March 30, 2020

One day, we’re going to know not just how the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) came to be a pandemic but how it came to "be" in the first place. Right now, though, it’s tough to find reliable information. Politics, not science, informs (infects?) most media commentary, and that applies not just to what’s being said but what is not said. (Aside: This is especially true with the promise of hydroxychloroquine/zithromycin/zinc therapy that we've been staying on top of.)

It’s amazing how, with 24/7 coronavirus coverage, so much information can be ignored in favor of the same fake stories over and over. CNN, MSNBC and other outlets are so loaded with misinformation --- which we often debunk here --- that one might as well be listening to Nancy Pelosi. Or the Chinese Communist Party.

We see that when public officials contradict President Trump or say things that otherwise further the anti-Trump narrative, they get love and kisses from the media. But as soon as they find reason to temper their comments or even (yikes!) agree with him, the media turn on them and try to shut them down, sometimes not bothering to air their reports.

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"Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci are not political people,” former Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz said Sunday evening on Steve Hilton’s show. “They worked in the administration when it was the Obama administration. These are serious scientists who have the lead; there’s a reason why the President, time after time, brings them out...and for the American people not to see care professionals giving advice, telling them what needs to be done, advising the President, does a total disservice to the American public. But I think the American public, fortunately, figures that out.”

I would add that just as these researchers aren’t politicians, neither is President Trump, really. It’s refreshing to have someone in office who doesn’t just talk in focus-grouped politi-speak and is candid with us. On the rare occasions when something he says doesn’t ring true --- such as a positive word he might say about Chinese leadership --- we know he has solid diplomatic reasons for putting it out there.

Anyway, certain scientists and elected representatives have been trying for months to uncover the real source of the virus and what China did in the early weeks of their epidemic that allowed it to become a raging pandemic that has killed over 2,000 Americans. The Chinese Communist regime has been very cloak-and-dagger about it by hiding evidence, refusing to admit American scientists from the Centers of Disease Control, “disappearing” doctors and researchers, and expelling American journalists who might sneak the truth out to the rest of the world.

Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton, appearing on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo, referred to a study published in THE LANCET that concluded the virus did not originally come from the “wet market” in Wuhan. Cotton was really the first elected official to express serious concern about the emerging virus; he nailed it back on January 30, when he called it “the biggest and most important story in the world” and asserted that China was lying about it. He could see it didn’t make sense that China was downplaying the virus while “locking 75 million people into their homes and apartment buildings,” he told Maria.

And they’re still lying. “You see it again today,” Cotton said. China announced they had no new cases, no more deaths, but they've just re-closed the movie theaters nationwide after having them open for a few days. Certainly they wouldn’t do that unless what they’re telling us about the end of the contagion is false. Cotton also noted that a single mortuary in Wuhan has just ordered more than 5,000 urns. The Chinese Communist Party lies because it’s the Chinese Communist Party, just as a scorpion stings because it’s a scorpion. They’re behaving exactly as one would expect the Chi-Coms to behave when trying to cover up the biggest story in the world.

You can bet that when Trump says something gracious about the president of China, he’s well aware of that deception. There are many elements at play, such as the reality that much of our basic productive capacity for making medicines was outsourced to China long ago. As Cotton said, “I think most Americans have been shocked to learn that we depend upon China for things like penicillin, antibiotics, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, to say nothing of dozens of basic pharmaceutical ingredients.” That will have to change, but it can’t happen overnight. Cotton is sponsoring legislation to use tax incentives and the government’s purchasing power to bring this manufacturing back to the U.S. and eventually halt the importation of all Chinese drugs.

A month ago, Cotton was saying we didn’t know where the virus originated but that we had to get to the bottom of it. He pointed out that just a few miles from the wild-animal “food” market where they’d said the virus broke out is China’s one-and-only biosafety Level 4 superlaboratory that researches human infectious diseases. “Now, we don’t have evidence that this disease originated there,” he said at the time, “[but] because of China’s duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question, to see what the evidence says, and China right now is not giving any evidence on that question at all.”

We don’t know much more than we did a month ago, Cotton said on Sunday, and that is very little. But we now KNOW the virus did not originate in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market as China claimed. That’s right: It didn’t “jump” from one of the live delicacies they sell there such as badgers and koala bears (kid you not) to a human host, and even the Chi-Coms can’t continue to claim that it did. They had to ‘fess up in February. But as early as December, this was known; THE LANCET published a study showing that of the first 40 cases of coronavirus, 14 of them had no contact with that infamous market.

