April 10, 2019

The Democratic Presidential candidates are having a hard time running against the Trump economy.  I was on Fox News last week, having to deal with someone who simultaneously argued that minorities are suffering from the terrible economy, but if the unemployment rate is at record lows for minorities (which it actually is), well, then Obama deserves the credit. You almost have to feel pity for anyone who’s trying to run on that argument.


Fortunately, the Miami Herald has provided one of the leading contenders, Kamala Harris, with an issue where she can honestly draw a sharp difference with Trump:


Trump has a record of finally achieving prison reform and helping people who have served unjustly long sentences to rejoin society.  Harris, during her time as San Francisco’s DA and California’s Attorney General, amassed a solid record of railroading countless people into prison and fighting to keep them there, even after preventing the defendants’ attorneys from knowing that the evidence was tainted or the witnesses were lying.


Don’t know how well being the “Lock ‘em up and let God sort ‘em out” candidate is going to play in the Democratic Primary, but at least nobody will accuse her of being too affectionate to strangers, like Joe Biden. 

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