June 30, 2020


As part of the “Everything Trump Says Must Be Disputed” mindset of the press, the Washington Post rushed to “fact-check” Trump’s remark that the 20 most dangerous cities in America are all run by Democrats. You’d think that when the facts basically confirmed what Trump said, they would have quietly dropped the idea but no: “Everything Trump says must be disputed!!” And so, they ran their fact check:

What the actual facts showed were that, of the 20 cities with the most violent crime, only 17 were run by Democrats (including the top 10.) Two were liberal cities whose mayors are officially “Independents” (Las Vegas and San Antonio.) And one, #17 Jacksonville, Florida, has a Republican mayor. Among the top 20 for violent crime per 10,000 residents, all but #5 Springfield, Missouri (Independent mayor) are run by Democrats, with no Republican-run cities.

But they aren’t ALL run by Democrats, so take that, Trump! Scroll through the linked article for the reactions. You’ll enjoy them.


Conservative comic Mark Dice joins the rush to apologize for everything.


And today’s demand to erase the past is…(spins big wheel of random “social justice”)…to rename John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California! His sons respond.


Instead of recapping all of this in detail (based on a New York Times story quoting unnamed sources, what did Trump know about Russia and when did he know it?!), I’m just going to direct you to this story and quote Ronald Reagan: “There they go again.”


A poll found that up to 60% of New York State voters oppose defunding police (which sounds low to me, even in New York), even though most do agree that there is a pattern of excessive violence against black people that needs to be addressed.

Meanwhile, in the midst of riots and a big spike in shootings, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced plans to cut $1.5 billion from the city’s policing budget. That’s not just stupid, it’s a special high-water mark of dumbness that should be officially designated as “DeBlasio-Level Stupid.”


The Democrats tweeted, then deleted, this message. But too late; it was archived.

So this is what we’ve come to in 2020. If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting to put people in charge of a nation whose own history and culture they hate so much that when they hear the patriotic phrase “President to attend 4th of July celebration with fireworks at Mount Rushmore,” what they hear is “President to attend white supremacist rally at sacred land stolen from indigenous peoples.”

I implore you: please have some sympathy for the poor Democrats and don’t curse them by forcing them to hold public office in a nation for which they are seething with hatred and obviously despise most of its people, whom they believe are irredeemable racist deplorables. Encourage them instead to retire to someplace where they would feel much more comfortable, like Cuba or Venezuela.


Add Twitch (the live streaming service of and Reddit to the list of alleged neutral platforms that have banned President Trump or his supporters for expressing views that they declare “hateful.” I assume that calling for actual violence against the President and his supporters is still allowed.


Some words from my favorite news commentator, Sarah Sanders, on the 2020 Presidential race…


Joe Biden declared that one of the first things he would do as President would be to rescind President Trump’s moratorium on H-1B visa contract workers, imposed to prevent US employers from hiring lower-paid foreigners instead of Americans. Biden declared, “The people coming on these [H-1B] visas have built this country.” Which is surprising, since that program has only existed since 1998.


"The progressive has turned original sin, which afflicts all mankind, into political error, which conveniently afflicts his opponents and not himself.”

--- Anthony Esolen, from his book “NOSTALGIA: Going Home In A Homeless World


President Trump did score a Supreme Court win by default when the SCOTUS declined to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling against environmental groups trying to halt border wall construction

The plaintiff, the Center for Biological Diversity,claimed that Trump was violating the Constitution and building a wall that would devastate the fragile ecosystem of our “beautiful border lands.” But I suspect they might have harmed their case by letting their true political motivations show, if their legal argument was anything like this revealing excerpt from their statement reacting to their court loss:

“The U.S.-Mexico border wall is part of a larger strategy of ongoing border militarization that damages human rights, civil liberties, native lands, local businesses and international relations…The border wall impedes the natural migrations of people and wildlife that are essential to healthy diversity.”

They might have been more convincing if they’d just stuck to arguing that we need to let the buffalo roam free and not added that we need to let illegal immigrants roam free.


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  • Carl "T" Smith

    07/06/2020 04:43 PM

    Seems to me Charlie Kurtz is having a hard time Defending his fellow drinking buddies by constantly using the NYToilet and the Washing Post as SOURCES!

