April 2, 2020

I wrote yesterday about the frustration of hearing scientists in charge of the COVID-19 response call incessantly for DATA, no matter how long it takes to get it. Well, Americans sitting at home with no work for the foreseeable future want data, too –- but a lot sooner.

For example, we want to know the real infection rates, recovery rates and “negative outcome” rates. (Everybody knows what doctors mean when they employ the euphemism “negative outcome.”) We need these to assess how necessary it is for us to grind the U.S. economy to a halt for months and possibly create global economic collapse, with all the disaster and hopelessness that would bring.

For many, the seriousness of this –- the full impact –- is just now really starting to hit. We hear it in President Trump’s voice, now that he’s had to extend the stay-at-home guidelines. The kids want to go outside and visit friends. People worry if they’ll have jobs to go back to. The rent was due on the 1st. Speaking of that, one way we know it’s bad is because April Fool’s Day came and went with precious few April Fool’s jokes.

Anyway, right now it’s impossible to know what the reality is, because we have no idea how many have been infected. That means “experts” are flying blind, too. An undetermined number of those who pick up the virus are either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms that mimic some little respiratory thing and they don’t even get tested. That’s why estimates and predictions have been all over the map. Fancy charts and graphs mean NOTHING. You know how it is with computer models (including those for predicting “climate change”): garbage in, garbage out. Any infection rate we plug into these models is guesswork. Garbage.

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The way to get more people back to living their lives is to let them have the blood test for COVID-19 antibodies. That’s especially true, of course, for healthcare workers, who could benefit incredibly from knowing they have immunity. As of last week, an antibody test considered reliable by researchers has become available. But, as Laura Ingraham pointed out on her Wednesday FOX NEWS show, Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that antibodies testing is not a priority right now. It will be important, “ultimately,” to “get a feel” for how far the virus penetrated society, to have an idea of “the herd immunity,” but that this is not their “immediate problem.”

Say what? I’m sorry, but that makes no sense. We need data on this NOW. Dr. Birx gets the importance of this test, at least for health care workers. She’s calling on universities to help and says they’ll be ready by this Friday. She says the test is fast and easy --- fantastic news for health care workers and all those on the front lines, but we also need this done on a larger scale to get the true picture of what this virus does. If the infection rate turns out to be a lot higher than we thought, then the “bad outcome” rate is far smaller than current guesses suggest.

On a positive note, six pharmaceutical companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, are working on a vaccine. The company Moderna has already started human testing. Even big tobacco has joined the effort, with Lucky Strike saying they can quickly grow tobacco containing antigens to the virus. That is incredible. Still, the vaccine is a long-term answer; even an optimistic estimate for this to be ready is 12-18 months.

The President wants us all to be able SOON to go back to work and get back to normal. The old normal, the good normal. But be warned: there are many who aren’t focused so much on that. Researchers want their data. Doctors want a high percentage of “good outcomes.” China wants us weak. And leftist politicians in our own country want a “new normal” of limitless spending and control over our lives, forever and ever amen. If we’re not vigilant, the threat of contagion could easily become a permanent excuse for tracking us all with GPS, monitoring social activities and confiscating guns. Fun times.

Oh, and now Adam Schiff wants to investigate President Trump’s response to the pandemic.

But let's get back to talking about the legitimate, worthwhile pursuit of data. Here’s the biggest one of all: We sitting at home desperately want to see data on the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, both as a protective measure and, in combination with azithromycin and zinc, as a treatment for respiratory symptoms. I don’t mean the large controlled studies that take months or years, because we don’t have that kind of time, but smaller studies that reinforce the “anecdotal” reports we’ve been getting. Some doctors now are routinely treating coronavirus patients with the combination hydroxychloroquine therapy, though they have to monitor closely for possible adverse cardiological effects. (Note: this is why I advised against using “pop-up tents” outside hospitals to hand out mass quantities of the drugs.) In fact, eminent infectious disease specialist Dr. Stephen Smith reports that of all his patients, no one receiving at least five days of the drug therapy has had to go on a ventilator. This supports the results of that early French study that some “experts” were dismissing. The odds of these results happening by chance are, in effect, zero.

He called this “a game-changer.” In fact, he told Laura Ingraham, “I think this is the beginning of the end. Of the pandemic. I’m very serious.

Here’s another preliminary report of a different treatment that also looks very promising.

If that weren’t enough, here’s another piece of useful data: The more patients they treat, the more doctors are seeing that the ones far more likely to experience “negative outcomes” are those who are overweight or obese and/or diabetic or pre-diabetic. Sure, the gyms are closed for now, but I can’t think of a better reason to start some kind of diet and fitness program at home. Step it up when the gyms re-open. And toss away the cigarettes for good! Save the tobacco for antigen-growing.

