October 31, 2019

To show how far left the Democratic Party has lurched in just three short years, the man many conservatives thought was the most liberal person we’d ever see in the White House, Barack Obama, thinks they’ve gone too far.  Speaking at an Obama Foundation summit, the former President slammed his party’s PC “cancel culture” and “social justice warriors,” saying, “This idea of purity and you’re never compromised, and you’re always politically ‘woke,’ and all that stuff, you should get over that quickly. The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws.”

As the article points out, there are two ways of looking at this: either the Democrats have gone so far off the left-wing deep end that they now make Barack Obama sound like a voice of reason…or else Obama, who has great political instincts, realizes that Americans are fed up with this thought police garbage and the Dems are about to pay a heavy price for it at the polls.

Since I also like to think of myself as a voice of reason, I’ll simply ask: “Why not both?” 



Correction: In writing yesterday about California’s many woes, I said that over a million Californians were going without power because of the arrogant stupidity of their far-left government.  According to this must-read column by Victor Davis Hanson, the number of Californians sitting in the dark and wondering how to charge up their electric cars so they can try to outrun the wildfires is over two million.  I regret the error, but probably not as much as Californians regret voting for these idiots.

Actually, I should also correct that last statement. It’s highly likely that the same people who voted for politicians who now have them sitting in the dark in vastly overpriced houses with no power, surrounded by homeless addicts, criminal illegal aliens, infected needles, human feces, rats and typhus will go to the polls and vote to reelect them, provided they can afford the overtaxed gasoline or that the juice to charge their electric cars comes back on before next November.  Why?  Because “orange man bad,” or something.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, California Democrats should hold their next convention in a big rubber room. 

It’s also said that things happen first in California, then move east to the rest of the nation.  That’s exactly what the Democrats hope to do by taking over the Senate, holding the House and electing someone like Elizabeth Warren to the White House: turn all of America into California. Let that sink in. 

They claim to be the party that is smarter, better and has all the answers.  But before you vote to put them in power, take a long, hard look at what they’ve done in California, where they have complete control, and how, in a very short time, they’ve turned the paradise they inherited into a nightmare people are fleeing.  At this point, the major things keeping anyone in California are natural resources that “progressives” haven’t found a way to ruin yet, like the beaches and the weather.  But give them time.  Or better yet, don’t. 

Or at least quarantine them to California and don’t vote to let them turn out the lights and turn back the clock to the (literal) Dark Ages everywhere else in America.  



Elizabeth Warren dodges like a squirrel on an expressway whenever she’s asked how she would pay for “Medicare For All,” and Bernie Sanders has apparently decided it’s not even worth thinking about. Fortunately, researchers at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Government have been thinking about how to pay for it, and running the numbers.  Consider this a Halloween story, because these numbers should scare the daylights out of you.

Think “Medicare For All” means “free health care?” Well, here are some options you can pick from, because this is what it would take to pay for that “free” health care.

*  A 32 percent payroll tax

*  A 25 percent income surtax

*  A 42 percent value-added tax (VAT)

*  A mandatory public premium averaging $7,500 per capita – the equivalent of $12,000 per individual not otherwise on public insurance

*  More than doubling all individual and corporate income tax rates

*  An 80 percent reduction in non-health federal spending

*  An increase in the national debt of 108 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

*  Impossibly high taxes on high earners, corporations, and the financial sector

* Or some combination of the things listed above. 

The report notes that “Each of these choices would have consequences for the distribution of income, growth in the economy, and ability to raise new revenue.” I assume they mean that in the same way that swallowing a lit cherry bomb would have “consequences” for your digestive system. 

Once again, we see the truth of the old warning, “Nothing is more expensive than a free government service.” That’s also the headline of an article by Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research that should be required reading for every naïve young person who’s actually thinking of voting for some Democrat and/or socialist who’s promising more free handouts than you’ll be giving to trick-or-treaters tonight.