  • Phyllis Lambert

    07/03/2020 10:15 AM

    Thank you, Governor, for setting me straight. All this time I have been voting for Republicans I had no idea I was being so kind, so thoughtful, so helpful and so considerate of Democrats. I now look forward to saving many, many more Democrats the embarrassment and stress of representing this despicable nation and all those freedom loving deplorables. Gosh, I feel so much better! Happy 4th of July! Let Freedom Ring!

  • Daniel Craft

    07/02/2020 10:11 AM

    Aside from the great article content, the Daily Bible Verse was the clincher today. I have been struggling with Christ-identity since my Beloved passed. After a morning of self-retribution, the verse was a healing balm. Thank you Mike. Blessings and peace, Daniel C.

  • Donald Smith

    07/01/2020 02:52 PM


  • Thomas Douglas Roper

    07/01/2020 11:18 AM

    I was born in Jacksonville 1949 and have lived here most of my life. Though right now our Mayor is Republican, though the years most of the Mayor, president and post Consolidation, has been Democrat.
    Most of the crime in our city has been black on black so it would stand to reason that confrontations between officers, white and black, and black living in our cities would be high.
    Being in the deep south it would not be surprising that there might be some racial tension. Though more improvement is still needed, in the years I've seen a lot of changes in racial relations.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/01/2020 10:55 AM

    20 worst cities: only 2 are in CA: Stockton & Oakland I think.
    All else East Coast save Chicago.
    for Dem run cities

  • Ann

    07/01/2020 10:06 AM

    Thank you for bringing the truth. It is difficult to know what truth is when you watch TV. Most of the media now days seem to have no integrity and they don't report the truth. Also thank you for the daily Bible verses.


    07/01/2020 09:33 AM

    Since the protesters want to also fund the removal of HOMELESSNESS how about City Homelessness Agency they announce they will be
    putting up homeless shelters in the suburbs and the the high cost areas of housing in New York and surrounding boroughs so they can have the same living conditions and other amenities conditions that the protesters live in presently.

  • Donna Crofoot

    07/01/2020 08:25 AM

    Thank you Governor for your sane news!! Love your outlook and sense of humor. It is a refreshing change from the doom and gloom.

  • Dean phillips

    07/01/2020 08:07 AM

    This is the most informatively article of 2020 great work.

  • Linda Baese

    07/01/2020 07:38 AM

    I hope the true citizens of our country are willing to stand up and reject these lies! May God be with us all.

  • Jerry

    07/01/2020 07:12 AM

    The Deep State Members had Insurance policies to get President Trump out of office one of the the Premiums was the payment to the Wuhan Lab. to create what is known as cov19. Obama Fauci Bill Gates sent millions of dollars to the the Lab for development of the virus in 2015. China sent it across the world. Its effect was bad, not bad enough 6 Governors NY, NJ, Michigan, Penn .Calif., Illinois, sent the elderly with the virus back to the nursing homes to spread the virus killing thousands of residents to drive up the death count which I believe is an artificial count to drive hysteria thru out the nation. The civil unrest in the major cities is also a part of the Deep States Insurance Plan with the Mayors and Governors ordering the police to stand down with Mlps. Mayor sending the police running and abandoning their police station The MSM CNN MSNBC NYT W Post sending despair and fear. Pelosi Schumer Lightfoot, DC's Mayor evicted the National Guard from the city all put together by the Deep State , all to run the America's Best President out of office. The Deep State is the Biggest threat to America the people need to realize who and what is driving this force, if America is to survive the Deep State has to be drained and incarcerated; the Swamp is thick and deep. America, the GOP's we have now are hiding under their desks with the exception of a few, better check who is helping America and who is not, America needs to survive, vote against the not America Congress out, not only does America need America the World needs America however America First MAGA. The election is getting near after the 4th take time and see what the leaders in your community are doing or have done if you find they they are a part of the Deep State get rid of them.

  • William J. Corbin, Ph.D.

    07/01/2020 06:11 AM

    Thank you for sharing the link to Mark Dice's video. His comments are spot-on. The current effort to erase our history reminds me of the term used by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: "The Fierce Urgency of Change." It seems that so many people are rushing to correct all the wrongs and perceived wrongs from centuries in the blink of an eye. I am concerned that we will "throw the baby out with the bath water."

  • Maureen Cameron

    07/01/2020 12:46 AM

    A friend of mine just sent this to me.

