July 26, 2018

Among the many crises in San Francisco that are directly attributable to loony leftwing governance, add the lack of affordable housing.  Leaders like to make excuses, like a lack of developable land, but that’s nonsense.  There’s plenty of land for housing, but it would easier to saw through a petrified redwood tree with an eco-friendly hemp drinking straw than to hack through all the government paperwork and “no growth” restrictions that keep anyone from building there.


To keep up with population growth, San Francisco needs to be adding 5,000 housing units a year.  Instead, they’ve averaged 1500 a year for decades. Result: a recent real estate report found that just to afford the median-priced home in San Francisco, a buyer would need to be making $303,000 a year.  No wonder there were so many people living together on the sitcom “Full House!”


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This has led to all sorts of other odd problems, like a waiter shortage.  The $15-an-hour minimum wage means restaurants can’t afford to hire waiters, and even if a waiter gets a job at that rate, it’s not enough to be able to afford to live there.  On the bright side for residents, maybe some of the violent criminal illegal immigrants welcomed to the “sanctuary city” by its leaders will leave when they can’t find a place to live. 

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There’s more such Bay Area buffoonery detailed at the link.  And remember: all you have to do is vote for “Progressive” Democrats in November, and you can enjoy this kind of leadership nationwide!


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  • Elizabeth Werner

    07/31/2018 04:19 PM

    So sad to see all the problems that the San Francisco Bay Area now has. The City is at the end of the San Francisco Peninsula, so has a space problem. Much of the City's waterfront was filled in and built upon. The surrounding Bay Area towns want to conserve green space and the scenic surrounding hills. The tradeoff is the limited amount of housing, making it unaffordable. I grew up in the Bay Area and lived there until I graduated from college. After two years of graduate school out of state, I tried to get a job--none available. Ten years later in the late 70's housing prices started shooting up. I could not afford to return--however, I was settled in a good job across the country and only return to visit family.

  • Samuel Smith

    07/27/2018 07:46 PM

    I was thinking about starting a petition about good ol California and reading this story about San Francisco, it does not seem like a bad idea. I am talking about the flag. At the bottom of California flag it reads California Republic. They do not know what a Republic is's or means. What the flag should say is California Liberalism.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/27/2018 10:29 AM

    SF can build housing on waste formed into Islands & erect bridges or use surplus from shipyards etc to build Islands, Raze bldgs with NO historical value for housing then, But NO.
    Watch tourism suffer & conventions cancel city BIG Time
    Cant tax homeless people?? Illegals??
    No money=no Taxes.
    Chap 13 City like Stockton??
    Mayor better make BIG budget changes.
    Hope to see business flee city too.
    Go north or East, south.
    & watch TV shooting end too, fecees in streets ruin scenes.