Finally, again, we want data from China. And China is actually giving us some, in spite of its leaders’ efforts to keep the lid on. I’ve been commenting this week on the possibility that the COVID-19 virus originated not in the Wuhan live animal market but inside a nearby biotech lab. That’s not just speculation: scientists from the South China University of Technology have put together a compelling case that one of two labs in Wuhan Province researching coronavirus in the “intermediate Horseshoe Bat” is the likely source of the contagion.

Their paper has been online for two months but our media have virtually ignored it. (That Australian 60 MINUTES report I linked to yesterday talks about it.) Tucker Carlson and a few others have reported on it. But the director of the National Institutes of Health has, inadvertently or not, run interference for the Chinese government by dismissing the idea as “outrageous.” No, it isn’t.

Maria Bartiromo brought up the subject, with Ted Cruz.

And Jim Treacher at PJ Media has an excellent commentary on this.

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  • Violet Garman

    04/07/2020 01:20 PM

    I believe President Trump was right when he called this a hoax! Sure people are dying but they are also dying from the Flu, Pneumonia, car accidents and old age!!! There were more dying in 2009 when Obama was in charge and it was the Swine Flu and infected the whole world, just like this one! Even more died then, but, Obama was in charge and the Dems didn't want to make waves!!! This is another impeachment hoax to go after President Trump!!! Rush Limbaugh is right, too! I hope President Trump goes with his gut feeling and opens our country back up on Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead!!! Our famous health officials are in with Nancy Pelosi and you know what she wants and it's not to help anyone but herself!!! Thank you for all you do!

  • Timothy Fox

    04/06/2020 09:09 AM

    Outstanding journalism Mike. Thank you so much for being a voice for the people. Keep up the outstanding work!!!!!

  • Alison Bell

    04/05/2020 12:42 PM

    I wanted to comment on the notion that while the media says, "We're all in this together," they are doing everything they can to continue to divide this country. It is sickening. I am a FOX news watcher, but yesterday morning I tuned into my local ABC channel to find out the COVID numbers for our state (they didn't mention them) and kept it on while cooking breakfast. Good Morning America Saturday came on. For 20 minutes I heard criticism of the administration's handling of this crisis. NEVER did they say anything positive. Then, they addressed the issue of hydroxycholoroquine (HCQ). They played the clip of the President saying that he has a hunch that it may work, and that it should be tried. Then they stated, " The drug has only had ONE trial, of small numbers in CHINA. Yet the President was pushing for its use, opposing Dr. Fauci. Furthermore, patients like, Jane Doe, who has been taking HCQ for 16 years for autoimmune disease, are now having a hard time getting it, and she only has 2 weeks left." This type of ERRONEOUS, BIASED nonsense is what HALF of our citizens are hearing and believing! If this is all I ever heard, I'd hate the President, too. How are they allowed to continue to spread such blatant lies? I got so upset I turned it off, but still had a migraine headache for the rest of the day. It prompted me to pray. (This time I prayed like David did in the Psalms that God would destroy the enemies!) But in all seriousness, we are in a battle against this virus, we shouldn't have to also battle the enemies within! I truly believe God is calling us to prayer, 2Chron 7:12-14 has been on my heart daily--I hadn't realized it mentioned pestilence until I looked up the context. Thank you for your strong support of the President and his team. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  • judith jakub

    04/04/2020 03:47 PM

    Thank you for this very informative and vindication of my feelings over the last 3 weeks. I firmly believe (regardless of what propaganda China dishes) I read, weeks ago, that those labs in China, one being the L4 and the other at the University for Viral study, were diabolically forced to manufacture this plague due to the money backers (our own liberal traitors), namely, Gates, Bloomberg, Soros and a few other multi-billionaire globalists including obama, clintons and God only knows who else, due to the failing impeachment of Trump. World domination is their goal and we are the slaves to their end. I pray, I'm wrong, but so much has been reported (mostly praise for Pelosi/Schumer combo) and MASSIVE HATRED of the absolute BEST President we could have had in this situation as well as a loyal patriot our country has or will EVER have. And one thing that really rattles me, I tried to post on Facebook, last night, a retort to a person whom I said "stop bashing OUR POTUS". i added, "Do you think we would have been better off if killary or obummer were prez?" "THEY SOLD US OUT TO THE GLOBALISTS". For this, my whole post was circled in RED and told "OOPS" there was and error and they are trying to fix it, directed me to "try again", I did for nearly an hour. Eventually the page flipped and lo and behold, my post mysteriously disappeared and I could not find it. Facebook is censoring EVERYTHING posted and are denying my Civil Right to FREE SPEECH. I hope this missive will reach you and your team. I'm getting the feeling we ARE Venezuela already and this plague is a direct hit from the evilest of evils in this world.