So, the virus had to have been brought by someone into that market, which became an “accelerant” for its spread. The market is crowded and dirty, with animals crammed into filthy cages to await their fate. Customers reportedly prefer to watch their future meal being slaughtered. Isn’t multiculturalism great?

Rep. Cotton said we still don’t know what they do in this lab. It sure would be interesting to know if even one of those first 14 cases not having any connection to the market did have a connection to the LAB. Is it possible that any of these infections can somehow be traced back there? Inquiring minds want to know.

It should be said that the study of this particular virus wasn’t necessarily sinister. It’s their failure to contain the outbreak and then lying about it that led to many thousands dying around the world –- THAT’S sinister. This Level 4 biolab has apparently researched coronaviruses before, and there are legitimate reasons for doing so. I would strongly suggest, however, that in the future they might want to think about doing it at Level 5.


A postcript: China has taken the “highly unusual move” of exonerating 33-year-old Dr. Li Wenliang, whom they “reprimanded” for spreading the word about the outbreak and who later died of the disease himself. In other words, he was exonerated posthumously. Wasn’t that nice of them?

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  • Mary E Venable

    04/01/2020 03:23 PM

    I suggest you go to YouTube, bring up It's Supernatural and look for a video with Tracy Cook and listen to his revelation on this virus. It is very interesting to say the least of where this Covid19 came from & who is behind it. Sid Roth's Its Supernatural

  • Ruthann Frost

    04/01/2020 12:32 PM

    I definitely believe that China lied and covered up endangering the entire world. We need to determine if it was deliberate or an accidental release of this virus from the bio-chemical lab. We know the whistle blowers were silenced.
    I seem to remember hearing reports that satellites were picking up gases in the atmosphere over China around the height of the virus which were detected to be burning human remains. In other words, mass incineration of the thousands of corpses to hide the evidence. Please address this as fact.
    We are so dependent upon the Chinese for so made products, plus they buy our debt, that we cannot accuse them of anything until this is over. It has been an eye-opener that we need to start making things in America once again. Trump will need to start pushing this fact, and this in turn will revive our economy. We also need more vocational schools to teach much needed skills to the next generation.

  • Donald G. Davidson

    04/01/2020 12:41 AM

    I was in the Pacific during WW II. We took a white pill every day to keep from getting malaria. Were those pills hydroxychloroquine? I'm 92 years old. Obviously they weren't bad.

  • Robert Tucker

    03/31/2020 11:49 PM

    Great reporting on this terrible subject. Let the truth rule out.

  • Leonard Lugo

    03/31/2020 11:32 AM

    well, it wouldn't be surprising that it originated in China, accidentally or on purpose, a interesting question. It's a concern, and we're to take common sense actions, but, to sit in front of the Tv and be fed constantly fear, and total bad, negative news, enjoying pushing the public to a frenzy, hysteria! With the wicked Demon/Democrats capitalising on this to push their agenda! They're doing that quite well. Don't panic folks, read your Bible & take a break from fake news. Were praying for our President, and Nation, get the economy up and going! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Linda Lovland

    03/31/2020 11:30 AM

    Thank you for keeping us informed with the truth.

  • Patricia Seaman

    03/31/2020 09:51 AM

    That was such an interesting letter, it’s so amazing how much we’re kept in the dark, Thank you Mike Huckabee

  • Shirley Beckett

    03/31/2020 08:18 AM

    I feel the USA needs to do an investigation of this coronavirus. This is different -- and so wide spread. There is more to this illness than they are letting us know.

  • Randy Thompson

    03/31/2020 07:37 AM

    I have always suspected from the beginning that the Chinese govt has committed the unpardonable sin of malicious retaliation of germ warfare on the US due to the their resentment of Trumps strong Trade negotiations. It’s an “I’ll show you” campaign against the US. I figure that the rest of the world is just a “Casualty” of war and a smoke screen to hide behind for what they have intentionally done to the people of the America! TIME FOR PAYBACK when they least expect it!

  • Carol Mathews

    03/30/2020 10:21 PM

    Make America self supporting, self sustainable and not dependent on any foreign entity for anything. Will not surprise anyone if the virus started in a lab. All our medicine made in China. What an opportunity China has to "kill" the rest of the world. This is the one thing that has worried me the most because I did not know so much of the medicine that we depend on for life, isn't made in America. FDA approved but imported from China. ?????

