June 29, 2017

Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Magazine offers an owner’s manual on “How CNN’s Fake News Machine Ran.” It traces, step-by-step, how the network built up its ratings by pandering to the Trump Derangement Syndrome demographic with conspiracy fairy tales and hit pieces, based on anonymous “sources” leaking unsubstantiated insider gossip for partisan motives.

Yesterday, I made a passing joke about how one of the three reporters who…ahem, ”resigned”…from CNN following the $100 million defamation lawsuit threat by a Trump ally had (of course!) come there from the New York Times. This story reveals that he hadn’t just worked at the Times: he was “at the forefront” of the effort to connect Trump to Russia. So that really is why CNN hired him. One of his first stories for CNN was that James Comey would refute Trump’s claim that he’d been told three times that he wasn’t under investigation – which turned out to be true, and CNN had to issue a correction. His next story was so phony, it had to be completely retracted before it got CNN sued into bankruptcy. But remember: CNN hired him precisely because he wrote stories like that.

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This is why it’s so hard to make jokes these days. No matter how hard you try to exaggerate the blatant bias of the media to laughable absurdity, you can’t outdo reality.

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