March 4, 2020

Just hours after Mike Bloomberg’s campaign claimed he would press on past his Super Tuesday wipeout, Bloomberg suspended his campaign and endorsed Joe Biden. Although you’d think he’d be a Bernie man by the way he just redistributed so much of a billionaire’s wealth.

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The announcement was greeted with great sadness by thousands of TV stations and websites that were making a killing off his wasted $500 million ad budget, but with great relief by everyone outside of American Samoa, who will finally be able to watch cat videos on YouTube without having to see Mike Bloomberg first. It just proves once again that all the advertising in the world can’t sell a faulty product once the public gets a good look at it.

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  • Dianne Roberts

    03/04/2020 04:28 PM

    I love reading your comments, I also love your sense of humor. Thank you for the lighter side of chaos.