June 29, 2017

CNN is now trying to blame the negative reaction to their journalistic sins on the man whom they destroyed their own reputation trying to ruin. According to an interview between CNN's Senior International Correspondent Clarissa Ward and liberal “journalist” Chris Cillizza, the criticism by President Trump and his staff and supporters of all the fake news hit pieces on him is “dangerous” because it’s emboldening people in war zones to attack reporters.

I thought this sounded awfully familiar, and it finally hit me: CNN is trying to use the Kathy Griffin defense. They both got caught red-handed (Griffin, literally), launching off-base, inappropriate attacks on President Trump. When they rightly got called on their indefensible behavior, both Griffin and CNN tried to claim that they were the real victims, and it was all Trump’s fault for sparking a backlash against them by criticizing them for doing what they should have known not to do in the first place. Let’s hope this feeble excuse works just as well for CNN as it did for Kathy Griffin. Because, ironically, it didn’t save her from getting fired…by CNN!

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