March 20, 2020

So, their pretense for an investigation was all fake. And now, for the “coup de gras,” we find that the Justice Department can’t even make a case against the Russian “bot farms” they made a great show of charging with crimes. All charges were dropped with prejudice (that means they can’t ever be brought up again) on Monday. Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann and the rest can thank the coronavirus for keeping this embarrassment out of the news.

Rosenstein was the one who announced the indictments in February of 2018, with great fanfare. The media, predictably, went crazy: Wow, so there really were RUSSIANS trying to influence our election! And one of them was an acquaintance of Vladimir Putin! And the Russians were trying to help Trump! Wow, the Trump campaign must have been working with Russians! It was quite a show.

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But our Justice Department never dreamed those Russians would show up to fight the charges in our courts. It was assumed they’d just ignore the whole thing and let the DOJ use the charges against them to further the “Russia” narrative. Rosenstein and his colleagues never dreamed that one Russian company would actually fight back.

Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, called their bluff. They also called for...discovery. Lots of discovery. So the Mueller attorneys had to fight motion after motion, argue for delays, and protest giving “classified” information to Russians. Delightful.

Concord attorney Robert Barnes tweeted, “The only case #Mueller brought to prove ‘Russian interference’ w/any defense is now being dismissed by DOJ [because] prosecutors knew they couldn’t win at trial. Repeat: the DOJ could not find a single case they could successfully prosecute to prove any act of ‘Russian interference.’”

At the link is a piece by Victoria Taft that includes the ten-page motion to dismiss the charges against Concord. It took ten pages to say, “Never mind.”

The phony “Russia” investigation into the Trump campaign is really over now, an absolute fiasco, and the one laughing the hardest is probably Vladimir Putin. For three years, Trump’s enemies wrecked the nation’s confidence in its institutions and “meddled” with a presidency more than Putin ever could have. And they hindered us from dealing with more important things. Like China.

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  • Dusty

    03/25/2020 06:46 PM

    OH NO! This whole scam must be totally investigated from the FISA Report to the fake DOSSIER and all of those involved with setting this up per the lies they put forth to take 2 yr of our Govt to investigate Nothing. Then we got the Impeach let us try these lies next and ignore what all the VP Biden and son did there in the Ukraine. WHY? Those in our FBI who per what they wanted as their President did many things to manipulate if they could the campaign for Hillary and not for Pres Trump? Our FBI who we the tax payer pays using the system they were in to try to work this out? Once this is over and we find a way to help most survive this will move forward to the many lies used to do these things that cost us millions . If this is ignored this will only say to us the People and voters that our Govt is nothing but a set up SCAM.

  • Sandra Wilkins

    03/20/2020 03:19 PM

    We all knew it was a sham. I'm so glad that it came to an end.