    A friend just got this from one of the members her prayer group:

    I received an email from a respected church friend this morning. It appears that antifa and BLM have huge stockpiles of professional fireworks. They plan to use the noise as cover for their gunfire. The fireworks will also cause multitudes of fires... both gunshots and fires overwhelming police and suburbs. Their goal is to overrun white suburbs and kill as many unsuspecting people as possible!!! They are also going to burn flags in the Gettysburg cemetery and destroy as many gravesites as are actually online for people to join them! Please have the prayer warriors not only pray for their plans to be defeated, but have them alert their friends, family, neighbor's and any military or police they know. This could start on July 3rd, but is planned nationwide for the 4th. There are over 30,000 of them and they have planned that while we celebrate freedom that we
    will not be thinking of their terrorist attack. Please encourage everyone (and ALL the prayer leaders in every state) to alert everyone to their plans...pray to God that millions of good Americans are warned and ready.

  • Terrie O'Neal

    07/01/2020 12:44 AM

    Thankyou Mike for letting us know what was deleted....... ooops too late - already archived! It amazes me how the 'regressives' are so blinded. A friend of mine believes they are 'chipped' (not as in fine china chipped), but 'chipped' in the brain where they are being controlled by the evil powers that the enemy employs. I wouldn't be surprised.

    I so love your sense of humor and tongue in cheek remarks - they are priceless and adds levity to
    a very grave situation in this country. BUT GOD!!!!!!! He is the Alpha and the Omega and HE will
    reign supreme! (Possibly on Mt Rushmore - smile) Praying for your safety and your wife and family. Sincerely, Terrie O'Neal


    06/30/2020 10:16 PM

    Thank you for keep the facts straight and printing the truth in your comments.

  • Pamela Avellino

    06/30/2020 10:13 PM

    Hello, Gov Huckabee, I wanted to emphasize the importance of NOT listening to Dr. Fauci about the COVID19. He and Gates and others are putting fear into the people when it is all lies. Check the news around May 2019 and see what Dr. Fauci has to say about it's all a plan to bring fear into people's lives so we can be under "their" control. Many of the statistics are lies as "people are dying with COVID19"...BUT they are not dying of it, just with it!!!!!! We need to bring in doctor's of faith that are telling the truth. Thank you for this opportunity to get truth out so we can stand on "faith not fear"! God bless you and your lovely family

  • Jo Cluck

    06/30/2020 09:59 PM

    What about the ballot boxes? In CA there were 449,000 who could not set on a jury because they were not citizens, however all of them had driver's license that allowed them to vote! Some states have already avowed to have mail-in ballots. Believe me, I'm a Washington State resident who saw nurses in nursing homes mark patients' ballot and then do the signature as requested and mail them in. It's wrong. I know you can't deny these patients but there has to be a legal way if their family is not there to help them. Address that to some of your DC friends and get an answer. Time is drawing near. Thank God for Kavanaugh taking down Soros today but there is work to do on the ballot issue and Biden is getting his money from Obama's cash cow Soros, et al and that could be the biggest disaster ever!! Worse than all the wars we've fought and came out on top..this will be one that could bury the USA if the Democrats have their way. Pray daily they do not. Thank you. FYI Bless you and your family.

  • Anne Amato

    06/30/2020 09:16 PM

    Dear Governor,
    I would really be interested in seeing some actual proof for the following part of the Democrat Tweet:
    "He's attempted to limit their voting rights and blocked critical pandemic relief....."

    I wonder how many people are aware there is an actual active duty military officer group called the "Commission Corp" (believe most are part of the USN and USMC) with thousands of people across the country (mostly in the medical fields) actively serving EVERY DAY in "indiginous community areas".... in their hospitals, pharmacies, etc.

    So..Want to know where the facts are that supported that DNC quote claim!!!!!!!

  • Lawrence Foster

    06/30/2020 09:09 PM

    It has been sort of amusing watching nanny Pelosi and Schmuckie Chuckie Schumer chase after the latest Russian "story" like dogs chasing a car. Their narrative seems to be that Trump is betraying the country by what? By not nuking Moscow over this latest rumor?

    First, for those of us who have worked in intelligence in the Middle East we know there are probably a dozen of these hair-on-fire stories every day, and most of them have the half life of a thought passing through a millennial's brain. They usually arrive with lots of noise, and insistence by the young, freshly minted intelligence officer whose favorite snitch produced the information that it is the most important report this year. When it gets to the desk officer, usually a seasoned Warrant Officer (or retired warrant working as a civilian), it is met by a bit more skepticism, and will be sent to analysts who will assess it and decide if it is valid or not.