  • William Dame

    04/03/2020 10:47 PM

    It's good to hear some encouraging news for a change! I personally don't care where the virus came from. I do care what is being done about it and how bad it really is. Thanks for the newsletter and the work you do to insure that the truth gets to the public.

  • Cliff Rasco

    04/03/2020 08:40 PM

    You lead story is dead (no pun) on and oh so value to most Americans. Please do what ever you can with what ever contacts you have with President Trump to express our wishes.

    Thank you,
    Cliff Rasco

  • Barbara Giroir

    04/03/2020 05:10 PM

    There needs to be more blood testing done for sure. There are People who are still working. Even going to the store is scary. No matter how much distancing & hand washing you do there's no guarantees. No one knows who has been in contact with the virus. It's sad when someone does get sick having some symptoms, coughing, sinus pressure, headache, feverish, so they face call their dr & is told you may have the covid19 virus. Dr puts them on the meds to treat the covid19 virus & you're not even sure you have it b/c no test was done. Then everyone in the household is quarantined. Testing should be done so it is known if a person has the infection or is asymptomatic. Either way blood test & treatment is needed to stop further outbreaks. I care for my 80 yr old mother who has COPD. My husband still works & we do the shopping when needed so we would like to make sure we haven't gotten infected to keep her safe. Just need peace of mind. God Bless & Stay Safe.

  • Kathleen White

    04/03/2020 05:08 PM

    We get numbers of infected and deceased daily. What about all the other countries ? What are numbers for Russia. China Argentina etc ???

  • Carolyn Waldrop

    04/03/2020 03:28 PM

    I saw a video from a scientist who said exactly what is in your letter about the "Horseshoe Bat:. I am a big promoter of Vitamin C and have been touting that to family and friends for months. I take vitamin C every day and I wonder why that isn't referred to in the media?

  • Peter Hadley

    04/03/2020 01:36 PM

    I agree exactly about 'charts' - each one so different from the other pushed in our faces. Which one to believe.
    Also I'm getting sick and tired of Gov, Como sounding condescending 'fire side chats' , politicizing 'campaigning' and yet if you really listen to him, he is exposing HIS failure!!

    These updates should be short & to the point, at whatever level of government, county, state & federal at the same time each day - instead of disrupting our daily lives sooo much! It reminds me of the 'major' report and repeating themselves through food strainer, correcting the mistakes they made a few minutes earlier.

    I also think - if we're getting to '''socialism''' then we need - they should be shut up thir false comments by the politicians, news people, and 'goofball' citizens - on radio, TV, Holl-wreck actors and other people who puff themselves up with stupidity.

    Man's wisdom can be flushed down the drain, because GOD says it is foolishness!

  • Bette Solomon

    04/03/2020 11:34 AM

    Let’s get back to work. Let us take the risk. And no thanks to the ‘keep the seniors at home’ approach. We seniors need to be able to take those same risks, else ‘you’ are doing something ‘for us’ that you think is good ‘for us.’ That never is a good thing if it is ‘given to you for your own good.’ Who ever gets to decide that for another?? No thanks to that!! People know if they are healthy or not. Risk taking is part of a free society.

  • Pamela A Lazaris

    04/03/2020 11:31 AM

    Governor - Here in Wisconsin, the data continues to be nothing more than cumulative. If you look at the chart it would appear that this many people are currently infected. I started my own simple chart where I subtract the deaths and also subtract "old" cases, the early cases for which 15 days have already elapsed, so they should have recovered. So, if you will, I subtract out deaths and likely recoveries. I have no idea how Dr Birx can possibly get helpful data. I credit her with knowing what she SHOULD be able to access.

  • George Henik

    04/03/2020 09:58 AM

    I firmly believe that the virus is China's response to President Trump forcing the change in trade with China.

  • Dana Koppler

    04/03/2020 09:33 AM

    I’m worried about some of the people the President is listening too. I believe he’s been given bad information and they’re delaying getting him accurate #s... I hope he takes swift action soon as we may have WAY over responded but he puts people first... but we can’t go on like this.. gotta get back to work...

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    04/03/2020 09:27 AM

    So now parents actually get to know their children like the pilgrims did, or "Little House"...learn to work & grow together. On the matter of can the DEMS actually want this PORK in the bill when millions are out of work...not to mention that the government still has to fund the monthly SS checks and VA... WITH NO MONEY coming in! Shame on them!

