, not some time in 2021.

Peter Strzok, famous for the lightning-speed of his anti-Trump texting, was one of the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn, so it might be really interesting to find out how that interview went. (Strzok has been demoted, but as far as I know he still –- unbelievably –- has his security clearance. Co-texter and paramour Lisa Page was likewise demoted from her job as McCabe’s legal assistant and has finally turned in her resignation but is surely still privy to whatever Strzok learns.) Sen. Grassley is also asking for the FBI to make special agent Joe Pientka available for a transcribed interview; it’s thought that Pientka was probably one of the agents participating in either the Flynn or the Comey interview.

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According to recent reports, Flynn had been targeted for surveillance in the same manner as Carter Page (that is to say, not just caught up in others’ phone calls, but spied on himself). His name was unmasked and later illegally leaked. But it appears that at the time the FBI asked to come to the White House to talk with him –- Comey had asked McCabe to set up the interview –- this former lieutenant general had no idea he was in any kind of trouble and spoke to them without even having a lawyer present. (Does that sound like a man trying to hide something nefarious?) Since that fateful day, however, he’s had to engage serious legal counsel, to the point where he ended up selling his house to pay attorneys’ fees. That, of course, is in addition to losing his new job as national security advisor.

To dig himself out of legal and financial quicksand, Flynn is reportedly cooperating with the special counsel as part of his plea deal. That brings to mind Judge T. S. Ellis remarks to one of Mueller’s attorneys during the recent hearing on Paul Manafort’s case, to the effect that the special counsel is trying to get its targets to “sing,” and, if necessary, to “compose,” in an effort to get something on the President. Prosecuting Michael Flynn for what seems to be an inadvertent misstatement looks like another attempt to do just that.

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  • Sherrie Nance

    05/14/2018 11:31 PM

    It sure does look like that to me too! I feel for him. Poor man. I hope they rectify ruining this good man's life, if possible.

  • bob peters

    05/14/2018 06:02 PM

    Mike, once again for keeping us in the "LooP", and thank your daughter for her courage. It's a joy to watch her in action. When or do we ever expect to see justice done with HC, Comey, etc?
    I don't know about you, and you probably are, but I'm so excited about Jerusalem being the new Embassy.
    I have another question,
    Where can I find our more about "Finding Peter". I've been to the Vatican and was under the impression (or maybe told) that he was buried directly under the main altar a few levels down.

  • Dennis Killeen

    05/14/2018 04:31 PM

    Sessions is such an ineffective AG and should be replaced. What is the reason why Comey is not charged with lying under oath? The weakness of congress is appalling as they do nothing either. Nunes waves a subpoena at DOJ and the FBI and they flip him the bird as they know he will not use it. President Trump must step in and un-redact these documents. It is sheer nonsense that we have wasted months of congress oversight committees' time chasing after documents.

  • Sherri Olsen

    05/14/2018 03:30 PM

    Mike, I have re-read the first 2 sentences of this article several times and still can't follow what you're saying!! Double or negatives, or something in the structure, my mind is unable to wrap around. Anyway....just want to try and understand what actually took place!

  • Joseph Behrendt

    05/14/2018 03:27 PM

    What is so frustrating is that Democrat politicians say what ever they want to who ever they are speaking to at the time and then lie latter when confronted. Just like when he gave that wonderful address about Killary being guilty then re wrote the statute to say she had no intent to be guilty. The statute says nowhere in it about intent. It only says that the act itself is against the law. Politicians have become so afraid of losing their jobs that they have thrown integrity and honesty right out the DC window.

  • Frank H Varner

    05/14/2018 03:14 PM

    How can Hillary, James Comey and the other liberal lawbreakers avoid prosecution when the evidence of crimes are so apparent? It looks like they are immune for life. It also seems that Mueller has no legal limits on any action that he is taking to bring an indictment upon Donald Trump.

  • Steve Sega

    05/14/2018 02:57 PM

    This witch hunt has gone on far too long!! They haven't even listed a crime to do an investigation against Trump or his people. How can this extreme violation of the Constitution be allowed to continue? We are innocent until proven guilty in the US. It was in Russia under Stalin when they would say "show me the man then I'll show you his crime" meaning guilty by allegation until proven innocent .. the Democrats have gone full on Communist and have declared Trump guilty of winning the election because they had rigged it for Hillary to win .. except she didn't because the people rejected that criminal!!

  • Jon C Potter

    05/14/2018 01:20 PM

    In late 1967 I applied for a TS clearance as a Special Forces officer. I was denied then based on so called activities as a teen in HS. I received an Interim TS in June 68 when I volunteered for a unit that ran cross border OPS and had a high casualty rate. I never once talked/spoke or wrote about any TS OPS we ran or my job as a TSN S-2 officer later . What fries my fanny is all these leaks by leaking, lying, AFGE punks, as any military type would be sent to Leavenworth with a BCD ( Bad Conduct Discharge). The swamp is full of leakers of TS and even TS SCI. Our DOJ and FBI has Obama appointees in every top floor position. Our entire Congress are same as federal employees as the are covered by AFGE union insurance plus can retire under FERS if enough time. Hillary and her crown sold our Uranium to Russia. TREASON. Obama is a Muslim/Commie. Kerry was and is a traitor. Ask to see his wounds.

  • Leonard

    05/14/2018 12:20 PM

    Lies! Things built on Lies don't stand! FBI or not. On Electoral college, Dems lost, so, like,cheating mob boss Hillary Clinton, trying to stack deck in their favor. Lies and deception! No Christian, in good conscience, that sees the Democratic platform could ever vote for them, probably abortion, pro same sex unions etc....!pray for our Nation!

  • Jeanice Crowley

    05/14/2018 12:09 PM

    Article "Finding Peter" - I find 2017 articles - do you have a more recent source? The 2017 articles are not definitive that these bones are Peters.

  • Janet Semones

    05/14/2018 11:34 AM

    There have been so many lies and contradictions from Comey, who could ever believe anything the man says? I truly believe the FBI needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom. These Deep State operatives who are working for Obama and Hillary need to be exposed.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    05/14/2018 11:15 AM

    It is unreal house the "senate judiciary committee" takes the time and taxpayer money to do all these "investigations" but NEVER put anybody in jail. It is no wonder why the congress and senate "approval ratings" are at 7% Frankly I wonder how the rating is that high!!! It seems that the rinos will never charge anyone because they are just as corrupt as the jackasses they "investigate"

  • Holly Cortez

    05/14/2018 10:48 AM

    Who has the power to stop this garbage? Someone needs to clean house in the FBI and Mueller needs to be closed down.

  • Waylon Bush

    05/14/2018 10:28 AM

    And yet, nothing changes. And it never will. By the way, can anyone tell me who is in charge of the DOJ?

  • Mary Koontz

    05/14/2018 10:06 AM

    Thank you for keeping us informed on this topic.