    That is apparently what happened in this case, and the analysts, whose gullibility gland has been shrunk over the years by exposure to reality, did not feel it warranted passing up the chain very far.

    "But they told the Brits - doesn't that mean they took it seriously?" The answer there is clear to those who know the mechanics of the communication system in theater. The Brits, and everyone else in the international command have access to almost all the intelligence reports via a shared internet system, and like the US analysts, they will do their own assessment, often in conjunction with US and other analysts in theater. Note that this has not shown up yet in any of the UK fake news channels, and when it does, it will probably be from the NYT or other US fake news purveyor.

    As far as Nanny and Chuckie, it is not just that they can spin this to try and make Trump look bad. To me, the most significant clue this is fake news is that Nanny and Chuckie are pushing it. Nanny and Chuckie are drawn to fake news like a dog is drawn to vomit. They can't wait to get there and lap it up.

    The lesson of the cold-war years is, even at their most cantankerous, the Russians are still rational actors, and getting into a proxy battle like this with the US is not consistent with their history. Not saying it could not happen, but they generally try to keep this kind of thing inside their own borders.

  • Robert Earle

    06/30/2020 09:04 PM

    Mike, I'm not understanding something. I thought the Roland Fryer paper pretty much clarified that, per encounter, police are no more likely to shoot a black man than a white man. Since then, I haven't seen any relevant statistics that disprove Fryer's conclusions. Is it just being ignored solely because it's politically incorrect in spite of its extreme relevance to the current situation? Or are there some newer studies or analyses that contradict it?

    The whole basis of these BLM protests is based on supposed higher level of violence by police on blacks. It's obvious that Fryer's study disproves it and points out that calls to police for response to a crime are disproportionately (per population %) related to black criminal behavior, and as he points out, this is not due to profiling or bias. The problem to be addressed is the higher percentage of black crime, which directly leads to a higher percentage of blacks being killed or injured in proportion to their percentage of population.

    Obviously blaming, defunding, or overregulating (reducing their ability to apprehend criminals) the police as a group is not going to help. Our country should rededicate itself in efforts to improve the lot of black Americans so that fewer are tempted to pursue criminal activities. This is a challenging task, but efforts to break down the police are useless and misguided.

    But back to my main point. Why isn't anyone pointing out the relevant statistics, and more to the point, why is everything I read saying the opposite of what Fryer said, but never providing any evidence? If everyone in the US were aware of the facts, few (regardless of race) would see any point in blaming the police.

    Or maybe I missed something. Please enlighten me.

  • Don Mummert

    06/30/2020 08:56 PM

    While I appreciate your daily emails and read them religiously, everything you talk about is of no consequence, none at all.
    Our economy is being destroyed by the virus. Nothing is being done except to wear face masks? That’s like painting Teflon and expecting it to adhere. We are treating the symptoms and not trying to stop it. We MUST start the HCQ protocol immediately!!!!!!!!
    Three months of shutdown and somewhat reopening and nothing but face masks and social distancing. Give me a break.
    I implore you, Governor Huckabee to use whatever influence you may have to contact the right people to get treatment started.
    Everything I’ve worked for in this life is going away.
    I’m being a realist. Time is drawing close to an economic collapse.
    Thank you.

  • Linda Tillinghast

    06/30/2020 08:54 PM

    I love your comments and newsletter. !

  • Gladys Hizer

    06/30/2020 08:52 PM

    I like your favorite news commentator as well and did go to that site you made reference to hear and see her again. Loved the lengthy apologies of Mark Dice. My kind of sense of humor too. My late husband loved Westerns and John Wayne. If you do a good job raising your kids, what else is important? Many families should have fathers whose sons stand up for them like John Wayne and Mohammed Ali. Many don't even have fathers in their lives.

  • Al Gagne

    06/30/2020 08:50 PM

    The President should call out Biden to come out strongly against the lawlessness now going on around the country.

    Biden will have to take an oath to enforce ALL the laws as well as defend the Constitution. How can swear to do that when he won't even speak out on the side of law and order now?

    Take it to Joe NOW. When will you condemn what's going on, Joe?