  • Jerry Korba

    04/03/2020 08:47 AM

    A point of interest Democratic leadership in large Urban sites have problems in their schools. neighborhoods in decay, huge drug problems, gang activity, Sanctuary for illegals and criminals if that is not enough misery for communities to deal with look at how Pelosi deals with its people in California pushing people to go to China Town and get some Chinese Virus look at the Governor of Michigan get to a Biden rally if that wasn't stupid enough but gather shoulder to shoulder shoulder and shout spreading the Chinese Virus to thousands that will carry it to thousands more brilliant, how about that beauty in NY go to the Chinese parade and cheer on the Chinese virus brilliant, then we get to Dumb and Dummer of NY ride the subways go to the movies go about your daily business in the most populated city in America then send the people all the way to Florida and spread the Chinese Virus there another brilliant move; if you are an extension of Communist China so as I said before Pelosi and her friends got around her black pot and put together this recipe for disaster now she wants another investigation of the President they keep on putting the same ingredients in this pot and come up with the same product INSANITY AND MISERY DEATH RUINS. Vote Democratic and KILL America.

  • Dave Incao

    04/03/2020 07:05 AM

    I’m often accused of having dumb opinions so here is one more.... Americans don’t live in fear or least we don’t want to. Let’s get back to work and bring the virus on. Let’s get it and be sick for a week or two, build antibodies and move on. Old people excepted; they should hunker down to protect themselves. Most of these people are not working anyway so no harm to the economy. I think we all “know” that so many more people have had this virus than any data indicates and they’ve come through it just fine. If you get sick, stay home.

  • Riley Edwards

    04/03/2020 05:42 AM

    Wuhan Chinese virus is just the flu~let's all go back to work!

  • Debra Swails

    04/03/2020 12:30 AM

    I so appreciate your newsletters, thanks. Debbie

  • Sue Benet'

    04/03/2020 12:11 AM

    THANK YOU, Mr. Huckabee, for keeping us informed. Your reporting is the ONLY news I believe unequivocally... unhesitatingly. May God bless you abundantly as you continue to serve Him; & may He continue to use you in reporting truth.

  • R Reedy

    04/02/2020 11:52 PM

    Sen. Cotton was one of first to say it wasn’t from the wet market or bat soup. Now that large scale quick response testing has started (at least in NY), a clearer picture may be emerging showing hot spots. Also, hospitals in NYC and surrounding counties are already stressed and need relief. The number of Hospital COVID-19 patients may be a metric to track, as most seriously ill will be admitted.

  • Carol J Mathews

    04/02/2020 10:08 PM

    While NYC needs to stay quarantined as the epicenter, the rest of the US with low numbers needs to get back to work for those that are healthy. For the elders who do have an income from SS or other, they can and should stay in for a while longer but the younger ones need to get back to work for more reasons than not. Doctors obviously warn. How many times have a doctor told a patient to wait ??? days after surgery or other reasons that has been far more than needed. Stay home and do nothing is not the choice for most people as they are paycheck to paycheck and mental discipline is far more controlling than physical. If you are mentally in a good place, your body is much more physically fit and able to handle much more. Take the precaustions, keep the distance, wear a mask, gloves, whatever is needed but get back to life for 70% of the country minus the hotspots.

  • Tetiana Higgins

    04/02/2020 09:46 PM

    I appreciate your news articles, as almost the only trusted source of information. Only one hour of watching liberal news channel makes me, single christian mother of four, want to have as many guns as possible in this time and age. It boils my blood ! Most of uneducated folks around the world almost 99,99% are sure, that this epidemic is lab-created in Communistic China, and after the world recover from this biological slaughter of non-essential (elderly and health-compromised ) people, all countries should boycott China at least for 1 year and close all borders with them. All Chinese restaurants in US should be closed for a year as well. No product made in China should be bought by anyone! Let them eat what they created!
    I believe, America should be re-open after Ester and everyone should be able to wear protective equipment for 1-2 month untill no COVID-19 cases are registered. Every work place should be sanitised every day. We can survive!
    And one more thing: "peaceful" COEXISTANCE with liberals in Congress and in this country is UNBEARABLE anymore. Dems are burdening this EARTH with their wickedness. Instead of spending money on fighting with them, let them rule in some of the states which they win, like California for example, and watch their self-destruction by their own filth in a few years. I know that lots of Christians are fleeing this BURNIE-ING state...Smart move!
    There is no normal life anymore anywhere ! it is warfare already - on social media, colleges, universities, streets ! I want to forget about dems and libs forewer and live normal life with my children and friends. I wish there was ANOTHER country without libs and dems, I would be more than wiling to immigrate!

  • Linda Hosse

    04/02/2020 09:27 PM

    Governor Huckabee is there any way possible you can get the President's ear and tell/show him this information? Who knows if he's seen this or not? PLEASE !

  • Marge Taylor

    04/02/2020 09:22 PM

    As you pointed out, you can't believe the numbers they talk about. We do know for sure that they are ruining the economy and the lives of millions of people. People need to be able to go back to work. We can't continue throwing trillions of dollars that we don't have to try to help people get by.