March 20, 2020

President Trump gave another briefing on the handling of the COVID-19 coronavirus (which he very pointedly called the “Chinese virus” to the reporters’ faces, after remarking how nice it was to have fewer of them there, and at a “social distance” from him):

Here’s a transcript:

And here are some of the highlights, including his decision to invoke the Defense Production Act of 1950, giving him war President-like powers to direct the fight, just in case it’s needed. Also, he announced that the FDA will make experimental drugs available to COVID-19 patients, as well as the long-established malaria drug chloroquine, which has shown effectiveness in early studies (see my article in more depth elsewhere in the newsletter/ website.)

One of the good developments we might see longterm from this crisis (aside from bringing our drug manufacturing back from China) is that it’s demonstrated how many federal regulations don’t “protect” the public so much as create extra costs, red tape and pointless delays. For instance, it’s good that the FDA demands stringent testing of drugs. But when it’s a drug that’s needed right away that offers even a chance at life to a terminal patient, you aren’t helping by refusing them, then later on saying, “The good news is that the drug is now proven safe and effective! In fact, it’s so safe and effective that if we’d let you try it a year ago, you might still be alive!”

On a personal note, one of my favorite highlights was watching the liberal reporters squirm when a reporter for the conservative OAN news channel asked Trump why so many media members were so eager to attack him that they would be willing to team up with the communist Chinese government to repeat their phony narrative that he’s a racist for saying the virus came from China. Of course, liberal sites absolutely roasted the reporter for daring to say that. Guess they don't know what we're all already saying about them. I'd file that question that under, “Obviously True Things You Aren’t Allowed To Say, But Nobody Ever Asked Me If You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Say Them.”

On that subject, here’s the latest article from the hilariously blunt Kurt Schichter, and it’s about the media siding with communist China and a virus rather than with Trump and the American people. He usually doesn’t pull any punches, but this time, he pounds his opponent into the canvas and delivers a rhetorical kick in the groin for good measure.

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  • Michael K. Kennedy

    03/21/2020 03:00 PM

    Hello Mike My name is Michael Kennedy...thanks for being able to comment. I was thinking about who I could relay this to and after tying to get to Jay Sekulow and I couldn't, I thought of your website; one that I previously used a while back. Anyway... today, March 21, I was sitting on my couch in St. Louis, watching the Fox news network about abortion and the Corona virus and this thought came to me.... "maybe God's FINALLY 'had it up to HERE' with ALL the ABORTIONS the world's done and is still doing ...and,,,UNTIL WE FINALLY PUT A STOP TO THAT, FOREVER...THIS EPIDEMIC JUST MAY NOT STOP EEEITHER; FOR A LONNNG TIME?" Seems Bibliological to me. I mean...God punishes sin, right? But sometimes He lets us go on sinning for a season, right? Well..looks like the sports and our everyday seasons have done come to a stop to me. And this virus seemed to come from nowhere and all of a sudden the world is feeling it? That was pretty fast and getting faster every day...and we're running around looking for medical answers and wondering, 'why...?'.When the answer might just be right under our very noses.;..."STOP THE KILLING BABIES!!!!" "THOU SHALT NOT KILLLLLLLLLLLLLL! (for no good reason) duhhhh;; what part of your unbelieving minds never OBEYED?? Now God's already got a good lead in catching up if this is the case...Hey, remember when Moses told all the Israelites who were sick in the desert to look at the snake on the raised pole and they would be healed and not die because of their UNBELIEF AND GODS???...Hmmm...sounding pretty much like, maybe that would be all we have to do?? No one knows for sure, but I think it should be tried; if 'we humble ourselves, pray , seek His face and turn from our wicked ways...then He would hear our prayer, forgive our sins, and heal our land..ONCE AGAIN!

  • Leslie Baggett

    03/20/2020 09:16 PM

    So I have watched everyday, and am not surprised by the crap these reporters twist. Today for instance, the ABC "reporter", not sure of her name said on the nightly news President Trump gave mixed messages about malaria drug from what Fauci said. Bold face lie! Trump said he's an optimistic person and chooses to be optimistic about the possibility it could work. If you didn't get to watch the news special, you would think Trump was lieing. Proves again, they just want to hurt him and could care less about us. Trump 2020????