August 7, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Security clearances  -- Sessions dead serious about stopping leaks -- Russian lawyer: nothing to see here -- New jobs and more economic growth -- PC brigades target "Death Wish"  -- News Bits 


Happy Monday America!

Circa News continues to do the job of reporting that the mainstream media used to do. Circa's latest scoop is that Trump National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, for some inexplicable reason, wrote a letter allowing former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice to keep her security clearance and “unfettered and continuing access to classified information,” despite being out of government and under suspicion of illegally unmasking the identities of members of Trump’s transition team who were spied on by government surveillance.

We know James Comey was handing out “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards to Obama staffers like they were Chinese take-out menus, but why in the world would anyone on Trump’s team do the same? Allowing Susan Rice to keep her security clearance is as insane as…well, allowing Hillary Clinton to keep her security clearance. And that’s pretty darn nuts.


Mike Huckabee



Sessions dead serious about stopping leaks

By Mike Huckabee

Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a press conference to make it clear that the DOJ is dead serious about stopping the endless damaging leaks from DC government insiders who, as some commentators put it, “hate Trump more than they love America.” Details are at the link, but in short, he said US Attorneys have been ordered to prioritize cases involving unauthorized disclosures of information, he’s tripled the number of active leak investigations, the DOJ and FBI have increased resources for tracking down leakers, and those caught will be prosecuted. Good. I'm glad to see Sessions is apparently here to stay and prosecuting the multiple federal crimes being committed by these leakers. These aren't whistleblowers, trying to force government reform. They are criminals, stealing classified information and illegally disseminating it to undermine the current Administration, regardless of the damage they do to the nation as a whole. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Sessions also said he will review DOJ policies regarding subpoenaing the media. He said he respects the press and the vital role they play, but they can’t place lives at risk by publishing sensitive secret government information. Sessions vowed, “We will not allow anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country.”

That brought the predictable howls of outrage about violating freedom of the press and the right to confidential sources. But this is hardly a new issue: then-New York Times reporter Judith Miller spent 85 days in prison in 2005 for refusing to reveal who told her that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative. Obama was even harder on the press. James Risen of the New York Times was prosecuted all the way to the Supreme Court for refusing to reveal a source, which prompted him to write an op-ed called “If Donald Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama.” You just didn't hear about it under him, the way you do under Trump.

Whether the media have an unfettered right to publish illegally-released classified information is a question legal scholars have long debated. The best answer so far seems to be that the right of the press to print classified information is not absolute, but there’s never been a test case because no media outlet in US history has been charged for doing it. Until now, we’ve relied on the media to be responsible and professional enough not to expose classified information that endangers national security for no reason that would serve the public interest. If we can’t rely on them to be responsible and professional anymore, that’s not Donald Trump’s fault.


Russian lawyer: nothing to see here

By Mike Huckabee

That Russian attorney Donald Trump Jr.met with during the campaign has spoken out to the media, and if I may channel CNN, WaPo, MSNBC, et al, “Oh boy, here it comes, she’s gonna spill the beans, collusion, Russia, treason, impeach, impeach, IMPEACH!!!” Except here’s what Natalia Veselnitskaya told Russian state TV:

“As I’ve said before, [the meeting] had nothing to do with [Trump’s] rivals or the presidential elections.” She said she came in her professional capacity to ask for help for her client, Russian businessman Denis Kaatsyv, who faced money laundering charges related to the Magintsky Act, a law signed by Obama in 2012. She didn’t have anything at all to say about Hillary Clinton.

So once again, no evidence of collusion to influence the election. Which can mean only one thing: Mueller needs to hire more investigators to keep looking! Oh, sorry. I forgot to stop channeling CNN, WaPo, MSNBC, et al.


New jobs and more economic growth

By Mike Huckabee

Meanwhile, in the real world, on Friday, the Labor Department announced that 209,000 new jobs were added in July. Economists were surprised: they expected only 183,000. This makes 1 million jobs created since Trump took office. Hourly wages rose, unemployment fell to 4.3%, a 16-year low; and the Dow closed at a record high for the eighth day in a row.

President Trump made hay of the news, putting out a series of tweets you can read at the link, boasting of his cutting job-killing regulations and various companies that are building new plants in America. But the Democrats still claim to have a better deal. No thanks. I already saw their deal. It never seemed to involve being surprised by MORE jobs being created than expected.



PC brigades target "Death Wish"

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, the left was blasting the producers of a planned new series called “Confederate,” about what might have happened if the South won the Civil War, for their insensitivity and racism, even though the series hasn’t even been written yet so nobody knows what it will be like. Now, the producers of “Death Wish,” the upcoming Bruce Willis-starring remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson movie about a vigilante, are being called “fascist,” “racist” and “alt-right,” based entirely on the first coming attractions trailer. Apparently, it’s racist because the location was moved from New York to Chicago, where there’s lots of black gang violence (the producers say that’s just because Chicago is now known for crime the way New York was in the ‘70s, although to be fair, Bill DeBlasio is doing his best to bring the title back home.) They also apparently didn’t notice that most of the criminals Willis kills in the trailer are white.

I don’t know if these PC brigades are psychic or they’ve just run out of things to complain about and have to resort to whining that they’re offended by things that haven’t even been created yet. One thing is certain: between that trailer (which you can see at the link) and all the publicity they’re giving “Death Wish,” I predict it’s going to rake in money at the box office like an armed robber.


News Bits

Having been in the position of campaigning until you’re ready to drop, I cut politicians some slack when they make a slip of the tongue or have a momentary brain glitch. So ordinarily, I wouldn’t make that big a deal out of the fact that Rep. Maxine Waters seems to think that Vladimir Putin is our Vice President.  But when you become one of the leading spokespeople for your party, and everything out of your mouth is a brain glitch, it might be time for someone to hold an intervention. 



Laugh if you will, but dogs and birds take the threat of cats armed with assault rifles seriously. Dumb people do, too.



If you think health care is expensive now, wait till it’s “free.” Or just see how expensive “free” health care is in Canada.



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  • Jessie Teddlie

    08/08/2017 08:05 AM

    I appreciate your updates and just wish President Trump was not having to fight such battles to get things done. What I would like to see before April is a set tax percentage across the board, 3/4 of IRS employees gone, death and windfall tax removed, massive numbers of HHS ACA employees gone and a real removal of taxes so we can choose and pay for our own insurance! Congress are supposed to prevent price gouging and stay out of my private insurance business! If taxes and so many federal employees were cut, we would all be better off in many ways!

  • Priyantha Fernando

    08/07/2017 01:03 PM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee. If McMaster has given Susan Rice such a blatant free pass, why is he still part of the Trump administration?? And doesn't Trump have the right to fire him? I'm perplexed as to why this hasn't happened...please shed some light on this if you're able. Thank you.

  • Deborah Alegre

    08/07/2017 08:46 AM

    Hi there Mike Huckabee, Enjoy your newsletters. I know I'm receiving TRUTH when I read them. Trying to join your Israel trip this coming winter! Looking forward!