From Mike Huckabee: 

I don’t like talking about the latest scandal involving Rep. Ilhan Omar (the accusation by a political associate’s wife that his affair with Omar broke up their marriage) because I don’t want my newsletter to be a tabloid full of personal dirty laundry. The problem is that her scandals have some very serious legal components, such as possible tax and campaign finance fraud. The left has been hammering away at us for decades that “the personal is political,” so they can’t hide behind “it’s personal” when their misbehavior bleeds over from private misconduct into alleged breaking of laws governing politicians

For a long time now, Omar has relied on a sycophantic media to cover for her as she’s deflected questions about her marital status, tax forms and handling of campaign funds by accusing the questioners of being rightwing, anti-Muslim bigots and sexists. But with this latest scandal, the dam appears to be crumbling, as both friendly liberal media outlets and her Muslim supporters start to suspect they’ve been played. And according to this report, her husband (or partner or ex-husband or whatever role he currently occupies) may be losing his enthusiasm for risking jail by covering up for her.

This is a story that bears watching, if for no other reason than to see whether there really is a two-tiered justice system in which some people are part of a “protected class” and are allowed to skate for things that would bring serious legal and political consequences to anyone else.




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  • C Michael Roberson

    09/05/2019 09:45 AM

    I know you always look on the positive side of things and are very careful about how you say things so as not to give anyone any possibility of "misinterpreting" something you say. However, concerning the last paragraph of your brief write-up of Ilhan Omar's law-breaking practices, I think it is now safe to say, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that we no longer need to "see whether there really is a two-tiered justice system in which some people are part of a “protected class” and are allowed to skate." We know there is indeed a two-tiered justice system, one for the powerful elite, and one for the rest of us. Although disappointed (I am used to it), I would not be at all surprised if Omar "skates." I know that sounds quite pessimistic, but we are all living with the reality of our current culture in this country that I used to know as America. I give you my word that I will do whatever the Lord asks me to do to help change it for the better, but I am almost sure, from my perspective, that will be one heart at a time.

  • Amelia Little

    09/04/2019 03:38 PM

    I wonder how many of the "movie star's" liberal friends might have told him much the same as Whoopi Goldberg did? Must have been a sizable group (people he probably was SURE would agree with him) for him to start backpedaling so fast. I'm not sure where he got his education from, but calling out for people's names for the express purpose of not working with them (his words, he needs to review his statement) is--well--blacklisting. Or, maybe he found out that enough people in hoolywood would blacklist HIM, that he wouldn't get any roles (does he even get any work these days?) Oh, since he knows that where President Trump's major donations are coming from is public record--why doesn't he just look the info up himself? He could provide this info to whatever reporters cover the fundraiser--or he could publish the list himself. No need for a middle man. Or, could be he's jealous that some real movie stars might be attending this fundraiser, and he wasn't invited? ;)