  • Linda S. Elliott

    03/30/2020 08:51 PM

    Thanks to Gov. Huckabee we get to know the real story. I am thankful for people like him. Keep up the great work Gov.

  • HCorey

    03/30/2020 08:40 PM

    I’m not minimizing pandemic. Rather looking for roses among thorns. Things I learned during quarantine: Chinese government lies, how to grocery shop online, how to use FaceTime (to see grandkids), attending church services on YouTube/Facebook, reporters/online news services practice yellow journalism (seeking sensationalism rather than reporting truth), MSM is owned by 6 corporations, soap kills COVID-19 virus better than hand sanitizer, a businessman makes a better President in a crisis than a career politician, my husband and I can stay indoors alone together for long periods.

  • Heidi Petrick

    03/30/2020 06:29 PM

    Hey Governor, I’m not a doctor, scientist etc but by listening to you and others I have come to the conclusion that the Chinese government desperately needs to look in control, authoritative, totally confident in everything. This bug has made them look the exact opposite. Not unlike the left here in the US. They also want to look like they are in control, authoritative, sure of themselves. Then I hear the Governor of New York DEMANDING medical supplies be sent to his hospitals, and to my despair the Governor of my home state sounding flustered at the number of sick and dying we have here ??. The beginning of wisdom is knowing when you have laid an egg. Receiving the respect you may or may not crave comes from acting on the advice you have been given and not on lies, misdirection and out and out intimidation. Or blaming someone else for what has happened, like President Trump on both sides of the lake. Thanks again for your information Governor. God bless you and yours. Heidi

  • Carbine Williams

    03/30/2020 06:29 PM

    The Democrats through George Soros funding, had the Chinese develop and then spread this contagion to postpone the inevitable loss of all their seats in Congress when Trump prevails in November. They know the parties over and the swamp will soon after, Novembers election be completely drained.

  • Christopher P Kelley

    03/30/2020 06:25 PM

    Amir Tsarfati, an Israeli Christian preacher,posted on Twitter several weeks ago that Beijing had posted a special "new instruction" to biomedical labs that they should take "special precautions"
    when handling specimens, or words to that effect. He noted that the only lab that fit the given descriptors was the bio-WARFARE lab in Wuhan! Amir served in the IDF, & I believe he retains close contacts with Israeli intelligence.
    He also posted a map of Iran, with the disease reports tracking straight back to Qom, the Shi'ite shrine city. Near it is the site of an institute that has direct connections with China; many Chinese apparently fled there at the beginning of "the troubles."
    Amir is worth following.

  • Joseph G. Whitson

    03/30/2020 06:04 PM

    Another area of concern becomes obvious if the 21 million cell phone cancellations can be tied to the death of the owners; how many more Chinese fled the country and came to the United States in Jan.Feb. and Mar. Immigration would know the numbers! Did they carry the virus with them and contaminate Americans? Must be checked out and TESTED for the virus!

  • Ellen Klapperich

    03/30/2020 05:29 PM

    China exonerated because the dead man can't tell any tales.

  • Doug Morgan

    03/30/2020 05:18 PM

    Some days ago President Trump bowed the backs of the MSM and the Socialists (AKA Democrats) when he suggested that he didn’t want to see the cure for the Wuhan Flu to be worse than the pandemic itself. I suspect he could see what is happening to the great economy that he was instrumental in building. And it was to be his ticket for re-election in November.

    This pandemic certainly is serious and human lives always take precedent over economics. However, I’m having trouble making the data regarding the virus equal a national shutdown.

    The last statistics that I saw there are roughly 140,000 cases of COVID-19 in the US and around 2,500 deaths. There are probable a million cases in the country and most of them are without detection at all, as is with influenza.

    This season CDC estimates that, as of mid-March, between 29,000 and 59,000 have died due to influenza illnesses. Add to that the misery of hundreds of thousands of flu-related hospitalizations and millions of medical visits for flu symptoms this season.

    The National Safety Council estimates that 4.4 million people were injured in automobile accidents in 2019. Of those 4.4 million, 38,800 died.

