February 13, 2019

First the letter, then Laura’s reply...


From Walt W:

Wow, what can one say after reading this article and assorted comments from the readers who’ve already posted regarding Roger Stone’s arrest by the FBI.

It appears most every one who reads this site has succumbed to the extreme far right radical agenda including all its attendant conspiracy theories and related hysteria. Many reader comments continue to parrot many of the so called “alternative facts” that have already been repeatedly discredited by ample solid, indisputable evidence already shown in prior print, audio and video proof sources, but still refuse to accept the proof that is so readily and easily available.

Fortunately, not all readers of these various Huckabee columns, who have at many times begun to express opposing viewpoints to some of them, have lost the ability to read, analyze, assess, compare and think through the article commentary in order to make their own intelligent judgment. At the same time, it has become hugely troubling for our country to see how many others still resort to just blindly repeating what they have been told to believe without thinking for themselves.

My prayer daily is that the Lord will bring some sanity to the very few leaders who actually control the decision making process in this country. That includes all of them “on both sides of the isle”, with plenty of blame to share on both sides. Radical agendas, on either side of the rhetorical arguments, benefit no one other than those proposing them. They certainly do not benefit our country or the very vast majority of our citizens.


From Laura:

Wow, what can one say after reading this condescending letter –- it’s hard to know where to start. As a longtime writer/researcher for Gov. Huckabee, I decided to answer this letter personally instead of passing it along to him, as he is much too nice to say what needs to be said. I, on the other hand, am not nearly as nice as he is, so I thought I would take a crack at it.


I, along with the one other staff writer who works with me for the Governor, can proudly say that in all the years we have been doing this, we have not had to retract ONE THING of any consequence that we have put into print. There might have been something minor like the spelling of someone’s name, a job title, etc., but NEVER have we been taken in by the hoaxes, non-stories, what-if’s and gigantic mistakes that have plagued the “real journalists” (ha) at CNN and other “news” sources that you no doubt frequent. Yes, this is an opinion site, but it is informed opinion, based on fact. We get our facts right. And I don’t mean opinion masquerading as facts, as you’ll find with some of the leftist “fact-checking” sites. To the very best of our ability, we base our opinion on what we know to be true.


Also, we are not “far right radicals” by any definition I have ever heard. There are some readers you could accurately call far-right who leave comments for Gov. Huckabee, and we don’t fact-check the comments any more than liberal sites fact-check theirs –- it would be impossible –- but this website is not “radical.” Not unless by “radical” you mean supportive of equal justice under the law, the Bill Of Rights, the same level of border security that other developed countries have, biological gender as determined by DNA, and newborn babies being able to leave the delivery room alive. Yes, we go out on a limb for radical things like that.


And our readers, in their current and very understandable state of frustration, cannot be expected to know what can be done about the problems we address; some of their suggestions are unworkable for sure, and we are aware of that. These people are mostly venting as they watch some of our precious freedoms circling the drain, and they are welcome to do it here. Most of them are not constitutional scholars (actually, some are, as well as members of law enforcement and the military), but it doesn’t take a law degree to see that the FBI needs reining in. Even the most esteemed legal minds in the country who recognize these problems do not always agree on how to handle them.


Because of the nature of social media and hyper-partisan blogs and websites, it’s challenging for those on both left and right to avoid encountering misinformation, which is rampant. We work to make sure the Governor’s website is a trusted source of facts and common-sense opinion. (And one doesn't look in the "comments" section of any website for that.)  Your letter, with its claim that there is “indisputable” evidence (I assume you mean for Trump/Russia collusion), shows that you are just as misinformed as the readers you look down on with such disdain.


That’s because if there’s a “conspiracy theory” going around, it’s got to be the one on the left about the Trump campaign conspired with Russians to win the 2016 election. Sorry, we don’t subscribe to that one. If you do, I think you are going to be disappointed when it finally, finally becomes evident that the Russians were acting on their own. The Senate Intelligence Committee has just released its report showing no evidence that there was any “collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign.


To that, I’m sure you’d say, “Ah, but those are the Republicans.” Okay, then, the current chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, has repeatedly hinted that he HAS proof of this, though in recent months he has appeared to soft-pedal that notion. Where is that evidence? Surely somebody would have leaked it by now. Let’s see it. Dear lord, we’ve got Democrats going on TV suggesting that the President is a traitor who should be hanged like Benedict Arnold.


When you refer to “ample, solid, indisputable evidence,” it seems that you yourself are one of those who are “just blindly repeating what they have been told to believe without thinking for themselves.” If Mueller has any evidence of actual collusion, he will show it, but he hasn’t yet. If he can prove the Trump campaign did this, then that changes the conversation. Otherwise, you can go whistle up a rope. (See, the Governor might not tell you that, but I will.)


We at have been doing a deep dive into this for the past two years. We WANT to know if there was real evidence of Trump conspiring with Russia. No President should get into office that way. We’re not trying to live in a dream world –- that appears to be where those on the left live, and we do not want to live anywhere NEAR them. Or even go to dinner parties with them if politics is to be discussed.


As far as I can see, it’s those on the left who refuse to look at hard evidence –- of Hillary Clinton’s lawbreaking. Have you not seen the “ample, solid, indisputable evidence” of that? There’s been plenty of it, from James Comey’s own mouth, in fact. And it sure appears that if anyone was trading favors with Vladimir Putin, it was her.


One thing you’re right about: there’s blame to go around. Both sides have their idiotic radical fringes. On some conservative sites, I’ve seen comments that deeply concern me and make me hate to think anyone would consider me as being on the same “side.” But on the left, it’s different and much worse: the radical idiots have gone mainstream. I could give you countless examples of this, but, really, it’s not news.


That’s about it. If you’re really concerned about radicals, Walt, I suggest you sniff them out someplace else. Try sniffing over to the left, where most of them live.


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And now, to show we’re even-handed, here’s a reader comment from the conservative side, followed by my reply...


From Gail H:

As a conservative, I read your posts –- however, I am puzzled about the inclusion of the story of Roger and Nydia Stone. Upon reading about this couple and their lifestyle –- politically and morally –- on other sites, it seems odd seeing their names on your site. If you are going to trumpet conservative values on your site, perhaps their inclusion and their story was a decision made at a lower level?? (pun intended) While the FBI raid was obviously over the top and I DO resent the taxpayer money spent on it.....didn't really need to read about all this on your site. Thank you.


From Laura:

Gail, if I were a pastor like Gov. Huckabee, I’m sure I could find the perfect Bible verse for this situation. Yes, there have been some reports of Roger and Nydia Stone concerning what they may or may not have done in their private lives. I don’t know if they are true or made up, but that’s immaterial here. Lady Justice is supposed to be wearing a blindfold –- it’s equal justice FOR ALL. Are we supposed to stand by and let the FBI run over people we don’t otherwise approve of? If they can do it to Roger and Nydia, they can do it to you and me.


I assume you voted for President Trump; has he always lived up to those high moral standards? Um, no. Really, Gail, it doesn’t seem to me that the Governor “trumpets” about morals on this site. But maybe a “trumpet” is something like a “dog whistle” –- I just can’t seem to hear it.

PS.  I asked Gov. Huckabee what Bible verse he would suggest, and he said Matthew 7:1 --- "Judge not lest ye be judged."


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