“Goooood Dog” News: President Trump announced that Conan, the military dog that was injured while chasing down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, will be an honored guest at the White House next week (I expect CNN to find a cat to make negative comments about this.)

Believe it or not, some TDS sufferers in the media actually found a way to complain and feign being offended at this story. Trump had tweeted a joke photo created by the Daily Wire, showing him placing a Medal of Honor on the dog. The Wire had replaced the face of 2017 Medal of Honor recipient and Vietnam veteran James McCloughan with the dog, so the anti-Trump media assailed Trump for allegedly being disrespectful toward McCloughan.

To show what a stretch that was, here’s what McCloughan had to say about it:  “I’m not offended by another hero.”  He said he’s a dog lover, and he looks up to the dog for the bravery he displayed.

To give these howls of phony offense all the respect they deserve, here's the Babylon Bee's take on them:



James Comey suggested that if Donald Trump wins a second term, he’ll move to New Zealand.

It won’t do him any good: the US and New Zealand have an extradition treaty.  But maybe Rosie O’Donnell, Barbra Streisand, Chelsea Handler or one of the other liberal celebrities who vowed to move out of the country the first time Trump was elected will let him hide out in their basements in Saskatoon. 



Sad news from Hollywood: Actor/comedian John Witherspoon died at home Tuesday at 77. He made countless appearances in movies such as the “Fridays” series, TV shows and comedy clubs, in a career that stretched back to the 1970s and classic shows such as “Barnaby Jones.”  He was remembered by colleagues as a beloved father figure and mentor to many younger performers, particularly in the African-American community.  Our prayers and sympathy to his family.



A special note to our readers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area: This Saturday night, Nov. 2, in Arlington, you can meet “Huckabee” writers Laura Ainsworth and Pat Reeder and hear Laura sing at the annual fundraiser for the Malaika Orphanage in Uganda. It’s a wonderful facility that gives a home and hope to children from some of the most horrifying circumstances imaginable. 

Just $25 a ticket gets you an evening of entertainment, a huge international buffet dinner cooked by the volunteers, and an array of great silent auction items, with all proceeds going to help the orphanage kids.  Come on out, have a great evening and support a terrific cause.  Tickets and information are online at



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  • rodney burke

    11/01/2019 11:32 PM

    CA dems need to be in either Atascadero or Camarillo, they are all nuts. You speak of "demonstrated failure" it's been going on for HOW long? And CA RE elected jerry Brown? OMW. As if he didn't fail them the first time ehey gave him a second? What about the fires? And where were the dems on that? Not a peep! They were too busy lying to show any concern for their constituents. This is really beyond pathetic! I am SO glad Uncle Sam moved me from CA in 1980!

  • Janet C. Harris

    11/01/2019 02:35 PM

    Thank you for sharing truth. I appreciate the daily news!!!



  • Nancy Klus

    11/01/2019 02:10 PM

    All I have to say about the "celebrities" moving out of the country.....
    especially the lying James Comey to New Zealand is "Don't let the door
    hit you in the ASS as you leave! I just love Comey who said he didn't
    remember countless times when asked under oath and then writes
    a book about everything. Hummmmmmmmm

  • Elizabeth Beardslee

    11/01/2019 01:41 PM

    I love your sense of humor Governor. It's right on point without seeming overly mean-spirited. I had to chuckle out loud at your description of the typical Democrat Californian and his sufferings. Hysterical! We had better wall off California before this mental plague rages uncontrolled throughout the middle of our country in a sprint to meet the compassionate arms of the East Coast.
    Great letters Sir! I read every one.

  • David Molony

    11/01/2019 12:09 PM

    Let's not forget that the healthcare workers will have to take an immense cut in pay if medicare covers all.

