Trashing Obama's record

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August 2, 2019

It wasn’t just Republicans who had a negative reaction to this week’s Democratic debates. There’s also a big backlash among Democrats, upset at how many candidates went after Joe Biden by trashing President Obama’s record.

That’s right: in just three short years, the Democratic Party base, and most of its up-and-coming candidates, have moved so far left that they think Obama was a right-winger. They spent the debate attacking Biden because Obama treated illegal immigration as a crime (imagine!) and deported a lot of people who were here illegally (he was also President when they built those “cages” to put children into, but I think that was too inconvenient for them to mention.) They’re so gung-ho on total government-controlled health care that they don’t even want to save and expand on Obamacare; they think Obamacare was half-hearted compromise garbage and want to scrap it.

Biden called the criticism of Obama’s policies from Democrats “bizarre” (still, it’s better than being a Republican who criticizes Obama’s policies and is called “racist.”) I think it’s unfair to suggest that Biden’s age is making him seem baffled by changing times. The line for what “Progressives” find acceptable keeps moving, usually to the left, and at least 20 times a day. Nobody of any age can keep up with it. Even college students can’t keep up.

In a new College Pulse Poll of over 8100 college students, Obama was named the “best US President in history,” getting nearly twice as many votes as George Washington.

This tells me that the students have been thoroughly indoctrinated in all the horrible things about Washington, but their leftist professors have yet to get the memo that Obama has now been purged by the new regime and must be repudiated and non-personed. Either that, or these students have had so little education in US history that Obama was the only President they could name.

Democrats are rightly concerned that Americans are recoiling from seeing all these Democratic “new faces” speaking with the same voice, and it’s a voice that seethes with anger, hates everything that made America great, and is so far left that it denounces even Barack Obama as some sort of intolerant fascist.

As for me, I don’t need to vote for a Democrat to reverse the policies of the Obama Administration. I already voted for someone who promised to do that, and I think he’s doing a pretty good job of it. I believe I’ll just vote to keep letting him do it.

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