    I am not comprehending why we have to shut the entire country down. Think through the logical chain reaction of an economic shutdown. First everyone stays home so people don’t go to work. Small businesses get a month or more of no revenue and go bankrupt. After just a few weeks of loss of revenue large corporations have mass layoffs. There won’t be jobs for people to return to if all the industries crash. Our government cannot bail out every industry in the country. Not to mention the loss of revenue counties, states, and the federal government will suffer from this.
    The Federal Reserve has dropped from 10% reserves down to 0%, meaning banks are not required right now to have any reserve to cover their depositors. It means the money you think is in the bank isn’t there. They loaned it out and pay the withdrawals from the interest payments coming in. People don’t have jobs and can’t pay their mortgages.
    What happens when banks don’t get their interest payments, they cannot pay their depositors and the banks fail.

    If you shut down 50% of our countries production, there will be massive shortages. Think massive starvation.
    If you shut down 50% production, you also are shutting down 50% distribution, which means shortages of 50% consumption.
    And the economy is so interconnected that one thing affects another until it’s not a ripple affect but a tsunami.
    So the food industry stays open. But what about the plastic factories that service them? Or the cardboard factories? The economy is all interconnected.
    Doctors can’t get to the hospital to save lives if their car breaks down, Uber shuts down, dealerships shut down, and mechanics shut down. Say the mechanics stay open but with everyone staying home, they go bankrupt anyways.
    More people would die from the coming economic collapse than the people who would die from the virus itself.

    The cure is worse than the disease.

    Now just as I am about to send this, I see the President is considering a pivot back to considering the economic impact of a national shutdown.

  • Betty Webb

    03/30/2020 04:58 PM

    Will the truth ever really be known? I listened to a scientist say this was not manipulated in a lab but from this article hints that it may have been.

    Looking for The Rapture!!

  • James Evart

    03/30/2020 04:13 PM

    From the Hannity Show 3/23/2020, 6PM PDT: hydroxychloroquine/zithromycin/zinc therapy:
    hydroxychloroquine: 200mg 2X/day - 5 days;
    azithromycin: 500mg 1X/day - 5 days;
    zinc: 22mg 1X/day - 5 days. (Consult your physician for specifics.)

  • Paul Kern

    03/30/2020 04:09 PM

    Two things. First is that Bill Gates or his foundation provided funding for the lab is a story going on reliable news networks Second is this. the CCP speaks with forked tongue

  • Judy McGlothlin

    03/30/2020 04:09 PM

    This is the second time I have heard this theory. However, the first time it was offered the theory went further to say that China deliberately spread this virus because of the trade deals they were forced to make with America. Why would they do that when it wasn't just America that was affected?

  • Robin Rebhan

    03/30/2020 03:22 PM

    On the BSL-4 lab. I have a little experience with bio and chemical stuff in the military.
    Based on the photos I've seen from China the researchers were not properly attired with protective gear for this environment. They should be completely covered with all seams sealed. No openings to the body at all. Second problem is you cannot take off the protective gear without first decontaminating the gear, then secondly yourself. I did not see anything for decontamination. There should also be available emergency decontamination stations for accidental incidents.
    Without the above you're just a human " guinea Pig ". Go home to your family and friends after that and there you go! An epidemic because of poor training, fear of questioning your supervisors, politicians and government. And everything done in closed secrecy so you can't get knowledge or advice from any scientists in the outside world.
    Welcome to Socialism!

  • bob

    03/30/2020 02:52 PM

    I accept Rep Cotton's statement that our pharmaceuticals were outsourced to China. Is it possible that they have unintentionally introduced the virus into the processing of these drugs? Is this the reason Seniors and people with prior illnesses are most affected?

  • James Evart

    03/30/2020 02:12 PM

    Everything that I have heard about the efficacy and effectiveness of the hydroxychloroquine/zithromycin/zinc therapy has shown it to be a sure fix for this countries peril. These drugs have been used since as early as 1945 and have been used together with no counter or delibating effects. Patients are shown to be virtually sympton free withim 8 hours of taking these drugs together with essentially a 100% cure rate within 6 days with NOOOOOOOO evidence of the virus remaining after the treatment. What has been found is that it does not matter whether the treatment is given early or late in its desease cycle or any other perameter is prohibiting its use but that it works universally. WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOOSE BY USING IT??? WHATS THE HOLD UP!!!!?????
    Why not use the Holland America Zandam cruise ship as an isolated case study for the hydroxychloroquine/zithromycin/zinc therapy to speed things along? Did China use this therapy to get its country back to work? Is it using it now? Why is hydroxychloroquine not commonly available to everyone right now. Withholding this drug from oiff the shelf availability to everyone, to me, is criminal.