  • Dorothea Jacobsen

    11/01/2019 11:51 AM

    I hope WE will have some of the unity that left has to help Pres. Trump campaign for 2020. How about giving him a break and holding rallies for him with main speakers like Ted Cruz, with Ivanka as a secondary speaker, B. Carson, and Tim Scott, Chris Christi with DonTrump Jnr.,, Huckabee with Jared Kushner, Rubio with Eric Trump!.... i.e. combos with Trump family members to call it a TRUMP rally. It would let the Pres. off the hook to do his job which is taking a lot out of him. People will sense appreciation and unity and the world will know we are Christians by our love!


    11/01/2019 11:50 AM

    Hi Mike! You indicated things start in California and then move west to the rest of the country. Didn't you mean east? :-)
    Love your daily blogs!

  • Peggy S Nelson

    11/01/2019 11:21 AM

    On the Medicare for all which is stupid I haven't heard anything about how the doctors, nurses and hospitals will be paid. I have Medicare now and I can tell you I am embarrassed at the small amount that is paid for all services. Someone please ask these stupid people what good will Medicare for do if there are NO services providers.

  • John Gore

    11/01/2019 10:38 AM

    The House has voted along party lines to “authorize the impeachment inquiry.” The Speaker has put Adam Schiff in charge, relegating Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler to the role of “closer.” But the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has a spotty record when it comes to telling the truth. He claimed that he had “solid proof” of Russian collusion, but his “proof” went “poof.” Then there was his very public false summary of Trump’s Ukrainian phone call, which he had to walk back as a “parody” after the White House released an actual transcription of the call. Now there are questions about his committee’s staff involvement in the whistleblower letter that started the whole impeachment juggernaut. Did they help craft its contents? And so far his Committee has held over four weeks of not-so-secret “depositions” with nothing to show for it. Zilch. Correct that: maybe some negative headlines in the already anti-Trump press. If the Democrats are serious about selling impeachment to the American people, they had better get a more credible salesperson. Schiff is turning out to be a liability. If this guy ever found a smoking gun, there would be powder residue on his hands.

  • dave allen

    11/01/2019 09:47 AM

    don't forget medicare for all will also require what the current medicaid system requires -- doctors who will work for peanuts... which is ok since their student loans will be paid for and they'll have a cozy 20x20 apartment in an attractive govt housing project.

  • Diane Rowlands

    11/01/2019 08:23 AM

    Thanks for your wonderful news columns.

  • Kenneth Brack

    11/01/2019 08:17 AM

    I think my comment did not get sent, so ... I'll try again.
    It's always tempting to call people idiots, like the California legislators. Jesus tells us calling someone a fool puts us in danger of hell fire. Let's just say they are wrong and keep on saying it. Democracy is hard work. It is worth all of our effort.

  • Lynn Miller

    11/01/2019 07:26 AM

    Oh, if only there were a way of quarantining California liberals in California. Unfortunately, I'm seeing more and more CA license plates in my beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. I try to emanate all the "go home" vibes I can. Typical liberals, they don't get it.

  • Edgar T.Tucker

    11/01/2019 05:41 AM

    "We the People will not sit idly by and watch this charade happen with our president and house minority.Just watch what happens with the money flow to the republican party after this inquisition is done and the vote for impeachment goes thru on party lines,Mrs.Polosi will not have the gavel,that Im sure of,God Bless America.

  • Larry Baker

    11/01/2019 03:17 AM

    Democrats are currently making the best case for severe term limits I've seen in almost 80 years!!

  • Robert Clegg

    11/01/2019 03:04 AM

    Obama said” The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws.”

    I think he knows he has been outed for being the leader of the coup attempt against Trump. He is asking for forgiveness now knowing if he says it loud enough and often enough the sheep will continue to follow. I take his comments as his confession for what he has done, but he forgets he never did “ really good stuff” as far as honest hard working families go. Guns for the cartels, cash for those shouting death to America, freeing tractors who cost good American soldiers their life, ... the list is long.

  • Deanne Smith

    11/01/2019 01:42 AM

    For some odd reason I am on the Democrats list for their emails, today I got one from Pelosi and she is encouraging all the Democrats on their email lists to disrupt all the remaining Trump rally’s. That really upsets me!!

  • Elaine Knudsen

    11/01/2019 01:24 AM

    There are more ways to look at what Obama had to say about slamming his own party. This could be a Segway, to help prime the way, for Michelle to throw her hat in the ring, to be the sound of reason above the other Democrat Party 2020 Presidential hopefuls. If it's not too late for Hillary to consider running again, there's no reason Michelle wouldn't or couldn't still jump in. With all of the treason, backhandedness, etc, done under his Administration, can't help but to believe there are other underlying motivations, for him to publicly seem to be slamming his own party.

  • Harold Kennedy

    11/01/2019 01:18 AM

    You are the voice of reason in everything I see you comment on. I unfortunately have lived in California for the last 31 years. I am so upset that I am going to move back to the Midwest where people have manners and. a sense of human decency that I don’t see out here. I am really sad because California is not the dream that it was several decades ago. Please keep up the great work you are doing!

  • Simon Templar

    11/01/2019 12:55 AM

    October 31,2019. This day will live in U.S. history as the second "Day of Infamy" . The first one, defined by President FDR (and inspiring me), was determined by a vicious attack against America and american people. Today we witness a second vicious attack, a coup d'etat, against President Trump, an attack against America and american people who elected him.
    I am emerging from the silent majority, because ENOUGH is ENOUGH.


    11/01/2019 12:15 AM

    And your evening addition of October 31, your lead-in story about California included the Statement that things first happened in California then move west to the rest of the country. With this only include Hawaii maybe Alaska by moving west?

  • Catherine Milne

    11/01/2019 12:02 AM

    I think Obama is setting Michelle up for the nomination.

  • Jimmy Humphrey

    10/31/2019 11:47 PM

    Why, do a million or more so called educated Americans set on their thumbs watching the corrupt socialist destroy America ?? And tell me how these idiots continue with illegal actions and not one are ever charged or investigated? What happened to Mr. Barr’s report that was supposed to be made public last week? Afraid of another Epstein suicide scenario.

  • Amelia Little

    10/31/2019 11:19 PM

    I had to laugh at Ben Shapiro's piece where some leftist entity was carrying on about fact-checking--and what a thorough job was done about the Medal of Pawnor "story." I was thinking--where was the insistence on fact-checking, or even just waiting for the facts with the Nick Sandman accusations, or going off the deep end about Ferguson, MO? I know, in this age of instant gratification, news appearing the instant something happens is part of life today. I sure do miss the days, though, when a news story broke (each still wanting the "scoop") but at least journalists/anchors, etc. would say to stay tuned for news at 11 when more information might be available. Took a little longer to get the details, but at least the details were much more accurate--and, "Just the facts, Ma'am" instead of conjecture or based on partial snippets of videos.

    I'm looking forward to comey going anywhere--and taking with him all those hoolywood elite who reneged on their PROMISE to leave the US if Donald Trump won the election. I still chuckle at the one (don't remember the name, but had never heard of her anyway) who promised she would leave if A REPUBLICAN became a CANDIDATE. Am pretty sure she missed every civics class ever offered at her high school!!!

    The voters in CA should get rid of the deadwood in their legislature that is behind the regulations and laws that prevent proper management of deadwood in the forests--which contribute greatly to the fires. Hopefully voters can organize and get out to vote Republican---and they need to do it quick before it becomes law that one does not have to be a citizen, or even a person legally in this country in order to vote.

  • Kenneth S Dady

    10/31/2019 10:59 PM

    Just thinking of the Impeachment resolution passed today in the House by Democrats. Not a single Republican voted for it. Reminiscent of the passing of Obamacare.
    What party took over the House and Senate the next election? Suspect history will repeat itself in 2020.